Amber Lets Go

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Big Tits

(This is my first attempt at this. I am very curious to see how it is accepted… constructive criticism is welcome!)

Amber was lost in thought as she drove through town towards his house. Her truck sputtered and billowed smoke, reminding her of the need for its over-do oil change. “I could use a good lubing myself,” she thought as she made the turn onto his street.

She had been seeing Matthew for about a month now, but their meeting came on the tail-end of a nasty break-up between her and her ex of two years, and she found herself holding back. She really liked Matt, was on the verge of adoring him actually, but when it came to sex she just couldn’t get comfortable. The few times they ventured into that territory he was very attentive, and she found him extremely attractive, but when his hands touched her in certain ways strains from her past seemed to envelop her and she couldn’t stop herself from closing off.

The man she had given herself for the past two years had not been kind to her. He had been attentive in his own ways, sexually aggressive and actually a very good lay, but he had never been a lover, and in the end his harsh words and judgments outweighed his divine ability to make her cum. Throughout the relationship she had been put down for her own very high libido and even made to suffer through her own needs herself, while servicing all of his. He once told her, “A whore is someone you want to fuck, a girlfriend is someone you have to fuck, and I don’t want my girlfriend to be a whore.” His views about relationships put so many restrictions on Amber and her freedom to express herself that eventually she retreated into her own mind and lost the ability to open herself up to another person. While her ex reveled in making fun of her short legs, curvy figure and dark exotic looks she learned to escape into fantasies where her lovers relished in her small womanly body, tan skin and dark hair.

“Well,” she thought, “I’ve found a man who desires me as is, who loves to see me mutlukent escort naked, and gazes at me like I’m a goddess come to earth… so why can’t I give in to him?”

Her thoughts were cut short as she walked to Matt’s door; it was open before she even got to it. She was greeted by his shining blue eyes and great smile and immediately felt the familiar bubbles bouncing in her tummy. It never ceased to amaze her how sexy his eyes could be, with thick blonde eyelashes catching the sunlight, causing their brilliant blue to be fringed in gold. His cupid’s bow of a mouth automatically dropped a kiss on her cheek and she couldn’t help herself from grabbing his blonde head and pressing her lips firmly to his. He pulled back and his grin widened, she even detected a small hint of a blush to his cheeks; inwardly she herself grinned, she was starting to like this ability to get to him, especially with just a kiss.

As she followed him to the living room she took in his appearance, the plain white tee, casual jeans and bare feet. She knew he had worked during the day because although his hair had a rumpled look the traces of carefully molded tufts and spikes still remained. Yes, she had definitely scored with this one.

They made their way to the couch and she thankfully plopped down, kicked off her shoes and planted her bare feet on the coffee table. He did the same, but as he did she noticed his eyes wandering up her bare legs to her plain cotton shorts, white tank top, and small hoodie. A smile played at the corner of her mouth and instead of striking up a conversation about whatever stupid program was on the TV she commented on the heat in his place and slowly undid the zipper on her sweatshirt. Knowing that they would be staying at his place that night instead of going out she hadn’t worn a bra and knew that her dark nipples would be visible through the fabric of her white shirt, enhanced by the fact that her arousal had hardened them to tingly points.

That tuzla escort was all he needed. Before she knew it his lips had closed over hers and his tongue snaked its way into her mouth. She loved the feel of his soft kisses, but nothing compared to the urgency he was attacking her with now. She felt his hand on her thigh, kneading and stroking the flesh there, then traveling up across her hip, to her ribcage, until he was cupping her breast. His thumb began a slow dance across her nipple and even through the fabric jolts of electricity coursed through her body. Her breathing became heavier, more shallow, and he took the cue. Immediately he was pulling her shirt over her head and pressing her onto her back. He ran his hands up her sides to her chest and before she knew it he had one hard nipple in his mouth while he pinched and pulled the other. His hands squeezed her small firm tits together and he used their closeness to ravish each nipple equally, nibbling, sucking and circling his tongue around them. She felt her pussy get hot and wet and the need for contact become overwhelming. She ground her pelvis against his stomach in frantic movements and couldn’t stop the sighs escaping from her mouth.

“Get up,” he said.


“Get up, I want you in my bedroom, naked, now!”

He grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet, stopping long enough to explore her mouth with his tongue one more time before leading her to the bedroom.

“Those aren’t the lips I want to taste right now,” he said as he grasped the waist of her shorts and slid them to the ground.

She stood there naked before him and as he knelt he looked her up and down. A wave of embarrassment threatened to overtake her, “No, I’m not ruining it again, I’m not keeping myself from feeling this pleasure,” she thought, just as she felt his tongue softly press against the front of her sex. Automatically her thighs relaxed and opened, giving him better access to her folds. She looked down her body, past anadolu yakası escort her small chest and flat stomach to her bare pussy and the golden head pressed there.

Matt began a slow inspection of her pussy, spreading her lips apart, running his tongue along the sides, the top, the bottom, working it into her hole; pulling up the hood of her engorged clit and exposing the throbbing button nestled there. Her legs began to shake as he ran circles around that button she couldn’t stop herself from falling back onto the bed. She immediately spread her legs, wide, bringing her heels up to rest right at her ass and grasping her knees with her hands pulling them up and open as far as they could go. He scooted himself up to the side of the bed, her pussy lay there, completely open and sopping wet. She felt his fingers working her wetness around, slipping from her hole to her clit and back down again. He pressed one, then two into her and she melted with the invasion. He hooked his fingers in a come hither motion and while he tickled her insides he attacked her outsides once again. She couldn’t stop herself from tugging at her own nipples, the intensity coursing through her was making her whole body quiver and she felt a warmth spreading from her chest to her groin.

Amber’s hips began to buck and wiggle, she had to fuck the fingers assaulting her and as she found her rhythm he mirrored it on her clit, sucking it into his mouth and flicking it with his tongue in time with her thrusts.

She couldn’t believe what was happening, her body was boiling and her toes were on the verge of cramping. She arched her head up, she had to see this; she had to watch this gorgeous man get her off. That was all it took, when she saw her own puffy lips stretched around is mouth and he looked up at her with those eyes she was done. She grabbed his head and rode his face with abandon, not caring if he could breath or even if she might be hurting him; she was cumming harder than she had in so long and she couldn’t bear for it to stop. He never faltered for a moment, sucking and finger fucking her like no other. She could see her juices coating his face and the sight of it made it even better, her pussy contracted and released around his fingers, her legs clamped around his head, and finally, her toes actually did cramp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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