A Woman’s Touch

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It’s been exactly four days, sixteen hours, and twenty-eight minutes since I last seen Mr. Craven. Just thinking about the time we spent fucking in my office makes my blood heat and my pussy quiver. It took a whole day to get the smell of booty, dick, and pussy out of my office. A smile crossed my face at that thought as well as a memory of the smell that lingered in my office for days.

I parked my candy apple red jag in the front of Madame Feel Good’s shop for my weekly massage. God knows after the workout Craven gave my body, I need it. I open the door and nod to Lois, the gray haired reception as I sign. She tells me my regular room is ready, undress and Madame will be right in. I enter the semi dark space. Madame Feel Good was all about the mood to calm the body and soothe the soul. I could already feel my body relaxing as I undressed and set my clothes on the chair.

Before laying on the table I look at my reflection in the mirror. There had never been mirrors in here before, must be new. There were mirrors on each wall and on the ceiling but none of that bothered me as I stood looking at myself. I am 37 years old. My body was still a work of art. I took my palm and rubbed it across my nipples sending tingling sensations down to my core. My cinnamon colored areolas were the size of quarters. Holding my tits in my hand, I realized they were as perfect as two coconuts, firm…round. My hands roamed over my hip and settle between my thighs. I bit down on my lip wondering if I had time for some quick play.

I laid down on the table and spread my legs apart as I slid my hand back between my legs and began stroking my clit. I missed this, needed this. Craven woke up something in me and I couldn’t satisfy it. I used my other hand to pinch and squeeze my nipple as I continued to casino siteleri rub my clit, picking up the pace, I began rocking my hips against my hand as I inserted two fingers a deep into my pussy as I could get them. Using my thumb to rub my clit and my fingers diving in and out my pussy as I squeezed my nipples. I could feel the pressure begin to build. I was getting close to release when there was a knock on the door. SHIT! I turned over and called come in, hoping Madame wouldn’t smell the evidence of my little playtime.

I closed my eyes awaiting Madame to begin her ministrations. A blindfold was placed upon my eyes before I felt soft hands begin to kneed oil into my skin. My first thought was damn this feels good, my second thought was this is not Madame. Before I could ask the masseuse informed me that Madame was indisposed and she would be taking over for her. I was somewhat cautious as I never had anyone else work on me other than Madam, but Madame knew best and if she preferred her then she must be something quite wonderful.

Lucy began kneading the muscles in my neck causing me to relax. She continued down my arm into she got to my hand. At once I began to get nervous because I knew my fingers smelled of my pussy and I began to fidget. Lucy told me to relax and lay still, just let her make me feel good. And then she slipped my fingers into her mouth. She sucked on my fingers while using her tongue to lick my fingertips. Sensations traveled straight to my core. All I could do was bite my lip to prevent any sound from escaping my lips. I’ve never been turned on by a woman but Lucy was doing things to me that had me wanting more. She moved to my other arm and repeated the same treatment, slipping my fingers into her mouth making my pussy get wet and my nipples harden against the slot oyna table.

Why was I enjoying this?? I don’t like women…do I?? I don’t fuck women…and yet I could feel myself being to pant with anticipation as her hands slid down my sides her fingers grazing the sides of my breast and began to kneed my thigh her palm swept across my ass cheek made me moan. She continued her ministration down my calf and to my foot. Before I could utter don’t she stuck my toes in her warm mouth as she stroked a finger down my back I could feel the need to cum building inside me as she moved to the other thigh. I felt her hair fall across my back as Lucy bent down and pressed her plump pink lips against one ass cheek and then the other before smacking an oily palm across my ass.

The sting of it felt good and made me lick my lips wanting more. She again used her hands to massage the muscles in my calf before putting my toe in her mouth. The fell of her mouth sent lightning shooting to my pussy causing me to press my hips into the table. Every nerve ending inside me felt awake and wanting so much more. Lucy moved up to my shoulders and the middle of my back. The pressure of her hands relaxing me again and also making me anticipate what would happen next.

Lucy was pushing hard enough on my back that I my breast moved against the table in the direction her hands were moving. The movement causing my nipples to harden to near pain, the pulsing in my pussy was beginning to become unbearable with each movement of Lucy’s hands. Her hands grazed the sides of my tits and then Lucy’s warm breathe was causing the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up before her tongue slide down the side of my neck.

Her tongue moved slowly down the middle of my back to the top of my crack. She then took her hands, canlı casino siteleri spread apart my legs and slid her tongue down the crack of my ass before divulging into my asshole. I bit my lips as wetness began to drip down my thigh. The feel of her tongue around my ass made me arch into her. I could feel myself getting ready to cum… I never felt anything so good. Her tongue began to make swirling motions and her finger clenched over my hips. Lucy moved one hand under me and flicked my clit with her fingers sending me over the edge. I laid there panting, unable to put together what just happened. Lucy ordered me to turn over with a cat eat mouse grin on her face.

She began kneading my legs move her way up my leg, I closed my eyes enjoying the feel of her hands on me. Next thing I knew she straddled me took a breast in each hand and squeezed them as her fingers pinched my nipples. Lucy began grinding her hips against mine as she continued twisting my nipples, the friction of her pussy rubbing against mine sent fireworks thru me. The urge to cum was taking over when she stopped and got down. A whimper slipped from my lips, than I felt her tug me to the edge of the table.

I felt her hands on my breast again, slowly pushing me back to the edge. And then her mouth covered my clit and I exploded as I arched into her. Lucy caught every drop into her mouth as she continued feasting on me. Her face was buried deep within my pussy as I started climbing to another release. Lucy sucked hard on my clit as she inserted two fingers and then added a third.

My hips moved on their own accord as Lucy set rhythm that had me gripping her hair and rocking against her face. It felt so damn good and this time the orgasm that crashed into me, shook through me like no other. I felt her slip her tongue deep into my pussy, getting every bit of juice that slid out. I laid there sated. She stroked her fingers through my hair and kissed my forehead…”Who are you?” I asked.

She laughed and said “Lucy…Lucy Craven”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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