Adventures with Erin

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Dan sat stared out of the airplane window. This was going to be the last time, he thought to himself.

When his parents had suggested he come away with them, he’d had to give it some serious thought. On the one hand, two weeks in a private villa in Greece sounded pretty sweet. On the other, there was the fact he was 22 and in his last year at uni; a little old and, in his mind, independent to be going away with mum and dad.

Then, there was his little sister.

Four years younger than him, she had just turned eighteen a few days earlier. His Mum had sold him on the trip by guilt-tripping him about it being ‘one last family holiday’ and ‘a nice way to celebrate Erin’s birthday, who you don’t see enough of anyway.’

To be fair, his mum was right. He hadn’t been able to make it to Erin’s eighteenth because of uni exams, and before that he’d probably only seen her once or twice in the last six months. He lived away from home and, to be honest, they didn’t have much in common. He liked sports and she liked books. He liked going out, getting drunk with his mates and she had her internet forums, whatever it was she was doing on there.

But he did feel guilty.

As the older sibling, really it was his responsibility to make the effort and show some maturity.

Christ, he thought, that’s mum talking.

He turned his head from the small airplane window, where huge clouds towered, and glanced down the row at his sister, Erin. She didn’t look eighteen to him. She was wearing small round glasses and tendrils of long, brown, wavy hair tumbled down the side of her face to her soft, slightly rounded cheeks; she was sucking a strand as she read her book, her pale legs drawn up onto the seat. She had dressed for comfort, and was wearing nylon shorts with a slight cut in the side; they were a little too short in Dan’s opinion – as they were boarding he’d noticed you could almost see the bottoms of her buttocks beneath the flapping shorts material, but whatever kept her cool, he guessed. Up top, she’d chosen a loose grey jumper that hung off her pale, white shoulder on one side, and buried the rest of her upper body in soft, comfortable folds.

Mum’s right though, Dan thought, I do need to make more of an effort.

‘What you reading?’ He asked her, quietly. In the seats between, their Dad was dozing lightly.

‘Nothing you’d be interested in’ she mumbled, without looking up.

‘I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t want to know’ he snapped back, annoyed that his effort was being so poorly repaid. She looked up from her book, her green eyes flashing with annoyance, her cute pink lips twisted into a sarcastic smirk.

‘Ok then, it’s hard science future history set in the 24th century that takes a realistic look at the possibility of human beings expanding across the solar system. Happy now?’ She got up suddenly, her loose nylon shorts flapping across the slight curve at the base of her smooth, pale buttocks, her hair tossing in the sudden movement, and stormed down the central aisle towards the bathroom.

This sass was a new side of her that Dan hadn’t seen before. He liked it. Perhaps reconnecting with his sister wouldn’t be so bad after all.


When they arrived at the villa, Dan decided that he’d definitely made the right decision.

It was a four bedroom villa, split across three levels. The ground floor housed the open plan kitchen and living space, which led out to the private pool area, surrounded on two sides by tall pine hedges, whilst the fourth side gave an uninterrupted view out across the deep blue Ionian sea.

The first floor was where the bathroom and master suite were located, whilst the final level was home to two extra bedrooms, each with their own private balcony, where he and Erin would be sleeping. Their bedrooms were separated by a folding door which could be simply locked from either side.

‘Wow, this is so nice’, their mum said, wandering out through the wide glass doors to stand poolside, looking out to sea.

‘Dan, give me a hand with the cases will you.’ His dad shouted. Dan went back out front to help carry the cases from the waiting taxi. As he headed for the door, he saw Erin dashing upstairs excitedly, ‘I’m going to check out my room, mum’ she called.

Dan’s Dad handed him both his and Erin’s cases, saying ‘Just run these up to your rooms will you then come back for some more’. He grabbed them and went back inside, jogged up one set of stairs and then the other. At the top of the stairs there were two doors, side by side, and both were shut, so he dumped the cases on the landing and, without thinking, grabbed the door handle on the right and burst in…

It didn’t occur to him until the last minute that you don’t just burst in to a teenage girl’s bedroom. He was so used to living with guys at uni that the social niceties of living with family had momentarily escaped him.

As soon as he opened the door he heard a strangled ‘urgh!’ Erin was standing by the bed, facing away from him. She had removed her jumper and had one thumb hooked into the waistband of her shorts. Her casino oyna wavy brown hair fell across her smooth, silken, pure white back. Dan’s eyes couldn’t help following the cleft in the centre to the point that it disappeared beneath her shorts, and fixating on the two cute dimples to its left and right. She wasn’t fully turned away from him, and he saw the curve of her midriff, from hip to ribs, and the suggestion of a breast, side on but full and heavy and white as milk.

‘Get out!’ She screamed at Dan.

‘Oh god sorry!’ He shouted back. ‘I was just bringing you your case.’ There was silence for a moment.

‘Just leave it there’ she shouted back, ‘and go!’

Sheepishly, he turned to go back downstairs. ‘I really am sorry’ he shouted back.

It wasn’t until he got to the bottom of the first flight of stairs that he realised something wasn’t quite right. He was hard.

He ran into the bathroom and locked the door. ‘Dan? Dan?’ His mum shouted from downstairs.

‘Just in the loo mum’ he shouted back, ‘won’t be a sec.’

He looked at himself in the mirror. You’re hard for your sister, he thought. It was something he’d never fantasised about, never entertained. Incest was a word he’d heard bandied around in late night uni discussions about porn, but at that time the thought had disgusted him. Until now.

The image of Erin’s pure white back and the roundness of her tight, young ass through her shorts; her toned thighs and slender calves; the soft curve of her breast; these images were burned in his mind.

Without thinking he walked to the toilet, pulled out his rock hard cock and pumped it furiously until he shot his load all over the tiles, thighs quivering, nearly buckling. It was the most intense orgasm he’d ever had.


The first few days of the holiday passed uneventfully, but awkwardly. Dan had been feeling guilty about bursting in on Erin and his subsequent loss of self control.

Understandably, Erin had been weird with him too. They hadn’t really spoken since it happened.

Mum knew there was something going on, and kept making suggestions like, ‘Why don’t you two walk to the shops together?’ or ‘What about a bike ride?’ But they both ignored her.

Dad was oblivious, as usual.

Despite feeling guilty, Dan couldn’t help thinking about his sister differently. Where before, everything about her had either been irritating or dull, now everything she did seemed cute, sexy even. Part of him had been secretly looking forward to seeing her in a bikini, or at least some skimpier clothing – it was 30 degrees, after all – but she’d been frustratingly fully clothed, no doubt embarrassed since the incident.

Dan was worried that his interest in Erin was turning into an obsession. He’d already masturbated twice more to his mental picture of her, half naked in her bedroom. In his fantasies she continued undressing, oblivious of his entry, easing her shorts down over her pert buttocks. It was ok as long as he just thought about it though, right?

As he was thinking all this, lying by the pool on one of the villa’s sun loungers dressed in a pair of trunks that clung tightly to his bulging cock, his dad snoring gently beside him, his mum popped her head out of the kitchen window and shouted, ‘Erin and I are off out for a little walk down to the shore, want to come?’

‘No thanks mum’ he replied, a little flustered given what he’d just been thinking about, ‘I’m fine here’.

‘Ok’ she shouted, and was gone. Dan heard the front door slam.

He lay on the sun lounger a little longer, daydreaming about Erin. If he could just see her in her bikini, perhaps some skimpy shorts and a little tight top… his cock hardened. Fuck it, he thought.

Leaving his dad lying on the sun lounger Dan walked back inside and went straight upstairs, bypassing the first floor and going straight to Erin’s room. He tried the handle. Locked. Damn. But then, I guess I don’t blame her, he thought. Then he remembered the folding door that joined their rooms.

Opening his door he walked straight to it and gave it a try. It slid open with ease. Perhaps she hadn’t realised she could lock it.

Her room smelt of her. There was a sweetness that reminded him if her hair, and an undercurrent of mustiness and dirty laundry. The

wrongness of what he was doing was exciting him. I’m in my teen sister’s bedroom dressed in speedos and my dick is hard, he thought.

He walked over to the chest of drawers carefully, quietly, not wanting to disturb anything, and found her underwear. She wore a lot of simple black panties, it seemed, but there were a few thongs in there, one decorated with red roses, covering the crotch. He touched it’s crotch and felt his dick harden again. It felt as if it might burst.

Then, his eyes fell on something. Just to the right of the chest of drawers was a small pile of clothes and, lying on top, the thin nylon shorts and panties Erin had worn on the plane. Quivering with excitement, Dan reached for them and plucked the simple black panties from their resting place. With one hand he pressed slot oyna them to his face and inhaled, whilst the other reached into his trunks and grabbed his stiff cock.

He lay down on her bed, surrounded by her smell, and began to stroke rhythmically, tasting her pussy, licking hungrily at the sweat stained crotch of her knickers, picturing her pink wet pussy, tasting it on his lips.

His stroking became more and more insistent and he was close to climax when he heard the door slam and feet on the stairs.

‘I’m going for a nap, mum, he heard Erin shout. Oh god, how long had he been in here? He leapt up off the bed, closed the drawer quickly and quietly, smoothed out the covers and dashed back through the folding doors, closing them behind him. Phew, he thought, hearing Erin unlock her door and flop onto her bed. It was then he realised he was still holding her knickers. Oh well, too late now.

He was still hard. If anything, almost being caught had made him more excited.

It was very quiet in Erin’s room. Dan turned towards the folding door, and noticed he hadn’t quite shut it fully. There was a barely perceptible crack in the middle where the two doors didn’t quite meet. Barely breathing, he put his eye to it.

At first he couldn’t make anything out. But then, as he looked at the bed, directly opposite the door, he saw Erin’s face. She wasn’t sleeping. Her hair was in disarray, spread out in long wavy strands over the white pillow which she’d propped against the bed head. Her small, cute mouth was open, lips slightly parted, and her eyebrows were raised in an expression of ecstasy. Dan’s eyes travelled down her body but, other than her shoulders, the rest of her was obscured by the crumpled duvet.

Still, it was obvious what she was doing. Her right shoulder moved persistently, rhythmically, and she was letting small, muffled gasps escape from her tiny mouth, biting her lip with pure, white teeth. Dan grabbed his cock and they masturbated together, brother and teen sister, Dan pressing the crotch of her dirty underwear to the head of his penis, sensing the rising urgency of her movements and then, as she arched her back at the moment of climax, she shifted her feet of the bed and he caught a glimpse of her glistening wet pussy. He burst all over the folding door and collapsed, exhausted to the floor, just a little too heavily.’

‘Dan?’ He heard Erin call from the other room. ‘You in there?’ He heard her get up from the bed and pad softly over to the folding doors. ‘Shit’ he thought, barely breathing, staying completely still.

And yet, the thought of her standing just the other side of the doors, nude from the waist down, young pussy still slick and wet, started to turn him on again.

But he stayed silent. He heard her stand for a moment, listening, and then turn and walk away. There was some shuffling and then her door slammed and her feet were on the stairs. He heard the shower on the first floor turned on. And he let out a huge sigh of relief.

Carefully he slid the door back across and crept to where here shorts still lay. He placed her panties back where he’d found them and turned to go, when he noticed something on the bed where she’d been lying. He bent over it and smelt her sex, then padded back out of her room, disgusted with himself and turned on in equal measures.


‘Why don’t you two go down to the beach today? Your dad and I are taking the rental car up into the mountains. I’m sure you two would have more fun in the sea!’ Dan knew exactly what his mum was doing, but he decided that this time, she really was right.

Plus, it might mean he finally got to see Erin in a bikini.

‘Yeah, I’m up for that. Erin?’ He looked at her, questioningly.

‘Fine. She muttered, grabbing her breakfast things and dumping them in the sink. I’ll be down in a bit.’

30 minutes later and Dan was waiting, beach bag ready. He’d chosen to wear a simple t-shirt, shorts over his trunks and flip flops. His sunglasses were propped on his head, nestled in his thick black hair.

He heard feet on the stairs and turned to see Erin coming down.

She was wearing a long wrap that covered her legs and bum and a loose fitting tank top. Not very revealing, Dan thought.

‘Let’s go then’ she said.

As they walked down to the beach they made small talk, Dan chatting about some of the things he’d got up to at uni, drunken nights out. Erin asked him about girls and he said sure, there had been a few, but none he’d really fallen for. After this, she went quiet for a bit. Dan admired the graceful way she walked; the way her hips swayed and her hair caught in the wind; her delicate, sandal-clad feet. God, he thought, this is turning into more than lust.

When they got to the beach, Dan immediately stripped out of his shorts and t-shirt and kicked off his sandals, then turned to Erin.

She was just reaching for the tie on her wrap and, as he turned, he was sure he saw her eyes dart up from where his muscular buttocks had just been, then flicker back down over his toned torso and the sizeable bulge of his canlı casino siteleri cock. It wasn’t the longest he’d heard of, or seen in the changing rooms for that matter, but it was thick. Girls he’d slept with at uni had often gasped as he’d entered them, equal parts pain and pleasure.

‘Come on then, let’s get in the sea’ he said, attempting to cover the charged moment.

She half turned away, a little flustered perhaps, and loosened the wrap before unpeeling it from her lower body, then reached up and grabbed the hem of her vest top, pulling it off over her head in one smooth motion.

Dan was going to have to be careful here. He was staring.

She was wearing a simple, peach coloured bikini with a tie top that extended around her pale, delicate neck. Her hair was drawn up in a loose ponytail, showing off the smoothness of her shoulders. As she had removed her top, her breasts had bobbed lightly inside her bikini top. They were heavy, at least a double d, Dan thought, but perfectly pert in the way only a teen’s can be, and milk white. From their shape, he could tell she had medium sized nipples, pouty and red, the areola covering the pointed tips of her breasts, ripe for sucking.

His eyes travelled down over her perfectly flat stomach to the v of her mound, bulging slightly beneath the thin material of her swimsuit. From there, the toned thighs and calves he had already seen just the other day travelled down to her perfect, tiny feet.

She looked at him, quizzically, her light hair swaying with the movement, he pert lips poised to ask a question…

He cut her off before she could ask: ‘Come on, let’s have a swim.’

They crashed into the warm water together through the waves, and for the first time that holiday Dan felt as if he was having fun. They swam and splashed, playing like they used to when they were kids, but with an added element of sexual desire, at least on Dan’s part that is. He read in to every light touch of her hand on his arm or chest, the feel of her smooth, round, full breasts pressing against his back when she grabbed him from behind and tried to dunk him. Were her nipples hard? Was that her buttock he just accidentally brushed against with his hand?

Later, after they’d finished in the sea, they staggered back to their sun loungers and lay, panting, half naked in the warm Mediterranean sunlight.

‘That was actually fun’ Erin said, smiling at him. A beautiful, innocent smile, with just a hint of cheekiness that made Dan melt.

‘Yeah.’ And he couldn’t help it. He gazed down over her smooth, toned body, glistening and wet from the sea, her legs crossed, calf muscles bulging beneath her pristine skin, the dampness at her crotch, the droplets of water running from her collarbone to her perfect breasts.

This time, she caught him.

‘What?’ She asked, sitting up a little.

‘Oh… just’ think Dan, think, ‘I was just thinking you could use some sun. You’re so pale!’

She looked down at her perfect teen body, not even knowing how sexy she was, ‘Yeah, you’re probably right.’ She said, and lay down on her front so that her back was exposed to the sun.

Dan gazed at her back again, and those dimples. And a thought occurred to him. ‘You know, you’ll get a tan line’ he said.


‘From your bikini straps’ he said, gesturing at the thin, wet material tied in a loose knot across her back and neck.

‘Yeah well, never mind.’

Dan gulped, then said, as nonchalantly as possible, ‘Just undo it. We’re on the continent, no one cares.’

‘Dan! No!’ She said, shocked. But he pressed on.

‘Look, all the other women are doing it. Erin propped herself up on her elbows and glance around. Her heavy breasts hung, dripping onto the sun lounger.

‘Well yeah, I guess. But…’

‘But what?’

‘You’re here!’

‘Oh relax Erin. I’m your brother. Besides, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before…’ This reference to the start of the holiday was risky, but it worked.

‘Fine’ she said, lying back down so that her breasts pressed flat against the lounger, reaching round and undoing the ties at her neck and in the centre of her back and letting then fall away.

Dan stared at the sides of her breasts, so tantalisingly close, bare, soft and ripe.

‘Happy now?’ She asked, turning her head away and settling down to sunbathe.

Dan said nothing; the stiffness in his trunks said it all. He turned to lie on his front, pressing his cock into the sun lounger and turned his head towards Erin, where she lay, almost completely naked. To think, she had been so embarrassed earlier in the week when he’d burst in on her, and now… look how far they’d come. He ran his eyes over the gentle curve of her ass in profile, hidden only by her bikini bottoms, and imagined easing them down, slowly over her perfect white ass, seeing the ripeness of her buttocks as they were steadily exposed to the sun, feeling their smoothness beneath his hands, soft as a ripe peach, gently furred. Then he imagined pushing his fingers into the crevice at the top of her legs, seeking out that wet, warm, sloppiness with his fingers, hearing her moan, quietly, as he slid his fingers in and out of her warm vagina, slowly, finger fucking his sister to a shuddering orgasm, her screaming his name…

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