An Autumn Encounter Ch. 08

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Stacy bounded into the living room and squealed like a young girl “Are you ready to get in shape?” She had turned into a sexy bundle of energy the minute Mike agreed to let her craft an exercise program for him. He wasn’t really in bad shape, but Mike knew his waist wasn’t as trim as it once was, and he certainly could use a little more stamina. Sometimes Stacy just wore him out.

“Yes Coach! I am ready. Whip me into shape”, Mike said enthusiastically.

Stacy just ignored him and smiled. “In a few weeks you won’t recognize yourself.”

As always, Stacy somehow managed to look sexy, even in her exercise clothes. She was wearing a white exercise thong that completely exposed her tight butt cheeks and shapely hips and a simple white sports bra that barely contained her full C-cup breasts. Mike knew he was going to have a hard time keeping his mind on exercising with her bouncing around that skimpy outfit.

Mike looked at himself in the mirror on the wall and saw a middle-aged man wearing a somewhat tattered “Athletic Dept.” t-shirt and some simple gray gym shorts. He still didn’t understand what Stacy saw in him; even though they were nearly the same age, she was as trim and sexy as a woman in her late 20’s and he looked like a man in his late 40’s.

But it wasn’t his looks that had convinced Mike he needed exercise. Stacy had opened in him a whole new perspective on life. She was vibrant and energetic, and he wanted to be that way as well. She was also genuinely interested in his well being, and she was living proof the benefits of regular exercise. He sucked in his tummy and thought, “Maybe she is right.”

Stacy said, “OK, I talked to my old trainer and she suggested a simple workout plan for you that won’t take long but should help you tone up. We can use the Bowflex for most of it.”

Mike smiled, “OK, what first?”

“Let’s start with some stretches. I want to see how flexible you are.”

Mike winced. “OK. You’re the boss.”

Stacy had Mike sit on a mat with his legs splayed out. Then she helped him lean forward toward first one foot and then the other, making him hold each stretch for at least 15 seconds. Next she had him bend forward as if to trying to touch his forehead to the floor. Then she had him stand up and slowly stretch out his back and arms and neck. After about 5 minutes of stretching, she said “OK, I think you are ready to warm up.”

“Warm up? What the heck did we just do?” Mike was already sweating.

“Ha-ha, funny man. Get your ass up on the treadmill.”

Mike grinned and climbed up on the treadmill. Stacy set the controls and the machine started a leisurely 10 minute warm up walk. Once the apparatus began rolling, Mike thought “Hey, this isn’t so bad.”

Stacy sat down on the mat on front of Mike and started her stretching. He watched amazed as her trim body bent and turned and twisted, stretching out every major part of her body. She was limber enough to be a dancer; doing a variety of different stretching moves designed to maintain her suppleness. When she bent over and put her hands flat on the floor, Mike’s eyes almost popped out of his head.

Mike looked down at the control panel and watched. The machine automatically ümraniye escort stepped up the speed every 30 seconds for the first five minutes. By the time it peaked, Mike was huffing and puffing a little bit. Sweat was pouring out of him as the machine started a 5 minute cool down.

Stacy smiled as she watched Mike on the treadmill. The machine was on a beginner level, but she knew it would still be tough on him until he got used to it. But it was a good way to warm up and get the blood flowing, and it got him a little cardio stimulation as well.

When the treadmill finished its cycle Mike climbed down and said, “That wasn’t so bad. What’s next?”

“Leg Presses — two sets of 15 each. I’ll set the resistance low so you don’t strain anything.”

Stacy helped Mike get set on the machine and adjusted the resistance. Then she helped him do a couple of repetitions. The trainer had told her to make sure she taught him the proper way to do every exercise so he didn’t injure himself.

Stacy stood by and watched as Mike worked on the first set. She could see him struggling as he reach the tenth rep and she encouraged him, “That’s good, come on, only a couple more — three — two — one — DONE!” She laughed and said excitedly, “I am so proud of you!” Then she gave him a big, wet kiss and said, “Now just rest for a minute, then we’ll do the second set.”

Mike groaned and thought, “She is going to kill me!”

But, Mike was surprised when he did the second set. It seemed to go much easier then the first although he still had to struggle to do all 15 reps. When he finished, Stacy had him dry off with a towel while she reset the machine. Then she coached him through 2 sets of Bench Presses and 2 sets of Lateral Presses.

“Now it’s time to work on your abs.” Stacy said as Mike stretched his back and flexed his arms and legs. His heart was pumping and he was already beginning to feel tired and a bit sore.

Stacy lay down on the bench and showed Mike exactly how she wanted him to do the crunches. Then she had him lie down on the bench. “Bend your knees — that’s good. Now place your hands below your ears and lift your upper back and head off of the bench — That’s right! Can you feel it squeezing your abs? Now lower yourself.”

Mike gasped and hit the bench with a thud. Stacy said, “Try and do 15, and then we’ll call it a day.”

Mike worked and strained and pumped hard and got through 8 crunches, but on the 9th one he stalled. Stacy was standing in front of him urging him on, “C’mon. One more, I know you can do it!”

Mike rested for a couple seconds then tried again. About halfway up he stalled, and flopped back onto the bench again, breathing raggedly.

Stacy grinned and said, “Maybe you just need a little motivation.” As Mike lay there panting, Stacy slipped off her sports bra and began to play with her nipples. They quickly became stiff and elongated.

Mike smiled pulled himself up again with a loud grunt. This time he managed to finish the crunch. As he started the tenth rep, Stacy slid the crotch of her thong aside and showed him her beautiful, shaved pussy. A wave of energy shot through him and he üsküdar escort started again. Stacy’s motivation helped him finish the final few reps, after which he collapsed on the bench, unable to do any more.

Stacy beamed, “That was a great first session Mike. I am soooo proud of you! Now it is time for your reward!”

Mike rolled off the bench and managed to stand up. It felt like every muscle in his body was either burning or sore. He stretched and grimaced, “Ow!”

Stacy kissed him and said, “Poor baby. Why don’t you come in the bedroom and I’ll help you with those sore muscles.”

Mike groaned and said, “I doubt if I can even get it up right now.” But he followed her anyway.

Stacy smiled sweetly, “Don’t you worry. I’ll take care of everything.”

Stacy covered the bed with a couple large bath towels. Then she said, “Strip off those sweaty things and lie face down on those towels. I am going to give you a thorough massage.”

Mike smiled, “Stacy, you read my mind.” He groaned as he climbed up on the bed.

As Mike watched, Stacy stripped off her thong and then climbed naked up on the bed. She opened a bottle of scented massage oil, poured some into her hand and started with Mike’s feet, gently rubbing and relaxing the tight muscles. Using some more oil, she moved upward to his calf muscles. Her hands were applying just the right amount of pressure and Mike noticed the oil seemed warm and tingly.

“Mmmmmm, that oil feels good; nice and warm.”

“It is self warming. Just lie there and relax.”

Stacy began to move her hands in small strong circles up the back of Mike’s thighs, and his tight and sore hamstrings began to relax as she worked her fingers deeper and deeper. Unexpectedly, her soft fingers grazed the inside of his thigh and he felt his cock start to thicken. But it quickly passed as he relaxed more and more under Stacy’s skilled touch.

Stacy moved around on the bed and began work on his other leg. Her routine was identical to the first leg and once again, as she worked on the back of his thigh, her fingers strayed onto his inner thigh, this time just lightly grazing his balls. Mike’s cock twitched instantly and started to swell. He wanted to say something, but the massage felt so good, that he decided it could wait.

Stacy finished with Mike’s legs and then straddled him and began work on his shoulders and upper back. He could feel her bare pussy pressed against his lower back. He thought it felt wet, but he couldn’t be sure. It didn’t matter because any thoughts of sex vanished instantly when she began to twist and knead the sore muscles in his shoulders and upper back. At first it was quite painful, but as she continued he felt the muscles unwind. The tension and soreness melted out of him and soon he was almost asleep.

Stacy slid lower, straddling his thighs and Mike became instantly awake again. She repeated her previous twisting and kneading, only on his lower back this time. Then she began to vigorously massage each of his butt cheeks. He hadn’t realized how tight his cheeks were, but as she worked them, he felt his lower back and hips relax.

Stacy slid off of him and said, yenibosna escort “OK Mike, you can turn over now.”

Stacy rolled up a towel and placed it under his head. Mike’s cock was flopping loosely on his tummy, but as soon as she touched him again it quickly began to thicken and swell. Stacy looked at it and smiled, then just started to massage his lower right leg.

Mike closed his eyes again, enjoying the sensations of her hands on him. He began to wonder if this was what it was like to be in one of those Massage Parlors. He had never been in one of those places, but he had heard that if you paid the masseuse enough money, you could get anything you wanted.

It wasn’t long before he started to drift off. He began to dream, imagining he was being rubbed and kneaded by several women at once. They were all tiny, except they had really big boobs. Their hands were touching him everywhere except his cock, which was looked like an angry, purple snake.

Suddenly Mike snapped back to reality. His cock was painfully hard, throbbing and oozing precum. Stacy was staring directly at it as she gently massaged his sore stomach muscles. He involuntarily groaned, and Stacy turned to look into his eyes.

“Now for the big finish,” She whispered. “Spread your legs and bend your knees a little.”

Mike was mesmerized, but he did as she asked. Stacy moved around and slipped between his legs. Then she poured some more oil into her hand and slipped it over his throbbing cock. The oil felt warm and slippery and he groaned from the sheer pleasure of it. She slowly began to stroke him, circling and squeezing the head of his cock every time she got to the top. Gradually, she allowed his tension to build, then changed her stroke and allowed him to slowly relax. Again, she started stroking him, slowly and firmly, this time gently massaging his balls as well. And then, just as she had done before, she changed her tactics just as he was about to peak.

Mike groaned, “Oh God Stacy, please — I can’t take much more.”

Stacy smiled and said, “The third time is the charm.”

Mike closed his eyes and Stacy began stroking him again, slowly and firmly, her slippery hand driving intense sensations through every part of his groin. His cock felt so hard that he thought it might burst and in no time at all, he was practically aflame with pleasure. Stacy quickened her stroke and used her other hand rub and cradle his aching balls. He groaned loudly, “Oh God! Here it comes!”

At that moment, Stacy slipped a well oiled finger into his ass and pressed firmly on his prostate as she rapidly stroked his throbbing cock. Mike raised his head and grunted, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH”, and shot a long, white rope of cum up into the air. It arced over Stacy’s head and laded in her hair and on her back. He grunted again and another long spurt erupted from his tortured cock and shot up into the air. After that Mike lost count of how many times his cock contracted and spewed. When it was finally over, he collapsed back onto the towel, gasping for breath. It took a couple minutes for his breathing to return to normal, and by that time he was fast asleep.

Stacy wiped Mike’s cum from her arms and hands and then slid quietly off of the large bed. She looked down fondly at him, smiling as she put a large towel over him to keep him warm, knowing it would be quite a while before he woke up. He had worked hard and earned his reward, and now she was going to have hers. Quietly she headed into the bathroom to take a long, hot, relaxing bath.

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