Accidental Piss Lovers Ch. 03

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A week has passed since I made Brandy piss on my chest. I was really hoping to get this whole thing out of my head, but the desire returned far too quickly and I find it isn’t just a desire to be pissed on anymore. I want to taste her piss again and enjoy the sensation it brought on my tongue. Her magic elixir is like some strange addiction and I need my fix, but I can’t exactly call her up and invite her over to continue to live out this nightmare with me.

I had been hoping that eating her pussy well enough to bring about an orgasm would have drawn her back, but it seems as if that made it worse. Granted, extorting her into taking action was probably not the best overall plan if I want her to continue, but I was very desperate. Desperation has a tendency of causing people to make mistakes and I made one hell of a big mistake.

I have no idea what I am going to do now. The desire is even stronger now and have no hope of convincing my sister to once again alleviate this nightmare. Getting a girlfriend is hard enough, but even more difficult to convince any woman to give me what I desire most. It isn’t like I can just walk up to some woman I find attractive and invite her back to my place to piss on me.

A knock on the door raises my curiosity, since I know that sounds just like my sister when she raps her knuckles on the wood to be let inside. Despite this renewed hope she has come back, I know it cannot be her. There is no way she would ever willingly come back, since the fear of another episode is far too great. She has every reason in the world to fear a continuation of that day and I know her fear of our parents finding out about the liquor cabinet remains a high priority.

I open my door and my sister rushes past me wearing a loose fitting red dress and I am at a loss as to why she is here. I’m also at a loss as to why she is wearing a dress, since she has not worn one in many years. As I turn to watch her, I close the door and find the red dress suits her in the back.

There is nothing extraordinary about her red dress. It has short sleeves, which reveals much of her slender arms. It hangs down loosely to her knees to reveal her slender legs. Her shoulder length blond hair covers the neck line and I find it oddly attractive. There is nothing remotely sexy about anything I am looking at, yet cannot deny there is a certain sensual look to her.

I lock the door, more out of habit then planning, and she turns quickly to face me. There is anger in her blue eyes that are peaking out from between her bangs, that much is very certain, but also something more and cannot quite place what I see. I can’t help noticing the top of her dress is a little deeper than anything I can recall her wearing and can see the edges of her small tits peeking out just a little. I know she has always been embarrassed by the size of her tits for many years and know she would never wear something that punctuates the size a little too well.

In a voice filled with anger, she says, “Damn you, Max.”

My eyes move up to meet her eyes filled with the anger to match her voice, as I say, “Brandy, I’m sorry.” I can’t say this is true, but maybe I can convince her to let down her guard and give me another chance to have her elixir.

She says, “No your not, Max, so cut the shit. You just had to drag me into this, didn’t you?”

Her choice of words is odd, so I ask, “Drag you into what, Brandy?”

There is no immediate response as she is shooting daggers into my eyes. After several moments of eerie silence, she says, “Piss, you bastard. It wasn’t enough for you to lose sleep, you had to do the same to me.”

I have no idea what she’s talking about and find myself at a loss. How could she lose sleep over just the piss part of what I did. If she’s losing sleep due to being angry with me, then why did she not say something about all of it. I am truly confused by all of this and have to understand what she is telling me.

I say, “Brandy, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. I know what I did was wrong, but what does just the piss part doing to cause you to lose sleep?” I was honest with her when I said I was wrong, since there is no doubt I was very wrong in what I did.

She angrily spouts, “Ever since that day, I have been caught up in your sick world. Now I’m the one that can’t sleep and it’s driving me fucking crazy.”

She seams to be at a loss for words, but I wait for her continue with no prodding from me in the least. She takes her time before breaking the silence and I am at a complete loss over what she’s talking about. None of this is making any sense and I just want her to tell me what is going on.

Her voice breaks the deafening silence, as she says, “Damn you, Max. You want me to say it. Fine, you sick fuck. I want you to piss on my tits. Why the hell did you have to start this. I never even thought about anything like that before, now it’s all I can think about.”

There is no way I could have heard my sister right, but there casino şirketleri is no denying what she said. I ask, “You want me to piss on you, Brandy”

She stares angrily as she says, “Yes, Max. I want you to piss on my fucking tits. At least it will give me some relief from this shit you started.”

I honestly say, “Don’t count on it, Brandy.”

She gets even angrier as she asks in a demanding voice, “Didn’t that whole thing stop?”

I say, “For about a day, it worked great. Then this damned desire to have you piss on me came back stronger than ever.”

She shakes her head and says, “Shit. Well I guess we’re both getting pissed on today.”

I find her words too good to be true and expect her to start laughing at me at any moment. There is no way she is going to fulfil my desire this easily. The only thing that makes sense is she is doing this to drive me even crazier.

I shake my head a little and say, “I can’t believe you would be this cruel, Brandy.”

She spits out, “Cruel. What the fuck are you talking about. You think I’m playing some kind of joke. You know what, fuck it.”

She reached down and starts to pull her dress up quickly and I can’t stop my eyes from following the bottom of her dress. I see she still has her full blond bush and wish she would do something about it. Her dress continues to rise to reveal her petite waistline and I can find no trace of any fat on her stomach. I continue to follow the rising dress and her small tits quickly come into full view. As much as I like much larger tits, I find hers are perfect for her body in every way.

She throws her red dress to the floor and says, “There you go, you sick fuck. If I were playing some kind of joke, I wouldn’t be standing here naked, would I? If this were all a joke, I wouldn’t have said anything about you pissing on my fucking tits, right?”

I can find no flaw in what she is saying as everything makes far more sense than the alternative that popped into my mind a short time ago. I also seem to have the problem of not being able to take my eyes off of her tits. I guess she figures if I am going to piss on them, I might as well get a good look.

She maintains her anger as she says, “You can’t piss on my tits if your wearing pants. Take you fucking clothes off already. Damn it, Max, I need to feel your piss on my tits.”

I nod in complete agreement and quickly remove everything, except my sweat pants and underwear. I am a little nervous about her seeing my cock and not because it is small. I’m actually a good inch longer and a little bigger around than most guys. The sole reason is I am afraid she is going to change her mind.

I throw caution to the wind and reveal my hard cock to my sister for the first time. Her eyes focus on what I have revealed to her and she smiles for the first time. While her eyes take in my dick, my eyes take in her tits. I know I am going to enjoy pissing on them and find myself with a pleasantly full bladder. Sure, it is difficult to piss with an erection, but not impossible.

She forces herself to look away and starts walking towards my bedroom. As my view of her tits gets lost in the turn, I find her ass to be even more enjoyable. Much like the rest of her body, there is very little fat and I find myself engrossed in her cheeks moving very sexily with the movement of her legs. Ideally, a woman’s ass should have far more than what she has, but it fits her body wonderfully well.

I start to follow her as she gets onto my bed and sits on her knees. For some reason, I was expecting her to lay down on her back, just as I had a week ago, and find myself at a little bit of a loss as to why she is sitting like that. The loss passes quickly as I realize what she wants me to do, so I get on my bed and stand in front of her. If she were to straighten up, her face would be very close to my dick, but she is leaning back to give me full access to her tits.

I look into her eyes filled with an odd mix of desire and desperation, and ask, “Are you sure, Brandy?” I immediately regret asking, but can’t take the words back.

She nods in eager anticipation and says, “I’m sure, Max. Now, damn it, piss on my tits so I can get some relief.”

I point the tip of my dick in the direction of her left tit and start to work the muscles needed to empty my very full bladder. It takes a little time due to my erection, but not much as a strong stream of yellow piss starts to work its way quickly up her body and make contact with her tit. She lets out a soft sigh as I slowly move my dick back and forth to ensure complete coverage and then lower it just enough to make direct contact with her nipple.

Her sigh gets a little louder as I target her right tit and again work carefully to cover everything. I lower myself a little, one again, and she lets out a soft moan as my piss makes contact with her nipple. I give her everything I have to make the flow as strong as possible and she shudders at the result.

She lets casino firmaları out another moan, then says, “I can’t believe how good your piss feels, Max.”

I am ready to start working my way to her left tit again when she straightens up quickly and the yellow stream moves from her neck, to chin, to lips and smiles. She opens her mouth a little and lets my piss enter her mouth. It is the hottest thing I have seen and think my dick got even harder. She opens her mouth wider to take more inside and I wish my bladder wasn’t far too close to being empty. My piss overflows from her open mouth and down her chin just as I start to drip. She closes her mouth and swallows everything, then takes the head of my dick into her mouth and starts to suck out everything she can get.

She releases the head of my dick and says, “Damn. I was really hoping I wouldn’t like it. Your piss tastes wonderful. Damn you for starting this.”

I move my eyes down and see some piss dripping from her nipples and say, “I’m glad you like, Brandy. And I don’t care if you damn me or not. I would rather be in this shit with you than to suffer alone.”

She smiles and says, “Well, Max, misery loves company. Neither of us can stop, so we might as well enjoy ourselves. Now I have a full bladder for you. Where do you want it?”

Without any hesitation, I say, “My mouth.”

There is nothing on her face to indicate shock, nor did I expect there to be. The simple fact is, I want to have more on my tongue than just the last few drops and whatever I can find hidden within her pussy lips. I want her to relieve herself in my mouth more than I have ever wanted anything else.

She says, “Lay down on your back so I can give it to you. When I’m done, probe away with your tongue to get all of my piss into your mouth. Just don’t go any further this time.”

I have no problem with agreeing, since she can change her mind at any moment. However, I have no intention on stopping there. The feeling of her clit on my tongue is far too enjoyable for me to refrain and I want to feel that part of her almost as much as I want her piss in my mouth.

As if she is reading my mind, she says, “Be good, Max, and we can 69 later.” This is another pleasant surprise and I am about to respond when she continues, “I don’t want anything to interfere with taste of piss in our mouths. It tastes too good to mix it with your cum. And I know you feel the same.”

How the hell did she get this good at reading my mind? I know she’s right and no I could have enjoyed both of her releases a lot more had they not been quite so close together. I don’t know how I could have missed it, but it just dawned on me that my sister said we will 69 if I’m good. That is definitely worth being very good and I will refrain from any further temptation for now.

In all sincerity, I say, “Absolutely, Brandy. I’m happy to hear my sister thinking these things through.” I can’t believe I let that slip out, as there is every chance that reminding her of our relation could kill everything.

Instead of revulsion, she smiles as she says, “You’re damn right, Max. Now lay on your back already so you can have your sister’s piss.”

Relief washes over me as I lay down and feel the cold dampness that resulted from my pissing on her and I don’t care. Sheets can always be washed and I put a plastic liner down when this nightmare started. I never thought I would get any use until a week ago and found the liner easily cleaned. Now I was getting to use it again and no longer think of this as a nightmare. A willing partner, even if she is my sister, easily turned darkness to light.

She spreads her legs over me and does not bother to hide anything from me this time. Just as she does not bother to pin my arms in place as they are serving the very important purpose of propping my head up a little. As she starts to squat I see her pussy lips covering everything except the very tip of her clit, but that is rectified by my sister using her fingers to spread them apart and I see a very wet hole glistening with desire.

She continues to squat down until she is more than close enough and I position my mouth to ensure a direct hit. I am quickly rewarded as her piss hits my tongue and steadily fills my mouth. Everything about this, from the hot and salty liquid on my tongue to feeling it against the roof of my mouth, is the taste and feel of something quite wonderful.

I close my mouth to swallow what she has given me and feel her piss on my lips and chin. The feeling of her piss going down my throat in one swallow adds to the pleasure as I can feel it working its way down past my throat, just as I feel her piss dripping off my head and running down my arms. I know her piss is going to add to mine on the sheets and find something oddly enjoyable about the knowledge.

I open my mouth and again feel it filling up steadily. As I enjoy the sensation every bit as much as the first mouthful, I realize she is much more controlled with her stream güvenilir casino than she was a week ago. I write it off to being blackmailed into action and wanting to get it over with quickly. This controlled stream is far better and I’m very pleased with my sister taking her time emptying her bladder into my mouth.

In total, I am able to take five large gulps of my sister’s amazing elixir and find each one only renews my desire to have more. I open my mouth after enjoying the sensation of it running down my throat and find the steady stream has been replaced by a very slow drip. I place my mouth closer to the source to ensure the drips end up in their desired place until there are no drops. I work my tongue carefully to search for hidden treasure and do not find anywhere near enough. The temptation to feel her clit on my tongue is great, but I remember what my sister said and stop myself with some degree of difficulty.

Once she feels my tongue leave, she slowly stands up while continuing to hold her lips apart. I don’t know if this is some kind of sick test, but she makes far more difficult to refrain from action. Her pussy is far more wet than it was as she lowered herself down to me and it looks far too tempting. Not only can I see her wonderful pink hole clearly, I can also see her hard clit and I desperately want it. She stands and moves her legs so she is no longer standing over my face and I miss the view already, but at least I have her elixir embedded on my tongue.

She lays down next to me and props herself up so we can look into each other’s identical blue eyes. Neither of us say anything as I enjoy the flavor and sensation, which remains strong in my mouth. My best guess is that my sister is doing the same thing and neither wants to take that moment away.

I break the calming silence by saying, “Your piss tastes amazing. I can’t believe my dear sister can give me something so wonderful. Thank you, Brandy.”

She says, “I’m happy you like it. Well, my dear brother, it looks like you’ve started something we are both going to love.”

She moves her body so her small tits are pressed firmly against my side and I feel that they are still very wet. I don’t mind the sensation in the least, despite the wetness being a result of my own piss. She moves one her legs over mine and I continue to look deep into her eyes. I get lost in them and lose all track of time as we enjoy everything we just shared.

I must have fallen asleep, because my sister is shaking my body to wake me. I open my eyes and see her smiling at me. As I gain focus, I see something very interesting in that smile and know it is a desire for me. Just a week ago, this look would have bothered me greatly, but now I smile back with my own desire. I inhale deeply and fill my nostrils with the strong scent of piss that is emanating from our bodies and the sheet that remains quite damp.

In a lust filled voice, she says, “I think we’ve waited long enough.”

It takes a moment for her words to sink into my still clouded brain, then it dawns on me. I say, “Absolutely, my wonderful sister. You’re on top.” There is no better position for a man to be than on his back, when it comes to a really good 69.

She grins and says, “Whatever you say, my dear brother.”

She does not need to wait for me to adjust, as I am on my back already and have my arms propped under my head. She wastes no time in getting into position and soon find myself looking up at her ass and pussy. Once she is close enough, I take a deep breath through my nose and find the scent of piss to remain. I move my tongue to her clit and enjoy the sensation as she lets out a sigh.

I feel her mouth take my very hard dick and let out a sigh of my own. She starts to move her head up and down and it feels amazing as she works her tongue and muscles to bring about an enhanced sensation. My tongue goes to work quickly and I feel her gag on my cock. The sound she makes adds to the sensation and I work all the harder on her clit.

I am staring at her ass for the first few minutes of our fun and find it looks much better from this angle. My eyes move down as she gags herself again and I stare at her asshole. My tongue is working every bit as hard as my sister’s mouth and I find myself getting lost in the moment. Every action we take brings new levels of pleasure to both of us and I don’t want it to end.

I have never taken the time to look at any woman’s asshole before and can’t take my eyes away from what is right before me. I can see every ridge encircling the dark hole that looks far too tight to take anything. I manage to free my hands from behind my head, without my tongue breaking contact, and place them on her petite ass. The feeling of her cheeks on my hands adds to the pleasure and I find she puts up no fight. I use a little pressure and see her asshole stretch, but the hole remain tightly closed.

Before I can do anything else to get a look inside that mysterious hole, I am on the verge of cumming. I give no warning as I release my cum inside her mouth and down her throat, which causes her to cough. Instead of removing my dick from her mouth, she creates a tight seal with her mouth and I know she is not willing to let one drop escape.

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