After a Long Day of Work

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Her feet straight on the table, she let her eyes wander to her shoes, black-gold heels, as she indulged herself in daydreaming. It was a fleeting break from her work, editing a quarterly report for her company. She was at home on a gray Sunday morning, working on the report to preempt the pressure of the coming Monday. As her thoughts wandered, she rested a little more of her weight on the chair. Her breasts shifted slightly as her back moved to rest on the chair, and she noticed their sensation against her bra. She arched her back ever so slightly in response to the sensation, and remembered she had worn a black lace bra today. She was wearing a simple teal buttoned shirt over it and a pair of blue jeans. She pulled her head and back and ran her hands through her blonde hair. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. She let her mind wander.

Daydreaming was a pleasant escape from the pressures of the last workweek. She let her body respond to the feel of her clothes. She leaned forward, pushed her laptop away from her, and leaned back again, letting her legs part comfortably. She placed her hands on her abs, feeling them pull and push through her shirt with her breaths. She closed her eyes as she let in whatever thoughts came to mind naturally. She knew they would be erotic. It seems she hasn’t had a moment’s rest for a long time. Her thoughts began focusing. A figure of a man, shirtless and muscular, formed in her mind’s eye. She imagined him wearing nothing but a pair of jeans, letting his strong and lean upper-body show for all to see. She raised her hands on top of her abs so that they touched the undersides of her breasts. She felt their movement with her thumbs. It was beginning. She hadn’t felt this feeling for a long while. Too long. They slowly began to lean more and more on her hands as they grew with her libido. She knew her nipples were hardening as the bra became more sturdy against them. She pushed her head further back on the chair, causing her back to arch further. As her spine curved, the weight of illegal bahis her breasts became more palpable. Their mass was increasing slowly and they were swaying a bit now with her breathing. It reminded her how big she can get when she lets sexual forces sweep through her. She WANTED that.

Her thoughts drifted again to this nameless man, and she imagined standing in front of him and running her hands on his ripped pecs. She imagined slowly caressing his chest and moving each of her hands sideways to carress his shoulders. She felt her shirt tighten as she breathed, a little strained as her breasts grew. She began to feel the surge of power she always felt when her womanly features began to accentuate. In her dream, she was wearing a dark blue two-piece bikini that contrasted with her blonde hair and fair skin. She moved closer to the dream man and let her bikini-clad breasts touch his muscular pecs. She gasped at the thought of her breasts touching him. They began to swell in her dream as well, like they were in real life. She shut her eyes tightly as she imagined them expanding and growing as more of her skin began showing under her bikini top. Her nipples began to assault the bikini covers and protruded defiantly through the fabric. More and more of her flesh emerged from under the bikni top. Her breasts drew closer to each other as they expanded, touching each other more and more with each second that passed. She imagined the man’s dick beginning to show through his blue jeans, his hardon clearly visible as his pecs flexed in response to her expanding bosom.

She imagined putting her hand on his cock through his jeans, and gasped audibly at the thought. She imagined opening his jean button and zipper to discover his naked cock, shaven, thick, and very long, standing erect below his abs. she knelt in front of him, letting her growing breasts push his cock down. With a little wiggling, his head was protruding between the undersides of her breasts, pushing to get inside her cleavage. She moaned at the thought illegal bahis siteleri of his massive member making the uphill way slowly between her growing breasts. They were as sizable as heads of lettuce now, and she knew achingly well that they’d become volleyballs by the time this dream was over.

Her nipples charred his chest as she began to bob her upper body down to let his cock glide inside her cleavage. She imagined the feeling of his meat, his hard cock, its popping veins, slide through her flesh. She imagined seeing his head poke through her enlarging boobs. She began to rock back and forth and titfuck his long and thick member. He began to meet her movements with his own thrusts. They were grinding together, his massive cock parting her expanding breasts. They were getting hornier and hornier together. Her boobs were expanding faster now, taking up their familiar girth and weight. She was getting big, really big. She felt her boobs weighing on her body in real life, straining against her buttoned shirt. She wanted more. She shut her eyes more tightly, and let out moans as she imagined taking the scene to its inevitable inferno.

Suddenly a loud POP!!! sound shattered the air. She gasped and a smile rose upon her face as she realized it was her shirt button popping off after failing to enclose her massive breasts. She felt the familiar surge of power coarse through her. She was becoming a bombshell, a sexual woman, a gorgeous and seductive woman with breath-taking breasts. She imagined her bikini strings ripping from the back of her neck as her breasts grew on the man’s cock. She imagined his precum, oh, his precum leaking out on her tits. She knew she was getting him close in the dream, and she was getting close in real life, as her hand was feverishly encircling her wetness through her jeans in real life.

The man in the dream began to thrust harder and faster, harder and faster. Her breasts, as large as volleyballs now, met his thrusts with vigor as her bikini fell off in the fury. Her canlı bahis siteleri tits were now bare naked on his abs and chest. She gasped at the thought of their skins feeling each other, him with his hard rock abs and chest and cock, and her with her sexual and erotically large breasts. She was a woman again, a powerful woman capable of making a gigantic cock like that explode all over her gigantic tits.

She let out a loud moan and her breaths were shallow. Her breasts were massive now around his cock. Both the man and she were panting heavily, knowing the outcome was inevitable now, knowing that they were on the path of no return. He thrust his massive member mercilessly into her cleavage now, and she moaned with increasing pleasure as she felt his meat attacking her womanly bosom. Her nipples scratched his chest with each of his thrusts, now as big as red, pointed knives. She imagined how he let out guttural low sound. His balls, swollen and heavy, slapped against the undersides of her massive tits. She knew she built up a load of thick, sticky cum in them. He let out a long moan. His cock began to squirt white cum between her tits. She mashed them together her tiny hands, letting their expanse soak in the loads of cum he was gushing out. She moaned loudly as her own orgasm overtook her, and in reality she felt her jeans soak with her pussy juices and she began to squirt her juices out to meet the dream man’s loads of cum.

He stopped his thrusts and shot streams unto her neck and chin. She relished in the image of her cum soaked breasts, monstrous now, with pointy and thick nipples, making a sexy man lose all control in a matter of minutes and cum all over them. She came hard in her pants in the real world, and felt her pussy jet her juices out through her jeans, soaking the fabric. He shot one last load unto her tits and her dream fizzled as she opened her eyes.

She couldn’t see her jeans, occluded by her giant tits. She quickly undid her buttons and took in the two globes in front of her. Her bra had ripped. She caught a glimpse of her jeans in-between her breasts, soaked through to her knees with her juices.

She felt powerful. She KNEW her power. A bombshell, a sexual woman, she could make herself into anyone’s dream.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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