An English Garden

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Big Tits

We were having one of those rare sunny days in England and I was glad to get the opportunity to cut the grass after the weeks of incessant rain. My garden is large and requires constant tending otherwise it sprawls wildly. It is also secluded on all sides so I didn’t feel too uncomfortable walking about in just my shorts. I don’t have a marvellous muscular body but it’s OK for a man of my age.

The lawn freshly mowed I turned off the motor and heard a wolf-whistle. I turned and there was my daughter Helen standing at the conservatory door holding a long cold drink. I smiled and posed like a body builder, trying in vain to make my chest look anything other than puny.

Helen was 19 and was on vacation from university where she was studying law. I was so proud of her, she had a real determination and would succeed in any career she chose. She had inherited my wicked sense of humour and, thankfully, her mother’s Italian looks complete with the most beautiful jet black hair.

‘Any of that drink for the workers?’ I asked. I was extremely hot and thirsty. ‘Come and get it’, she said as she held up a tantalising bottle of ice cold beer

As I sat on the sun lounger drinking my beer with my daughter I honestly felt I was the luckiest man alive.

‘Damn it’s so hot’ she said. ‘Well don’t complain, it’ll probably snow tomorrow’ ‘I’m going to put my bikini on and try for a tan. Now I don’t want you staring like an old lecher’ she laughed, and went to her room.

5 minutes later, and carrying another beer she re-emerged. Oh what a sight she was! Just like her mother when I married her 20 years ago – so very sensual. Her bikini was a little black number which covered all the important parts, but only just I have to say.

‘What? Don’t you like it?’ she asked coyly as she handed casino siteleri me my beer. ‘It’s um…very…’ ‘God Dad, you can look!’

I had been trying to look anywhere but at her beautiful body but now, with her consent, I took in the whole picture. Her breasts were slightly larger than her mother’s, a perfectly flat stomach and shapely hips. I lingered perhaps too long on her legs which were elegantly shaped, and I thought I saw just a wisp of black hair peeping out of the bikini bottoms.

‘Very nice Helen’

‘Why thankyou kind sir’ she mocked as she laid on her towel on the scorching hot patio. ‘Now do you think you can manage to rub some sun block into my back without turning into a blubbering helpless wreck?’

I took the lotion and gently massaged it into her neck and shoulders, carefully moving her hair to the side. I felt my mouth dry a little as her soft skin yielded to my touch, the oil sinking in under the hot sun.

She reached up and unclasped the bikini top so that the straps fell to the side. ‘Don’t want tan lines’ she murmured. Her voice had changed slightly, as if she were far away in a dream of her own. I poured some more oil into my hands and smothered it all over her back.

Whether it was the beer, or the touch of a woman or the sun…whatever, I felt suddenly incredibly turned on. It was a good job Helen was facing down or she would easily have noticed the swelling bulge in my shorts.

I cleared my throat. ‘There…OK?’ I asked.

‘And the legs! I’ll look a bit strange with a tanned top half and bright red legs won’t I? Like some kind of exotic zebra’

I looked down at her tight little bottom and her long long legs. By now my erection was rock hard and thoughts entered my head which I was at once ashamed of and excited by.

I gently slot oyna rubbed the oil into her feet, such dainty little feet. Slowly my hands worked up her calves towards her thighs. Her thighs opened slightly, almost imperceptibly but my senses were so heightened I would have noticed any small movement. And there, a centimetre from my finger was my daughter’s vagina, the flimsiest of black fabric the only barrier. But what I also saw almost made me cum in my shorts. A tiny patch of moisture had formed on the material between her legs.

I don’t think either of us was breathing. Still facing down she reached up and took my hand and guided it between her legs. My hand was now cupping her sensual mound as she writhed a little. I leaned down and whispered in her ear ‘Darling, we could stop this right now’

She turned over onto her back, slowly so that my hand was now dangling between her thighs, her bikini bottom noticeably wet. The top had fallen away and her breasts were exposed to the sun, her nipples hard. Despite the sunlight her pupils were large and her eyes shining.

‘We could Daddy’ she said quietly. ‘Or you could fuck your daughter’s soaking cunt’ and she reached up and stroked the length of my raging cock through my shorts

‘Jesus Dad, you are huge, let me see’

And she gently lifted my shorts down over my cock as I knelt beside her

‘Dad that’s gorgeous’. There was no going back now. She moved her face up and took the glistening head of my cock into her mouth while her fingers gently teased my balls

My hand stroked her wet pussy through the fabric of her bikini. Then, with a deft movement, she had removed them and lay before me totally naked with my ready to explode cock deep in her mouth. She opened her legs and I saw the pink lips framed by her jet black canlı casino siteleri pubic hair open to my touch as I eased my finger into my daughter’s cunt. She was so wet I thought she was going to cum.

She slipped her mouth from my cock and looked at me. We were trembling. ‘Dad, I want you to taste me. I want your tongue inside me. Then I want you to kiss me so I can taste myself on your mouth’

Well I didn’t need to be asked twice. Oral sex is my passion. I knelt between her legs and moved my face down onto her drenched vagina. I kissed her sweet clitoris before letting my tongue loll inside her. Suddenly she tensed and gripped my hair as though trying to pull it out, she rocked on her hips grinding herself into my mouth as though she wanted to be eaten whole. I tasted a slightly different flavour, filled with the nuances of orgasmic fluid.

I had brought my daughter to orgasm with my tongue!

I slid up between her legs so that our faces met. She kissed me with a fierce passion and licked all around my mouth savouring her juices. In the throes of her ecstacy she moved her hand down and guided my cock into her. ‘Come inside me Daddy – fill my cunt with your cum’.

I had never been able to contain my orgasms at the best of times, but I knew I wasn’t going to last long. With 5 or 6 thrusts I was ready. Helen knew and she looked down between her legs to get a full view of my cock as it penetrated her. She spread her lips apart and caressed her clit as I fucked her. And then I almost blacked out, so forceful was my orgasm, it felt like that very first time you cum as a teenager, when you are frightened yet can’t stop. I collapsed into her and we said nothing for 5 minutes, my cock gradually dwindling until it slipped out of her.

‘So Dad’ she said eventually ‘…about that new car’

And with that we both burst into a fit of giggles that continued for most of the afternoon.

Will it happen again? I don’t know. But it was an experience I would not have missed for the world.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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