An Anniversary to Remember Pt. 01

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Cheryl could have kicked herself for being so stupid, and trusting. In the last hour or so she had experienced things she had never expected to invade her safe, comfortable and pleasing life – but in the last split second her world had come crashing down around her ears… She’d never view her life through the same eyes again.

It had all started so innocently – at least that was how it had seemed. Now, she couldn’t believe how naïve she had been. She’d arranged to meet Doug, her loving hubby these many years, in the lobby of the best downtown hotel for anniversary drinks, a special dinner and a night in their honeymoon suite – after all, it was their tenth anniversary…

She’d done pretty well on organising her day so far. Doug had gone off to work as normal; in fact he’d been a bit distracted because there was a management meeting planned for that afternoon and he had a major contribution to make. But he’d assured her that, by hook or by crook, he’d be ready for his evening with the woman he adored.

She’d treated herself to a leisurely morning; her hair appointment wasn’t until later in the afternoon. After seeing Doug off she did what she normally did – enjoyed herself a bit. It always started the same way – she’d be in that wonderfully delicious world between sleep and wakefulness and she’d lay on her side and almost by chance feel just how heavy her breasts felt as they hung from her. She was proud of them: they were still firm but they had a certain… well, presence. They were the breasts of a woman in her prime and they felt full; full and ripe and offering so much. Doug certainly loved playing with them! She languorously played her fingers over her bosom, getting a thrill as she felt their weight. Her nipples engorged, as they always did, between her fingers and she loved running her fingertips over those delicate little bumps on her pink areolae.

As if by surprise, although the pattern had stayed much the same over the years, she found herself almost crossing her legs and grinding her thighs together as she stroked and squeezed her full breasts. She always imagined it was someone else’s hand (excitingly she could never decide whether it was a man’s or a woman’s) that was working its way slowly down over her stomach, so gentle and soft, spending a few seconds gently caressing her navel before continuing its remorseless journey south… Over her abdomen (hey – my skin’s so smooth and the fullness of me feels so womanly) until the achingly hesitant fingers reached the beginning of her cunt, that thrilling cleft that was at the epicentre of her femininity. The fingers (she’d long ago forgotten that they were hers) oh so gently ran down her outer lips, parting them ever so slightly as they worked on her. She could feel herself opening like a rose in bloom, her pink inner labia spreading out, soft and glistening.

This was always a treat to be cherished quietly, in private. After all these years she still wondered at how soft and gentle and packed with sensitivity her lips were. God knows how long she spent just running her fingers over and between that moist softness. By now she was wet enough to be able to taste herself on her fingertips and as she lay there, half in one world and half in the other, she marvelled at the beauty of running her fingers over the glistening lips between her soft thighs and brushing those same fingertips, moist with her juices, over her other lips; the lips that parted to allow her tongue to enjoy her musky taste.

And so to the inevitable finale. By now her clitoris, her beloved little man in the boat, was swollen and pink – begging, demanding attention. She never needed to insert her fingers into herself to make her climax – her clit took care of all that quite nicely! Both hands were now working her cunt feverishly but expertly – one casino oyna hand’s fingers were still stroking her lips, and perhaps straying to that forbidden area between her vagina and her butthole – naughty but sensitive – whilst the other’s were teasing, rubbing, squeezing her clit. It didn’t take long – it never did when she played with herself. Her breaths became deeper and more frequent; she could feel her face flushing and she became aware of her erect nipples; her juices had started flowing more (and, God, did they taste good…) and her back arched involuntarily. And then it swept over her – that same feeling she first experienced all those years ago as a girl. She was helpless, cast adrift in a sea of ecstasy, gagging for oxygen as she slipped time and again beneath the waves. Her thighs parted involuntarily and for a fleeting instant she had a picture of herself, as if observing her passion from above, completely out of control, knees parting and closing, head tossed back, body arched and mouth gagging open as if shouting out loud. For that brief moment she frightened herself for unleashing that power, that helplessness. And then the more animal pleasure took over. Her head jerked forward; her eyes closed and the shuddering started. Her gasps sounded like someone else’s; her abdomen heaved in and out and her cunt felt on fire. She never remembered whether her fingers were still working her – she had much too much to occupy her thoughts!

Her orgasms like this were always far more intense than when having intercourse. She loved her sex with Doug – he was considerate yet urgent – but the ecstasy she provided for herself reached different heights, and different depths.

And it was nothing to do with Doug – all sex with guys had been the same. She was lucky; all the men she’d had had made her climax: the few guys at college were on the whole enthusiastic but sensitive and then there was Luther – now he had been dangerous… He’d caught her at a low point and it didn’t help that they’d both had plenty to drink at the party. She didn’t think she was prejudiced – she’d just never imagined herself in a relationship with a black guy. Well; it was hardly much of a relationship – just a bit of illicit fun a couple of times a week for a few months. Colour did make a difference and socially she just had not been ready to make a commitment. But colour also made a hell of another difference…

She’d shared all the giggly fantasies with her girlfriends about supposedly well-hung black guys and now Luther dispelled all that. That was no fantasy – what had forced itself between her soft pink lips was throbbing reality! Never had she been so filled. His engorged penis was thicker by far than any she’d ever felt in her experience, although that was admittedly fairly limited. She had felt violated in an animal way as his girth had assaulted her vagina, pushing it wider in its passion. But it was the length that was both thrilling and painful at the same time. Just before he used to enter her she’d hold his shaft in both hands and marvel at how this thing stayed so glistening and erect. It would push up inside her and she could feel herself filling up – it was thrilling but also a bit disturbing. She felt impaled. And still it came… He was aware of his size and he usually stopped once he’d pushed up against her cervix. But he often forgot himself once the passion took over and just drove and thrusted wildly, faster and faster. By God; one part of her was overwhelmed by a surprising degree of careless lust but another part – her cervix – was certainly complaining. After an hour’s love-making with Luther she felt battered and bruised, and sometimes bloody. But – oh fuck me! – was it wonderful…

And yet her private pleasure was something else again. She was still an old-fashioned girl at heart and she canlı casino still felt a guilty shame for it – but that just added to the private lust. This morning had been a really good experience, probably because she was looking forward to her day and she felt good about herself. And on the very best occasions she experienced a phenomenon that had frightened her at first – she poured a thick, clear, sweet juice from deep inside. When it first happened she was petrified – visions of premature incontinence loomed. What would happen if she couldn’t control her bladder any more? But she’d done a little research and discovered that she wasn’t some freak; in fact medical opinion was still divided on the nature of the fluid.

And so she had learned to enjoy it. After all, it only happened at the very peak of her thrill. Sometimes it was little more than enhanced moisture between her lips – although she always recognised its thickness and sweet aroma. But more often now it actually spurted out of her. Not far, but it usually made the sheets quite wet and her fingers and hands were dripping. Now that she had learned to relax about it, she actually wanted it to happen – a naughty dirty experience now made messy as well! And, golly, did it taste lovely… Sometimes she’d rub it all over breasts and then lick it off, or perhaps stand in front of the bedroom mirror and just marvel at her glistening heavy bosom. And that sense of marvel in herself would usually send that hand back down across her abdomen again and… oh Christ – here I go again…

Another thing that frightened her was how plain dirty she could be when masturbating. More than once she had considered pouring her own cum fluid into the shower gel bottle – Doug would wear her lust around with him all day and never suspect…

Anyhow, this morning’s session had been one of the good ones and she felt weak at the knees as she stood in the shower. The hot water invigorated her and the shower jets felt sexy as they played on her breasts and stomach. Doug had taken some photos of her when she had been showering a few months ago. He thought that she hadn’t seen, but actually she found it a bit of a thrill to think that he wanted her enough to secretly photograph her. She did wonder what he did with them. Surely if he had the real thing, he didn’t need a photo to excite him? Perhaps he took them away with him to jerk off to – now there’s another thrill for her… She just hoped he didn’t show them to his friends or, worse still – their joint friends. She’d die of embarrassment. But at least she could trust him not to post them on the internet or send them to strangers – her Doug wouldn’t do that. (Although when she had been masturbating once or twice she had had this vision of a guy she’d never meet, perhaps in a foreign country, jerking off while looking at her, his thick cum splashing all over her photo. But she knew that was just a fantasy…)

After her shower she decided to do something different and give Doug a treat. She sat down on the edge of the bath, opened her warm soft thighs and carefully shaved every scrap of pubic hair from her. She knew Doug liked feeling her like a very young teen and, after all, it was a special day. What surprised her was how exciting she found it. She sat for some time just stroking her little girl’s cunt, feeling its smoothness. Her inner lips had disappeared while she’d been showering and so now all there was to see was a lovely soft pink slit between her thighs.

She remembered how once before, while still at school, she’d sat on a bed admiring just such a slit between just such a pair of smooth thighs. Oh yes; she’d been so in lust with Candy that summer… She’d discovered so much about herself that year and even now she imagined from time to time that she could taste Candy’s pussy. Her thick juices kaçak casino smelt so animal and when they made love her nose, mouth and chin were covered in Candy’s fluids. She’d never dreamt that she’d ever allow herself to drink another girl’s pee, let alone enjoy it, – but she did. Oh God, she’d adored Candy and her piss had tasted like nectar as it splashed and dribbled all over her face – she just couldn’t gulp enough of it to satisfy her desires. And the thrill of standing over a naked Candy, opening her legs and emptying herself over her lover was almost too much to bear. She was so in love with Candy – it was if her gushing pee was actually carrying her love and covering Candy in her desire. Such memories, but such heartache when Candy had to move away that fall. She thought she’d die sobbing…

Cheryl knew she couldn’t allow herself another session on the bed, but she gave into another temptation. Her smooth pussy had excited her, so she fetched out the camera and took plenty of photos of her lovely nude body. Many were very explicitly concentrated on her cunt, both closed like a little girl’s and gently spread to allow her inner lips to flower again. Others were of the whole of her, both standing in front of the mirrors in the bedroom and posing on the bed. By using the delay, she could take nice pics of herself from behind as she kneeled and spread her legs. She’d look at them when she was alone. Another excuse for a private session…

She carefully saved the photos in her secret folder on the PC. God knows what she’d say if Doug ever found them. It was a little sexy ritual she’d been doing for years. Heavens, tucked away carefully in her lingerie drawer she had Polaroids Candy had taken of her when she’d still been at school! God; Doug would be so shocked to find those. He’d be so disappointed in her…

And she knew what she was about to do. It was only sensible to check whether they were still safe… She felt to the back of her drawer and her finger closed around the packet with that familiar thrill. Just checking that they’re still safe… Makes sense just to look inside to reassure herself that they’re still all there… And there she was, from all that time ago. Her girly grin shining out down the years, love for her friend burning from her eyes. Kneeling on the bed, cupping her adolescent breasts (quite nice, even then, she noted!); here showing her butt and glistening pussy to Candy; some more, close ups, with her fingers deep inside her; and then others, taken shortly after, with her licking her fingers. Nearly one hundred in total, documenting a few months’ young love, exhibiting herself in eager but fairly unsophisticated poses for her beautiful lover. Oh God, even now Cheryl could feel the ache in her belly.

And here were the most explicit, taken only days before the crushing news that shattered that summer – a few pics of each of them licking the other’s pussy. She remembered with a smile that they messed about with the camera’s self-timer for ages to get those shots right – but she was still impressed with the results even now. The love shone out from their eyes and there was nothing posed about the enthusiasm – they couldn’t have buried their mouths any deeper in their lovers’ cunts. She could actually see Candy’s juice glistening on Cheryl’s nose in one shot.

It was familiar, the mix of emotions whenever she took this journey back in time. Yes; her hand had strayed down and yes, her fingers were sticky again but it was almost a fondle for comfort. Of equal intensity was this longing, still, for a youthful intense love that had been denied them. True; she now enjoyed herself every week or so with India from the gym for a few hours but she knew that she’d never ever replace Candy in her heart.

That realisation served to put Cheryl’s “sensible head” back on. She self-consciously gave a little cough; stood up sharply and gave herself a little talking to. Time was moving on and she had plenty to do to prepare for her special night with Doug.

To be continued…

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