All the Fun of the Fair

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Ross closed his exercise book and sighed, another evening of homework completed. The end was in sight, his exams were only a month away. The stirring ripple of the distant fairground organ through the warm night air reminded him that the fair was in town. It was a major event in the small country community deep in the Australian bush, but he did not have any money to enjoy it.

He strolled into the night. Cicadas hissed as if in competition with the fairground organ whose sound grew louder as he approached the showground. There was laughter and screaming from the rides. He watched the happy people riding on the brightly painted horses on the huge merry go round, and felt the heat of the steam traction engine which powered the organ. At close quarters its sound was thunderous and its excited, relentless and restless tunes stirred his very soul. Life was pretty boring in Gladesville and he craved the brash, colourful life of the fairground where people were happy and noisy, enjoying the thrills of the rides and freak shows.

With no money for rides, candy floss or a hot dog, he wandered restlessly to the edge of the fair where the brightly painted and chromed caravans of the fairground workers rested gently under the causarinas. An owl called close by. He wondered what life would be like working on a fair, packing up the equipment and moving on to a new town every few days. The roving life seemed a world away from the predictable existence of a humdrum small town where not much happened.

‘What are you snooping around at?’

Ross jumped at the sound of a fierce voice behind him, and looked around.

‘I don’t mean any harm – I was just looking at the caravans and wondering what life would be like working on a fair.’

A small figure emerged from the darkness and he saw the owner of the fierce voice. It was a young woman, a few years older than Ross. She smiled.

‘It’s not all that it seems, wandering from one boring small town to another, back breaking work packing up and unpacking, living in a confined space in a tight-knit community.’

‘Sounds quite appealing compared to life in a small town’ said Ross, ‘but I can see that after a while it might not be as exciting as I thought. I do like your caravans though – and the organ music.’

‘Would you like to look inside?’

‘Wow, would I!’

She led him to a small caravan painted with brightly coloured flowers.

‘This is where I live with my sister. My Mum and Dad live in that big one over there. Dad runs the big merry go round with the thundering organ, Mum is the fortune teller. My sister helps Dad and I help Mum, but it’s my night off tonight.’

‘You mean you’re a fortune teller?’ he gasped.

‘Well, not exactly, but I am casino siteleri learning. It’s more complicated than people think and you have to have the gift.’

She led him up the steps and into the small candle lit space.

Ross admired the interior and they sat on her bed and chatted amiably.

‘How did you manage to go to school when you are on the move all the time?’

‘Well it depends, some don’t get any schooling, but my Mum isn’t from a fairground family and wanted me to go to school so I lived with my Grandma in Sydney, went to school there and came back to the fair for the holidays. What about you?’

‘I’m just finishing Year 12 and hoping to go to university next year.’

‘Lucky you, I got good marks but our family can’t afford the fees.’

Katrina looked at Ross. He had boyish good looks, bright innocent eyes, and a lovely smile.

‘Do you have a girlfriend?’ she asked.

‘Well, I have lots of friends, girls and boys, but no one special as a girl friend. It’s a small town and people talk if young people of my age start to get too serious with one person. It’s more difficult for me too because Dad is the local police sergeant and mum is a primary teacher.’

Ross looked at Katrina. She had olive skin, dark eyes full of mystery and long dark hair, and seemed so much older and wiser than he was. She had grown up in the city and in the fair and had obviously seen more of life.

Katrina smiled and looked amused. ‘So you haven’t lost your virginity yet then?’

Ross swallowed, and looked at his feet. ‘No, out here girls don’t usually have sex until they are married. Things are changing in the city, but out here it is a catastrophe for all the family if a girl gets pregnant, particularly if you come from a respectable family.’

‘Yes, times are changing. They call it the swinging sixties – sex, drugs, and rock and roll – but that seems to be only in the cities where people aren’t under such close scrutiny as out here, or in a fairground community for that matter.’

Katrina took his hand. ‘I’ll tell your fortune. You are a handsome and attractive young man and when you get to the city you are going to find lots of girls who are interested in you and some of them will be pleased to have sex with you.’ The fairground organ ground out its relentless excitement in the distance.

Ross swallowed again and his heart beat faster. He looked so wide eyed and innocent. Katrina could not resist. She kissed him on the cheek and slowly began to unbutton the front of her dress. Ross looked alarmed. Katrina dropped the dress off her shoulders and revealed her nakedness beneath. Her firm, round and beautiful plump young breasts glowed in the candlelight, her pert dark wrinkled nipples slot oyna engorged by the enticing prospect of bedding this lovely young man.

Ross, eyes wide, gasped and felt a violent stirring in his trousers. Katrina lifted his hands.

‘Would you like to stroke them?’

Ross looked apprehensive. ‘Go on, I really want you to!’

Ross took the opportunity with both hands. Katrina sighed with pleasure and kissed him full on the lips. Ross’s pulse raced so hard he thought his heart would burst. Katrina showed him how she liked to be felt and Ross readily obliged, teasing her nipples. ‘You can kiss and lick them if you like!’ Ross quickly took up the invitation, arousing her further as she felt her wetness developing. She was further turned on by being totally in control of the situation, as well as by his shocked eagerness.

By now there was a huge lump in Ross’s trousers, his head swam, and he felt that he might come at any moment. Katrina reached for his zip, pulled it down and reached inside. Ross moaned. So did Katrina as she felt the rock hard round head of the rigid and throbbing beast that emerged. It was young, innocent, hungry and already running with pre cum. Fearing its imminent explosion, she released her grip, laid him gently on the bed, took off her dress and thrust his hand greedily down the front of her knickers. They kissed hungrily and their breaths came quickly now as she schooled him gently to her needs. Two pairs of eyes shone brightly, each pair firing the other. He felt her mound and her warm wetness in the middle of a verdant bush. She squirmed with pleasure, showed him how to stroke her clit and inserted his finger into her hot, slippery passage. Katrina was really aroused now – thrilled by guiding his actions and by Ross’s naïve eagerness. So much so that she was breathing heavily, moaning with pleasure and about to come. Outside, the thunderous excitement of the fairground organ accompanied their abandon.

Ross was overcome with excitement but somehow prevented himself from coming all over her. Katrina pulled herself away from him, removed the rest of his clothes, and deftly rolled a condom onto his heavily engorged member. Ross, shaking with excitement, was in total disbelief regarding the long anticipated event that was, at long last, about to happen to him.

Katrina lay on her back, naked with her legs apart and invited Ross with his huge erection to kneel between them. He surveyed her lovely body with awe, she looked lustfully at what she was about to enjoy. They were both wildly excited by now and neither of them could wait to complete the act. She pulled him towards her and guided him urgently to her flowering entrance. Ross smelled her warm willing body, his heart beating like thunder, canlı casino siteleri his member more rigid and urgent than he could ever remember. The fairground organ rolled on, mirroring their heavy sighs, and encouraging their desire.

‘Oooh, push gently into me!’ she urged, consumed by desire. With a deep sigh Ross eased his whole length slowly forward into her hot, tight and slippery hole. Katrina gasped with pleasure as he filled her. Pubes mingled with pubes in a delicious embrace. The warmth and intimacy of their eager naked bodies enhanced the thrill and the excitement was overwhelming for both of them. They lay locked together for a moment and Katrina, face contorted, began to retreat then thrust back at him. The thrill of controlling this young lover’s actions, and his obvious joy and appreciation of her gift to him sent her into complete abandon.

Ross, unable to contain himself any longer, slipped quickly over the edge. He felt his balls contracting and the first great surge of semen rushing upwards, accompanying the rush of the most thrilling and violent orgasm he had yet experienced. He roared with release and thrust vigorously into her. Katrina couldn’t contain her excitement, squirmed open mouthed and, head back, came noisily, contracting violently. They thrust hungrily at each other, Ross’s seed spurting quickly with great gobs into the head of the condom, a shout accompanying each squirt. Katrina, stimulated by his noisy release and the vigorous squirts, threw back her head, gasped, and quickly came again with even more force than her first explosion.

Ross, overcome, kissed her willing mouth, embraced her soft, warm body, stroking her tenderly. She smiled a blissful smile, as they relaxed into a post coital intimacy.

‘How did you like that?’

Ross grinned shyly. ‘I still can’t believe it happened. It was more exciting and pleasurable than I had ever imagined! I feel so warm inside, and so close to you. And you seemed to enjoy it just as much, making it even more thrilling for me.’

‘It was wonderful for me too, you were so gentle and eager at the same time. I really felt you really wanted me and were so grateful for the opportunity. So many men take women for granted and are only concerned with their own satisfaction.’

Katrina paused and swallowed.

‘I’m sorry, but now you must go before anyone finds us. You’d be beaten within an inch of your life if anyone here found out what we’ve just done, and the consequences for me would be even worse. So please go now and don’t try to contact me again. I’ll always remember you – you were very special.’

Ross looked shocked and upset.

‘I don’t want you to get into any trouble. I don’t know what to say. I’ll do as you ask, but I’ll always regret that we didn’t have the opportunity to get to know one another better. And of course I’ll remember this night always.’

Ross got up, dressed and left. Life was never quite the same again for either of them.

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