All of Your Senses

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You are on a business trip for five days. We have discussed my joining you there, but we have not discussed the specific day that I will arrive. You will know when I arrive simply by my knock on your hotel door. I’ve deliberately kept my travel plans secret.

I have packed some items specifically for that night.

Body lotion.

Satin gloves.

Sheer black stockings.

A black and silver choker necklace.

Black strappy heels.

A long string of pearls.

New lingerie, just for this trip.

Several long, silky scarves.

Beautiful shade of red lipstick.

We’ve allowed ourselves one phone call per day while you are gone. In that one call, we can feel each other’s hunger, and great need for each other. The anticipation and longing between us is incredible.

Although my plans are to completely focus on YOU and your pleasure, it brings ME great joy and intense satisfaction. I wish to please you on many different levels. To share with you what it feels like to be able to completely let go. You do that for me as no one ever has.

At last you hear that soft knock on your door. You feel your heartbeat race a bit as you open it, eager and excited. But, surprise number

. It is not me. It is the hotel manager, dressed impeccably in a dark gray suit, crisp white shirt and dark red tie. “Sir, I have an important message for you. The lady instructed me to deliver it personally.”

“Thank you.”

You close the door. Puzzled, but still excited. The elegant stationary in your hand has not only my handwritten message, but my scent as well. You close your eyes, briefly, and inhale the sensual fragrance you know to be mine. Your smile begins deep inside you as you slowly open your eyes. Your finger slides under the flap and you tear open the gold-trimmed envelope.

“My love,

Sweetheart, tonight will appeal to all of your senses. Tonight you are mine in every way a man can belong to a woman. Tonight we will cross yet another threshold in our relationship. It is my goal to please you beyond anything you have ever experienced. Please allow me to take you.”

This is new for you. A part of you is excited; anticipating what I have in store for you. You smile. Another part of you is unsure of what to expect. After all, your role has always been the dominant one; the leader; the protector. The one who plans and carefully orchestrates most everything between us. It is not an issue of trust but simply an issue of giving up control. A part of you wants very much to be taken care of this way. The idea ferments in your mind, as you gradually get used to it.

The minutes pass. As you look around the room, your eye catches sight of a small envelope on the nightstand next to the telephone. You wonder why you didn’t notice it earlier. Again, the same scented stationary with the same feminine handwriting.

“Please walk into the closet area of the suite and undress. There you will notice a dark blue silk robe for you. Please put it on and walk into the bathroom. On the vanity, is a cell phone. The only phone number in the cell is the one I want you to call me on. When you are ready, please call me. I have been incredibly ready for you, for this night.”

Your heart rate accelerates more now, as you realize that our special night is going to begin. As you undress, you also realize that the stress of the day’s meetings and travel have taken their toll. You welcome the relaxation of your hotel suite. You slide off the last of your clothing and wrap the luxurious robe about you.

You walk to the bathroom and find the cell phone. You ring the only number on it and hear my familiar voice.

“Hi baby.”

“Please come up to the suite. I miss you.”

“Be right there. I have a key already so do not worry about letting me in.”

I sign off with my signature, breathless, “Bye.”

Minutes later you hear my key jostle the lock and open the door. You hear the rustle of packages and the click of heels on the tile floor at the entrance.

I emerge from the bedroom into the bathroom suite. What an adorable sight you are there, naked save for the blue silk robe that accentuates your beautiful eyes. The expression on your face is one of complete desire. I, too, have that same look in my eyes. I’ve missed you and ached for you since we were last together.

We do not speak, but instead you stare, unmoving. I am wearing a long navy blue trench coat, black strappy heels, and my hair is elegantly pulled up on my head. I look as if I have just come from a dinner party. But it is a party with you that I have dressed for. You alone.

I seductively reach for the buttons on my coat. My smile begins as I slowly unbutton it, revealing a simple black dress. My red lips are the only color aside from the silver earrings and ankle bracelet.

Our lips meet in a sweet kiss. Soft. Slow. Tender.

My kartal escort arms wrap around you as I pull you in closer. I whisper in your ear, “It is so wonderful to see you.” I can feel your pulse quicken as I teasingly flick my tongue over your ear, and nip at your lobe with my lips.

Our lips meet yet again, this time the kiss is stronger. Your natural instinct is to pull me close, but I place my hands on your forearms and quietly admonish you to wait for me.

The buttons on my dress are tightly fastened across my breasts. I slide a finger to the neckline and touch my neck, down to my cleavage. Only the top most curves of my breasts are visible. I begin to slowly unbutton the buttons. As I do I lick my lips ever-so-slightly and emit a soft moan.

Without seeing, I KNOW you are hard. I know you are aching. I know that you want to commence this right now. As do I, my sweet.

The silk dress slides soundlessly to the floor. As I turn and bend over to pick it up, I press my ass cheeks against your front. You view my lacy high cut panties and matching garter belt as I bend before you. Your eyes take in all the way down to the heels and the delicate ankle bracelet. Taking my time to hang up the dress and to visually tease you.

Now I turn to you and we meet in a loving and sensual embrace. Your kisses make me feel as if I am floating, and tonight’s kiss is no exception.

My hands slide your robe down from your body. My touch is hot against your skin. My hands caress and my lips follow. Deliberately and slowly I slide off the robe to bare more of your skin.

I remove my hands when the robe slides to the floor. Again I turn around and bend over to run the bath water. I’ve placed scented lotion and body wash near the tub for me to bathe you with. Plush towels are stacked on the shelf nearest the tub. Agonizingly you wait for the tub to fill. I run my hands along my stomach, down my hips, over the silk stockings. The sheer black stockings glisten on my skin, inviting you to touch them. But it is my hand that strokes the smooth skin under them. I watch you watching me and I take one of your hands in mine.

With your hand, I stroke my cheek, my lips. Planting the softest kiss in the palm of your hand makes you shiver just a little. Our eyes never waver from each other as I bring your hand to my neck. Your hand knowingly cradles my neck like I love. It fits so naturally there. I do not linger, though, as I take your hand and bring it over the top curve of my breast. The bra is also sheer black silk and you can already see the pink areola peeking through the sheer fabric. You KNOW my nipples are erect without touching them. But you do touch them. You surround each one with your fingers, touching me as you want to. I indulge you the touch you so want. You bring my nipple up and out, holding it firmly in your fingers. I feel that longing all the way inside me when you do that.

My hand atop yours again, and we slowly slide down over my breast. To the top lace of the garter belt. “I love when you wear this for me.”

My smile is my response.

I take your hand and bring the fingertips to my lips. I slip one of your fingers between my lips and suck it in. The sight of my red lips pulling in your finger makes you let out a moan. My tongue teasing your finger. “Come.”

I take your hand and lead you to the edge of the tub. The water is steamy and so inviting. I’ve arranged an inflatable neck pillow. “Lie back.”

I kneel next to the tub. We kiss. My hands roam freely over your hard, sexy body. The touch exhilarates us both. I pump some body wash into my hand and soap you with it. My fingers and palms massage it into your skin. I lean over the tub a bit, and you see my breasts just above the water. You playfully splash them and now the sheer bra outlines the nipples perfectly. The moisture makes the sexy fabric transparent. I kiss the tip of your nose and continue my massage.

The warmth is relaxing you. I rinse you playfully with a crystal pitcher. Everything is elegant and thoughtfully arranged for this night.

I spread a small amount of shampoo in my palm. I work it into your hair, alternating with more water until I get it lathered up just right. I work my fingertips into your scalp, feeling the tension ebb away from you. I lean over so my breasts are full in your face and you nip at them with your lips. Teasingly I press them harder into your face and you respond by taking little love-bites.

We are having so much fun.

I rinse your hair and carefully rinse you everywhere. You linger just a few moments and I ask you if you are ready for the next step.

You rise, and I extend the large towel out for you to wrap yourself in. Like I would a child, I dry you off, patting and wrapping you in the soft towel. We kiss again and again.

“Turn around,” I ask.

I kurtköy escort hold up the robe for you to slip on. I fasten the belt and we kiss again. I ask you to lie on your back on the bed. Pillows have been propped and the comforter turned down.

I excuse myself for a moment and slip into the closet suite. When I return, I have added a long string of pearls, and the satin gloves. I’ve also tied a black velvet choker necklace on. The effect is overwhelmingly appealing to you. The slutiness of it, as well as the elegance. I know the effect it has on you. My careful planning has impressed you and you love the attention to detail.

Seeing you on the bed like that brings an instant smile to my lips. You’ve slipped off the robe and are lying on your back, arms folded behind your head. Waiting. I approach the side of the bed, and touch a satin, gloved finger on your cheek. The texture feels fantastic. I trace my finger along your face, over your lips, down your neck. The slow and warm touch makes your whole body tingle. I join you on the bed. I straddle your hips and rest myself atop you. That contact makes us both aroused. You feel the silky stockings along your thighs and the lacy fabric of my panties against your skin.

I lean over you, letting my breasts touch your chest; my hair is let loose and caresses your face as we share another heart-stopping kiss. You wrap your arms around me and pull me down on top of you for a whole body kiss. Neither of us can stop the momentum now, and our kisses deepen. The pent-up passion we have is too great.

Your hands slide under my garter straps, over my ass. I spread my legs wider and you rise up your hips to meet me there. I can feel your hardness and you can feel the heat and my wetness. Your moans thrill me.

The hunger increases; you wrestle us both into the opposite position now — you are naked on top of me and I am underneath you; and you reach for my panties. Your hand bunches them up and you pull them off me. I ache to feel your touch there on my pussy; and then, I do. Mmmm.

As you slide your fingertips into my lips, I stop you. I wrestle you back on to the bed. I straddle you once again. “I am taking you tonight,” I remind you. Your instincts once again make you the aggressor, but I regain that control. Our positions only increase our incredible desire to have you inside me.

I wrap my hand around your swollen cock. Rubbing it along the silk of my stockings on my inner thigh, up to the flesh above the stockings, over my bare moist lips. You groan your impatience. I rub your cock against me, masturbating myself with it. Back and forth against the warmth of my lips. Just the very tip parts my lips. I stroke myself with your cock again and again. I love the expression in your eyes; that raw, primal hunger.

From behind me I reach back and grab a silk scarf. Deftly I wrap your wrist in it and tie it to the headboard post. We have never before done it this way; with you tied to the bed. I lean over purposely placing my nipples on your face and secure your other wrist. My hips rock back and forth over your cock; so that it nestles between my thighs. Every stroke teases you. Now that your wrists are secured, I turn around so that I am facing your feet. My ass just mere inches from your face. Not only can you see my wetness, but you inhale the musky, womanly scent. You know that I am aroused and in need of you to fill me. You know that you need my moist, warm, tight sheath around you. My hands tighten another scarf about each of your ankles. To the bedposts.

I rub my pussy lips back onto your tongue for the briefest of seconds before I rise up again.

“Remember I promised you I would appeal to all of your senses tonight.”

I remove the long strand of pearls from my neck. Gently I run them along your body from head to toe. Back up again, slowly. I wrap them around the base of your cock and I pick up the necklace, along with your cock. I play with you. Teasing. I playfully flick my tongue over the tip of your cock, and swirl that liquid drop of pre-cum into my mouth. Just watching that drives you crazy; but the touch of my tongue makes you throb.

I take the pearls and place the strand between my legs. I rub them against my pussy. Moaning as you watch. I make sure that they slide inside me a bit and I pull them out. I flick my tongue over the wetness and I lick it. So erotic.

I place the strand of pearls in my teeth and climb on all fours over you. I kiss you with the pearls in my lips, you taste me on them. I moan into your mouth. Rubbing my body over yours. Different points of contact; different textures. The silk stockings. The smooth pearls. The softness of my hair. The heat of my skin against yours. The wetness of my pussy against your thigh. The satin glove touches your face; your neck.

I squeeze your hard thigh between my legs. I lean maltepe escort over so my tummy rests against your erection. You struggle against the scarves that bind you. We both know that you can easily break free of my symbolic restraints, but you go along to please me.

I reach around to unfasten my bra. I hold it in place; the cups still covering my skin. I pull out yet another silk scarf to blindfold you with. As I do, you feel the bare breast rest against your mouth. “Take me in your mouth.”

You need no further encouragement as you draw me in. We love the sound of your suckling and the feeling of your mouth pulling me in. The erect nipple between your teeth. “Suck me,” I command.

You focus entirely on sucking that breast. “Mmmmm, so good, baby,” I whisper. You move to the other one, sight unseen, letting your mouth guide you. You eagerly wrap your lips and mouth around that nipple and suck it even harder.

“Yes, my love. Yes, yes …”

I reward you with a passion-filled kiss on your lips. My tongue teasing your mouth; over your lips and I gently suck your lower lip into my mouth. I straddle you. I let my whole body cover yours. Breasts against your chest. My hair about your neck and chest. Thighs atop yours. Smooth silk against your hard muscle. Your firm cock leaning against my tummy. I kiss you again. I reach for your hardness and rub it up to my wetness again.

I slowly make my way down your body. Little nips with my teeth against your skin. A soft bite of your neck. A soft bite of your nipple. My hair sweeping your skin.

The warmth of my breath touches your wet cock first. The softness of my hair touches it next. Then, the tip of my tongue bathes you. Letting your clear wetness ooze onto my tongue. “Please …”

I caress your hard long shaft with my hand. I bring the head to my lips and begin to suck you. Adding moans and soft humming to thrill you. My hand slides up and down in rhythm with my sucking. My other hand cups your sac, gently caressing it. My mouth slides far down your shaft, and I suckle you. Hard then soft. Firmly. Wet. Warm. Harder still. I blow cool breath against it. My tongue dips under your sac. My tongue stroking your skin under your balls. My hand never leaving the firm cock, as I continue to twist and stroke you. Faster then very slowly. Up and down then twisting. Tongue licking and vibrating against you. My fingertip traces the rim of your ass. I tease you. Circles. A small push against your tight hole. My mouth finds your cock again and I swallow it in earnest. Up and down. Deeper. Holding you in and sucking. My finger still exploring. I bob my head up and down. Your hips raise off the bed as you approach your release. I reach up to remove your blindfold. I look deeply into your eyes, and you mouth the word, “please …”

I remove your scarves from your wrists, swiftly. Your hand guides my head back down to where it must be. You press my head against you as my mouth envelops you once again. The entire length of you swallowed inside me. You moan hard and push down on my head at the same time.

Holding your sac against you, I suck you hard and deep. You cry out that you are coming. Never releasing my hold on you. I relax my mouth enough to feel every single pulse and throb as you unload down my throat. You cum. I swallow. I urge you softly. You cum. Both hands on my head, holding me in place. We are one.

We remain like that. My mouth holding, no longer sucking. You feel the tremors and aftershocks of your orgasm. I feel your throbbing and swallow each drop that you give me. My soft hands cupping your sac, warm and gentle.

I remove the scarves from your ankles. I slide off my heels and join you on the bed. We smile that intimate smile. Your arms wrap me up close to you. My arms wrap you to me. We enjoy the passionate moment. We kiss. A long, affectionate kiss. One that communicates everything we are feeling. We need that kiss as much as we need to breathe.

Our bodies lay nestled closely. Our heartbeats resound off each other; each one’s rhythm in complement with the other’s. My fingertips lightly trace the skin on your back. To your hips. I pull you closer. You pull me closer. Our kiss once again joins us.

We are happy. Content. Fulfilled. At peace.

Your fingers slowly touch me. Over the small of my back, to the curve of my ass. You shift slightly and roll on top of me. Your legs part mine. You look down at me, still holding me closely. Without a word, you know how much I desire you. How much I want to please you. You know that ultimately everything we do is for each other. I wanted this night to be a dream for you. To show you how much I want to give you. “Darling, I need you.”

“I need you too, baby. Right now.”

With the softest kiss, you enter me. Your tongue and your hardness enter me simultaneously. I moan with pleasure. My legs guide themselves around your waist. Widening for you. You press in. I raise up. The fit is fantastic. Tight. Wet. Warm. Filled. Long, slow strokes. Deep strokes. You pump me slowly and firmly. We hear the wet sound as you push in and out. Moans; the sound of mating; of incredible passion.

“You are mine.”

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