An Adventure at the Office

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Chapter 1

Another day, another nothing, void, a blank moment in time. Rise at 0458, listen to the weather and news, shower at 0510, coffee shop for paper and caffeine at 0527, Fox News until 0600 and walk to the train. An hour of reading about sailing or working on the laptop ends upon arrival at Penn Station. Another cup of coffee at the umbrella room across the street and up to the empty 14th floor. A day like any other.

I slipped the key in the door knob lock and pushed into my office. The next daily drill started with placing the briefcase on the credenza, the coffee on the desk, and a poke at the large monitor button to start up the big machine. Then back to open the briefcase and pull the laptop for hookup to the network and only then did I realize I was not alone.

“Heh… Hello. You scared me.” I was standing behind my desk, laptop still in hand, and my jaw began to drop as the clearing vision before me began to move. Short hair so as not to distract the eye from wandering over her striking facial features. Broad shoulders that brought strength to her image, but with a waist of perfect proportion to make a man want to hold it instantly. Her hips were wide and inviting as could be and her legs stood with the grace of a dancer, curved and strong, but delicate of movement.

She ran a finger across my conference table, looking askance at its progress over the smooth surface. She teasingly kept an eye toward me as well, and did something with her lips I could not yet describe that told me I was not misinterpreting her actions. Something very erotic was taking place here, and it was planned and deliberate. I was not in control. She made that perfectly clear when she continued past the table and pulled up snuggly to my now stunned frame. This ordinary day, this mundane ordinary day had just gone haywire, big time. And I was in heaven, inviting whatever this delicious woman wanted.

She looked directly into my eyes as her hips moved left then right, then back again. Each rotation seemed to be adjusted to include a stronger push forward to ensure our sexes rubbed together as her body came up against my own. Mine overly excited cock was standing on end in no time and I was sure she could feel the first results of her actions. This was a seduction, clear and simple. There was no denying it. And there was no denying that I was all for it. I had done enough double-takes with this woman over the past few years to be totally excited at the prospects of that unbelievable moment when I might actually get to be close to her.

She is hot, sexy, firm and as deliciously erotic at that moment as I could imagine. Her eyes were speaking volumes and I wanted to read them all. Her hands were moving all around me without touching me at all. Her scent was filling my nostrils with an aphrodisiac that had excited me into its deep spell. Her lips moved ever so slightly in any direction they wanted, tantalizing me to new levels at each turn. This woman had more control over me at that moment than she could have had with cuffs, chains and locks. I was totally under her spell. I would do anything she asked. I pained for more contact with her, her body, her soul. I wanted to devour her, to make her feel the pleasure she exuded to me. I needed her right then more than I can possibly imagine or describe. She made be hot, desirous beyond description. I needed this woman badly.

Chapter 2

Time for a sanity check! It’s 0715 in the morning and I’m standing behind my desk, facing the conference table, and this beautiful hot bodied Janice is bumping and grinding her loins up against mine, causing me to bulge stiffly against her. It’s dark in the cubicle area outside my office, but my door is wide open and the lights will go on when Vincent arrives in 15 minutes or so. This ordinary day has turned into the hottest of possible mornings, and the events, unless I am totally wrong, are just beginning. That about says it all, except for the fact that this terribly erotic scene has just taken a next step with hot breath being blown into my ear.

As turned on as I already am, I realize too that I have to protect us from discovery. As hot as the body is getting, as hot as Janice is too, I have to get that door shut. My right hand moves to the area under her left arm. I am tempted to slide it up and down to feel her body, her clothing, her bra underneath, but I slip it around behind her and move the other to join it around back. By trying to pick up her gyrations with my own hips, we end up in sync somehow and move us both toward the door. If I can just get it closed before the lights go on, it will look to Vincent and all who follow that I am not there and coming in at 0915 as I often do. The door must close soon!

Janice could care less about the door. She is taking my action as encouragement and grinding her mound into my stiff cock like her life is depending on maximum contact. She does cooperate though, right foot and then left as I guide us toward ikitelli escort the door. Damn, what if Vincent walks in when we are about to close the door. He always looks to see if it is open and my light is on so he can say “hello.”

We manage to get close enough that I can lean us both over toward the door. Janice is smiling up at my face, bending backward in my arms, and I am trying to smile back without letting my awkwardness at closing the door interfere with the mood that she has created. Finally, the door closes softly, and I hear the click and see the brightness of the lights coming on in the cubicle area – Vincent is here. I kill the office light and put a finger to my lips for Janice. We are quiet. I hear Vincent’s footsteps. I have such a feel for where he is that I can tell when he has satisfied himself that I am not in and turns for his production room. Then the sound of that door opening signals the “ok” to re-devote my attention to this delicious creature in my arms. As long as we are quiet, we are undetected.

Immediately the grinding accentuates. We both push into each other. I can feel the heat from between her legs mixing with my own to start the sparks flying. My cock is rock hard and longing. I can see her tongue moving around provocatively inside her partially open mouth. It’s looking, slithering around in the recesses, lurking, as if to strike like a cat at anytime.

She smiles as she recognizes the increased tempo in the pulsing of my shaft and the stronger hold my arms put on her from behind. Suddenly pushing away, she pouts as if to mimic my own boyish disappointment. It is frustrating for me, but she is so exotic in her movements I am totally captivated by her, at her mercy, willing and able to do anything she wants. I stand there like a fool, my arms still outstretched as they were left when she pulled away.

This is a very erotic and confident woman, I observe once again to myself. She dances and moves around the small open space on her own like she owns the place. Her eyes keep looking at me from under partially open lids. Her head never really faces me squarely as if to tell me I don’t warrant her full attention yet. Her body knows no limits. It moves and writhes as if it were inviting the world to come in. This slow exotic dance of hers was teasingly intoxicating, beautiful, and so very hot!

She was wearing a tight top, knit it seemed, showing off every single ripple of her flesh as she danced. I could see the lines of her bra beneath and watched obviously as her tits moved with her twists and turns. My hands wanted to reach out and take those beautiful orbs and mall them before handing them off to my mouth. At times she would push her chest out as if to dare me to do what she knew I was thinking. We both knew however, she wasn’t ready for me to touch her yet. She tauntingly continued and transitioned through many different poses and movements.

Then she did what I could only describe as a deliberate, provocative act for me to not only touch her, but hold her and even devour her. She turned her back on me in the ultimate demonstration of either trust or defiance, and slowly danced back up into me to grind her beautiful ass up against my groin. It was unbelievable pleasure for me, and dangerous for her. In this pose I could easily loose it and just grab her for. In fact, my arms went around her and my hands found those delectable globes and immediately managed to get her nipples captured between my fingers on the first try. I rolled them that way while using the rest of my hands to massage her flesh. She was firm as hell, tight bocied like I knew she would be, but soft enough to make me want to eat her up. I couldn’t help but wonder what she tasted like.

Suddenly, she stepped away. She danced her way back toward the door and turned, motioning me to sit down. “Now what?” Was all I could ask myself. I was still having trouble believing this gorgeous creature was here in my office in such an exotic circumstance, let alone anticipate what her next move might be.

A flash went through my mind. I wanted to capture her on film. Maybe, just maybe…

I opened my lower desk drawer and pulled out a computer camera. Not wanting to break her cadence, I sat back in my desk chair, a little cocky and with a wink of my own, and dangled the little camera on its cord, draped over my finger.

Her recognition was instant, and she smiled, nothing more to interrupt her routine. Trying not to take an eye off her for a second, I reached over and plugged in the camera, waited a moment for it to take, and then started the software that would take a shot every 5 seconds. The video would take too much disk space to last long, not that we had much time, and it was too late already to try and set up the large video camera. This would have to do. It would tell us both a lot about each other’s deep desires. That was enough for a first meeting. I hit the button and the first picture was taken – Janice ate it up and was kadıköy escort facing the lens with her knees cocked and her arms straight down between her legs. Her hands were facing outward, sliding over her very tight jeans on the insides of her succulent thighs. The moment was caught by the lurking mechanical eye, as well as my own peepers. She was pouting sexily again, as if to dare me to fuck her. I also caught the impact of her putting her arms together and down had on her breasts – they were pushed together and bulging to get into my mouth. This woman was in heat and I was hot to join her.

Chapter 3

There she stood. I should say, posing for the camera. With her breasts pushed together I was unable to stop from reaching out. I ran a finger gently from her forehead to her chin, touching everything in between. I lingered on her lips, moving side to side to feel their sensuality, and to let her know contact was real. I may have been mistaken but I was sure there was a moment of surrender in her eyes before she raised her head slightly and pulled her chin back and proudly began to straighten into the next gyration of her dance. She then jerked at the feel of my lingering hand on her breast. I let it fall and made even more contact than I had expected. I was right too. It was firm yet soft, longing for attention as witnessed by the sudden motion of her body at my touch, and then it was gone.

I had to have this woman. She taunted and teased in such a joyous and longing way it was obvious she wanted to be had too. She was prolonging what she knew was inevitable. She wanted my hands on her as much as I did, but she was making the moment last, adding her own controlling touches to it, making it perfect.

I sat back in my chair and made sure the camera was properly aimed to catch this divine creature at her best. Never taking an eye off her though, I did not miss the motions of her arms and hands as they traveled over her body, sliding slowly over the very parts of her I wanted to become very intimate with. She brought her hands from her hips, up her sides, and under her breasts at one point. They lingered there, fingers extended and not quite touching the precious flesh. Then her fingers curled, her hands move to connect to their targets, and she leaned into me and offered her delicious breasts to me.

This turns me on no end. It is an outright signal of surrender, but with control, the ultimate in arousal. Her breasts were mine to devour, though not yet, to do with as I please. She was pleading with me to rage them at the right moment, and not before. She may have been thinking, “These, Baby, are yours. I give them to you. And soon you will have them.” I was entranced. I do love a woman’s breasts so. My pants were tented.

She twisted and moved some more, bringing her hands back to her sides and completing their circuit to under her chin where a similar act took place. They curled under her face and offered me here lips and mouth, once again to do with as I please. She leaned forward and completed this offering like the first. It was all I could to do keep from kissing her then and breaking the trance, her dance, and reaching for her pants!

Just as I thought she might end her ritual presentation of herself to me, she worked her feet slowly to venture toward me. I was still seated in my desk chair, raging hardon longing, and waiting for her to surrender.

She right up to my chair and put an arm to either side of my head as she leaned in. There was no mistaking her intentions as she dropped her shoulders and pushed her left breast right into my face. It landed perfectly and I felt the nipple through the thin material. It was in my mouth in a heartbeat and being sucked as far back into me as possible. I knew I was wetting her shirt possibly, but I couldn’t control that. Her tit was in my mouth and I was intent on loving it.

I felt her nipple with my tongue and then closed my teeth gently upon it. Moving my head in small circles I was able to take her nipple on a circular tour, pulling the rest of her breast flesh with me. I could see her reaction in her eyes as first they and then her head rolled back and caused her mouth to gape open in pleasure. She stood over me that way for several ministrations of my mouth, Then she moved to place the other breast in her new found love tunnel for a similar treatment, which she got with gusto. I was in the same heaven and couldn’t’ wait to see and touch the skin of these glorious mounds.

The sensuality combined with the passionate heat and became too much even for this high priestess of pleasure and she lifted a leg over one of mine and dropped low enough to give her mound contact with something solid. Immediately I could feel her extreme heat as her heated pussy warmed my thigh. She was hot. She was as horny as she could be and wanted all of me as much as I wanted all of her.

We were in a very dangerous place, my office and it was no longer by itself in occupancy. I knew kartal escort that others were beginning to arrive at work. We had so far managed to keep totally quiet, and with my office lights off, there was no one out there who thought I was at work yet. We were still undetected, but how long could that last? Could we remain quiet in the coming moments if we let this carry on any further? Would we be able to retain any control over our bodies at all or would we loose all we had worked for in one brief but extremely heated moment of passion? We looked at each other deeply at that instant as if asking each other the same question.

Suddenly my hands slid to her knees, and then up her thighs, up to her waist. I could push, or I could pull.

Chapter 4

As if to answer the question of what to do next, stop or let go, her hips gave one short push on my thigh. In that brief movement, that exquisite encouragement, the die was cast. I needed no further inducement, and she need wait no longer. We entered the next phase of our relationship.

I wrapped my arms behind her and slid my hands under and around her butt cheeks. They were firm and a handful that sent needles of pleasure from the tips of my finger and the centers of my palms all the way to my brain like a bolt of lightening. If I am this turned on, I thought, by just touching her ass, how the hell am I going to keep breathing as we get deeper into each other’s spaces.

Our lips met slowly at first, tentative still in this first embrace. But that pace quickened dramatically. Our tongues suddenly reached deep into each other’s throats. Her arms went around me and my own arms pulled her in as if to bury her inside my chest. I felt an immediate inadequacy to get her inside me! The longing was greater than ever before experienced. There was animal need and carnal lust billowing from each of us. We could not move on quickly enough. No matter how much we fondled each other’s backs and ass, we could not be satisfied to stop there.

I brought my right hand around to her left breast and kneaded it. I pinched its nipple with my thumb and forefinger, and then went back to pummeling the fleshy mound again. Janice was pushing her hands down inside my belted pants in back. I could feel her hot flesh pushing to get deeper into action. As if frustrated, she reached between us and quickly undid my belt buckle and the snap of my pants. The zipper was under so much pressure already that it loosened slightly on its own. Janice made short work for the rest of its travel distance and immediately slipped her hands in around the sides of my waist. They moved slowly around to the cheeks of my ass and lingered there for a short time, massaging and squeezing me sensuously.

It was my turn to make use of the limited space between our groins and I moved a hand to unfasten her jeans. With her straddling my right leg, the pressure split her jeans open quickly. I felt her hips widen as if to invite me in. She stirred with the release and moved her jeaned and pantied pussy forward aggain, then back on my thigh. This must have given her pleasure for she did it again, and again, until it became a continuous movement. The heat on my leg grew as if sitting under a hot plate. My hands on her ass began to help her, wanting to give her more and more pleasure, to get her wet for what inevitably lay ahead.

We continued like this for sometime. We both wanted so much more, but we were both intending to savor every second of this first meeting. Her humping my leg slowed to a steady and deliberate motion. My hands were working further and further down her ass as her jeans continued to work lower on her hips. She was wearing cotton panties, soft and lush, a perfect compliment to her smooth and fleshy ass. I worked my hands under her panties and began to feel the skin of her ass for the first time. It was exquisite. And it reacted to my touch. I could feel the muscles in her ass flex with each humping motion too. My hands worked with them and helped her make all the contact she was looking for, and the top of my leg got hotter still.

Suddenly I felt her searing fingers on my cock. Somehow she had gotten a hand around front of me and slid it into my briefs. She had grabbed my shaft fully in her hand and was beginning to pump it slowly but firmly. She somehow knew exactly what to do. Before the third or fourth pump, my body reacted and began humping her hand in cadence with her motion. We then coordinated our mutual humping to get the very best out of each of our efforts and begin a dance that could only end one way, in mutual total satisfaction.

Chapter 5

I knew if she continued pumping my cock much longer, I would be putting out fires like a fireboat in no time. And yet, as hard as it was to briefly interrupt this reverie we were in, I needed to know I could please this woman the way she deserved. My next movement would require tact, as well as definitive action.

I stood up! With Janice still humping my leg, I walked the two or three steps to my table. It was round and solid, mounted on a steel pedastal and able to carry her weight and mine if need be, and there might just be need yet. We were still tongue locked as I sat her down on the edge of the shinny wood surface. “Hmmmm.. ” I thought, “Wonder if there will be a wet spot there later I can remember her by…”

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