All in the Name of Science

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*Note to readers* This was a request story for a friend, the character description and the content of the story were chosen by him to fit his specific fantasy. His comment was that there were not enough female masterbation stories out there. I do hope I’ve done it justice.

Dawn drove home through bumper-to-bumper traffic, releasing a long held breath as she took her exit. Shoulders immediately beginning to ease, she smiled as she thought of the evening to come. She had been planning this for at least a month. Thought it out, every detail, and finally the weekend had come. Pulling into her drive she locked the car and struggled the stack of research work inside. Tossing her keys on the small table by the door, she set the stack of folders in the floor near the couch. She checked her watch, only about 20 minutes behind, not too bad. She had plenty of time. That thought made her smile. The idea of plenty of time was a foreign concept to a research assistant. Someone was always demanding you have things “yesterday”.

Stepping into the bedroom she took a quick look around. Stripping the bed to put on fresh sheets, smiling at the thought of the feel of them against her skin. Nothing felt quite as good as fresh linens against clean skin. Turning to the wardrobe she set out the candles, dotting the room with the various shapes and sizes. The soft scent of vanilla filled the air as she moved to the kitchen. She smiled as she ran her hand over the bottle of wine she’d bought last month, then set it in the fridge to chill. Tonight she would finally crack the seal. Grabbing an apple she stepped into the bathroom. Food would have to wait until later.

She took her time in the shower, using the shampoo and conditioner bought at the specialty shop in the mall. Custom made, they smelled like her favorite perfume. She scrubbed her face and skin till it glowed, shaved her legs and under her arms, then carefully shaved her mound and the lips of her sex leaving only a neatly manicured strip of dark red hair along the front. Tempted by the smooth feel of her skin beneath her fingers she teased her clit, rubbing the soap over the skin she just shaved. Shivering she bit her lower lip and looked down watching her fingers slide between her legs. Resisting the urge to bring herself to orgasm she rinsed off and got out. She wanted everything to be perfect, already her body thrummed with excitement.

Drying her hair upside down, she tossed her head back as she stood up looking into the vanity mirror. The long layers of her hair fell around her face like an auburn mane, shadowing the soft angles. Running the warm air of the hair dryer over her body she dropped the towel, the heat sending ripples of pleasure over chilled skin. She looked in the mirror, studying her face. Deep green eyes, lush dark lashes, delicate brows. Smiling, she narrowed her eyes at the soft sprinkling of freckles dotting her nose and cheekbones. She was blessed with a creamy complexion, no reason to wear a lot of makeup.

Moving back to the bedroom, she took the new teddie from the top drawer of her dresser, smiling as she stepped into the whisper of antique silk. Her breasts filled her hands beneath the silks caress as she watched güvenilir bahis siteleri herself in the mirror. Dawn had always been satisfied with her B cup breasts. It meant she could go without a bra if she wanted to, and she liked that her nipples were a soft caramel color. Rolling them between her fingers she watched as they plumped and stiffened. Turning to the side she ran a hand over the flat of her stomach and down along her mound, fingers teasing between her legs over silk encased, freshly shaven, skin. Shivering she could hardly wait.

Getting a glass of wine, she returning to the bedroom to light the candles and turn on soft music. Looking at the mirror she cupped her breast with her free hand, teasing her nipples, each in turn till they strained against the line of lace and silk that contained them. Moving to the bed she sipped the wine and got comfortable, closing her eyes as she let the music cleanse the days thoughts from her mind. She had chosen the cd for its lazy sensuality, the Middle Eastern drums in the background giving it a languid throb that echoed through her body. Her hand moved down over the skin warmed silk, across her breasts, the soft scent of vanilla and spice adding to the mental images the music provided.

Her fingers rolled her nipples through the material; fascinated by the way they stood up beneath the creamy silk, their dark color seen through its thin surface. Slowly her nails grazed her ribs, across the flat of her stomach, writhing softly to draw the silk crotch along the smooth lips of her heat. Setting her wine aside she rubbed her arm along her breasts, free hand moving down to join the other between her legs. Her fingers stroked the lips of her sex through the silk sending tingles and chills along her spine. Twisting the crotch of the teddie around her fingers, she drew it up tight around her swelling clit. Warmth snaked along her stomach and up to her breasts, pulsing to the tips in time with the sultry beat of the music. She raked her nails over the imprisoned nub causing little electric shocks to course to the tips of her breasts.

She felt her body temperature rise, slowly arching her back to rock her hips against the material of the teddie. Her lips parted, breathing slow and steady, drying out her mouth. Her tongue darted out to wet their surface. The slow, torturous pleasure-building till she couldn’t stand it any longer. Letting go of the silk, her fingers sliding beneath to caress the swollen lips, slowly parting the flesh to slip her middle finger into the heated folds. She rubbed the pad of her finger over her fevered slit, already slick with her body’s arousal. She pressed the small patch of skin at the very base of her pussy, nails raking back and forth over this small, sensitive spot. Low shudders coursed through her as she drew her nails back to spread herself open. Legs sliding further apart she moaned feeling the cool air hit the inner sanctum of her core, clit quivering as her fingers drew closer to circle it and press along the hood. Holding the lips of her sex open she began to tease the length of her opening with two fingers, working her swollen clit against the mound of her palm. Unable mobilbahis to resist any longer she slid her fingers inside, muscles grasping tightly as she pumped them in and out, deeper with each wave of pleasure.

The first orgasm came quickly, and she felt the signs of it as her nipples tingled and stood erect. Pressing harder with the heel of her hand she worked her clit furiously, fingers pumping deeper, hips bucking till her whole body tensed and she heard her own soft cry of release. The pressure grew almost painful then burst with a flow of warmth through her body, soft spasms and aftershocks pulsing to her clit and nipples. She was a slick and hot, finger moving out to rub her own juices along her twitching clitoris. She eased up on the pillows, drawing her fingers into her mouth to suckle her own taste from them. Always, she had been fascinated by the taste of her own body and it never ceased to amaze her, the odd changes in her diet causing subtle differences in the flavor.

Slowly her pulse eased and her breathing was a little closer to normal, but her body still rang with pleasure. Sipping her wine, she turned, setting her feet on the floor and opened the drawer to her nightstand. The vibrator had been a gag gift from her sister, and after the initial surprise and embarrassment, Dawn had come to truly enjoy the use of the toy. It wasn’t extremely big or fancy, bright blue, about two inches in diameter and seven inches long, but the tip curved upward at the end. Something she had found could cause very interesting sensations, depending on where you put it. Checking the new batteries she set her wine aside and crawled back onto the center of the bed.

Turning the black end of the vibrator to high she knelt on her hands and knees then laid her breasts and cheek to the cool surface of the sheets. This position left her ass high, knees spread wide, which in turn opened her heated sex to the cool air of the room. Arching her back softly she ran the tip of the vibrator over her pussy and clit. Her eyes drifted shut, teeth drawing her lower lip in as she squirmed against the vibrators length. With one hand she slid the tip inside, and the other worked her nails along the folds, fingers teasing her swollen nub. Easing the length of the vibrator deeper she turned it in her fingers so the curved tip brushed the g-spot deep inside. She felt her muscles clamp down around the vibrator, feeling the shaking through her entire body. Her hips writhed, body rocking back against the sensations that coiled along her spine.

Dawn felt the pressure mount again till she thought she would have to stop. Clenching her teeth she rocked back on her knees driving the toy deeper as her fingers stroked her clit. Slapping the tender nub she cried out, so close to orgasm her legs were shaking, breath coming in ragged pants as her body tightened around shaft of the vibrator, its familiar heat building along with her pleasure till the teasing vibration sent her over the edge. Suddenly her back bowed and she felt the crest of pleasure break, rolling to her side she lay there, thighs clenched tightly around the vibrator till the aftershocks threatened to bring her off again.

She bahis siteleri slid the vibrator from her body, turning it off so it would cool down, and cupped her hand over her throbbing pussy, thighs tensing as she slowly relaxed. Running a hand through her hair she drew it out of her face, shuddering a deep breath as she struggled to sit up. Her insides felt like Jell-O, still trembling as the nerves tried to calm.

She could easily have laid down and gone to sleep, but that would mean she would give up her goal. Dawn had read about it, done some research on the subject, and now she was close, she could tell. All the books told her it was just a matter of continual stimulation. The reason it was so hard to achieve with a man was the constant stimulation a woman had to maintain. Not impossible to achieve, just…difficult they said. Well she was determined to find out just how it felt…what it meant in the literal sense, and to do that she would have to try again.

As she finished her wine she noticed her hands were trembling. Turning she propped her back against the pillows and ran them over her legs. Closing her eyes she lay back and picked up the vibrator again. Easing back she let her knees fall apart, working the tip of the vibrator over her clit, immediately getting the shocking sensation over her spine. Slowly she worked it down and between the folds of her sex, easing it in and out then deeper to hold it inside. One hand kept it buried deep within, the other working the moisture of her pussy along her sensitive clit.

Her hips began to buck, then more urgently…muscles clasping tightly around the plastic shaft. Looking down she slapped her clit with the tips of her fingers, causing surges of pleasure. Sucking her fingers she rubbed the engorged button, panting and writhing as she felt an incredible rush of heat. The sensation so overwhelming it stole her breath. She forced herself to draw air into her lungs, knowing that prolonged the pleasure. She trembled violently then cried out as she felt the surge of heat pulse once, twice then flood through her system. She jerked the vibrator out, fingers replacing it deep inside her convulsing pussy as the orgasm gripped her. The warmth flooded her hands; she could actually feel her own ejaculation hit her palm, shooting from the core of her body to splash against her hand.

At first she couldn’t breathe, all she could do was ride out the pleasure, going over and over each sensation in her mind. Hands sticky with cum she lifted one to look at the fluid. It was nearly clear, the consistency thinner than what she was used to. Shuddering she closed her eyes, every cell in her body screaming, twitching as her pulse tried to calm. Her heartbeat was like thunder in her ears, and her face throbbed as if she had been jogging in the heat non-stop. It took effort to slow her breathing. Finally she drew her fingers to her mouth to taste the results of her labor. The tasted sweeter than the first two times and she had to wonder if that were psychological.

Grinning she got out of bed, washing her hands and bathing her aching pussy with a warm wash cloth before blowing out the candles and snuggling down into the fresh sheets. Turning over to hug her pillow she knew she should write down her findings, but she had never been so relaxed, so thoroughly exhausted. Drifting off to sleep she thought perhaps she should see if it were possible to reach female ejaculation twice in one night. After all…it was for science.

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