Air Travel At Its Best

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I was waiting to board the plane for the second leg of my journey to Hawaii.

The first leg of the journey was about as uneventful as a short, commuter hop could be, but when I arrived at Atlanta, the two-hour layover was when it all started.

I was finishing my second cup of coffee when I noticed a very handsome man sitting alone at the table next to mine. He kept glancing at me and then looking away quickly when I looked toward him.

I nodded and grinned at him when I caught him looking.

When I left the coffee shop, he followed me out the door.

I found a seat in the waiting room and put all my carry on luggage in the seat beside me.

He sat in a chair directly across from me and laid his brief case in the seat beside him.

He then leaned toward me. “I see you are going to Hawaii,” he said in a deep baritone voice.

I looked up. He was smiling and his dark blue eyes stopped me short.

“Um! Yes!” I stammered. His eyes held me awestruck. His voice reverberated in my head. His eyes danced. “That is my destination,” his voice boomed. “Staying long?” he continued.

“Um! Four weeks,” I managed to squeak out.

He stood and moved to the seat beside me. He held out a hand. “I am John Maxwell,” he explained. “I am going over for a business trip. I notice we are on the same flight with the layover in San Francisco,” he said pointing at the ticket on top of my carry on. “I see you are in coach,” he continued. “Do you realize that you will have to buy your food?”

I frowned. “I did not realize that,” I said questioningly.

“Only first class gets a free meal,” he explained. I was fascinated with his looks but even more attracted to him by his friendly demeanor.

We exchanged where we were from and where we would eventually end up.

It was not long before we were chatting like long lost friends.

When the airline personnel called to start boarding, he picked up my ticket and told me to wait for him.

He went to the desk and talked to the attendant for a short while and turned back toward me. “Come on!” he shouted and waved at me. “I hope you don’t mind, but I exchanged your coach ticket for a first class one. We can continue our talk as we fly,” he said.

“But the cost-” I started to say.

“It is my pleasure,” he said. “They gave me a very good rate because they needed the coach seat. You are in first class all the way to Hawaii.”

I smiled and thanked him. I was elated at the turn of events. He was sooooo Handsome. I found myself getting excited and my crotch became wet. The stewardess seated us and pulled the curtain, separating us from coach.

He gently took my hand and squeezed it. “I am so glad we met,” he said, his eyes flashing.

“I am too!” I exclaimed without thinking.

He was still holding my hand when he bent and kissed me.

A bolt of lightning shot through me.

“I apologize for that,” he said. “I could not resist.”

“That is OK!” I said catching my breath. When he bent toward me again, I met him half way. The kiss was long and wonderful. Our tongues dueled and we pulled each other together with our arms.

I was panting and gasping when we parted. “Nice!” I managed to cough out.

We felt the plane moving. We were the only passengers in first class. I smiled at the thought.

The stewardess popped in. “I will bring your meal as soon as the captain turns off the seat belt light.

We both blushed ataşehir escort as she nodded her head and smiled. She knew.

When she returned with our meals, John asked her if she would tell us when we were at a mile in altitude.

She winked at him and grinned.

I looked puzzled.

We quickly downed the meal. His quick kiss and loving touch caused me to tremble. He gently touched my tits with his hand.

I gasped and held it tight against my stiffening nipple.

The stewardess coughed when she entered. “We will be flying at just over a mile in the air for the next hour and a half,” she said as she took our trays and grinned. “I won’t disturb you until we begin our assent. You may join the mile high club if you like.” She winked and grinned. I looked at John with a puzzled expression.

“The mile high club is an elite group. You must have sex while you fly above a mile in altitude to become a member,” he explained cautiously. I gasped.

He smiled.

I sat rigid for a moment and then grinned broadly. “Are you a member?” I asked breathlessly.

He grinned. “No, but I would like to be!” he exclaimed.

“So would I,” I admitted.

Trying to fuck in an airline seat became a feat in itself. I removed my panties and he shoved his pants down his legs.

I gasped in disbelief. His cock was gorgeous. It was at least ten inches long and extremely thick. The purple head was already leaking from the slit in it. The purple veins accented the hugeness of it.

We squirmed and wiggled. Twisted and Jiggled. I finally laid my head on the seat and he entered my steaming hot cunt doggie style.

It was stupendous. I had an orgasm before he was all the way in.

He was so gentle, yet masterful. I nearly passed out from the sensations he was giving me. His cock throbbed in my pulsing cunt. I felt the huge member press into me deeper than I had ever felt. I was elated that he was so gentle. I was full of his cock when he released his first orgasm. It poured out from around his cock in torrents, mingled with another orgasm of my own. I fought the sensation of passing out. He pounded into me and his balls slapped against my ass loudly.

It seemed like just moments when we heard the captain announce the decent into San Francisco.

We had barely gotten our clothes straightened when the stewardess opened the curtain. She smiled when she noticed the wet floor.

“You have a two hour stop here,” she said, “but you may stay aboard because this plane will take you on to your next destination.”

John and I looked at one another quizzically.

“This is the end of my tour,” she said and disappeared behind the curtain.

She reappeared and handed each of us a pair of wings with “Mile High Club” emblazoned across them.

“I checked the boarding schedule. You are the only ones in first class for the six-hour flight to Hawaii. Thank you for flying United.” We could hear her laughing all the way down the loading ramp. We were not on United Airlines.

A few moments had passed when a very buxom blond stewardess poked her head through the slot in the curtain. “Jenny told me you are new members of the mile high club,” she said smiling. “Congratulations! I will be your stewardess for the rest of the trip. If you need anything, just push the button and I will cum running.” She exaggerated the “Cum.”

John gasped and I flushed crimson.

“I will shut the door to bagdat caddesi escort first class,” she suggested. “We will not be leaving for over an hour.”

John and I looked at each other and grinned. She smiled and pulled the door shut behind her. “The only one that can get in now is the captain,” she explained.

She had barely gotten the words out when the door opened and a huge man in a uniform stepped inside. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I thought Mary was the only one in here,” he added.

Mary grinned. “These are the new mile high club members,” she said.

He smiled. “Congratulations!” he said with a wide smile. “Would you like to be a member of the United Ground Club as well?” he asked.

John and I looked perplexed.

Mary grinned and blushed. “Captain Marshall is the president!” she gushed.

The captain laughed. “Let’s show them how they can join,” he said huskily to Mary.

Mary was on her knees in a flash. Her hands quickly unzipped his pants and pulled his large, but not as large as John’s, cock out. She began to suck it into her mouth while he unfastened her blouse, releasing her huge tits.

John and I watched fascinated when he began to fuck her between her tits. She was writhing and grinding her tits around his cock. His orgasm shot onto her tits and she lifted them so she could lick his cum from them.

After several shots had landed on her tits, she offered them to me. I was fascinated by the whole thing and quickly licked the pungent but sweet nectar from her nipples.

Not to be outdone, John selected the other tit and sucked the nipple so hard she moaned aloud and pushed him away.

“Not so hard,” she moaned.

John smiled when he released the reddened nipple. “This could be the best flight I have ever had!” he exclaimed.

Mary and the Captain were laughing as they left the compartment.

It was not long before we heard the captain telling the passengers that we were taking off for Honolulu.

Mary kept popping in and out of the compartment. The hours flew by. John and I fucked in every position known and few that were unknown. I was completely and totally enjoying the flight.

Mary insisted that she be allowed a turn or two. I watched in amazement while John drove his huge man meat into her viciously.

She squealed in delight until he pushed the last of his long, hard, thick cock into her as I watched. She groaned in sincere agony when the entire length entered her cunt. She gasped and panted as he pounded his cock into her unmercifully.

When we arrived in Hawaii, John laughed wickedly when she pulled her uniform on and walked gingerly up the loading chute, cum streaming down her legs as she walked.

John and I found that we were scheduled in the same condo. We were able to move our rooms where there was an adjoining door. I was worn out and John suggested we go right to bed.

We slept locked in each other’s arms, our naked bodies entangled.

The morning after we arrived, John lamented that he had to go to a meeting but suggested that he would extend his stay if I would travel to Kauai with him the next day where he had to complete his business.

I was elated. I had never been to Kauai and heard it was beautiful, with wonderful flowers everywhere. I gladly accepted his invitation. He had a limo and driver take me to the hotel when we arrived at the airport. I was on cloud nine when I opened bostancı escort the door to the room. Flower petals were strewn on the floor and covered the bed. It was magnificent.

It was just after nine AM when I heard the keys in the door. I slipped out of my clothes, lay down on the bed and covered myself with the flower petals.

He sighed deeply when he saw me. He walked toward me, removing his clothing as he came. The next three hours were awesome. We fucked and sucked in pure passion. He was extremely passionate. I wondered how long he could sustain the fervent fucking.

He suggested that we should stop long enough to have lunch. I was hungry and he suggested he would go down to the restaurant and bring back some carry out.

When I heard the keys in the door, I had just finished a quick shower. The audible gasp echoed in the room when he stepped inside. He immediately kissed me. It was more passionate than ever. I quickly ate the sandwich and downed the coffee.

He watched me with those deep blue eyes, removing his clothing as I ate.

I was thrilled when I noticed his cock was hard and seemed larger and thicker than before. I was even more thrilled when he carried me to the bed and fucked me with complete abandon. He was more animated and drove his cock in me with furious, uncontrolled passion. He was a rejuvenated sexual dynamo.

I was delirious with sexual enthusiasm. His cock was deeper in me than ever before. I could feel his cock throb inside my pulsing cunt, filling me with gush after gush of hot cum.

I was amazed at his stamina. He seemed to have renewed vigor and fucked me with zeal unlike ever before.

I was in seventh heaven. His sexual stamina and zeal was almost beyond belief. I noticed he seemed to be watching the clock on the dresser. After two hours of glorious sex, he kissed me passionately and walked to the door.

When he opened it, I thought I was looking into a mirror. The person standing in the door was an exact replica of the man I had just fucked. I’m John, the man in the door said.

I’m Jim, the man in the room said.

In perfect unison they said they were identical twins.

I gasped at the implication.

Suddenly I realized I had the best of all worlds. Two for the price of one.

I grinned at them. “Come here!” I ordered.

We fell on the bed. John, or was it Jim, suggested we have an orgy. Jim, or was it John slipped his thick cock into my creaming pussy. John, or was it Jim pressed his cock against my ass.

I groaned in delirium. I had never been ass fucked before let alone while being fucked by a mirror image of the man fucking my ass. We spent the rest of the night switching positions. I will remember them for a long time. It was a great vacation.

They both stayed over and we spent the days seeing Kauai and the nights fucking, with me sandwiched between them. The nights seemed all too short but their huge cocks were just right. I could not ask for anything more.

My pussy pulses when I even think of them.

We plan on meeting on the main land. I suggested I might be able to find a second woman and we could have a real orgy. They made me understand just how much I might have missed if I had not made the trip to Hawaii.

Don’t let anyone tell you that size does not matter. I can assure you that being fucked with a large cock is more delightful than with a small one, however a small one is not bad. As a matter of fact, any size is good.

I now enjoy an ass fuck almost as much as a cunt fuck. I am trying to develop my skill in blow jobs. In that instance, I believe a small cock is better.

When we meet again, I will write about it. Don’t go away!

Your vote is important-I enjoy comments good or bad.

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