Adam’s Aunt Ch. 03

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Author’s Notes:

This story is © Copyright LesLumens. Should this story be found anywhere except with this note attached, it is posted without my permission.

For those who’ve read my other taboo tales, this one is a little different. My other tales center on love, and this one is built more upon lust.

This is a four-part story, and all four were submitted on the same day, so they should come out one a day.


Christine moaned as her nephew flooded her with hot cum. She teasingly rocked her body back toward him, causing him to gasp and growl from the sensation of her pussy sliding over his oversensitive cock.

He pulled free, spilling a stream of their mingled juices onto the bed, and Christine sat up from her doggy-style position to pull him into a kiss. He hesitated at first, because he’d sprayed her face with cum only a few minutes after arriving this morning, but soon forgot about that as she moaned and kissed him.

“You’d better get going. It’s a long drive to the concert, and you don’t want to miss anything. Look at some boobies for me,” she said with a wink and a grin.

He weakly chuckled and collapsed to the bed. He looked over at his aunt turning off the video camera and said, “I can’t believe we taped that.”

“You can’t always be here, and this is better than imagining you fucking me hard.”

“I guess I had better get going, but I don’t know if I can get up.”

“Relax for a few minutes, and I’ll go get you a washcloth so you can clean up. You’re a little sticky.”

Adam was excited enough about the concert to overcome his lethargy in about ten minutes, and his aunt helped him gather up his clothes to dress. Shortly thereafter, she sent him on his way with a final kiss and a teasing squeeze of his cock. Then, she hurried to shower and prepare for the arrival of his older sister.

Christine dressed in a tight t-shirt and a pair of shorts, making sure that her niece’s first impression was one of casual fun. The wait set her to pacing as she daydreamed about what she wanted to happen this week. With an hour left before she was to leave for the airport, she couldn’t endure her need any longer. Her clothes found a temporary home at the foot of her bed, and her rabbit vibe found a warm home buried in her depths. She managed to clean up and dress just in time to jump in the car and head for the airport.


Angie waved when she noticed her aunt, and hurried through the terminal to where Christine waited just outside the secure area. The first thing Christine noticed was that Angie wasn’t wearing a bra beneath her tight t-shirt, and that her shorts showed off a lot of attractive leg. The second thing she noticed was that her niece was walking with a group of four young men who whispered to each other as she bounded up the hallway.

“It’s good to see you,” Christine said as she gathered up her niece in her arms. She tingled all over from the contact, and had to concentrate hard not to shudder with pleasure.

“You too,” Angie answered.

“So, you coming?” One of the young men asked as the group approached.

“What’s this?” Christine asked with a smile.

“There’s a party tomorrow, and they wanted me to come.”

“Sounds fun. Plenty to drink, eat, and do?” Christine questioned.

One of the young men answered, “Hell yeah. Troy’s parents are on a cruise, so they said we could do whatever we wanted, so long as we didn’t destroy the place and cleaned up afterwards.”

“You should come too,” one of the other men added, staring unabashedly at Christine’s body.

Christine turned to her niece. “What do you think? It sounds like a lot of fun.”

Angie smiled and said, “Sure, why not.”

One of the young men dug into his backpack and retrieved a flier for the party. “That tells you how to get there. We’ll see you both there.”

“We’ll be there,” Christine promised. As the group walked off, she leaned in to her niece and said, “Look at those butts. Don’t you just want to…?” She trailed off and let out a sensual growl.

Angie blushed a little and laughed. “They’re hot. They talked to my boobs for the whole flight.”

“Well, they’re a little hard to miss,” Christine said with a wink.

“The flight was great, though. I’ve never flown first class before.”

“Good. I wanted you to enjoy it. Now, let’s go shopping.”

Angie’s bright smile well revealed how she felt about that suggestion.


The trunk and back seat of Christine’s car were both filled with bags after five hours of unrelenting shopping. It had taken Christine a few minutes to convince her niece to enter the last store, but in the end, she’d won the fight.

Now she stood in the dressing room, fighting her hungry desire with all her might as Angie changed into a new bathing suit. The mirrors in the room ensured that she saw her niece from every angle, and her blood raced as the beautiful young blonde dressed. She’d already watched the show once, as both women had tried on a bra casino oyna and pair of panties to make sure that the store’s sizes matched what they were used to.

Angie finally got the suit on, her cheeks filling with color, and looked at herself in the mirrors. The string bikini-top revealed nearly half of her breasts in the center, barely covering her nipples. The bottom rode low and likewise covered little.

Christine certainly approved, and said, “That looks incredible on you.”

“It’s on me?” Angie said with a nervous chuckle. “I’ll never keep my boobs in this thing to walk, let alone swim.” She stretched one leg out and lifted her knee slightly. “And look at this.” The small triangle of cloth covering her sex had slipped enough to reveal one baby-smooth lip.

“I guess you’re right. That’s not really meant for anything but lying on the beach, or taking off almost as soon as the right person gets a look at it.” She laughed and said, “Try on the other one, and I’ll see what mine looks like.”

Both women changed, having selected similar suits in slightly different colors. The bikinis didn’t really cover much more than the one Angie had already tried on, but just enough. Angie bounced and jiggled, giving her aunt a show that nearly took her breath away, and seemed satisfied that the bikini would keep her assets properly covered.

“Perfect,” Christine said as she moved in next to her niece and draped her arm over the blonde’s shoulder. “The guys are going to get concussions from walking into things, staring at us.” She then adopted a feigned expression of concern and tugged down on the front of her suit to reveal her sex. “I think I may need a trim. My triangle is getting pretty bushy.”

Angie looked down, and Christine hoped she wasn’t imagining the spark of interest she saw in her niece’s eyes, or the darting glances she thought she’d noticed while changing. “I sort of like how you leave it long enough to curl. I trim mine really short.”

“It looks good. Have you had much chance to show it off?” Christine twitched her eyebrows and grinned.

“Aunt Christine!” Angie laughed.

“Oh, come on now,” Christine laughed back. “I went to college too, remember? You just have to know who you’re with. It scares me to think about all the people I was with that I barely knew.”

“I’m pretty careful about who I sleep with. I’m on the pill, too, but I’ve usually made guys wear condoms anyway.”

Though she didn’t come right out and say it, her tone and choice of words strongly indicated that it wasn’t only guys that she’d slept with.

“I can’t believe I just said that to you,” she continued, covering her mouth.

“Forget I’m your aunt. We’re supposed to be having fun. Let’s get changed and go sort through the racks for some sexy new bras and panties. We know how their stuff fits us now, so we can just get the right size off the racks. Then we’ll go get something to eat, have a few drinks, and go dancing. You can tell me all the juicy details when we’re half drunk later.”

“Now I know why Mom said you were a bad influence.”

“I’m pretty good at being bad,” Christine responded, squeezing her breasts and puckering her lips outrageously to punctuate it.

Angie shook her head, laughed, and then reached for the tie on her bikini top to change out of it. Christine followed her niece’s example, and they left the shop with two more bags to add to the collection stuffing Christine’s car.


It didn’t take Angie long to loosen up around her uninhibited aunt. From the moment they walked into the club after dinner, Christine made it clear that she was out to party. The pair danced, drank, and broke hearts the night through. Christine only paid for the first of their drinks. After that, eager men took care of the tab in the hope that it might lead to more. Both women flirted a little for their drinks, but made it clear that they weren’t looking for anything more without being too rude.

Christine’s prediction that they would be half drunk by the time they returned home was only half right. Both women were stumbling and thoroughly blitzed by the time the cab dropped them off at the house. Angie collapsed on the couch next to her aunt with a laugh, which resulted in them both breaking out into gales of laughter, though neither really knew what was so funny.

Christine unbuttoned her blouse and unclasped her bra with a gasp of relief once she managed to catch her breath. “Thank heavens. My poor girls were suffocating.”

Angie nodded her head in agreement and then tugged up on her top to mirror her aunt’s actions. She lifted her breasts with one hand and fanned below them once she dispensed with her bra. She let them fall, and then glanced at her aunt’s breasts. “Yours cut into you a little,” she said, and then traced the visible line on Christine’s breast.

Her niece’s touch sent a shiver running through Christine’s body, and she quickly covered by saying, “That tickles.” She sat up straighter and said, “Let’s go soak in the Jacuzzi. I don’t think I slot oyna could stand up to take a shower right now, and we have a party to go to tomorrow.”

“That sounds good. I haven’t danced that much in a while. I can’t feel it right now, but I bet every muscle in my body will be burning tomorrow.”

The pair supported each other as they stumbled through the house to the bathroom, and then helped keep each other upright as they undressed and sank into the tub. Christine turned it on and let out a languid moan as the jets caressed her body.

“Oh, that’s nice,” Angie sighed, and then let her bottom slip forward as she leaned back. Her eyes popped wide open and she let out a little “Oh,” of surprise when one of the jets tickled her folds with firm pressure.

Realizing what had happened, Christine reached for the knob on the side of the tub and asked with a twitch of her eyebrows, “Do you want me to turn it up?”

Angie laughed as she shifted so that the jet wasn’t shooting directly into the V of her legs. “You sound like you’ve tried it before.”

“It beats leaning against the washer during the spin cycle.”

“Oh my god,” Angie laughed, her face filling with color.

Christine chuckled and said, “Sorry. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. I know it’s probably creepy to hear me talking about sex.”

Angie looked over at her aunt and shrugged. “Not really. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t feel so weird with you. With Mom or Aunt Karen, it makes my skin crawl.”

“Probably because I’m younger, but I hope it’s because you think of me more as a friend than an aunt.”

“I guess I do, and I’m having a lot of fun. Thanks for flying me down here.”

“You’re welcome.” Though she wanted to press her niece farther, she felt uncomfortable doing so when the young blonde was so drunk. “Let’s get washed up and get in bed. We’re probably going to feel awful for a while in the morning, and we’ll want to get that over with before the party.”

Angie sighed sadly in agreement with that prophecy.


Aunt and niece indeed felt quite delicate upon awakening late the next morning. After a couple of miserable hours, the pair slowly recovered. As soon as their headaches subsided, they fell into the important task of choosing what to wear over their bikinis, knowing that they certainly would need more than the minuscule covering this early in the year, once evening wore on.

Christine found the place easily enough, and the vast numbers of cars parked all along the circular drive indicated that there were plenty of people in attendance. Loud music indicated that the party was already in full swing. Arrows directed the partygoers to the beach behind the house. Young men hurried to hand Christine and Angie drinks almost as soon as they appeared at the back of the house.

Well remembering their morning, neither woman drank much — just enough to get a good buzz. They spent the day admiring bronzed young men and attractive women in various states of undress, joining in volleyball games and dancing the day away. It was a little cold to go in the ocean despite the unseasonably warm weather, but the pool provided both women with an opportunity to try out their new bikinis.

As the evening wore on and the alcohol continued to flow, the party grew even more rowdy. Women’s inhibitions vanished, and so did their tops. Angie was just inebriated enough to lose some of her control as well, and Christine received undeniable confirmation that her niece found women sexually attractive when Angie’s eyes automatically lingered on any girl that shed clothing.

Almost inevitably, someone brought out stacks of white t-shirts and announced a wet t-shirt contest. A prize of three hundred dollars encouraged participation, and several men ended up donating their own shirts to provide enough for the volunteers.

Christine didn’t wait for things to reach that stage, however. As soon as she realized what was going on, she tugged her niece toward the house with a crooked grin. A steady stream of women filed into the house, emerging a minute or two later clad in white t-shirts. A pair of girls volunteered to guard the room against prying eyes while everyone else changed. Soon enough, Christine led her niece toward the pool where the contest would take place. Both had chosen to wear only a t-shirt and their bikini bottoms.

Christine and Angie both squealed as the organizer of the contest turned the hose upon them and the other contestants, the sound merging with the cheers of the spectators and the thumping music.

It took nearly thirty minutes to narrow the field down to ten by applause. Christine and Angie were amongst the remaining contestants, their provocative poses and skimpy bikini bottoms garnering loud applause. Christine leaned in and whispered to her niece as the organizer began moving down the line, calling for the crowd to make noise for each woman. Angie broke out into laughter and shook her head, mouthing, No way.

When the young man moved in behind her, pouring another canlı casino siteleri pitcher of water over her before raising his hand to call for applause, Christine said, “Three hundred dollars. Do it.”

“Oh my god,” Angie laughed, and then pulled up her shirt.

The crowd erupted into thunderous applause, and loud screams of approval. Angie threw caution to the wind, jiggling and blowing kisses to keep the applause growing.

Christine didn’t even wait for the young man to pour water over her. She pulled off her t-shirt and let the water cascade over her bare breasts. She received the same thunderous response as her niece.

The final woman in the group saw the writing on the wall, and she also bared her breasts for the crowd. Several of the other seven women scowled with murder in their eyes.

The field narrowed down to five, naturally including the three who’d bared their breasts. “You know what’s next,” Christine leaned in to say to her niece. A second later, the first of the remaining contestants dropped her shorts to the ground.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Angie shouted to her aunt, but she didn’t hesitate in shedding her bikini bottom, even as Christine did the same.

The five women jockeyed for attention, posing and dancing for the crowd. The organizer simply sat back and let the women go, as they steadily grew bolder. Two of the women on the opposite end from Angie and her aunt conferred for a moment, and then locked lips in a kiss, letting their hands roam over each other.

The crowd roared its approval.

Christine reached out and stroked her niece’s arm. Once again, she’d reached a moment of truth. “Do you want to win?” She asked with a twitch of her eyebrows.

“This is so crazy!” Angie responded.

“It’s fun, though. Let’s win you that money.” With that, Christine stepped forward and put one hand on her niece’s taut bottom. Angie did the same as she leaned in to kiss her aunt.

Christine shivered as she kissed her niece, feeling the younger blonde stiffen for a moment. Then, Angie’s kiss took on a passionate quality, her tongue dancing with her aunt’s and her hands roaming over Christine’s back and bottom.

Now fully caught up in the moment, Christine let her fingers creep along the cleft of Angie’s buttocks as they kissed. She reached forward between her niece’s legs and slipped her finger into the blonde’s wet heat.

Angie gasped and kissed her aunt harder. A few seconds later, she pulled away and let a wave of pleasure roll through her body. Christine stroked her fingertip into Angie’s pussy, and rubbed her breasts against her niece’s. Angie reached between their bodies and let her fingers play over Christine’s folds.

No longer even paying attention to the crowd, Christine bent down to take one of Angie’s nipples between her lips. The blonde’s free hand settled on the back of her aunt’s head, and she stroked her finger deeper into Christine’s slippery canal. When Christine released her niece’s small nipple, Angie leaned in to suckle the stiff tip of her aunt’s right breast.

Caught up in her own desire, Christine didn’t catch the organizer’s announcement for a few seconds. Angie realized what he had said at the same time, and looked up to find the organizer holding out three hundred-dollar bills, continuing to call for applause for the winners of the contest.

Angie let her finger slip free of her aunt’s pussy and brought the moist digit to her lips. Christine did the same, and then both women licked their fingers clean to the sound of even louder approval from the crowd.

Angie’s face filled with color as she accepted the money, but desire still lingered in her eyes. Christine bent to retrieve their bikini bottoms, but left the sodden t-shirts where they lay. The two women walked back to the house for their clothes with their right hands clasped, and their bikini bottoms swinging on the left.

“Do you want to go home?” Christine asked in a sultry, hopeful tone as she picked up her clothing.

Angie nodded, now drinking in her aunt’s nude body without any pretense of secrecy.

“Hurry. Let’s get dressed and go.”

Christine and her niece pulled on their clothes, not bothering to put on their bikinis under the clothing again. They left the party without preamble and hurried to the car.

Once she started the car, Christine looked over at her niece and said, “Are you okay?”

A sexy smile spread across Angie’s face as she nodded.

“I want you,” Christine breathed, leaning in close.

“I want you too,” Angie answered, and then kissed her aunt.

As soon as their lips parted, Christine put the car in gear.


The trip had felt like years to Christine. She could tell from the look in Angie’s eyes and her touches that her niece felt the same. They didn’t speak when Christine pulled into the garage; they simply got out of the car and proceeded directly to the bedroom.

Christine walked hand-in-hand with her niece to the bed, and then turned to face the beautiful blonde. Angie’s blue eyes locked with her aunt’s green ones, and both women breathed rapidly in anticipation. Their hands moved to each other’s waists, and then they stepped together simultaneously.

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