After School Hookup Ch. 02

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I still didn’t get many chances to use my newfound knowledge of the power of a plaid skirt because there just weren’t that many opportunities to dress up like a school girl. I went through high school with my lesson cemented firmly in my mind but with no opportunities to apply it.

After I graduated from high school I decided to drive up to Evan’s college, anxious to tell him I’d been accepted there and to have him show me around. I knew he’d be happy we’d both be attending the same school for one term before he graduated. Evan’s effortless intelligence and hard work had allowed him to get his degrees almost two years ahead of time. He was only a couple of classes away from his masters in education, and because of his GPA and his early graduation he was already turning down job offers. I was so proud of him, and I couldn’t wait to make him proud of me too.

After I got lost a few times on the campus I managed to find his student housing building — a ruddy orange brick one that was like way old, maybe 30 years. It was one of several buildings on campus where active students who were no longer allowed a room in the dorms could rent apartments that weren’t really any bigger than the dorms. I found my way up to his room and immediately paid the price for my surprise visit when Evan’s roommate Todd said that he wasn’t there.

Todd was a big lumbering guy, and he was kind of cute. He must have had a girlfriend, because there was no sign of flirting when he talked to me, even though I had dressed kind of sexy for my first visit to college. “I think Evan’ll be back in a little while,” he said. “You’re welcome to wait here, but I’ve got to go to class, so I can’t stay. Big test.” And he took his pack and walked out the door.

I quickly decided there wasn’t much to the apartment, which catered exclusively to the transient student population. A couple of beds and desks, and a tiny kitchen. There was a short hallway that led to the bathroom. The place was all strewn with boy-detritus of clothes, fast food boxes and tons of empty cans of energy drinks, pop and even beer.

Bored, I casually rifled through some papers on the desk and a few of the books laying around. There wasn’t anything very interesting, but I did decide that I was glad that I wasn’t going to be studying education.

I could tell which desk was Evan’s by the family pictures on it. His computer beckoned, and figuring that it was a little sister’s prerogative to snoop on her brother I sat down at the cheesy wooden table.

At first I didn’t find anything interesting — a file of the papers he’d written and some dumb computer game called World of Warcraft that he’d been playing. His tunes. I killed some time looking at my email, and then decided that while I was there I’d see what Evan’s favorite websites were.

Most of it was junk. But in a folder cunningly labeled ‘fun stuff’ I learned the unadulterated truth: blood is thicker than water, siblings share the same secrets, and Evan was truly my very own big brother.

Every website in his folder, every picture, every video showed young girls having sex in every way imaginable. But that wasn’t the surprise. I knew that most boys used the internet to look at naked girls.

The surprise was that every single girl wore a plaid skirt.

Plaid skirts short and long, plaid skirts in all kinds of colors, plaid skirts thrown to the floor in haste, plaid skirts pushed out of the way so girls could be fucked, plaid skirts wrapped around big cocks spurting sperm. An army of faceless men sucked, licked and fucked their way through an endless supply of willing plaid-skirted schoolgirls. I couldn’t have been more stunned as Evan’s secret desires were revealed to me one skirt at a time.

I clicked my way through his porn sites, unwilling to believe what I was seeing. I mean, I had known ever since the Halloween party when I was sixteen that there was power to be had there, that girls in plaid skirts were somehow more desirable, more alluring. But I’d had no idea of how popular my little weakness was, how many thousands of girls there were who thought the same way I did and had carried their knowledge to its ultimate conclusion.

And I sure as hell hadn’t known that the secret enticements of plaid skirts had captured my own big brother.

Looking through his websites I started to get wet.

There were girls with warm sperm splashed all over their sexy schoolgirl glasses. Girls in pigtails staying after class, letting the teacher fuck them on his desk so they’d get an ‘A’ in biology. Girls on school security cameras, lifting their plaid skirts in the hallway so their boyfriends could fuck them from behind. Girls bent over the principals’ desk, their skirts lifted and their panties pulled down so their bare bottoms could be spanked pink. Girls sitting on the concrete steps in front of school, lifting their skirts and spreading their legs so they could masturbate for the camera. It went on and on, and endless variety of wet schoolgirls demonstrating casino şirketleri the irresistible sway of knee-high socks and plaid skirts by submitting to the men who wanted them.

My hand strayed between my legs and a delightful shudder wiggled through me as I stared in awe at all of the hard cocks having their way with teenage girls. I wanted to be one of those girls, ravaged by a man who couldn’t resist my plaid skirt. I got lost in the fictional world in front of me, a world that I knew had its basis in real girls, real skirts, real cocks. I rubbed my hand up and down, pressing the seam of my jeans into my slit and wondering if I dared chance masturbating before Evan got back.

I was amazed that there were no other types of porn on his computer. No sluts or secretaries, no cheating housewives or girls in silky lingerie. Just schoolgirls. Girls short and tall, plain and pretty, blonde and brunette. The only thing that linked them all were their plaid skirts a willingness to use them for sex. Evan’s secret desires were the male equivalent of my own, and that knowledge sent a delicious tingle straight to pussy. Not that I’d ever act on it or anything. I mean, Evan was a really smart guy and very handsome, a real catch for any girl. But that didn’t matter because girls just don’t go around lusting after their big brothers. Still, knowing that we both shared a secret fetish for plaid skirts, knee-high socks and cotton panties made me feel closer to him than I ever did before.

I could picture Evan sitting right here in this chair, looking at these same schoolgirls and masturbating, his cock hard and wet in his hand until it splurted sperm all over the place. And the thought of It was more than a girl could stand. Suddenly the decision was made, and I couldn’t wait a second more. I quickly unsnapped my jeans and unzipped them. They were tight enough that I had to wiggle my bottom and push them down a little before I could slide my hand inside my panties.

When my fingers touched my clit a low moan escaped my lips. I clicked on a video to watch while I slid my finger up and down my slit. It felt like forever since I had done myself and pussy welcomed the attention with a happy spasm of relief. I settled into rhythm while I watched the video, sliding my fingers up and down my wet slit and rubbing little circles around my clit where it did the most good.

It was obvious the video had been shot on a cheap set made up to look like a classroom. A girl in pigtails and a green plaid skirt bent over and put her hands on the chalkboard tray so she could show her white cotton panties off to her ‘teacher.’ He said, “You must really want an ‘A,’ Miss Granger.” She bit her thumb and nodded. Then she reached behind and pushed her panties down to her knees, baring her bottom for teacher. He took out his cock, which was already long and stiff. I rubbed myself faster, as anxious as Miss Granger for him to slide it into her. My breath started coming in the little fits and spurts that always preceded one of my self-induced orgasms.

Then I froze. I thought I could hear someone coming, and I turned the sound off the computer so I could tell for sure.

It wasn’t my imagination. Someone was turning the handle on the front door. I hadn’t locked it, and I was going to get caught with my jeans unsnapped and my hand massaging pussy. Trying my best to be quiet I jumped up from the chair and quickly ran into the little hall that led to the bathroom. I had to hold up my jeans to keep them from falling down.

I made it just before the door slammed open. Now that I was safely around the corner I tried to zip up my jeans. I fumbled with the zipper, but I seemed to have lost my coordination in the fear of almost getting caught. It didn’t help any that my fingers were slippery with girl juice. Whispery noises drifted to my ears while I tried to compose myself so I could act like I’d just been in the bathroom. I finally got the zipper up and peered around the corner while I snapped my jeans.

Evan was being tumbled onto his bed by a cute girl with short blonde hair. She had on a t-shirt and a plain black skirt that came down past her knees. It didn’t do much for her figure. Neither did her clunky shoes. She and Evan were frantically kissing, and it was apparent that they’d been hard at it before they slammed into the room. They had dropped their backpacks in an untidy pile on the floor by the bed. I waited a few seconds for them to stop so I could make my entrance, but she practically ripped open Evan’s shorts and got his dick pulled out before I realized how far they were going to go, and then it was too late. Blondie started stroking his cock with her petite hand, and I couldn’t very well walk into the room while he was oozing pre-cum onto his girlfriend’s fingers.

I didn’t have to watch, though. Embarrassed and wondering just how I’d gotten myself into this position I withdrew into the hallway. I should have retreated to the safety of the bathroom and waited, but my head casino firmaları was full of images of big cocks and schoolgirl sex, and pussy was all squishy and needy. It was too much to ask that I show proper restraint and turn away, truly it was. Even if it was my big brother. I’d never watched someone having sex for real, and it was more temptation than any horny girl could resist.

I held my breath and peered around the corner.

Blondie’s knees were spread on either side of Evan’s legs, straddling him as he lay on the bed. She greedily stuffed her mouth full of his thick wet dick. Her head bobbed up and down and Evan’s hands gently cradled her face, his eyes closed in mute ecstasy while she murmured little noises of satisfaction. My breath caught in my throat when I realized how large he was and how hard pussy was trembling for attention.

His panting was so ragged and loud that I could hear it across the room. Blondie took her mouth off him long enough to whisper, “You like that, don’t you?” She obviously didn’t expect an answer because she immediately drew him into her throat again. It was like watching a sword-swallower. She opened wide and slurped him into her mouth, and I could see her throat rippling as his cock slid inside.

I’d never known you could put one so far into your mouth, and I wished I knew how to do that. A delicious shudder ran up my back and I took a deep breath, but it didn’t slow the burning need between my legs.

There was enough blame to go around. Evan, Blondie, all of the damned porn on the computer. Hell, even the girl who wore the green plaid skirt carried a share of the responsibility. It was because of them that I was standing there horny and jealous and frustrated and guilty. But no matter where the need came from, there was only one way to assuage it. And ironically enough I knew that I was less likely to get caught while I could see that Evan and Blondie were otherwise occupied.

I unfastened my jeans again. I slid my fingers between my legs and tickled my clit through my panties. It made my breath catch, and I was glad they were so involved in their passionate fuck that they couldn’t hear me.

Blondie got up on her knees, pulling her black skirt up so she could position her crotch right above Evan’s naked dick. She lifted her skirt out of the way so she could reach under it and push her panties aside. She’d worked hard and fast to get him sufficiently primed, and now she was in a hurry to have him inside her. My big brother was staring between her legs as if he’d never seen a pussy before. She took his dick in her hand and caressed it before she lowered herself, skewering her ready slit on Evan’s need.

They both gasped and Blondie put her hands on his chest, watching his eyes while she began to furiously bounce up and down. She wasn’t above taking her own pleasure, but this fuck was his. They were way noisier than I would have imagined — there was a gooey sucking sound with every pump and a squishy liquid splat every time her pussy slapped the base of his cock; wet noises which added to the sounds of their panting and moaning. They seemed loud enough that they must have been heard in the next apartment, and I wondered how any college kid ever got any studying done.

I moved my fingers in time to Blondie’s humping — every time she came down on Evan’s dick I rubbed a little quicker. This was no time for a gentle teasing orgasm for either Blondie or me. The tremors between my legs gathered for a quick ride to heaven, and I gritted my teeth together so I wouldn’t cry out.

Suddenly Evan moaned and pulled Blondie down hard on his dick with his hands on her waist. She buried her face in his shoulder and curled up into a ball. Evan came inside her, straining so hard to bury himself deep in her pussy that she was lifted from the bed.

I was so close to cumming that I couldn’t stand it, but I couldn’t manage to push myself over the edge. It had all just happened too fast. And now that they weren’t frantically kissing and fucking it suddenly seemed too quiet. Their after sex cuddling wasn’t making enough noise to cover the sound of my almost-there panting. I leaned back into the hall, swallowed hard and closed my eyes, but I didn’t stop masturbating altogether. I tickled my slit lightly to let her down slowly, promising her that this was just a tease on the way to a good cum when I wasn’t in a doorway hiding from my brother and his lover.

When I peeked around the corner again they were right where I’d left them — Blondie curled up in a post-cum ball on top of Evan’s dick. They were both still dressed except for the important parts. Her skirt was pushed up high around her thighs, her legs bare except for her clunky shoes. Blondie sat up and closed her eyes. She stretched while Evan rubbed her back through her t-shirt.

“Was that good, baby?” she asked, quite pleased with her quickie.

“Mmmm,” Evan purred, still stroking her back lightly, his energy all spent inside his cute little blonde lover. güvenilir casino

He was about to drift off to sleep. But then it happened. Blondie’s eyes landed on his computer screen, which was silently replaying the video I’d been watching. The schoolgirl in the green plaid skirt was on her back on the desk, her skirt flapping around her bare legs while her naked teacher fucked her bald slit silly.

Blondie sat upright, her temper showing in her posture as well as her eyes.

“Evan! I thought you weren’t going to look at this stuff any more!” Her jaw was set in anger and her eyes were on fire with indignation, which must be hard to do when your pussy is dripping sperm onto your lover’s dick. He twisted so he could look up over his shoulder to see what she was yelling about. The look in his eyes was more fatal resignation than surprise. The girl in the plaid skirt dropped to her knees in front of her teacher and opened her mouth wide.

“Dammit!” Blondie said, slapping Evan hard on the shoulder. She lifted herself off of him and stood up, furiously reaching beneath her skirt to tug her panties back into place. Evan sat up, his thick dick wilting tiredly in his lap.

“That stuff is just sick,” Blondie said. “I don’t know why you think plaid skirts and schoolgirls are so hot. I told you I am NOT going to wear one of those, and I told you what would happen to us if you didn’t stop looking at that disgusting stuff online.”

“C’mon, Kelsey. It doesn’t mean anything.” His voice was bored and tired, as if this argument had been had before and he didn’t want to put any energy into having it again. He tucked his spent manhood back into his shorts and zipped them up. “Schoolgirls are just hot.”

“What are you?” she said. “Some kind of pervert? I mean, why are you always looking at some bimbo in a plaid skirt doing it? Don’t you think I’m enough for you?”

“C’mon, baby. Of course you are. Why are you always getting so upset? I’ve told you it doesn’t mean anything. What difference does it make to you what you’re wearing if It’s something I like?”

Kelsey wasn’t mollified by his argument, or lack thereof. She folded her arms in a huff and nodded fiercely at the computer screen. “I suppose you want to do that, too.”

The schoolgirl on the video was smiling brightly, on her knees in front of her teacher. She stuck her tongue out to catch the sperm shooting from his cock. She let the pearlescent blobs drool from her mouth to land on her green plaid skirt. The sight of sperm on a plaid skirt was almost enough to make me cum just standing there.

Evan’s eyes were drawn to the screen, as captivated by the sight as his little sister was. The schoolgirl closed her eyes, licked her lips clean and swallowed. The taste made her smile, a hundred-watt grin that announced that all of her girly desires had been satisfied. She waved bye at the camera, and the video started over.

Evan’s couldn’t stop watching. I recognized the misery on his face, even if Kelsey didn’t. He could see just what he wanted — it was right there on the screen in front of him. And the fact that his lover dismissed his desires so thoroughly left him totally hopeless. His voice was soft when he answered Kelsey, and it made me angry with her to see him this close to out-and-out begging.

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt to try it once, would it?”

“You’re disgusting, and I’m going home.” Kelsey said, her voice colder than a bug on ice. She was in such a huff that I expected her to stamp her clunky-shoed foot. Instead she grabbed her pack and turned and left the apartment, slamming the door behind her. Evan jumped up from the bed and chased after her, letting the door latch behind him.

“Aww, Kelsey, c’mon!” he said, his voice fading as he trailed her down the hallway.

God. Not only did my big brother have a serious jones for a schoolgirl in a plaid skirt, but his girlfriend wouldn’t even wear one for him. Bitch.

I came out from hiding, my plan to talk to Evan in tatters. There was no way for me to have a conversation with him now, not while my poor brain was so swamped with pictures of his huge cock sliding in and out of Kelsey while he pretended she was a plaid-skirted schoolgirl. Jeez.

As I stepped near the center of the room I couldn’t help but stare at the running video. Miss Granger’s skirt was up and her panties were down. She was bent over the chalkboard, holding on tightly so that she wouldn’t fall while her teacher pounded his cock into her from behind. Her pigtails bounced in time to his thrusts, and even though the computer’s sound was still off I could tell she was moaning in pleasure.

My legs got weak and I had to sit down again. I felt kind of ashamed that I was just as entranced by the video as my big brother had been, and I knew that I should just get up and leave. But that knowledge didn’t quench the pounding need between my legs. Pussy was begging me to finish what I had started, and I knew that when she got like this no promises of ‘later’ were going to appease her. Watching Evan have sex after I’d been masturbating to a video of a girl living my fantasy left me so needy that I almost didn’t care about the consequences, and I decided to polish myself off as quickly as I could.

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