All for Daddy 2: Got what I asked for

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I knew this was going to happen. That’s what I thought while I was on my hands and knees getting fucked in the face and pussy by two guys I didn’t know. It felt good though, being double rammed. It’s something I’ve always liked ever since my dad and his friends started fucking me when I was 13. There’s nothing like cock and as much of it as possible!

I moved my ass back against the guy in my pussy, letting him get a full stroke into my wet snatch. The guy in my mouth bounced his balls off my chin and grabbed one of my tits, pinching the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, flattening it out and making my eyes water. These guys were going to get rough, but I didn’t care. The rougher the better.

The guy in my pussy pushed a thumb into my asshole, telling his friend in my mouth what he was doing. He shoved his other thumb in too and started to stretch my butthole wide. I flashed back to when my father first gave it to me in the ass. He’d been having me give him blow jobs and had even cum in my pussy a couple of times, but my asshole was a whole other kind of fucking.

My dad had been fucking me for a few months. One night, when my mom was at her aerobics class, he had me strip for him and give him head while he watched his favorite porno — a young girl getting triple fucked, all her holes stuffed with meat. He was pushing my head down over his dick when he told me to stop. I lifted my face and he had me turn around to lean over the coffee table.

I remember watching the girl in the porno. Her tits flattened against the guy who had his cock in her pussy while the guy behind her shoved his prick up her ass. I couldn’t see her face but I know it was full of dick. She moved with all three guys, taking their cocks and pleasing them with all her holes. I didn’t know my dad would have me doing that with his friends at work in a couple of weeks.

My dad worked a finger into my asshole using illegal bahis the juices from my pussy to lube his finger. He fingered my asshole with one finger, then added another. It felt good. Then he started to work my butthole open, wider and wider. I moaned and could feel my pussy creaming, cunt juice running down my leg. Then he did it. He popped the head of his dick into my ass. I held onto the table as he got a good grip on my hips. I could tell he was going to give it to me raw and hard.

Now, feeling this guy getting my asshole ready for his cock, made me think about all that. When he worked his cockhead into my ass, I thought about all the cocks I’d had up my ass and I wasn’t even 18 yet! How many more would I get? A hundred? A thousand? The guy in my asshole started to pump away. His friend had gotten so hot seeing me getting it in the ass that he jizzed, shooting a huge hot creamy wad into my mouth. Some of it dribbled out of my mouth and onto my tits.

The guy fucking my face pulled out and smeared his pearl jam over my lips and down my tits. He grabbed each tit and began pinching the nipples flat again, twisting them. He leaned forward and let a few stray strands of spunk stick to my nipples. He told me I looked like a slut and it was too bad the rest of his friends weren’t there to make it a gang bang. He told me to open my mouth again and he wiped his cock on my tongue, then sat down to watch his friend bang my asshole.

The guy in my ass went at me. My tits slapped against my body as he withdrew the full length of his cock then shoved it back into my butthole. I reached down and started playing with my clit, making myself cum, so I could concentrate on getting buttfucked. He started slamming into me harder. It hurt since he was hardly lubed at all. After a few more minutes, he pulled out, grabbed my head by the hair and jerked my face around. He told me to get his cock wet so he could fuck illegal bahis siteleri my ass better.

He shoved his cock into my mouth. The cock that seconds before had been buried in my asshole. I sucked him, giving him juicy head because I wanted him to keep fucking my ass. I thought about all the times my dad had done the same thing. Fucking my mouth, my pussy and my ass, my dad would move from one hole to another, using my mouth to clean his cock The guy pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed me face down on the floor, telling me to stick my ass up and spread my butt cheeks.

On my knees, my ass up, I spread my butt cheeks and felt him push the head of his prick back into my ass. I felt like such a slut. The guy watching us was getting hard again. I figured he’d be on me again soon. While I was looking at him, he got up and went to the phone. He dialed three or four different numbers, each time someone answered, he’d ask them if they wanted to party with a girl he and his buddy knew. When he finished calling, he told me he had some friends on the way. They were going to fuck me raw.

The guy in my ass started pounding harder. While the other guy watched, he came in my ass. When he started to shoot, he grabbed my hips and pushed my cheeks together so my asshole had a good tight hold on his cock. I could feel his sperm filling me. It felt fantastic. Like when my dad would fuck me in the ass for hours, then cum in one huge hot river of cum.

He pulled out of my ass and went to get a beer. I lay on the floor feeling the cum dribbling out of my ass. I didn’t care what I looked like. I had spunk on my face, tits, pussy and ass, and I loved it. It wasn’t more than fifteen minutes before someone knocked on the door. It was the first of the guys who were going to gang bang me. He was tall with blonde hair.

The guy who’d just buttfucked me kicked me in the ribs and told me to roll over. I canlı bahis siteleri turned onto my back and spread my legs. The blonde guy didn’t get undressed, just dropped his jeans and stuck his dick in me. He grabbed my tits to balance his body and started to pile drive into my pussy. He squeezed my tits tighter and tighter as he fucked me, his buddies urging him on. He came after about five minutes, but his load was huge. Jizz spilled out of my cunt when he pulled his prick out of me.

I didn’t get a break because while he was fucking me, two other guys showed up. I remember someone telling me to get on my knees, then a cock shoved in my face and one sliding up into my twat. The cock in my face was half-hard, but as soon as I started licking and sucking on it, it went to full attention and right down my throat. These two guys went at me for almost a full hour.

They switched from my mouth to my asshole to my pussy. They put their dicks everywhere they could. The guys watching commented on how hot I looked getting fucked. At one point, the two guys decided to try to double fuck my pussy. I put my ass up and felt their fingers opening up my pussy, then the two heads of their dicks jamming into me. It was tight at first, but after a few minutes I was getting stuff fucked and it felt fantastic.

These two guys double fucked me for awhile, then went back to using separate holes. I could taste ass and pussy on the dick in my mouth. I loved it. When they came, they pulled out and had me lay on my back while they stood over me and jerked off. They soaked me with shot after shot of steaming cream. My face, tits and belly were coated. I was one happy slut.

This went on for a few hours. I don’t know how many guys fucked me. I know that by the time I got home, my dad was waiting for me. When I walked in, he saw the dried cum on my face and in my hair. He smiled and kissed me. I knew that he’d take his turn with me now. He stripped off my cum sticky dress and panties. I thought I couldn’t take another cock, but feeling my dad’s hands on my tits, I knew I was ready for a whole night of fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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