Airport Security

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As Rhonda rushed into the airport, she knew she was running late. This last minute flight down to Pensacola would be the last one for the summer and life seemed more hectic now than it had been all year. The older kids were back in school and had to be dropped off before she headed for the airport. The younger ones were lined up with the sitter, but leaving them still hadn’t been easy. She was glad to get away for a few days, but they just seemed to keep wanting one more thing at the last minute. All of that meant a hectic start to her travel day.

Hearing about all of the increased security, Rhonda remembered to pack all of her makeup and liquid items in her checked bag, and only carried a light purse to the security gate with her. She took her place in line and watched as the people in the front of the line went one at a time through the metal detector running their bags through the x-ray machine.

When her time came, Rhonda handed the agent her boarding pass and I.D. as she put her purse on the conveyor belt. She waited until the light on the metal detector turned green and walked through.

Suddenly the machine screamed very loudly, “beeeeeeeeeeep, beeeeeeeeeep!”

Quickly the agent spoke. “Ma’am, can you please step back through the gate and remove any metal from your pockets, as well as your jewelry?”

“Sure, no problem.” And Rhonda quickly stepped back. She took off her watch and rings placing them in a small bowl and handing them to the agent. Stepping through again she was greeted with the very loud alarm.

This time the agent spoke a bit more directly, “Ma’am, please step over to the side and one of our agents will be with you in a moment.”

Stepping over to the area of chairs to which he pointed, Rhonda noticed her heart rate increase as she couldn’t think of what could be the problem. She stood nervously waiting on the agent.

Very soon an attractive young lady in uniform came over and introduced herself. “Hello Ms. Hill. I’m agent Anne Harris. I just need to see if we can find out why you’re having problems with the metal detector today. Please stand here with your arms spread to the sides and your feet about a foot apart.”

Rhonda quickly complied holding her arms pointed directly away from her body and wishing that no one was watching. Agent Harris began to move a hand held metal detector over Rhonda’s arms, and eventually illegal bahis around her head, and in front of and behind her chest. She scanned over her feet and began to work her way up her legs when the hand held unit began to scream as she approached Rhonda’s upper thighs. Suddenly the cause of the alarm hit Rhonda In marked embarrassment she recalled that she had forgotten one little detail in her planning and packing this morning. She wondered in fear how this morning’s little “situation” might play out.

Just as agent Harris’ face began to show confusion at the unexpected location of the alarm, Rhonda quickly but quietly spoke up, “I’m so embarrassed!”

Agent Harris looked at Rhonda as if to say, “it’s going to be OK” and then spoke up. “Ms. Hill, I think we’ll need to continue this interview in a more private area.”

Quickly Rhonda agreed, “please” as she began to follow Agent Harris a bit further to the side of the inspection area and into a small, windowless room.

Agent Harris locked the door from the inside and reassured Rhonda “I know this is awkward, but I want to reassure you that this is a private room with no cameras. I’m hoping to help you get past this inspection with the least amount of difficulty or embarrassment. Unfortunately, given the location of the alarm, I’ll have to ask you to take off your clothes for further inspection.”

Rhonda was already red in the face, and quickly spoke, “I’m so, so sorry, officer. I’m embarrassed by my lack of planning almost as much as I’m embarrassed by the whole situation. If you’ll let me explain, I think I can clear this up without all of that trouble.”

“Neither of us have much time, Ms. Hill. Please be quick.”

“I don’t know if you’ll understand but …. See… sex is really important in my life. When we’re together, a day rarely passes when my husband and I don’t have sex at least once if not more times. The problem is that he’s been away for a week, and I’ve had to take other measures to keep from going crazy.”

“So, you take care of it yourself. I get that point. But what does that have to do with setting off the alarm here?”

“Well, sometimes the ‘urge’ hits me kind of quickly, and I need some relief right away. So for those times, I’ve gotten used to wearing this.”

With that, Rhonda unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down revealing a butterfly shaped pink vibrator strapped illegal bahis siteleri over her clitoris and vagina.

After a brief uncomfortable pause, Agent Harris finally spoke, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a thing.”

“It’s battery operated and controlled by a remote that’s in my purse,” Rhonda explained. “If I start feeling like too wound up and need some relief, I just need a couple of minutes alone and everything is better. I’ve even been able to use it discretely in front of friends who never knew what was going on. In my haste to get here this morning, I put it on like always, but forgot that it would go off here!”

“Well, Ms. Hill, Thankfully I won’t have to arrest you or detain you for trying to get through security wearing a vibrator. But, I will have to confiscate it.”

“That’s no problem, agent. It’s not that expensive, and my husband is at the other end of this flight. As you might imagine, I’m anxious to get to him for some much more serious relief!”

Turing a bit red at her thought, Agent Hill made a suggestion. “Actually, Ms. Hill, as I told you this room is secure and there are no cameras. Your goal is to be able to walk out of here and walk through the metal detector without an alarm. Perhaps I could make it even less potentially embarrassing if we came up with a way for me not to have to confiscate and turn in your little toy and for you to pass the detector test.”

“I’m listening. Oh, and you can call me Rhonda”

“Thanks, Rhonda And if this all works, you can call me Anne!”

“Sure, now what’s the plan?”

Anne paused then spoke, “Well, you need to walk out not wearing your vibrator. And you would prefer that I not report it and turn it into the government. So, there’s only one other way to dispense of it.”

Rhonda was starting to catch on, “…like you could wear it!”

Anne paused and smiled, “yes.”

“I can’t imagine a better plan,” replied Rhonda “Let’s do it.”

With that, she began to slip off her shoes and jeans. At the same time, and rather eagerly, Anne did the same with her shoes and pants.

Noticing Anne’s pink lace bikini panties, Rhonda commented, “Nice panties, but I don’t think you’ll be needing them.”

“You’re right.” Anne replied and slipped off her panties handing them to Rhonda “But you might!”

Rhonda slipped into Anne’s panties all of a sudden feeling canlı bahis siteleri excited and wondering how she’ll ever explain all of this to David!

Taking the vibrator over to Anne, Rhonda offered to help her put it on correctly. She had Anne slip her feet into the straps and slid them and the vibrator up until she gently pushed the butterfly onto Anne’s lips and clitoris. Moving it back and forth gently, she wanted to make sure that it was perfectly comfortable.

Anne let her know, “mmmmm”

“Fit’s ok, huh?” asked Rhonda

“Oh yes!!” came the quick reply.

They both redressed, rehearsed the rest of their plan and walked out the door.

Suddenly speaking much more officially, Anne said, “O.K. Ma’am, can you please step over to the table?” as she motioned to a small table.

“I will need to re-examine you with the hand held detector. Will you please stand with your feet about a foot apart and with your arms stretched outward?”

Rhonda quickly complied.

Agent Harris moved the detector all around Rhonda’s body without alarm. They both noticed that the more senior agent who was watching at a distance seemed pleased.

Moving back to the table Agent Harris asked Rhonda, “Ma’am, is this your purse?”

Rhonda replied, “Yes, ma’am.”

“I’ll need to search it. Do I have your permission?”

“Yes, certainly.”

Agent Harris started to shuffle through the small purse until she removed a small remote control that looked like a car alarm switch. She asked, “What does this do, Ms. Hill?”

“It’s a remote control. I didn’t even mean to pack it.”

“Yes ma’am, I understand. Can you please demonstrate that it functions?”

Realizing what Anne was really asking, Rhonda quickly demonstrated where the “ON” button is located, and pushed it. Anne’s face changed ever so imperceptibly as she smiled at Rhonda – but subtly so no one would notice a thing.

“I’ll let you go on to your plane, Ms. Hill, but please remember to leave things at home that you don’t need for your trip in the future.”

“I will, ma’am.” Rhonda replied.

As Anne returned the items that she had removed back to the purse, Rhonda noticed that she palmed the small remote control and kept it for herself. She clicked it off for now, but Rhonda knew that wouldn’t be for long.

Rhonda smiled at Agent Harris and extended a hand, “Thanks for your help today, officer.”

“No, Ms. Hill, Thank YOU.”

Rhonda walked off headed to her plane, but turned around one more time to notice that Anne had excused herself and was heading into the ladies’ room for a few minutes of alone time.

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