An Artist’s Ass Ch. 01

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Sharon walked in arm in arm with Ted and Angel, pals of mine from the art scene. They were all painters, of a sort. But her stuff was mixed media, more exploratory, more visceral. I had loved every work of hers I had ever seen, and it made me want to fuck her before I even met her.

No, I don’t mean the conquering, claiming, possession thing. I wanted to be naked with the person who did that painting, naked in body and words. The truth is nobody fucks a body, you fuck a mind. Sadly, minds that are ’10’ ‘s are rare, and many ‘1’ ‘s do a good job masquerading as ’10’ ‘s, especially among the naturally and deliberately twisted pageant of humanity that we call the Arts Community.

Sharon wasn’t gorgeous, but she was the kind of woman I liked. She had wide hips and a generous bosom, both of which were accented in her one-piece retro dress that ended three inches above her knees. She had these amazing shoes; red patent leather Saddle shoes with flames down the sides and then fishnet hose going up her curvy legs. She had big eyes of brown and a wide easy smile. Her hair was cut short, and it had bangs in front, like a flapper from the 1920’s, which was a hairstyle I loved. Ted and Angel introduced her to me, and I tried to be clever but my charm slid off her like teflon. I got them drinks and showed them where to smoke and tried to put her out of my mind.

Half a bottle and half a joint later, I couldn’t think of anything else but her, and especially her ass. I wasn’t seeking her out, but as the night went on it seemed wherever my eyes fell, there she was, and usually with her magnificent backside facing me, half hidden and half on display in that damned dress. I don’t know if she caught me staring, and I’m not sure If I cared if she did.

The get together had rolled itself into a party, and I had wound up in a back dressing room talking about sex with my friends. We were a ribald bunch, and didn’t hesitate to share intimate details, if a story demanded it. After all, we were students of Human Nature! We had to experiment, and that experimentation usually involved our genitalia. We were in the middle of relating our most embarrassing orgasm stories when Sharon joined in the conversation. I hadn’t realized she was there. She fit right in, and told a hilarious story about her days in Austin, that left us all laughing and enlightened.

“And after that, I swear I never had a multiple orgasm again!” We all cried out in mock sorrow and despair, which she then chastised, “And you should bemoan and bewail, for we ladies have few advantages in this world and multiple orgasms are one of them. ‘Is’ of one them? ‘are’ one of them? Which is right, you think?”

The fact she was concerned about the grammar was an extra turn on. I got half hard listening to the debate about which is correct. Then Julie burst in, “Ah, you just need the right man.” She said it in a broad Texas manly voice, mocking my gender, as was appropriate. “That’s all it takes, missy!” She then mock spit on the ground and I provided the fake DING of the non-existant spittoon. “Or the right woman…” Said Sandra, who was a lesbian and a hell of a burlesque dancer. “An ass like yours, heavens to Betsy and me!” Sandra licked her lips, and Sharon turned around and flipped up her skirt to bravely flash her ass at us. We hooted and hollered in appreciation and Sharon bowed. “There ya go, Carson! That’s the ass you’d been dying to see!” said, Kerry, calling me out for staring at her ass all night long.

“Have you been looking at my butt, Mr. Theater Person?” She said in a funny accent, which left us giggling. I responded suadiye escort with bravado, “Well, of course I did! It’s fabulous, we all should be looking at it forever!” We joked about her ass, and other asses for a while and then Julie left with Kerry to get another drink, or to fuck. As the conversation died down, Sharon said to the room as I passed her on the way to the bourbon, “I swear if I could get another multiple orgasm, I’d let my ass be the prize!”

“Is that a serious wager?” I asked her in a perfect Sean Connery accent.

“Subject to negotiations upon the details.” She came back with a pretty good Miss Moneypenny.

“Three orgasms in one session of less than two hours but more than one hour will grant the . . . winner. . . complete access to the prize spoken of, namely, your posterior.”

“Complete access?” she asked.


“Three orgasms?”


“For how long?”

“You may orgasm for as long as you like.”

“No, for how long shall my posterior not be mine own?”

“Two weeks seems fair.”

“Fair to whom, Mr. Bond?”

“Fair to me, and fair to your . . . posterior.”

“I never knew you were such a stickler for fair play.”

“Oh Miss Monneypenny, I’m stickler for a great many things.”

We both laughed at that one, and parted ways. About an hour later, most of the group had headed home. A few hung out to make out and have sex, as was usual. I had the keys to the place, so folks could stay for however long they wanted. I was on patrol, walking around the theater, making sure nobody’s good time was causing destruction to the premises or committing criminal acts. It was my price for admission, that I got to peek at whatever anyone was doing. I never intruded, prevented or judged-I just loved to watch people fuck, you know? Everyone was doing great. Kerry was getting a Blowjob from Julie on the sound booth, Ming Lee was getting the shit fucked out of her by Angel on stage, Greg was in the lobby eating out his new girlfriend and Vanessa and Sandra were furiously sixty-nine-ing in the Prop/Costume room. The last room to check was the dressing room, and to my surprise I found Sharon was there, sipping at some wine and looking relaxed as hell.

“This is some place you’ve got here. Is there anyone not fucking each other in this place right now?”

“Just us.” I let the words hang there, but I kept eye contact with her. Damn, she was cute, sitting cross-legged with that dress climbing up her knees. She leaned back, and looked at me askance. “You really think you can make me have a multiple orgasm?” She asked.

I laughed a little. “Okay, look I’m no John Holmes, but I’ve had some experience with folks who had trouble cumming, but…hey, I barely know you, but I do love a challenge, and . . .” I dropped the casual tone and looked her in the eye and just laid it out for her. “Look, you’re the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. I love your work, and I think you’re cute as hell. I also love your shoes. I’d really like to spend some time with you, if it’s just talking, fine. Or if it’s letting me take a long look as that wonderful ass of yours, finer. Or letting me kiss those enticing lips. . .”

“Enticing? Really. . .” she quipped sarcastically.

” . . . don’t interrupt, I’m on a roll, I got this whole monologue about how great you are and stuff and how I’m happy just to walk in the garden of your turpulence.”

“That’s from ‘A Knight’s Tale’.”

“Yeah, you know that movie?”

She didn’t answer, just got up and kissed me hard taksim escort on the mouth. “I love that movie, and I’m taking your bet.” I kissed her back, all the teasing and looking and wanting of the night burst out of me as I pulled her to me, and embraced her like we were in a damn movie. She was a hell of a kisser, which was a good sign that we’d be good in bed together.

I led her backwards to her chair, and sat her down in it, kneeling before her. We continued kissing, and groping each other, and then I bent over and spread her knees apart and mouthed her pussy through her panties and stockings. She sucked in her breath in appreciation, and I kept nuzzling away, her panties were getting wetter from her own juices as well as my saliva. I leaned back and got her tights and panties off and then bent back down to eat out her sweet little cunny. It was an all natural bush, thick and untrimmed which I actually preferred to shaved, and she tasted sweet and musky. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, probing her for her sensitive spots. Her clit was a slippery little bastard that liked to hide. There was no way I was going to be able to make her cum from cunnilingus, we were just going to have to build into it. I kept on giving her head, with a lot of attention on her clit, which made her writhe in her chair.

I then stood up, and held out my hands to stand her up with me. I gently turned her around to face the wall, and walked her forwards until she was flush against it. She was still wearing her dress as I ran my hands all over her body while hovering close behind her. I finally put my hands on her buttocks and massaged them gently. They were the perfect mixture of muscle and jiggle, and she pushed back a little, encouraging me to rub her ass harder.

Finally, I lifted her skirt and viewed that magnificent ass. It was round like a peach, and it’s curves begged to be caressed, grabbed, kissed, touched. She turned her head to look over her shoulder at me, her moist lips parted, but said nothing. I took her hips in my hands and pressed myself against her, feeling the warmth of her skin through my clothes. It was intoxicating. I pulled my pants and shorts down quickly, so I could feel that warmth without any encumbrance. She gasped as I pressed my naked groin against her, my hard cock nestling in between her legs, pressing up towards her vagina. She let me press her flatter against the wall, pulling her dress up past her ass, to about the middle of her back. Her skin was smooth, and so soft I couldn’t stop running my hands all over her body, down her legs, and across her stomach.

She pushed herself back from the wall and turned around, her large eyes on fire. She took my cock in her hand and placed in near the top of her pussy, and started rubbing her clit with the head of my dick. She was straddling my cock, leaning against the wall with one of her hands holding on to my shoulder for balance. I reached over and pulled the front of her dress down, revealing her breasts which were encased in a thin gauze like bra, which showed every inch of her milky white skin. As she continued to rub her clit in little circles with my dick, I started softly rubbing her nipples with my fingers, with made her kiss my neck and mouth in lustful appreciation.

I led her away from the wall and to the makeup counter and bent her over it, her magnificent ass sticking out. With her face and body reflected back to me in the mirror, I slid my cock straight into her pussy and watched her scream in pleasure. Her pussy was tight, tighter than I expected. I held tuzla escort onto her hips and fucked her good and steady from behind, my eyes darting from the joyful view of her jiggling ass to the joyful view of her pleasure-filled face in the mirror. She tensed up all over her body, and gave a small shout of surprise. It was her first orgasm. Her knees weakened a bit, and I guided her to the floor, removing her dress completely and my clothes as well.

She looked up at me with an astonished look on her face as I slowly put my whole cock into her, and when I was all the way in I moved my hips in a circle, stirring her pussy with my cock. I alternated straight fucking with stirring her pot, until she screamed again, and dug her fingers into my back. I kept stirring her pussy, as she started moving with me, gyrating her hips to meet me thrust for thrust.

“That’s two? Right?” I asked her.

“Huh? oh, oh shit, yeah…that’s two.” She was having trouble catching her breath, and had lost all of her attitude, and it seemed like she had even forgotten about the bet.

“OK, so, hold on.”

“Hold on, but…”

Before she could finish the sentence, I moved her legs, grabbed her tight and rolled over on my back. She sat up slowly, letting her pussy descend fully on my dick, until she was sitting with all her weight on me, my cock buried deep inside her and her face awash with bliss. I put my hands on her ass, and pulled her back and forth. back and forth, which was heaven on my cock! Not to mention I got to fill my hands with that wonderful ass. She began to rock herself on my cock without my prompting, and started to pick up speed. I moved my hands to her tits, and massaged them gently, which made her moan. I squeezed them a little harder, and didn’t get a response. So I pulled her tits out of her sheer bra, and softly brushed them with my fingers.

“Oh shit…oh shit…oh shit…” She said and started to buck wildly on my crotch, placing her hands firmly on my chest for support. It was a struggle to continue the soft touching while she rode me like a damn cowboy, but I did it! Finally she threw her head back and screamed again, shuddering and shaking to her third orgasm. She flopped over, and lay on top of me, completely limp. I wrapped my arms around her, gently at at first, and then held her to me tightly, like a second skin and started rabbit fucking the shit out of her. I wasn’t pounding my pelvis into hers, only smoothly sliding my cock in and out of her pussy like a piston as I held her totally motionless. She was whimpering and swearing in my ear as I continued to machine fuck her.

“You came on my cock three time, right?” I asked her.

“ye. . .yes… yes.”

“So I’ve won out little bet?”

“Oh god, yes…fuck. . .yes…”

“Good, I just need to hear you confirm it.”

I changed my pace a bit and started putting more of my dick into her, with less speed. I still wasn’t pounding her, just a good deep fuck. I had been holding back for a while, and finally the heat of her tits pressed against me, her ass in my hands, and her sweet pussy on my dick took their toll. I pulled her ass down hard on my cock and came like a freight train, making her shake and shudder again. She sat up, swaying with exhaustion, looking at me with wonder.

“Shit, Carson. . . how did you get so . . . phew.” She stopped trying to make words happen as I pulled her down and rolled us both over to the side. “Don’t worry about it.”, I told her. “Just remember, your ass is mine for a month.” Her eyes got a little wide.

“Surely you don’t think . .”

“I do think, and don’t call me Shirley. Tomorrow afternoon, your ass, literally, is mine.” I gave her an evil smile as I put my Sean Connery accent back on. “Make sure to clean up nice, I’m gonna want to spend some time down there.”

“Oh James…” she said, and we both laughed while laying in each other’s arms.

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