Aaron’s Apples Ch. 07

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Mote: With this chapter I am merging the two series “Aaron’s Apples” and Candy’s Cane.” This story begins at the end of “Candy’s Cane CH. 03” and Aaron’s Apples Ch. 06.” I hope you enjoy it.

It was just about 9:30 the next morning and a three ring circus was underway at the neighbor’s homes. Fred Berrybush had hurried off to work for half a day to tie up a few loose ends and maybe his secretary before the celebration of Candy’s return that afternoon.

Aaron had replaced Fred in bed with his mother and was eating out her asshole as she eagerly kicked and rubbed his cock with the heels of her feet. “Fuck me now, if you’re going to. I’m supposed to be at Felicity’s house in a few minutes to help get the party stuff ready. Please fuck your Mommy Whore?”

“Here it is Bitch! Take my God damn prick in that hot little pussy,” Aaron roared as he pulled his Mom up on her knees and rammed his prick into her doggie style. He gave her big ass a couple of swats before reaching one hand under her to maul both of her tits one right after the other and using the other to frig her clit.

She was moaning and groaning as she slammed her ass to meet her son’s thrusts. They came to a thunderous climax. As Aaron dismounted his sexy ride Virginia pleaded, “I’ve got to get ready to go now, but, please don’t clean up your cock. I will do it later.”

At the Peacher house Candy and her mother, Felicity, were having their own fun. Felicity’s husband, John, and his Mother, Cherry, had gone out to do some last minute shopping. Hearing the car drive off Candy rushed into the kitchen where her Mom was drinking a glass of apple juice at the counter. Sneaking up behind her Candy lifted up her parent’s skirt and pulled her panties off her Mother’s mammoth ass letting them fall to the floor. Nibbling on Felicity’s neck she purred, “How about sharing that with me.”

Candy ran her fingers through the thick forest around her Mom’s sweet pussy as her Mom started to bring the glass of apple juice to Candy’s mouth. Candy clasped her Mom’s pubis hard saying, “No mom, not from the glass, pour it in here and let me drink it from you.”

Felicity turned around and gave Candy a passionate kiss. Candy was thirsty! She motioned for her Mom to climb up on the wide breakfast bar. She boosted herself onto the counter pulling her skirt up out of the way. Lifting her hips up to the right angle she handed the glass to Candy who promptly poured a couple of ounces of the sticky nectar into her Mom’s womb. In less than a second Candy was slurping the apple juice and other natural flavorings from between her Mom’s legs. She was slurping so loud the noise could be heard throughout the house. As soon as most of the apple juice had been devoured by her thirsty daughter Felicity began bucking and thrashing her twat in Candy’s face yelling out, “Oh yes, you little slut bitch, eat mommy’s cunt, oh, you are so good.” Just as Felicity came the phone rang. Still sprawled out on the counter Felicity reached over and answered it.

Upon hanging up a look of panic came over Felicity’s face. It was Virginia Berrybush telling them she and Aaron would be over in a couple of minutes. “Candy, hurry up, finish getting dressed Aaron and Virginia are on their way. We will have to finish this some other time.” Candy ran off to her room as Felicity wiped up the mess and pulled back on her panties.

Meanwhile John and his mother, Cherry, drove off but not to the store but to an apartment of one of his friends from work who was out of town for the holidays. The friend told him to use it for whatever fucking he wanted in return for watering the plants and bringing in the mail. As they drove the 15 minute drive John asked, “How about showing me something that will perk me up on this cold winter day?”

The 62 year old grandmother had no trouble figuring out what he meant. She hiked her skirt up until John could see the blue of her panties. But, he almost wrecked the car when she unbuttoned her blouse revealing that she was not wearing a bra and he watched her breasts bounce with each defect in the pavement. Somehow they got into the bedroom of the apartment in one piece. “John, it has been too long. My asshole needs your rod deep inside it. You butt fucker you.”

“Maybe, you should move closer so we can fuck more often,” he said pulling her blouse off of her shoulders revealing the rest of her boobs.

“I’ll think about it, now just give me that cock up my poop shoot.”

“Not until I am finished with casino siteleri your jugs and we sixty-nine then I will ram my dick up your shitty depths.”

“We have been doing this for over20 years and I still love the way you suck your Mommy’s titties. Oh MY swallow my boobies, Oh fuck yes that feels wonderful!” Cherry had always been amazed that her son knew just how rough to treat her boobs without going over the edge. She came just from his boob play, but he was by no means done.

John kissed down Cherry’s stomach until reaching her cunt and pulled his mother into the sixty-nine position. Cherry had to admit to herself that she had thoughts of doing this with Aaron, but had no trouble getting into it with her own son. John loved sixty-nine with his mom as she was as frantic about it as any teenager. They would roll around on the bed for 20 minutes or longer.

John lost track of how many times his mom came but she always managed to let him cum just as she had enough of his tongue. While Cherry had other men up her ass her son was her favorite. “Ok, Johnny, you have had your fun, now fuck me up the ass hole.”

“Yes, mommy dearest, whatever you say,” teased John. Since Cherry didn’t get on all fours John correctly figured that she wanted to sit on his cock. He laid down with his legs together as his Mom climbed aboard. It was a difficult position that Cherry liked. But, she wanted to look John in the eyes as she took him into her bowels.

Aiming his cock in to her at the right angle had taken some practice over the years. IT took a minute or two for John to penetrate his Mom’s ass ring. But then with one squeal of pain he was in. His mom let out a deep breath and began moaning in enjoyment. She had her hands on his chest using them to push herself up and down on his eight inches. John could not believe, even after over a hundred times, how tight his mother’s asshole was. He liked this position the best as he could still fondle his mom’s tits and was enjoying the heck out of it without doing much of the work.

“Ride me, Mom, You are so fucking tight,” he moaned as he pumped his hips in rhythm with his mom’s strokes. His mom’s breathing was getting heavier and heavier. He knew she was close to cumming so he moved a hand down to her swollen clit and wildly, but gently, frigged it. Her cunt juice was pouring out onto his stomach as the lovers came to a wonderfully fulfilling orgasm. Cherry lifted herself John’s rod and they decided they had better get dressed and quickly find something to buy at the store to keep their little secret.

Virginia Berrybush had herself back together after the brief session of lust with her son. She called out to him, “Aaron, my sweet Mother Fucker, please help me take this stuff over to the Peacher’s. There is too much for me to take by myself.” Aaron didn’t really want to go over two hours early but reluctantly agreed even though he would have no chance of anything with his Mom or Felicity as there would be too many people around. His Mom assured him that he could return home once the stuff was delivered.

He walked in the dining room as Virginia was hanging up the phone after talking with Felicity She was wearing tight pants that accented her ass crack. He repositioned his prick to point towards his belly button and walked up behind her, pulling her ass tight against his erection, and started grinding against her crack moaning, “Mommy Whore has a fucking big ass and I want to fuck it.”

“Not now Felicity is waiting on us. I promise to make things right later.” She broke free of Aaron’s grasp and began handing him various dishes to carry. While disappointed Aaron knew that his mom always kept her word and even paid him back with interest. When they got there Felicity answered the door with a passionate kiss for each of them.

Each of them snuck in a little covert groping as they kissed. Felicity explained that Candy was the only other person home. Felicity and Virginia went to the kitchen as Virginia told her son, “Why don’t you take our coats to Felicity’s room and lay them on the bed?” Aaron wondered what happened to being able to go back home but decided not to fight it as there was nothing interesting to do at home anyway.

As soon as Aaron was out of sight the ladies were in each other’s arms kissing and grinding their thighs against one another’s crotches. Felicity could barely speak but manage to say, “I want you to sit on my face while that stud kid of yours fucks me.”

“Oh yes, that would slot oyna be great. But we have plenty of time for that later, but we better stop everything for now as you are hosting this damn party.” Grudgingly the ladies went about the task of putting things together.

In no big rush Aaron sauntered down the hall to the master bedroom. On his way back he noticed Candy’s bedroom light was on and the door slightly ajar. He hadn’t seen her since she had returned from her trip so he thought he would knock on the door and just welcome her back, “Who is it?”

“Hey Canned Peaches, its Aaron.”

“You can come in if you stop using that dumb nickname.”

Neither could believe what they saw. It had been nearly a year since they had seen each other because of Candy’s schooling and study abroad. Aaron had mushroomed into a hunk as he had put on weight and grown at least three inches. While Candy had filled out in all of the right places but, her chest had really blossomed. Aaron gulped, “Hi, Candy.”

“Hi there yourself, boy you have really changed.”

“How do you mean.”

“Well for one thing you are much taller and for another thing you are a lot bigger.”

“You are a lot bigger, too.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“I mean your boobs are a lot bigger.” Aaron hadn’t meant to say that and wished he could take it back as he felt himself blush. He knew his face was a deep shade of red.

Proving that two people could stick their foot in their mouths Candy responded, “Your face is the color of my panties!”

This thought turned Aaron on enough to play a bit so he blurted out, “Prove it.”

Candy was not one to let a challenge go unmet so she unzipped her pants and pulled the sides of the fly apart revealing a patch of hot red material. Now unknowingly she was about to take things one step too far as she counter challenged, “Now, I showed you the color of my undies; so, you have to show me the color of yours.”

As Aaron reached for his fly he figured there was no harm in it. So, he casually pulled down the zipper. As soon as he pulled his hand away he heard a very loud gasp from Candy. It seemed that his wiener was sticking out of the opening of the fly of the underwear. And, to compound the situation as soon as he realized this his cock began to grow. Before he could take action it had grown to its full seven inches. Now candy felt herself getting super charged. It had been less than ten minutes since her mom had made her stop making love to her and she was still very horny.

Now, looking at Aaron’s piece of meat she was on fire. Not a word was spoken as Candy pushed the door shut and Aaron to the bed. Their hands were all over each other as their mouths collided into frantic passionate kissing. They appeared to be trying to eat each other’s faces. Aaron kicked off his shoes as he tasted the sweetness of Candy’s saliva.

As hungry as they both appeared you wouldn’t think they had just had several sexual encounters in the last 24 hours. Their fingers busily worked on buttons and snaps freeing them from their clothes. Candy stood up only long enough to let her pants fall to the floor and to pull off Aaron’s jeans. Their only problem came when trying to remove Aaron’s briefs. They had to make a concerted effort to pull his cock back through the fly so they could get them off. This done, Candy humped her clit with Aaron’s cock through her silky briefs while Aaron latched his hands on her huge melons and drew them to his out of control mouth. With her tits grinding into his mouth he reached and down and yanked off that last interfering garment, the sexy red panties that had started this torrid moment. “Shit, Aaron fuck me now before one of our mom’s finds us. Oh yes stick that prick in me.”

Aaron did not want to be caught mostly because he didn’t want to hurt Felicity’s or his Mom’s feelings, so he responded by hurrying things up, “Oh fuck you’re right, so open wide and let me in.”

“There you go, Come on in and make yourself at home.”

“Oh, shit, you are tight!”

“Ram it in me, you son of a bitch.”

“I love that dirty talk you big assed bitch.”

Well you god damn bastard you better fuck my pussy harder before I rip your god damn mother fucking balls off.”

Well, you better finger my asshole with one hand and masturbate with the other or I’ll pull out of your hot little twat.”

“I’m doing it because I want to as you are having too much fun to leave before you splatter your spunk canlı casino siteleri all over the walls of my cunt. Can’t you fuck any harder than that?”

“Ok, bitch, take this Oh, god, this is fantastic, I love your beautiful cunt.”

“Slam it home you bastard, oh my I am going to cum Oh god, mother fuck, son of a bitch, oh shit, yes, I am cumming Oh fucking god.”

“Oh yes I cannot believe it you god damn bitch drain me, squeeze it all out of me, Oh my fucking god.” With that they collapsed in each other’s bodies. Both lovers thought it was the best sex they had ever had, but were not about to tell each other until their relationship was further along. Even though the temperature was freezing outside sweat was running in pools from their bodies.

Candy broke the silence first, “We had better hurry and get dressed quickly.”

“Candy, can we go out sometime?”

Well, do you do cunnilingus and butt fuck as well as you fuck?”

“I believe I do.”

“Then, perhaps you can take me to the movies later tonight after the party and then find someplace where we can put you to the test.”

“Sounds like a good plan to me” Both lovers had this feeling that it was love at first fuck but neither was ready to settle down yet. Both wanted more time with other members of the family. Candy thought Mrs. Berrybush looked like a goddess and wanted to ram a dildo up her ass. Not to mention, neither Aaron nor Candy knew that the other was committing incest. They had to deal with this issue before anything serious could happen between them.
Candy strolled into the kitchen and said, “Mom, Can I help you all with anything and is it ok if Aaron and I go to the movies tonight after the party?”

“You can help fill these deviled eggs and I guess it is ok if Aaron’s mom says it is alright. I guess our little project can wait.”

“Thanks mom, I promise to finish and even do extra as soon as dad leaves for work in the morning.” She gave her mom a peck on the cheek.

Aaron got the clearance from his Mom with the same promise about finishing his project with her in the morning and then helped set dishes out. The party was dull as Candy got the third degree about her trip. Aaron and Candy kept stealing glances at one another. Finally, the party ended and they were off to the movies. The first part of the evening was a typical date. They really spent time getting to know each other as they had not really talked in depth in a few years. They were laughing and cutting up all through dinner.

Aaron held Candy’s hand throughout the movie. He knew he did not have to make a big play there and results probably would be better later if he was a gentleman now. The only trouble was he had no place to take her to make out.

When they got in his car he began to drive around and it was Candy who suggested parking in a secluded place she knew of. He hadn’t even put on the parking brake before he felt Candy unzip his fly. As she pulled his cock out of it’s confinement she said, “I don’t usually do this as quickly as this but I want it to fully recover to do other tasks.”

Candy smothered his cock head with her mouth and gave him a grand blow job as he felt her up. It took only a couple of minutes for him to explode in her mouth. Unfortunately they had to move to the back seat for Aaron to eat out Candy’s twat. Aaron knelt on the floor board and pulled Candy’s trousers and panties off. At first he teased her kissing up her thighs until she grabbed him by his hair and pulled him into position at her gateway to heaven on earth. Aaron lapped at her pussy and clit like it was his supper. Candy thrust her hips in his face with each lick.

When Candy came a couple minutes later she wasted no time rolling over onto her belly. Words didn’t need to be spoken as Aaron simply aimed his cock at her rosebud and started pushing in. This was the tightest spot he had ever been in, it almost hurt to push in. Candy let out a couple of cries as he buried himself inside. She didn’t pull away like expected but pushed herself into the invader. Aaron reached under his lover and frigged her clit as they established a perfect rhythm. It didn’t take long for Aaron to expel his load in Candy’s shitty depths. His dick came out of her ass hole with a pop and the two butt fuckers settled into light petting and smooching. After about an hour they got their clothes back on and drove home.

They both knew they were in a whole new world. The next four weeks looked to be very interesting and both of them planned to make the most of them. They also knew that spring semester would be great as they were attending the same school. Neither Candy nor Aaron had trouble sleeping that night as the world was a wonderful place.

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