Alice Manipulated Ch. 15

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Big Tits

In this chapter tiny Alice, the cutest and youngest at 21 hot-in-the-cot darling of the erotic amateur part-time fantasy models outfit called Companion’s Corner is about to bump into a hopelessly shy frustrated suburban daddy at a supermarket. Mark this as an erotic shopper’s end of 2008 special.

This is a man who’s lately questioning his masculinity, a God fearing church-going family man who married a virgin and never previously had sex himself until his wedding night. He’s a good daddy who adores his delectable daughter Dawn, a spunky looking but prim and proper young lady who sings in the church choir. Singing in the church choir gives her lots of practice for oral exercise but nary has a stray thought crossed the mind of this puritan young lady. She’s as naive as they come, just like a chip off his block.

Her staid daddy really stayed true and never strayed but now he’s turned the corner into his forties he’s wondering things about his sensuous sibling that makes him toss and turn at night and making him question his masculinity, the part about man being the hunter of the species not a wimp never wanting a wanton woman. And little wonder; his wife left him two years ago for a man who was a better lover, tired of his inability to satisfy her — the legacy of marrying when you’re a virgin male.

He’s come to that time of a man’s life where many of them get edgy about getting on in years and start to look over their shoulder; it’s a time when some men have affairs with their secretaries if they’re in an office job, or when tradesmen let the lonely housewife pay the bill with sex on the sofa while it’s so far so good.

The difference with this shy suburban daddy called Danny is that he never dabbled in sex on the other side of his marriage but he sure wishes now he had a more interesting past. Yet he’s got what it takes in another sense: daughter Dawn is living proof that he knows where to put it. Let’s accept that as a lover he’s boring, no imagination whatsoever and simply lacks experience that could satisfy a modern woman.

Danny’s dilemma is that because he’d hit the flat spot of life when everything seems boring and two years without any sex must make him perhaps the most boring man about town, he’s looking to his own sibling to possibly satisfy him.

Now that’s a real problem being a devout God fearing church-going Catholic daddy but every time he looks at his daughter — she’s 21 — lately he wishes he could get her on side and help him come good. Ditto.

Dawn’s her name and even though she’s also very religious and sings in the church choir and she’s a naive a virgin as can be with all her proper behaviour, she’s got a horny young body. Danny has no troubles getting quick erections every time he looks at her in her tight spandex walk shorts with a sexy tight bum and standout cameltoe crease catching his eye with such a swollen package for a pussy. He’s an early riser at the best of time but more than ever these days he’d like to get up at the crack of Dawn.

When he was a young buck chicks didn’t wear those stretchy tight things that sink into the vagina and pull into the crack of their bums and when they wore shorts they had panties under them unlike many modern fillies of the new generation.

Oh Danny boy, his pipe is really calling with repeated erections going nowhere when he sees his sassy sexpot young daughter in her skimpy clothes. She’s so meek and mild she’d never guess for a minute the kind of dirty deed thoughts he conjures in his mind about her.

But touch he dare not as it’s a church-going religious following under his suburban rooftop. Oh how he wishes he could turn the clock back and mix it and match it with a horny young chick the same age and physical characteristics as his sweet Dawn to find out what it must be like to have sex her up in all kinds of saucy situations.

For months it doesn’t get past the stage of him relieving himself, thinking anything but pure thoughts of Dawn and daddy doing their dandiest together under the sheets and on top of the sheets, on the floor, against the wall, on the car bonnet in the garage, on the kitchen table, in the shower, making her tremble on the trampoline in the backyard, holding her in the wheelbarrow position while she’s naked in the garden wheelbarrow.

He’s got it bad, but he’s not getting it, and it’s getting to him. He’s horny as hell for her yet timid as a tadpole to try his hand. Every single day she seems to be dressing sexier and her clothes are getting shorter and more see-through or is it just his imagination? Danny desperately needs someone to talk to, someone who could give him the clues he needs to make it happen but there’s no one to turn to he can trust. He’s ruled through loss of confidence the parish priest in case the kindly churchman gets ideas and tries to see Dawn at some ungodly hour after sunset and spirit her away to his cosy quarters for a one-on-one prayer session.

Every Sunday at church he looks at others and wonders if they ever get as randy bursa escort bayan as he feels; the curse of purity. While some men may go to a local bordello to get their rocks off he thinks he’d have rocks in his head if he must go to a pro that’s likely to taunt rather than teach him for being such an inexperienced lover.

He needs an amateur, someone just like his daughter; a woman the same age who might think like a typical 21 year-old and with luck put him on the right track how to get into Dawn’s pants.

He’s determined to find out how delicious Dawn would feel having his seven and a half inches rock hard erection thrusting inside her like all those fantasies he’s had in so many different places while he masturbates. He’s afraid to put the word on her for fear of rejection and eternal damnation so somehow he must find someone as close as possible to her physical characteristics and same age to mimic the experience of what it would be doing it to her.

On the way to the supermarket it’s on his mind constantly, he’s so randy. He’s so obsessed that at the supermarket he finds himself fiendishly fetish about his innocent 21 year-old daughter’s hot body wondering what she’s like under her skimpy clothes, what she’s like lying nude, wondering if she masturbates and has someone else — a young buck perhaps – fucked her yet? He’s torturing himself what it must be like to see a decent sized cock going into her, to hear her moaning and writhing in ecstasy, to imagine what it would be like to have her riding on top of him naked and so fresh faced? How can he find out without losing her love? Poor Danny and now he’s 15 people back in the express check-out lane and none the wiser.

Billy Joel was right, he asserts, only the good die young and sooner or later it comes down to fate. He’s tormented himself for too long figuring how he could get his “Virginia” in the right frame of mind to even broach the subject of his frustration. What he needs is to find a body like hers to fondle and fuck yet how? He wishes he had two daughters with one of them so precocious she’d come to him wanting it.

Dreary Danny, the super sensitive fantasy-ridden shy suburban daddy is standing behind an 18-stone heavy King Kong of a man whom he figures must be a truckie by his build; he’s so big he can’t see around him, just like driving behind their rigs on the road. He’s almost to the checkout when suddenly King Kong mumbles something about corn flakes and pulls out of the line to go get the breakfast cereal.

Danny finds himself suddenly staring at the twin cheeks of a chick in outrageously tight and seemingly undersize canary yellow spandex legless shorts about the same height and size at his sweet daughter. He can’t see her face, just that cute tight arse and sexy short legs in casual high heels to make her seem taller. She’s got blonde pigtails and by the size and shape of her she must be a high school sexpot – you know the kind – they call them jailbait, just the way his daughter seems at times even though she left high school three years ago.

The moment this meekest of men suburban daddy sets sights on this sexy backside in front of him lust becomes a must and takes command of his better judgement. She’s at the checkout now and he’s checking her out real good; now he knows why supermarkets call them checkouts.

He sees his sweet daughter in those tiny pants even though another young women’s wearing them and his cock’s rock hard as his eyes stay cemented to the canary yellow covered buttocks and they sway away sexily from the supermarket down the mall to the car park.

He decides to bite the bullet, just like Steve McQueen would have done in his day in such a situation.

Pure desperation drives him into action as he senses a rare window of opportunity that Billy Joel’s words about sooner or later it comes down to fate makes him think this chick might as well be the one. He draws alongside her and with incredible bravery even surprising himself he gets her attention. “Excuse me miss, I couldn’t help notice you in the supermarket, I was flabbergasted because you look just like my 21 year-old daughter. In fact for a minute I thought it was Dawn.”

Alice stops and looks at him, a complete stranger who’s trembling inside trying to look cool with a hot rod in his pants. “Would you please spare me a few minutes to talk to you here; it’s really important; I’m not trying to pick you up — I’m a devoted family man but I need to talk to someone about my daughter. Can we do coffee right here at this al fresco cafe?”

Alice isn’t in a hurry and she assumes his daughter must be giving him a hard time, perhaps knocking around with the wrong people or experimenting with dangerous drugs and he needs someone to talk to about it.

They take a seat in the mall enclosure and exchange names while a waitress takes their order and he pays with a $5 tip. “So you think I’m like your daughter? Does she look like me?” Alice asks, putting him on the spot. She can tell gorukle escort he’s nervous and she’s wary in case he’s trouble.

“Well, in some ways yes, that’s why you caught my attention back there at the checkout. My daughter looks younger than she really is you see; she’s 21 but looks quite small for her age pretty much the same shape and height as you.”

“She’s giving you a hard time misbehaving maybe, ignoring you probably, got a whacko boyfriend and he’s a worry, is that it?”

“No, not that, it’s something more serious and I don’t know how to go about it.”

“She’s on to drugs or got a bun in the oven and she’s frantic, is that what it is?”

“No, she’s a good kid that way, straight as a dye but…”

“But she’s giving you a hard time in another way, something about sex maybe? If she’s a good kid why is she giving you a hard time?”

“Well, I hate to say it but she makes me hard and I can’t get her out of my mind; I feel like a dirty old man because she’s so well behaved and…”

“Oh I get it, Alice cuts in, “but you’re not. To put it bluntly you want to screw your daughter!” Alice leans back grinning and Danny looks around nervously as heads turn in his direction from people seated at nearby tables overhearing Alice’s unintended raised voice.

The red-faced shy suburban daddy leans closer to Alice and whispers her to hush it a bit. “Well it’s not quite that either and that’s why I need to talk to someone like you, someone her age that even looks somehow similar so I can get a more accurate answer.”

“Mister you’d better tell me straight what’s the simplest question you want the answer to and why you’re hoping I can answer it because so far you are all over the place.”

“Okay okay, I’ll try to put it another way, I don’t want you to storm off and leave me sitting here like a lame duck after everyone around us hearing you say I want to screw my daughter; look, what I want to know is close to the mark but not quite that.”

“You’re talking double Dutch again mister, can you get to the point,” Alice says tersely folding her arms signalling her indifference.”

He leans over whispering to her in a nervous tone. “I don’t know how to say this but don’t laugh when I tell you, but I’m 42 years of age and I’m not very experienced in sex and yes, I’d dearly love to get my daughter in the cot and have a long session with her. Being about her age you will either understand that or most likely be disgusted.”

“Yes I can,” she replies, surprising him and sending his pulse racing.

“You can? Really? Oh thank God for that I was about to give up thinking no one would understand or be able to help me.”

“Look mister…”

“It’s Danny,” he interrupts.

“Look Danny I was an adopted child and raised by a guardian uncle and the very day I turned 21 we did it. It was coming for a long while actually and it was only four months ago it happened. I can imagine there must be other men like him and my uncle Bernie is a God fearing man who used to read scriptures to me night after night going to bed and I’d lay there undressed on the bed because that’s how he liked to see me saying it reminds him of how pure I was. He wanted me to stay virgin until I turned 21 as he was religiously strict with me but after 21 I could do whatever I liked. So maybe I can relate to you somehow,” she says in a more discreet voice.”Now can’t you just tell your daughter how you feel about her?”

“Oh heavens no, that’s the whole problem. On one hand she’s a sexy young thing getting about the house in tight figure hugging things like you’re wearing now and I can see the shape of it in the front of her shorts like I noticed with you and…..”

“So you like looking at pussies in tight pants? Well that’s what I wear these shorts for with no undies so men notice me. I like to turn them on; it’s a girlie thing you know as lots of us chicks get kicks from prick teasing in the street.”

“Okay Alice, I’ll level with you. My daughter looks so sexy just like you with all the curves in the right places even though she’s small and hasn’t got big boobs, but she’s got a killer arse that would make any man drool and it’s getting to me. I’d love to rip the clothes off her and have my way with her.”

“But you’d probably let her down Danny, you just told me you’re very inexperienced and modern chicks today you know, they want a man to know where he’s coming from, like he’s got to be treasonably confident in sex and know how to light her fire. The days of missed orgasms are gone mister and if a guy can’t rock her she might be gone next.”

“Yeah like my wife.”

“Your wife left you? When?”

“Two years ago.”

“Oh my gawd, no wonder you’re horny for your Dawnie,” she giggles.

“Look Alice it’s no laughing matter, it’s sending me crazy but even if I could find out from someone else how she’d respond in sex that would keep me going for a while. You know, wondering how it must feel for her to have bursa merkez escort bayan me inside her, does she masturbate and would she get very worked up in sex and make sexy noises.”

“I can see you’ve got it bad wondering all that but wouldn’t it be better to actually take her to bed?”

“What? Mission Impossible? I’d more likely win the lottery before she’d let me do that. No, it’s safer to find out from someone else her own age, someone even with a tight young sexy body even down to having much the same tiny tits.”

“Like me for example?” Alice asks poignantly. “Is that why you stopped me in the mall to find out if I’d go to bed with you to get an idea of what it must be like to screw your own daughter?

“Well to be honest you resemble her in body size and shape but you look too young I hope I haven’t made an idiot of myself talking to a 17 year-old.”

“No you haven’t, I’m definitely 21 and I’m used to people thinking I’m years younger than I am. I’ve got this baby face and with my body size and shape I suppose it’s easy for strangers to jump to conclusions.”

“Well I think you look smashing anyway. I was behind you in the queue at the checkout and couldn’t take my eyes off your beautiful tight bum in those short shorts,” he confesses. “Anyway I rather go for small breasts after seeing the upraised shadowy outline of my daughter’s puffy domes sticking out without the need for a bra.”

“Well, well, well Danny. She’s got puffy nipples and I have them too, and guess you’re lucky I’m the same age as her. But don’t you feel you’re a dirty old man wanting it with your daughter?”

He hangs his head as if in shame. “I know. I know. That’s the part that’s sending me crazy. I want to make up for all the years I was hopeless in bed but there’s another thing. Dawn doesn’t know how I feel and she’s very prim and proper and would be horrified to think I’m talking to someone about her let alone what I’m thinking. You know, she sings in the church choir” “Hey Danny, hello? So what if she’s in the church choir? Priests and church ministers from other denominations sometimes cross the line and do a different kind of preaching. No one’s beyond the reach of the devil if the circumstances are right for sin and nobody’s perfect. If you think she’s perfect you’re mistaken.”

“Okay okay, don’t give me a sermon; I just think she’s perfect in another way maybe.”

“So you want something you can’t have and you’re determined to have the next best thing, to get idea how what it would be like for her having sex but doing it with someone her age and similar physical size and that. You got it real bad eh?”

“You got it lady, you nipped it in the bud right there. At least it might satisfy me if I could find out and when I fantasise about her it would be more real.”

“But you’d still like to get her into the mood and do something if you ever could eh?”

“Yeah, spot on again. I got it bad,” he agrees. I suppose you think I’m a real rat.”

“No, I think you’re just very frustrated and if you’re as inexperienced as you say you just don’t know how to turn things around. Danny all this is personal stuff but I’m asking you a more personal question now and I want a straight answer and an honest one. How big are you down below?”


“You heard me. Do you want me to say it a lot louder?”

“Hell no! It’s seven and a bit inches erect.”

“Skinny one or fatter girth? “she asks leaning closer. “I’d say fatter, I don’t go around comparing them, it’s just on two inches across in girth.”

The 21 year-old pigtails honey blonde raises her eyebrows approvingly. “Well that’s pretty cool, that’s a size that would please most women.”

“Would it put a smile on your face?” he jokingly asks looking her in the eye with hope written all over his face.

“I’m not a sex worker Danny; I’m just like any amateur chick that can enjoy a bit of sex with an older man especially when it’s a naughty situation like helping him work out his frustrations. If you’re that size it should put a smile on Dawn’s face for starters because one day eventually she might come across a man who’s bigger than that. Hang on, I should say one day she a man bigger than that might come across her!” she giggles.

“So you think my Dawn’s not beyond temptation?”

“Of course,” Alice laughs.

She leans back and studies the nervous wreck sitting opposite her. He projects an expression of utter embarrassment; after all he’s a family man from the leafy suburbs, middle class so-called everyday people, talking to a young woman the same age and physical attributes of his own daughter and worse, a complete stranger, about a fetish for physical fun.”

She sees a typical husband of someone, a working man from the suburbs who’s led a dull life by the sounds of it. He looks fit and not bad looking with a strong square jaw and very square in his lifestyle. He wants to experience the experience of having sex with his sassy sibling who’s the best looking songbird in the church choir. He wants to know though how well she can sing when she’s on cloud nine halfway to heaven in some dubious dalliance with her daddy.

“I think I’ve worked you out Danny,” Alice confides closely. “Excuse the expression, but you need a good roll in the cot with someone your daughter’s age.”

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