An Angel for Christmas Ch. 2

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In our last segment, my lovely wife Cathy had given me herself to me for Christmas as a sex slave. Calling her Angel would put her into slut mode, where she would do anything I asked: willingly, enthusiastically, and immediately.

God she looked sexy kneeling there! Her tongue tenderly finished cleaning my cock. I reached down, pulled her to her feet, and kissed her deeply. She melted into me, pressing her full length against my sweaty body; hooking her arms under mine then up to my shoulders, puling us as close together as possible. I stroked her hair, and asked her, “How long is ‘Angel’ going to stay? “

“Cathy is not an Indian-giver. So I’ll be here as long as you want me. Do you want me to bath you first and then feed you? Or are you very hungry?”

“I think that a shower will do me a world of good, and you can fix breakfast while I’m cleaning up.” Angel stiffened a little, and hung her head and nodded. “What is the matter?” I asked.

“I was hoping to bath you. I know that I will do a very good job, and I do like taking care of you. It won’t take me any time at all to get breakfast together and that way I won’t have to leave you.”

Showering with Cathy is good, clean, fun, and sometimes downright athletic. canlı bahis şirketleri Angel was more like a wet dream, and yet relaxing at the same time. I came out of my bath refreshed and aroused. Angel saw my erection and dropped to her knees and began to worship it. “Angel, what are you doing? Its breakfast time, girl.” She gave me a playful frown, and fairly bounced into the kitchen. I put on a bathrobe, picked up the newspaper, and went to the table to wait. I found a steaming mug of coca waiting for me.

In ten minutes she brought out a green chile and bacon omelet smothered in salsa, two warm tortillas were on another plate. After setting the meal down before me she gracefully dropped to her knees beside my chair. I was confused. “Aren’t you eating with me?”

“My Lord will give me what he thinks that I need,” She responded nipples erect, and eyes flashing. I reached down and twisted a nipple just enough to bring out a moan from her. It was very good, and gave Angel a bite every two or three of mine, if I remembered. When I was through, I stood up, and started for the bedroom. Angel was a step behind me; She somehow had found time to turn the bed back and had sprayed the sheets with her perfume. She held the canlı kaçak iddaa robe for me, and helped me into bed. She crawled between my legs and began to lick and suck me until I was very hard.

“Angel, get on that cock and ride!” She smiled and lowered her cunt on to my now slick erection. She started with a rocking motion, but soon leaned over me so that I had access to her nipples. I sucked on them, in turn, until they were inch long spikes, angel continued to fuck me. As I approached orgasm, she climbed off of my cock, and resumed sucking it. I came in torrents into her mouth. A little escaped and ran down her chin, and dripped onto her tit. It looked so sexy!

I fell asleep with that as my last thought, and slept better than I had in ages. I awakened to the smells of turkey roasting, the traditional Christmas dinner. I had the erection that I get when I awake, and then there was the soft, warm, moist feel of Angel’s lips around my rapidly growing pole. When I opened my eyes, she looked up at me and said, “Hi, Sleepy Head. Diner’s ready, do you want to eat or be eaten? I’m hungry for both!”

“Get that cunt up here, I’ll show you hungry!” She spun around and planted her pussy on my face like she intended to grow canlı kaçak bahis a garden there. She was really turned on! She ground that cunt into my face, her juices flowing faster than I could lick them up. I put my tongue out, tried to stiffen it to be like a little cock, but she pushed against it so hard that it was all that I could do to swallow the fluids pouring out of her cunt. When she came down, we held each other, cuddled, and then went in to dinner.

Once again there was just one place set at the table. “Cathy, go put something on and set yourself a place, we need to talk.” She frowned at me, but did as I asked. “What did I do wrong?” She asked as she sat down wearing one of my white dress shirts with a single button holding it together.

“Cathy, are you sure about this? Do you want to do this gig occasionally, or all the time? These are really uncharted waters for me. I never considered anything even remotely like this.”

“Well I’ve been thinking about it for weeks, and I really want to give it a try. We haven’t had sex this good in months, so something must be working. I hadn’t really thought about staying Angel all the time, but that does sound exciting!” Her eyes sparkled, and I could see her nipples swell, at the thought.

“What if we try it for a week, and see what happens?”

She stood up, unbuttoned the shirt, and shrugged her shoulders so that it floated off leaving her naked. Then she knelt at my feet, smiling.

To Be Continued…

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