Ahh… Lochy Part 3

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Part 3…

This story is a bit longer than the first two as I attempt to broaden the story line a little more.
I hope you enjoy.

In the midst of my mind, I was yearning to get to know Lochy better.
I mean, sure, we had known each other for quite a few years now but for 3 of those years we had been completely apart.
So he kind of felt like a new person to me now, almost like an acquaintance that I took the time to get to know and ended up having a one-night-stand with.
“Oh God!” I thought to myself
“He’s a one night and technically morning stand!!”

His shapely-ass and strong back muscles were moving rhythmically as he walked towards the bathroom with me closely behind him.
When we got there, he turned on the warm lights as well as the exhaust fan before turning on the hot water.
Lochy turned his head to me, his cheeks were burnt-red from blushing profusely, but he had a sort of worried look on his face, he also seemed to be struggling to hide his worried expressions as well.
I bent at my knees and squatted onto the floor, looking up at him. “What’s the matter, dude?” I asked tenderly

He looked down at me, and I could see the faint beginnings of tears welling up in the corners of his eyes.

It came to me, he had-had the same thought I had on the way to the bathroom, and it all made sense now that I look at it…

The alcohol started it, and after our orgasm we were still drunk and exhausted, and in the morning, we were at the mercy of ‘Morning Glory’, hung-over, de-hydrated and fatigued from not getting enough recovery-time.
Those two times that we made-love (well… I guess it wasnt love after all..) we were just taking advantage of the moment.
But now….

Now we were wide awake, all mental functionality was at full capacity and the afterglow of hot sex had worn off all too quickly, and just like that, we had begun to regret everything.
However, I didnt regret having sex, oh no, don’t be silly, I only regret telling him “I love you”, I regret seducing my best friend and I regret making him feel this awful…

He, on the other hand, was raised to believe that anything ‘Gay’ or remotely ‘Homosexual’ was completely dirty, wrong and looked down upon by the masses.
I knew that he’d hate me now, and I know that he wouldn’t be able to cope with what had happened…

Standing up, I grabbed a nearby towel, wrapped it around my waste, and without admiring his cum-covered body or cum-covered-cock, I looked right into his eyes and spoke “Looks like we’re feeling the same thing… huh… I think I’ll let you shower first, I’ll clean up your room while I’m waiting… kay?”

With that I turned my head and walked towards the exit, closing it behind me, I dared-not to look at his face.
I had put as much feeling of understanding and overwhelming emotion into what I said to try and make some of it alright, but I was really clutching at straws here… I know Lochy all too well, and he’s bound to go into some sort of depression and wollow in self-pity for ages.

Closing the door to the bathroom behind me I lean against the wall next to it and sigh deeply…
“Shit” I thought, “This is not going to be as fun as I had thought…”

I heard the curtain from the shower curtain slide open and closed as Lochy got into it and I wondered how he was doing right now.


almost an hour later and here I was, sitting outside of his house on one of the steps.
Clean clothes hung comfortably loose from my body after my shower, which I must say was a god-send.
The shower, like many other’s had given me some alone time to think about things, gave me time to calm down.
When lochy had finished his shower he put on some clean clothes and found me inb his laundry, forcing his bed sheets and blanket into the washing machine.
“I’m done with the shower now” was all he said, and after that, he went up to his room and locked his bedroom door.

I hadnt seen him since, and I thought it would be the right thing to give him some space and hope that he manages to come to terms with had has happened and that it won’t mean the end of the world for him.
I decided to send him a txt asking if he was alright and if he would like to talk.
He simply replied “no”
Unwanted fear was beginning to gather in my thoughts, What if he hates me? What if he wants me to leave?
I’ll have nowhere to go!
I went through all of the possible scenario’s in my head as to how lochy could react once he got out of his room.
Half an hour later and I had successfully managed to scare the shit out of myself, thinking that he’d hate me forever and is probably just waiting for me to leave.

Pulling out my phone again I sent one of mine and Lochys friend from high-school, Steve, a message asking if I could crash at his the night.
I knew that Steve had a 1 bedroom apartment in the city, and I’d have the best chance at crashing the night at his over anyone else from my old high-school.
Steve replied almost instantly saying that-that would be fine, but he wouldn’t get off work for another 3 hours, I replied back saying thanks and arranging to buy him some chinese for dinner as a thanks.
Then I sent a message to Lochy stating my leaving and apologizing for upsetting him so.
It wasn’t my intention to do this, but the only right thing I could think of doing was to leave him be and hope that he might talk to me again someday.

Lochys reply came an hour later, since then I had relocated myself to the lounge and was watching TV to help pass the time.
The message read:
“Hey dude, I really don’t want you to go, but if your too disgusted in me to stay then I’ll understand,
Your my best friend and I made a shitty mistake, Im so sorry”

I exhaled a sigh of relief, turns out he was thinking exactly the same thing I was!
Instead of replying to him I decided to go over to his bedroom and knock at the door to see if he’ll let me in.
Once I’m sure he really doesn’t mind me staying the night again, I’ll send Steve a message saying not to worry as something just came up.
It’s a bit of a dick move cancelling like that as I’m sure he would’ve appreciated some decent food for dinner instead of the cheap 60c packet of Mi-Goreng noodles he consumes as a “Healthy Diet” but I really didn’t want to leave Lochy and have him think that I left because I despised him.

I knocked on his door twice and awaited an answer.
He was playing some sobby music from his computer quietly, I heard his computer chair squeek as he got off it and made his way to the door.
It opened and there, before me was face shrouded in devastation but a hint of relief that I had actually come back to him.

“Hey man” I said awkwardly.

“uhhh hey… what’s up?” he sounded even more awkward than I had.

I didn’t reply to him straight away, Instead, I tried to search his facial expressions for something that would let me know if he was genuinely worried about loosing me as a friend, or if he was disgusted in what we had done.

“I uhh, thought I’d come see how you were doing…… aaaaand I thought you might like to chat about last night
and this morning” I said bluntly

Lochy looked down at his feet, his arms tensing up.
“I’m not gay” he kind of whispered.
Tear-drops begun falling from his hidden face to the floor
“I swear” he continued, “I’m not gay, I’m so sorry man but I-”

“Dude, I’m Gay” I cut him off.

He looked up at me after hearing this.
A mixture of surprise and doubt washing over his face and widened eyes worried me a little.
Perhaps admitting to this might make him hate me after all..
Even though I wasn’t entirely sure If I was completely Gay, somewhat Gay or if this was just some sort of phase. But for this time, right now. I was certain that I was Gay.

His eyes slightly shook from side to side as he stared at my own, his lips trembling, his body tense.
“Im pretty sure that I’m Gay, dude… I think I said it to you last night but I think the Alcoho-”
“Do you think that-that makes it okay?!” He snapped over the top of me.

I jumped a little at the sudden burst of volume and hurt that came from his words.
I took a slight step back. My mind reeling in horrible scenarios of him blaming me and beating the shit out of me for last night.

“I’m sorry, man” I replied, hurt and sadness escaping my throat even though I tried to constrain it.

Lochy just stood there, staring at me the cogs of his mind turning as he was processing and reprocessing everything that had happened and was currently happening and Judging by the was his facial-expression wasnt changing I came to the conclusion that he was going to blame me for all of this mess.

Acknowledging illegal bahis this “fate” I turned my body to leave the entrance to his bedroom, and his house.
I gave him one last look, hurt washing over my face before I made my way to the exit, I begun to break down as tears formed in the corners of my eyes, they stung a little so I blinked but that made my vision blurry.

Before closing the front door I pressed the remote boot-release button on his car keys so I could retreive my luggage from the boot of his car and be completely gone.

I pulled the boot lid open and started pulling my bags out as well as grabbing my sunnies from a pocket in one of them and my wallet.

With all of my luggage out, I was all set to go.
I pulled the telescopic handle-bar out from the bags and wheeled my way down the drive way, when I got to the end I turned around to take one final look at the house I had so much fun in over the years as a young-teen.
The realization of the fact that I’ll never be able to come back here again really upset me, but the thought of never seeing lochy again was far more upsetting.

With the tears rolling off my cheeks and onto the bricked driveway I turned around and begun walking down the street to the nearest bus station that would take me to Melbourne.

Finally I arrived at Steve’s although he said he wouldn’t get home for another 4 hours, I waited around-town and went window shopping for about an hour longer so he would have some alone time before I turned up, besides, he would’ve only just gotten home from work and I didn’t want to intrude into his apartment as the same time he was coming home.

Whilst in town I met up with one of the exchange students that I was friends with back in High-school, Foxy.
Lochy didn’t really get to know him that well, but Foxy (as our other friend-group called him) came to our school as an exchange student from Mexico, and in return some of our students pissed off to Mexico.
Turns out, our school had a lot of ties with many other high-schools and secondary-schools etc from around the world and that all students that were in year 9 and up could be qualified to be exchanged with another student from another school of their choice.
Foxy and I got along really well, he was a bit shorter than me, just shy of 6foot.
He had really dark bronze skin, shortish black hair, brown eyes and a slimish body.
But as far as I knew, his exchange was only supposed to last for a year.

“Whoa! Foxy?! is….. is that really you, mate?” I asked in disbelief.
He just stood there, looking just as shocked as I was.
“I thought you were in Perth, I was actually planning a flight over there to surprise you, but I couldnt find out your address.” he replied

“Yeh, I managed to con my way back here, Perth fuckin’ sucked! Nothin’ but Derro’s and Snobby fuck-wits.”

Foxy chuckled mildly at my profanity, It was my vast library of profane come-backs that he seemed to really take a shine to.
Whenever any of our friends would get insulted I’d make a witty come-back such as the all-popular
“Go eat a dick you cock-juggeling thunder-cunt!”

and if the bullies tried to retaliate, this line always got em.
“Awww your just doing/saying that coz your butt-hurt, Tell ya what, I’ll go put on the kettle so you can make a nice warm glass of harden the fuck up”

Turns out, Foxy was actually on his way to Uni for his class, he was trying to become a doctor or something.
Ahh, how I can bust out the Scrubs references if he made it as one.

But since he couldnt stop for a real chat he told me to give him a call later tonight to catch up if I wasn’t busy, and that I was always welcome to stay the night, if I ever needed.

I got a txt from Lochy when I reached the front door of Steves apartment, “Where are you staying the night?
I sent my reply explaining where I was before knocking at the door.

I could hear a microwave going inside his apartment and the loud thumping sound of his footsteps nearing the door.
A few locks were unlocked and I was soon greeted with a face that looked nothing like the face I remembered back in high-school.
“Heeeeeeeeeeyyyyy! Your here!” his booming voice sent to me as he opened his door wider, greeting me into his home.
“Hey man, it’s been a bloody long time, hasnt it” I replied as I stepped into the well lit room.
At first glance the apartment looked normal, the room I stepped into was the lounge room, to my left the carpet became Lino and an open-plan kitchen was tucked away with a tiny closet right next to it.
To my right was two doors, obviously one of the was for his bedroom and the other, for the bathroom.

Steve closed the door behind me, Locking it as he made his way into the kitchen. “Take a seat dude, dinner will be ready in just a sec”

I plonked my things onto the floor and placed a plastic bad full of chinese food onto his kitchen counter just as the bell for his microwave dinged.
As predicted, he had made us both a bowel of cheap, Mi-Goreng noodles for dinner, but since I was late, he kept reheating it in the microwave over and over again until I arrived.
Something tells me that food shouldnt be bombarded with a microwave like that, it probably turned into jelly or something…

I untied the knot at the top of the plastic bag and pulled out the 4 rectangular tubs, each containing something different.
“And one of these is a serving of REAL Mi-Goreng, not that cheap shit you always buy” I said, starting to serve us even portions of each dish.

Steve almost looked disappoint in his efforts, but also a little offended. “It’s not that bad man, I mean, It’s so damn cheap!”

I Sighed a little. “Theres nothing wrong with those cheap packet’s man, we both used to have them all the time back in the High-school days, but let’s be honest here, theres absolutely no nutritional value in those noodles what-so-ever and they’re just a quick snack that can help to fill the void, not fuel you. Your far better off buying some nice juicy meat and veggies and making yourself a real meal, with gravey and mashed potatoes and such, it’s really not that expensive when you look at it. By the way, heres your plate, bud, Your gonna fuckin’ love this shit aye”
Steve looked at his plate and his face lit up.
“Aye” was his only response.
He understood what I meant about his cheap noodles but never agreed or disagreed, perhaps he hadn’t seen a plate-full of food in a long time.

“Thanks man, this looks like a fuckin’ Banquet to me!” he said as he sat down on his 2-seater couch.
Also, I made my way to the same couch but on the other side.

The couch was facing his TV, which was already on, so as we ate, we watched TV, Making small-talk mostly during the advertisements but also talking gossip and such since I had been away for so long.
Some of the things I was hearing from steve was completely the opposite from what I had heard from Lochy.

“Strange” I though, one of these two was lying to me…

I felt a slight vibration in my pocket and knew that it was Lochy.
I rest my plate-full of food on my lap and pulled out my phone to read the message. “Please don’t stay at Steve’s tonight, It’s a bad place to stay”

“Whos the Lovin’ from” steve asked, His eyes were flicking from my eyes to my phone, as if he were trying to read my message but without me noticing it.
“It’s from Foxy, I met up with him in town. He want’s me to catch up with him tonight” I Lied to him, for some reason I caught a bad vibe from him when he was telling me the gossip that I had missed out on, that sounded just like the same Gossip that lochy had told me, but the details were different.
I quickly replied to Lochy saying that I was staying at Steve’s and that was that.

Steve shrugged his shoulder’s and turned his gaze back to the TV. “Fair enough, your not going there tonight though”

“Whuh? What do you mean that I’m not going there tonight?” I replied in confusion. It was at that moment, I begun to worry.

“Dude, haven’t you heard? Foxy has like, completely run off the rails aye, He’s a massive drug addict now” This took me back a bit.
For that entire year that I had known Foxy in person, and the 3 years that followed that, online. He had never done any drugs as far as I knew, hell. I think Im responsible for getting that little Mexican kid properly drunk for the first time when we went on a car cruise down to Adelaide and got shit-faced at some festival.
Sure we had spoken about it before, mostly because I had told him that I begun smoking weed to find a way to cope with the stress of living in Perth but even after admitting to that, he never said anything.
Besides, Foxy was a Uni student that was studying to become a friggin Doctor!

I looked illegal bahis siteleri at Steve who was looking blankly at the TV Screen.

“What do you mean ‘Drug addict’? I heard ages ago that he was going to go into Uni and become a doctor or somethin”
I needed to be vague if I were to define his truths from his lies.

“Nah, he WAS going to be a doctor and go to Uni but he failed the entry test like, last month or somethin’ all he does now is inject shit and play games, Dirty bastard doesnt even clean himself that much either… Real sad, really”
Steve’s facial expressions never changed while he was talking, although his pitch did.
But I caught his Lie straight away, I had seen Foxy that day, and I knew that he was an actual student because he was carrying his books and homework to Uni with him.
Not to mention he looked like your typical Uni student, clean, well-kept etc…

My phone Vibrated again, I knew it was Lochy.

I took it out of my pocket and read the message. “Dude, seriously, get out of there! Im on my way to pick you up”

Instead of replying, I put my phone back into my pocket, Steve noticed me looking at my phone and asked if that was Foxy txting me again. “Nah, it was just an e-mail, some dumb advert again…” I replied trying to sound as genuine as possible.

“Can I see it? I find some of those ads kinda funny for some reason” Steve said, he looked and sounded Genuine this time but I knew that the only reason he wanted my phone was so he could see who was txting me and what they were saying.

“Oh really? Sorry man, I already deleted it” I said chuckeling a little under my breath to sound genuine.

Steve sort of looked at me, narrowing his eyes on me.

“Shit” I thought to myself, “I think I should figure out a way outta here”
For the short amount of time I had, I came up with what I thought at the time was a damn good response.

“Hey man, uhhh could I bug ya and ask if you got any Smokes?” Tenderly asking, I was.

“Yeah man, I got some right here” Steve pulled out his packet of tailors and handed me one.

“Oh..” I said “I actually only really like Rollies, Champion Ruby to be exact, you got any of those?”
I’m not actually a smoker at all, but all I needed was an excuse to leave the apartment and because I knew that Steve was a smoker, he’s understand that a smoker’s cravings are rediculous.

“I dont remember you even being a smoker” he said narrowing his eyes a little more.
“Yeah, took it up when I started Weed, It was to help with the stress of living in a hole” I replied

Steve sopped and thought for a second, I could see the cogs and wheels in his head turning as he was constructing his next set of questions or comments.

“Anywho, dude, I’ll be right back. Just gonna pop down to that Deli that I saw on the corner and grab a pouch”
I said whilst standing up and casually making my way to the door.

“Everything’s shut now, dude” he replied.
“I’ll just find a 24-hour Servo then” I got closer to the door.

He didnt reply, he only looked at me as I reached for the door handle, completely forgetting that he had locked the door when we closed it behind me.

Observing the door it had a hell of a lot of locks on it, I don’t even think the door itself nor the hindges could withstand the force that these locks could easilly take.

There was about 7 Locks on this bloody door and by the time I got to the 5th one I stopped…
The prick was a button-combination lock.

“hey dude, uhhh whats the combination for this lock?” I queried whilst trying some generic codes like 1234 or 0000.

“uhhh… I cant seem to remember right now man, just give it a second, It’ll come to me.” his reply sounded a little twisted.
I begun to fear for myself… Steve was upto something, and that something required me for some reason.
Oh how I hoped that he wasnt some sort of fucking murderer…
But you already know that dont ya, otherwise I would’ve been able to write this story for you.

I pulled out my phone and begun typing out my txt to Lochy. “Hey dude, please “
in my haste I accidentally sent the message.

Steve noticed my interaction and got up from his seat and walked over to me. “now that definitely was a text, who was it to?” this time a bit of dominance in his voice.

“Look mate, can u just get this lock for me so I can get my smokes, im starting to get a little shitty now”
I tried to sound threatning.

Steve just smiled a rather cocky smile, walked over to his book shelf, grabbed something and then walked over to me.
My phone Vibrated in my pocket, but I didnt want to look at the message yet.

He stood at total a full 2 inches taller than me, and like me he had a slim build but with some more muscle.
His scruffy black hair that was just short of shoulder length waved slightly as he walked and I could smell the dirty musk on him that I hadnt noticed before, but as he was standing right infront of me, practically right in my face, I could smell it’s strong scent.
His not so clean-shaven face, deep brown eyes stared right through me

I backed a away a little, bumping into the door that was behind me. “What the fuck man?!”
and just as I finished my sentence he Pushed his palm as hard as he could right into my forehead, forcing the back of my head right into the door.

He removed his palm and took a few steps back with an evil-coy smile plastered across his face.
It felt like as if he had just smeared a warm liquid all over my forehead.
I looked down at my phone and saw my face in the reflection of the screen.
The warm liquid was blood, and there appeared to be some sort of small purple, amethyst shard poking out from my forehead.

Instinctively I touched it with my finger, the moment the contact was made my brain was bombarded with a deafening noise. I fell to my knees clutching at my head, my face facial expressions distorted in pain.

“Lesson number 1, You should try to touch the stone, coz you’ll feel that everytime, but the more you try, the more it’ll hurt, and eventually. It will kill you.” Steve said Darkly, looking down at my body on the ground.

As he spoke the noise and pain quickly faded, and I managed to get back up onto my feet, and now, I was more than mad… I was fucking pissed off!

“What the fuck is this shit huh?!” I yelled as I stormed towards him.

“Stop!” he commanded “I am your new Master and you will never harm me in any way, do you understand… me slave?” he continued.

I stopped dead in my tracks and my eyes widened.
Everything he just said, was replaying over and over in my head, each time it was travelling deeper and deeper into my sub-conscious.

He was right! How stupid was I to have wanted to harm my master?!
“My apologizes, Master” I said.

Even calling him ‘Master’ felt right, It was like he had awoken me from a horrible dream where I was some silly boy that had hopes and dreams, friends and such.
But I was glad that I was woken, because now I could live my life the way it was supposed to be.

“Come over here” Steve commanded.
I did as I was told, I waltzed over to him and stood there, about a foot away.
“Good, now, give me your phone”
“Yes master” I complied by unlocking it for him and handing him the phone.
He went straight to the messages and read the unread message from lochy, allowed so I could hear it.
“Doode” he begun in a lame ‘surfy’ accent. “I’m almost there, just get the fuck out of there!!!”
I chuckled lightly.
Steve beamed at me. “Whats so funny? Mutt.” he snapped
“Like I would want to leave my master” I said happilly.

Steve smiled and handed me the phone, that’s exactly right, now why dont you tell your pal, Lochy that you don’t want him to come here and that you’ll never see him again.
I typed out the message and sent it to him, It said. “Lochy, I dont wan’t you to come here and take me away from him, you’ll never see me again”

I showed my master the text and he tossed the phone to the side.
“Good work, Slave. Now as for your reward for doing the right thing, you get to do one of your most favourite things!”
My face lit up with excitement, I couldnt wait to do that thing that I always loved to do.

I searched my mind for my favourite thing to do, but there was nothing there but blank data.
“Umm Master, what is my most favourite thing to do?” I asked, Genuinely confused.

He smiled. “why you dont remember? Okay then, I’ll give you a hint. Here, get down on your knees and close your eyes.”

I was so excited, I couldnt wait to re-remember what my most favourite thing to do was.
Without wasting any time, I dropped to my knees and closed my eyes tightly.

Steve took off his shirt revealing a slightly canlı bahis siteleri tanned, hairy chest that had some damn nice sculpting.
He continued to untie his track-pants and dropped them as well as his Briefs to the ground.
He then slapped my face a little with his semi-hard 6” cock.
I recognised the feeling of a cock on my face and immediately remembered sucking a cock just last night, it was huge too.

I searched my memories a little more to find who the massive cock belonged to, but I couldnt remember much at all.
All I remembered was how much I loved to suck on it, and what happened when you sucked on it enough.
Perhaps the cock from my memories was my masters cock?
It would make sense seeing as he IS my master, and I have no other masters, never have and never will.
Thats it! The massive 8.5” cock in my memory must be my masters cock! And one of my most favourite things to do was to suck it!

I opened my mouth as Steve pressed his cock into my mouth, the head and shaft slit along my tongue and begun to make its way down my throat.
“hmmmm” I thought to myself, humming lightly. “This is the life”

I could feel his cock starting to swell up even more inside of me.
It’s hard to belive that it was only 6” when it was semi, and that it would gain and extra 2 and a half!

Steven glided his fully erect cock in and out of my mouth a little before pulling it out altogether.
“See slave? Now do you remember your most favourite thing?” he asked questioningly.

I opened my eyes and was greeted with a slick and shiny cock, a hairy mound of black pubes and some rather small balls. The cock was only 7” at best.
My smile faded a little.
“M…Master? Why isnt your cock bigger?” I asked Genuinely confused.

I saw him lift his knee as he kneed me in the cheek, knocking my head back and sideways a little.
Instinctively, I yelped out in pain and rubbed it a little.
“You think it’s small huh? Well let’s see how you can deal with it now” He said in a deep voice.
Clearly upset about my comment.
He forced his cock into my mouth again, grabbing the hair on the back of my head he face fucked my skull as hard as he could, pulling and pushing my head back and forth, meeting with his hard and deep thrusts.
The force is too much as my face is constantly being forced, hard into his patch of pubic hair and bone.

Something in my nose breaks and I manage to make a high-pitched whining sound as blood begins to run from it.

Steve notices this and pulls his cock out, a bit of my bloody dribbling off of it and onto the floor.
His face is purple with anger. “Now look what you’ve done you stupid fuck-toy! Take off your clothes and clean your stupid blood thats on the floor NOW!” he shouted his order making me a jump a little.
Quickly I de-robe so that there is nothing left on me and place them into a semi-neat pile next to the couch.
I then hurry over to the kitchen to grab paper towels before rushing back, bending over and beginning to wipe up the blood.

Seizing the opportunity Steve moves and stands directly behind me while I’m still wiping up my own blood, and clamping my nose shut with my other hand so that It doesnt keep dripping blood onto the floor.

Steven grabs a hold of his cock and places it right at the entrance to my ass-hole.
Still bent over, I hadn’t even realized that Steve had moved until I felt something probing the entrance to my ass.
I look behind me and see his body standing over me, He grabs my hips and begins to pull me onto him.
“EEEEYYAAAAA!!!” I squeal.
The pain of being penetrated by a cock that’s only been lubed up with barely any saliva was intense!
“Thats right, bitch! Take it!” Steve growled as he violently pulled me the rest of the way in. (which was about 5”)

“OOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed The sharp pain hit me hard and fast, I stood up straight and tried to move away so the intruder in my bowels would leave, but Steve held me there firmly.
“Oh no you dont my precious little toy, you’ll do what I want you to do, you got that?”

“Y-… Yes Master” I said inbetween sobs. Tears were flowing from my eyes, I had let go of my nose and placed me hands on Steves hips behind me and the Blood was still running from my nose.

Steve begun pulling out and stopped until just his head was lodged inside me.
“Tall ya what, since your the best look slave I’ve got I’ll make it much better for you, and I feel a little bad about the nose.”

Sniffing a little from the pain and violation I nodded and acknowledged what he was saying.

“Alright” he said “Whenever I touch you sexually, you will feel the most pleasure that you have ever felt in your life, but you can never cum unless I tell you too, but more importantly, pleasuring me makes you feel even more better, understand?”

“Yes master” I said calmly, excited about all of this pleasure talk.

He snorted up some saliva and spat onto my hole with his cock still in it and begin working his way in and out a little.
The small amount of spit providing enough lubrication for it to not hurt so much. But that didn’t matter anymore because I was feeling great knowing that my Master was feeling good, and it was all because he was fucking my ass.

His thrusts picked up in pace and soon he was pumping his entire 7” cock in and out of my quite fast.
“Oh oh oh oh oh Baby” I squeeled at him “Fuck me harder!”
He grunted in response and grabbed ahold of my cock with his right hand and begun pumping it furiously with his hand.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!” I yelled “Fuck yes!” I continued to make loud noises as the pleasure was almost unbearable.

I was loving all of this attention my Master was giving me, and I loved being fucked by him, after all, I was his little toy.

“Im almost there dear, when I cum you can cum too, okay?” he said letting go of my throbbing member.
“Ohh fuck yes! I want to feel you cum in me!” I pleaded.

He went all out, fucking my raw ass as hard as he could.
I felt shots of warm think goo filling my insides, the sensation throwing me over the edge.
“Fuuuuuuuuck Master!!!!!”
I shot Ribbon after white ribbon all over his couch and our clothes. My cum subsided with my cock dribbling my cum down to my balls before it runs down my legs and onto the floor, but Steve was still going!
My ass was building pressure fast, and steve was breathing deeply, laughing darkly inbetween exhales.
“My Cum will seal the deal, my Fuck-slave and even without the stone, you’ll be mine forever!”
I couldnt wait for him to finish cumming.


A large object was being used against the front door of Steves Aparement.
We both looked worried and looked at one another.

My ass had reached capacity and Cum begun running out of my ass-hole, down to my balls and down my legs as well as down Steves cock-shaft and down his legs too.
The front door burst open revealing a fucked-off Lochy holding a large fire extinguisher.

He saw Steves cock inside of me and lost it, charging at him.

Steve tried to move but I didnt want his cock to leave my ass, and I knew that he wouldnt want to stop fucking me, so I tensed my ass muscles hard and grabbed his thighs, clamping him in-place.

“No Bitch Fucking Let go o-” DONNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg
Was all that was heard after Stevens yelling, and then the sound of his body hitting the floor.
The force was too great for me to hold onto him too.
I rushed to his side and placed a hand on his cheek, rubbing it softly.
“Master?” I said as my eyes begun to well up.

Lochy moved over to my and grabbed me by the wrist, yanking me to my feet.
His deep, sexy Green eyes with yellow around the outside stared right into my glazed-over eyes.
He saw nothing but an empty shell.
Then he noticed the stone shard sticking out of my forehead, Lochy grabbed it with his fingers and pulled the small stone out.
“I knew He’d enslave you like this! I should’ve told you this last night, dude… I’m so sorry…”
Tilting my head, I had no Idea who this sexy man that stood before me was.
“You can keep that stone, His cum is already inside of me, so I’ll be his forever, I’m so happy!”
I genuinely was happy, I had a reason to live and a person to live for. It was perfect!

Lochy put a shirt and pants on me and begun making his way back to his car downstairs whilst dragging me along with him.
“Heh-…Hey! Just what do you think your doing?! I LIVE up there ya know!”
Lochy just ignored me and continued to drag me along, holding onto my forearm with a tight grip.
I had no idea what this strange man was going to do… I just hope that my master finds me soon before this guy does anything bad… like have sex with me against my will! That would be really bad!

Part 4 coming soon…

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