Alyson’s Slutty Hotel Meeting

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As Denise walked up to her desk at work she was expecting the day to be like most others, fairly straightforward and routine. But when she sat down, in the middle of the desk was a hand written envelope with the name Alyson on it. Her heart skipped a beat as Alyson was the name she used in part of her life outside work – in fact a very different sort of life. She picked it up and turned it over, there was nothing else on the envelope. She looked around to see if anyone was nearby and tore it open. She read it.

My Dearest Alyson

Enclosed is a key for room 327 in the Marriott Royal County Hotel in Durham. The room has been booked for this coming Friday from 12 noon and you are to be there at this time. In the room on the bed you will find several items of fetish clothing and footwear along with several sex toys. You may look at and pick up the sex toys. Do NOT put any of the clothing on. We will follow you a few minutes later.

I know today is only Monday but this is to give you time to arrange to have the day off on Friday. Graham can accompany you but will not be allowed to join in.

Tomorrow you will have a delivery of clothing and make up which you are to wear on Friday.

Love and kisses



Alyson immediately thought back to the wonderful session she had had with Roger and James a few weeks earlier and even now the memories aroused her so much that she still masturbated while remembering it. She re-read the letter again and loved the way it told her, it didn’t ask her, it told her to be there at noon, it told her to put on the clothing that Roger had chosen for her. Her imagination was already running wild with what they were going to do to her and it was arousing her sexually.

She started doing her work but her mind was elsewhere. She was thinking, the letter said ‘we’, was it going to be Roger and James again or Roger and someone else. She wondered whether Roger or James would be online at xhamster and logged on. Roger was online and they were soon chatting. Alyson asked him what he had planned for Friday but all he said was, ‘When you arrive at noon on Friday, you’ll find out.’

She said, ‘I might not be there on Friday.’

Roger replied, ‘You will, and you know you will. We both know how much you enjoyed our last meeting and this one will be even better.’

The thought of this was arousing Alyson and even as she chatted she could feel herself getting damp between the legs. Roger went offline and Alyson started thinking about some of the videos that she had put in her ‘favourites’. She adored the ones where the female was being dominated and wearing fetish clothing. Although she was at work and sitting at her desk her right hand had wandered down onto her lap and was easing her skirt up and her hand soon reached her panties. She was amazed how damp they were. She started slowly rubbing a finger up and down her slit through her panties and loved the feelings she was giving herself. But she knew that someone could walk into her office anytime and thought better of it. She considered going to the ladies and masturbating, maybe later, she thought.

That night at home she told her husband Graham about the letter and she asked if it would be OK for her to go and whether he wanted to accompany her. Graham was now getting used to his wife’s needs and knew that if he said ‘no’ she would still probably go but would do it behind his back and this was something he didn’t want to happen. He knew how deep her needs were when they got married and he decided he would have to go along with whatever she demanded.

He decided that he would go with her. Secretly he had to admit that it turned him seeing his wife being pleasured by other men and women. In his eyes the sight of his wife cumming was extremely arousing.

The next day a parcel was delivered to her at work with the strict instructions not to open until Friday morning. She was very tempted to ignore this instruction about waiting until Friday but she knew this was not what Roger would have wanted.

The rest of the week seemed to fly past and although Alyson was still wondering whether to go on Friday she knew in the back of her mind that she would be unable to resist. She booked a day’s holiday for Friday and on Thursday night had trouble sleeping just thinking what she was going to experience.

She woke in the morning, showered and had breakfast.

Here is her account of what happened next.

Graham had opened the parcel and was sitting on the bed watching me.

The outfit that Roger has sent me is lying on the bed. I just have to raise the nerve to put it on. Although it’s early in the morning, a large glass of white wine, may help, I tell myself as I pour it with a slightly trembling hand. I sip it slowly as I look over the various parts of my costume for my meeting. With a small sigh of anticipation I put down the glass and step out of my dressing gown. ‘In for a penny. . . I mutter as I pick up the slippery black silk thong. I slide illegal bahis it up my legs, the material feeling soft and slightly cold against my skin. It pulls snugly up between my legs, cupping my neatly trimmed mound and nestling between my buttocks as I pull it high and tight. Next the bra, nothing subtle about this, a fully underwired quarter cup platform bra, in black satin. I slip it around me and fasten the four hooks and eyes, pulling it around and up under my breasts cupping each breast as I pull the cups up and tighten the shoulder straps I take a quick peek in the mirror. The effect is amazing, my medium sized 36B’s are sticking out like double D’s, offered like ripe fruit on a plate for whatever hand cares to test their firmness. My nipples are beginning to harden in anticipation, peeking over the front of the bra, will I really have the nerve to wear this?

But there’s more to the outfit yet. I pick up the suspender belt next which is a black PVC waspie with six whipcord thin straps with metal clips. I fasten it round my waist, sucking in a little as I do up the twelve little black hooks and eyes that make sure it grips me firmly. The stockings feel gorgeous, proper Aristoc sheer black nylons with a point heel and razor thin seams. I ease my foot into one, pulling it over my ankle and gently smoothing it up the length of my leg. The feeling is exquisite as the sheer nylon slides up my thigh, I make sure the seam is as straight as I can get it, hugging the curve of my calf and on up my thigh to where the thick welt fits tight around my leg. I clip the first suspender on at the front, pulling it taught. then the back, reaching as far round as I can get it, to make sure it lines up with the seam, a little more adjustment on this one, it needs to be really tight at the back. Then the middle one, pulling the stocking taught for that extra secure feeling. The other stocking is next, following the same routine, caressing the nylon as it slides up my leg, loving the feel as the clips close and the nylon is pulled tight across my flesh.

I can’t resist a quick tease of each nipple and a soft stroke of my pussy lips through the thin silk as I decide what to put on next. I’m horny, I’m very horny and I don’t know how the afternoon is going to progress, I just feel very, very excited at what might happen to me later. I decide to put on the blouse next, creamy white silk, thin and slippery as it slides over my arms. I pull the front together and button it. It pulls very tight across my breasts. Now I put on the skirt, black, shiny PVC. A micro-mini, zipping up the side, I pull it up over my nylon clad legs to discover it hardly covers my stocking tops. The smallest lean forward will expose my suspender clips for all to see, along with the white flesh of my upper thigh. When I pull the zip up it hugs my buttocks like a second skin, clearly showing the thin lines of the suspender straps underneath.

Now for the shoes, lovely they are, glistening black patent leather, five inch heels which taper to spikes. I slip my nylon sheathed foot into the first one, wriggling my toes to get them to the end of the closed toe shoe. The double ankle strap I buckle tightly, clipping the little silver padlocks around the buckles (I hope you remember to bring the key!) When the second shoe is on and strapped just as tightly, I stand and walk a few steps, tentatively. I wear heels a lot, but these feel different, they feel like I’m on stilts, the muscles in my calves are taught and I have to walk with my back straight and my shoulders back, emphasising my breasts even more. I slip the soft leather choker around my neck, fastening the buckle I pull the single chrome ring around to the front and let it dangle there, set off delightfully against the black leather.

Now I check my make-up, add a few little touches. My lips are dark red, shiny with gloss. My eyes are bordered with silver-grey eye-shadow and my nails are as shiny and red as my lips. I pick the gloves up off the bed and pull them on, they are black lycra and they stretch past my elbows, the three quarter length sleeves of the blouse falling down over them with the turned up cuffs open. A single thick silver bangle on each wrist and I’m ready. I check the mirror again and swallow loudly, I can’t believe how I look, like a high class whore about to earn her keep for the next month. The combination of the heels and the push-up bra make me stand as if I’m offering my breasts on a plate, the sheer nylon and the PVC skirt rustle sinisterly together as I move, and the black bra and the top of the waspie suspender belt are clearly visible through the thin cream silk of my tautly stretched blouse.

She knew the Marriott Royal County Hotel, Graham drove the short distance there. As they pulled into the car park she looked at her watch and saw it was 11.52. They got out of the car, locked it and walked into the hotel and as Alyson walked across the lobby in her high heels she felt as if everyone’s eyes were on her. In fact there certainly were two pairs illegal bahis siteleri of eyes on her as they headed for the lift. The room was 327 and she assumed it was on the 3rd floor and pressed that button. As the doors opened on the third floor she saw the signs to room 327 and headed that way. She found the door and realised she was shaking. She opened her handbag and took out the room key. She went to put it in the key slot and suddenly hesitated and had a second thought. The key card slipped in and the green light popped on indicating the door was unlocked.

She pushed the door open and they walked in. There was nobody in there which is what she had expected. She saw the fetish clothing on the bed and sex toys and a camera on a tripod. The TV was on and she was amazed to see a slideshow of the photos she had send to Roger earlier. Graham saw an armchair and sat down, knowing he was there merely as an observer of his wife’s slutty behaviour.

She walked over to the bed and picked up some of the toys which fascinated her, there were vibrating nipple clamps and a huge double headed dildo. There were bottles of baby oil and a large plastic syringe. She loved the look of the black lycra hood and a length of rope.

Suddenly she heard the door open and in walked Roger but not with James but with a woman that Alyson immediately recognised as being Fiona, Roger’s wife. Fiona was wearing a very short black skirt which clearly showed her stocking tops and ultra- high black heeled shoes. Her make-up, in Alyson’s eyes, was distinctively tarty.

Roger went over to Alyson and hugged her and said, ‘Alyson darling, this is my wife Fiona.’

Fiona hugged Alyson and they could feel their breasts rubbing against each other. Fiona kissed Alyson direct on the lips and then said, ‘Hi Alyson, great to meet you.’

Alyson’s first reaction was disappointment as she remembered how good it was with Roger and James but that soon disappeared when Fiona said, ‘Right slut get over here and let me look at you.’

Alyson walked over to Fiona who was a few inches taller than her. Alyson felt Fiona’s hand go under and up her skirt and Fiona said, ‘Right let’s see how wet you are?’

Fiona forced Alyson’s legs apart and her hand soon reached her pussy and could feel that she was wearing the thong. She could also feel that she was quite wet and easing her thong aside slipped a finger inside her. This made Alyson even hornier, she had never met Fiona before and already she was fingering her and loving it. Suddenly Fiona stopped and said, ‘Well your cunt’s wet enough so let’s see your tits.’

Fiona unbuttoned Alyson’s blouse and pulled her tits out of her bra and was amazed how big her nipples were. She pinched and squeezed them and loved how Alyson seemed to push her chest forward to enhance the pleasure. Alyson glanced across and saw that Roger was filming her, she also saw that Graham had undressed.

Fiona was now pulling her nipples fiercely and although it hurt Alyson loved the pain. Then suddenly Fiona stopped and said, ”Let me take your panties off, I’ve got some special ones for you.’

Fiona peeled them down Alyson’s legs and she stepped out of them and Fiona handed them to her husband. He held them to his nose and smelt Alyson’s pussy juices.

Then Fiona picked up a black pvc pair of panties with an inbuilt dildo and as Alyson stepped into them and pulled them up Fiona eased Alyson’s pussy lips apart to accommodate the big black dildo. Alyson sighed with pleasure as she felt it push deep inside her.

Fiona said, OK slut, you’re going watch yourself cum now. Do you like watching yourself cum?’

‘I don’t know,’ she replied.

Alyson was getting wetter and wetter as the large black dildo was inside her. Whenever she moved she felt it move inside her. She felt very,very slutty as her erect tits bounced up and down and she tottered along in the high heels, but what she liked most was the dildo embedded deep inside her. She was getting to the point where she just had to cum.

Alyson continues:

Fiona told me to stand still and reaching behind me undid my bra and took it off. Rob, facing me took a lip pencil and drew a large red circle round my aureola, then took the deep red lipstick and filled the circle in coating my very large nipples. He then handed them to Fiona who did the same to my other tit. They let the lipstick dry before thickly applying lip gloss to them. They turned me to face the mirror and the sight I saw was the sexiest I have ever seen and it was me. I suddenly wondered what else that in store for me.

Then I felt a tingly inside me. I saw that Fiona had a remote controller in her hand and switched on a vibrator in the dildo. I was already very aroused and now I had this extra wonderful feeling and I knew that if he didn’t stop I was going to cum very, very quickly. But then suddenly the vibrations stopped — what was happening I thought, I was disappointed as it felt so good.

Fiona had got the rope and started canlı bahis siteleri tying my tits, she tied the rope round one of them and pulled it tight before winding it round the other one. It hurt like mad but somehow it aroused me even more and my lipstick coated nipples seemed even larger. Then she pulled the rope even tighter and I saw in the mirror that they had started going a deep red. Then she tied my hands behind my back. I looked at myself in the mirror and loved seeing me so helpless.

Then Rob got a chair and put it in front of the full length mirror and told me to sit down. I did as he said and loved the feel as I felt the dildo go further inside me.

I pleaded with Fiona, ‘Please turn it on again.’

‘Soon’, she replied.

Then Rob parted my legs and tied each of my legs to a chair leg with a spare stocking. But what shocked me next was when I saw Fiona holding a black latex face mask. She stood in front of me and pulled it over my head, making sure that my eyes, mouth and nose were poking out through the appropriate holes. Then she zipped it tightly at the back.

Rob then said, ‘We’re going to turn the vibrator on and you’re going to watch yourself cum.’

I was helpless and as I looked in the mirror I watched the two of them undress. They removed their clothing and I saw Rob’s erect cock spring into view. Fiona had wonderful tits with erect nipples and a totally shaved pussy. I then watched as Rob picked up my panties and before smelling them once more slipped them up his legs and then poked his cock out of the side.

Rob stood beside me, his large erect cock only inches away from me. I wanted it, I wanted to be fucked. Then Fiona turned the vibrator on and I was in heaven. I looked in the mirror and saw this fetish cum slut. It didn’t look like me, but they were my tits, my lipstick coated nipples and the feeling of utter pleasure I was getting from the vibrator was definitely me.

I loved the feeling of helplessness. Rob’s cock was only inches from me but I couldn’t touch it. I turned to him to suck him but I needed to look at the slutty person sitting in front of me. I caught a glimpse of Graham out of the corner of my eye. Both he and Rob were rubbing their cocks while they looked at the cumslut in front of them. I loved the fact that they were wanking over me.

Fiona, standing the other side of me was finger fucking herself as she looked at me getting more and more aroused. My orgasm was nearing, I cried out, ‘Please don’t let me cum yet, it’s heaven, please.’

But my pleadings were ignored and the buzzing continued unabated. My mouth was wide open and I could see my beautiful red lips through the face mask. I thought I would hate to be so restrained but I adored it. I absolutely adored it. I loved the feel as my orgasm neared and the fact that Rob and Fiona were getting so turned on by me made it even better. They were both frantically wanking themselves while they looked at me in the mirror. Then suddenly my body started shaking. I stared at the image in front of me. I didn’t recognise her but I was so pleased that I knew it was me. I looked at my lipstick coated nipples, they had never been so large, I had never been so aroused and I called out as my orgasm thundered through my body. But as my orgasm subsided, the vibrations didn’t and I felt one another building up.

It very rarely happened to me but I just knew I was going to cum again and in a matter of seconds I was experiencing another body shuddering orgasm. As it subsided Fiona switched the vibrator off and allowed me to recover.

Then I saw the look on Rob’s face, he turned to face me and shot spurt after spurt of his cum on my face, I couldn’t feel it because of the hood. I clearly saw in the mirror Rob’s cum trickling down the side of the hood and then running down my top and onto my tits. I loved the feel of the hot cum on my tits and the wonderful sight when it ran over my lipstick coated nipples.

Fiona leaned over me and licked my nipples clean of her husband’s cum and ended up by sucking them deep into her mouth, arousing me once again.

Rob raised me up a little just enough to ease the panties of me. I have to admit that I didn’t like it when he slowly withdrew the dildo from me. Then he held it front of me mouth and said, ‘Lick it, lick it clean, lick your cunt juices off of it.’

Meanwhile Fiona was now kneeling between my legs and licking my pussy clean. I had never been so wet and I loved the feel of her tongue licking up and down my slit. I also adored the taste of the dildo, covered in my cum, it smelt and tasted exquisite. I looked in the mirror and saw this cumslut sucking a big black dildo through the mouth hole in the latex mask. Could it really be me? I don’t do this sort of thing, but the wonderful sight of Rob fucking my mouth with it confirmed it.


Fiona stopped licking and the two of them stood in front of me. Rob took the dildo out my mouth and untied my arms. He then went and got the lipstick and lipgloss and ordered me. ‘Lick my cock clean and then pull my foreskin right back and coat the head of my cock with the lipstick and then the lipgloss, I want my cock to match your lips and nipples before I fuck your cunt and mouth.’

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