Alone, Or

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She stood before me with one hand hitching up her skirt as the other busied itself inside her panties. Her lingerie provided evidence to the paucity of her sex life, it was obvious that her underwear was purely functional. It clearly had not been purchased to either heighten desire in a lover, neither had it been bought by a lover. They were of a plain design; cotton, with no frilly embellishments, neither were the skimpy they were efficient at hiding her womanhood as they covered her pudenda entirely. My focused glare detected that her panties were experiencing considerable pressure to maintain her modesty, not only had they been forcibly stretched to accommodate her active hand but it was clear that they was also bountiful pubic bush restrained by the pink fabric.

I could clearly see a finger busying itself within her fleshy lips, her breathing became more hurried as her fingers became more vigorous. Her actions were becoming less and less furtive, her panties began to darken as her arousal increased the flow of her juices. As her finger probed deeper she pulled the panties to one side revealing the abundant hair that had previously been restrained. I noticed that this hair was darker than that on her head, a dense, almost impenetrable forest that disguised the entrance to her pussy, further evidence that this was a path that was rarely taken, other than by her own experienced hand.

Why did Elaine stand before me, increasingly explicit in her actions? Her own masturbation had began after she had opened the bathroom door, and rather than being shocked at finding me pleasuring myself she had stood, silent, before requesting me to continue. Or rather her tone had suggested that it was more of an order for me to continue, by implication if I didn’t continue my behaviour might have been made more widely known to those who continued to party downstairs.

It was Elaine who had driven me upstairs, unconsciously her actions had caused a growing excitement in me, a thrill that caused my groin to throb, pressure building up, pressing against my trousers. I needed to nurture my arousal, develop it and gain further stimulation and then relief. So I had escaped from my family, to be alone, to enjoy the feelings coursing through my body.

I entered the bathroom and closed the door, my excitement causing me to forget any casino oyna other additional security measures, removing my trousers and briefs I sat on the toilet and grabbed, then caressed my rapidly hardening cock. Pulling down the foreskin to its tautest setting I leant my head forward and allowed a trickle of spit to fall from my mouth onto my glans in order to lubricate the movement of my foreskin. I slowly wanked myself between the forefinger and thumb of my right hand, and my eyes shut, my head filling with images of Elaine.

I saw her; her pale skin and dark, shiny hair dancing as she moved her head, my thoughts concentrated on that that I found most thrilling, the way she smoked, the look of concentration on her face as she slowly, deliberately and deeply inhaled, holding the warm cloud of smoke in her mouth. In my minds eye I was concentrating on her dark eyes trying to identify her deepest feelings as she engaged in this pleasure, one of few pleasures in her life, on of her pleasures that gave such great pleasures to others, me in particular. My focus drew out, taking in her whole face, I thought of her opening her glossed lips to first allow a small puff of smoke to escape such a delightful embrace before she exhaled, giving the smoke energy and room to expand.

My other senses joined in the reminiscence, in my mind I could smell her scent, her perfume, delicate, sensuous, slowly it mingled with a scent even more arousing, I revelled in recollecting the smell of her smoking, the scent of her exhale, the touch of it on my skin as it was bathed in her spent breath.

I became aware of my more immediate surroundings, and as I sustained my own pleasure I opened my eyes, to become aware of Elaine standing there. My eyes were conscious of her presence but they failed to make any connection with my brain and hand, as my thumb and forefinger continued there repetitive action. As my consciousness rallied my brain overruled my baser instincts and I stopped wanking, it was then that she spoke. She commented on how I seemed to be enjoying myself, and that how it would be such a shame to stop as it was a party after all. She reassured me that no-one else knew I was here, or that no-one else needed to know I was here, as long as I continued though.

Elaine secured the door, and then asked me if Id mind if she enjoyed slot oyna the party as well, my reply was silent, but affirmative, and I watched as she drew the skirt up her legs, her knees came into view, my cock twitched, the material continued its ascent, her panties came into view, previously I had only experienced these when they had been discarded, of course I had inhaled the scent left on them, and lovingly licked the material that now pressed closely against her hair adorned flesh. Concerned because my actions has stopped whilst I gazed she encouraged me to start again, and I resumed playing with my cock feeling its hardness, how it contrasted with the softness and moistness of Elaine’s sex, a contrast that was further enhanced as where Elaine had a luxurious pelt adorning her sex my own pubic region was devoid of hair.

Elaine withdrew her fingers from her sex, I noticed that they glistened with her arousal, she stepped out of her panties and towards me, she stood before me, her hirsute haven at my eye level, at my focal length, both hands began to explore her sex, opening herself up, I saw an emerging pinkness, a smooth, pink rose, encircled with dark hair, I stared intently as Elaine allowed to fingers to disappear inside herself, she pumped each finger in, rhythmically and deeply her breath quickening with each insertion.

She then concentrated on hand on rubbing at the top of her sex, the other hand, together with its glistening finger was offered to me, as it neared my mouth I opened my lips and savoured the musky flavour of Elaine’s arousal, once my tongue had dined on the taste Elaine returned the finger to her increasingly fragrant pussy, before once again offering me another dose. This meal was repeated until Elaine stood even closer to me and pressing h each index finger into her hairy flesh she then expertly parted her lips so that her most intimate parts were revealed to me. I took a moment to look at her sex, the rainbow of pinks and brown, the transition from furry flesh, to smooth, tasty flesh, a taste I wanted more of and received as she pressed herself towards me as I leant forward to lick at her clitoris.

Elaine shuddered and I felt a trickle of liquid down my face, I had bathed in her sex and my own face now glistened as much as her pussy did, Elaine stepped back from me, regaining her composure canlı casino siteleri as her orgasm subsided, taking one step back she squatted in front of me, and this stance allowed her to insert more than just one finger inside her lubricated depths. Swapping hands Elaine grasped my cock with her fragrant hand, and as she resumed her own pleasure she began to increase mine, the pleasure became tenfold as I experienced the warmth of her mouth for the first time, previously my cock had only experienced the touch of my own hands, and within two minutes it had felt the touch of another more experienced hand and now, the entirely new sensation of her mouth. I was unable to enjoy this sensation for too long, as Elaine sucked and wanked my cock she bought me towards my own juvenile orgasm I knew that what I was about to experience would be in excess of the sum of all previous ejaculations. I looked at her sucking on my cock, everything I had was enveloped by her glossy lips, my testicles preventing her for engorging more of my young body. I thought of her inhaling on those sexy cigarettes, now she was sucking on something more substantial, and as I thought her mouth was filled with a substance which although white, had more body than smoke, but unlike smoke this substance wasn’t allowed to escape and Elaine swallowed my sperm as it emptied into her mouth.

Elaine picked up her panties from the floor and as she wiped my cock I felt the moisture already captured within the material. Picking up my briefs Elaine then similarly wiped her own sex, before leaning forward to kiss me on the lips, I detected a new scent on her, the scent of my sperm. Elaine handed me my underwear and motioned to me to dress, she chose not to wear her own but carefully smoothed down her dress.

She told me to wait for two minutes after she left, before I should make my own way downstairs. She made no reference to what had passed between us, but I knew enough not to say anything to anyone about this, I had a feeling that if I kept our secret I would be rewarded in future. Elaine closed the door, and alone once more I felt my cock, I felt where her hand had touched, I pulled the foreskin down my flaccid cock to look to see what had been hidden in her mouth. Adjusting myself I dressed before opening the door and returning to the party.

No-one noticed my return, so maybe no-one noticed I had ever left, except for Elaine of course, who caught my eye, she was standing over the other side of the room, and had just lit a cigarette which looking directly at me she placed between her lips and inhaled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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