A Woman of Berlin Ch. 02

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Frau Johanna Schneider knew so well that her 18-year old vanquished soldier son, Erich, did not lack the will to die in defense of her honor. Were it not for her intercession the young man would have been shot dead defending his mother from sexual assaults by the occupying Red Army soldiers. In an ideal setting the least the comely German woman would do in return to her son’s valor was to put value to it. And that was, to carry on, albeit in vain, her determined resistance against continued sexual assaults on her womanhood. But, alas, it was not an ideal setting in that part of defeated Germany.

Frau Schneider gave in willingly and surrendered her body to, of all people, a frustrated Russian rapist, an enemy that her loving son fought in the battlefields of Berlin. Not that she really wanted it or had longed for it. It was just an undesirable consequence of the destruction of moral values caused by a brutal war.

In normal times it would be inconceivable for a German woman in the status of Frau Johanna Schneider to carry on an adulterous life let alone a deceitful one. The horrors of defeat from the wrong enemy had wiped out her moral upbringing and destroyed whatever remained of her probity and uprightness. Worse, she involuntarily became an instrument to the devastation of her soldier-son’s sexuality and gentle upbringing.

From the time Erich was forced to witness the rape of his mother by a drunken, dirty and unwashed Red Army soldier his sexual fantasies went exclusively of her. The fantasies were against the rational part of him and he really felt bad about them. He tried mightily to totally get rid of the lewd thoughts but the forced visions of the rape, his mother’s fierce struggle and the inevitable sexual conquest of her body would make his head spin.

Many a quiet night he would find himself lying in his bed with his hard cock wrapped in the silk of his mother’s rape-torn panties with the images of her ravished body in his mind. Whenever he felt he could get away from it he would steal the over-the-knee, tight-fitting skirt that obscenely hanged around her waist as she was being raped, to jerk off in it and heighten his climax through the erotic touch of it and from his mother’s scent on it.

The many booted visits to the Schneider home had turned Frau Schneider from a rape victim to a sexually active woman. The supposed Russian rapist, Nicolai, surprisingly turned out to be a wonderful young lover to her. His sexual intensity, appetite and staying power had opened her up in ways that no other man hitherto ever had.

The feeling of helpless climaxes rippling through her body as the Russian son-tied her to him and grasped her tight had absolutely turned out to be one of the super highlights of her existence. These and the other high points in her sexual relations with Nicolai would completely turn around Frau Schneider’s relation with Erich as a mother.


The rapes at the Schneider home had stopped, thanks to Nicolai, a young but powerful figure in the Red Army. The lull in sexual violence at the home provided a huge relief not only to Frau Schneider and to the older women living with her but also to her soldier-son Erich. It was, however, short lived at least for Erich as the young man was crushed to know that there was another man in his mother’s life. Obviously, he knew that she was much too good a woman to indulge in consensual sex outside marriage and, worse, with an enemy.

One quiet night, while lying awake, Erich heard the front door of their house open then close. He got up, went out of his room to see who went in. It couldn’t be any of his grandmothers as both were supposed to be fast asleep. Neither could it be his mother, or so he thought. What he saw burned an image into his young psyche that would last a lifetime. His mother had let Nicolai, his Russian enemy, come into their house at an ungodly hour. He had his arms around his mother and they were whispering quietly to each other in English.

“I can’t wait any minute longer to have you,” the Russian whispered as he tried to kiss the German woman.

“No Nick…we have to be careful, Erich might be awake,” Frau Schneider quietly protested.

The Russian would not take no for an answer. His hand came up and cupped a breast in one hand as he devoured the German woman’s neck.

“Nick, NO!,” she scolded.

As they walked down the cellar, slowly and quietly, with arms around each others waist the lovers’ mouths invariably locked together, tightly in a steaming kiss. With a pain in his chest Erich desperately watched his mother’s mad kissing in the dark with an enemy. As they slowly disappeared from his view he quietly followed, moving into the shadows careful not to be seen. His heart was pounding hard in a combination of anger and fear. And that was, the fear of his body’s reaction. Already, his cock was rock-hard and tenting his shorts.

As Erich peeked downstairs his mother and her Russian lover were kissing passionately. The exchange of kisses was casino siteleri torrid and searing hot. The Russian had opened Frau Schneider’s blouse and covered her breast with a hand. He watched in the dark as the Russian played with her nipples making them hard like pencil erasers.

The seemingly non-stop kissing lasted until the German woman pulled her mouth away gasping for breath. The dark night would not conceal from Erich’s view the Russian’s head as it bent and sucked a nipple into his mouth. He heard his mother’s breathy moan as she grasped the back of Nicolai’s head pulling him closer into her heaving chest. Her eyes were closed and her face had turned contorted in lust.

“Oh my God!” she groaned, her excitement beyond control, causing her to ignore for a short moment the fear of getting caught. She didn’t try to stop her lover when his hand reached down and pulled her skirt up, reaching for her pantied ass.

“I’ll eat your body, the whole of you,” his kisses going up to her neck and face

“Ohhhh Nick, I want it! But I feel afraid,” she said breathlessly.

“Of what?” He was breathing on her ear.

“He could be watching us.”

“Who cares?”

“I’m his mother…it will devastate him to see me with…ohhhhhhh!”

“Let’s make him see his enemy fuck his mother to death.”

“God NO! I can’t… let it…aaahhhh!”

“Let him witness the passion of out mating. Let him see how his lily-white mother would jolt and shudder to an intense Jewish fuck.”

“Nick…let’s just talk and wait for him to sleep.”

“Can’t wait!

“Ohhhh! I can’t allow him to see it!”

“I will!”

The twisting and grimacing of the two bodies inched into the darkness. Erich found it hard to admit to himself the frustration of losing view of the steaming love play….

The erotic sounds in the dark strengthened. The female voice was breathy but sounded discreet. Her moans soon increased in intensity, becoming more like heavy gasps as she was rasping out breathing assumed to be caused by the plunges of a lover’s hard cock in and out of her. They continued to quicken until there was almost no pause between long, breathy sighs of what seemed a feeling of intense ecstasy.

“Oh, oh! Oh, my God, it’s in me!”

“Can feel it?”

“Oh yesss, so deep, so deep,” she moaned, almost delirious with pleasure as the Russian’s hardened maleness pressed inside her German womb. Then she broke it off. Erich heard unintelligible words in quick succession, gaspy words that could only be stuttered by a woman being filled and fulfilled sexually. Within moments, the excited, audible breathing resumed. In ever voluminous urgency, her moans intensified until she began literally gasping in a soft, high-pitched breathing that only a woman lost in a rapturous sexual climax could do.

“Oh my God!” with pauses then “no don’t…stop…!” She whispered so lowly that her listening son could scarcely hear her words. Erich had turned madly excited by his mother’s hot utterances. He felt so sure she had never said those words to anyone, not even to her husband, his father, in the heat of passion.

“Ohhhh Nick, Nick,” she chanted. She churned, increasing her tempo…

He couldn’t see it but Erich was sure that his mother and his Russian enemy had mated, and very ecstatically so. The sounds made him think of them tied together at the genitals as the passion of their mating hurled them into a sexual frenzy. Erich’s hardness jutted out from the confines of his shorts.

He did not deliberately do it. It was his body’s natural reaction to make him jerk off until his bone-hard cock erupted in thick streaming ropes of semen that splashed into the lovers’ direction. The young German soldier, vanquished in war and heart-broken at home was now subdued by an unwanted sensation from a scene he did not want to happen. How many more downfalls awaited him he had no way to know and would not want to know.

Erich could have easily made his presence known as his mother and her lover fucked like rabbits in the dark but for some reasons he did not. Not that he was afraid of a fight. Angry as he was albeit sexually gratified he found it hard to humiliate his mother, the woman who gave him life and saved it from his enemies. He was torn between not wanting his mother to have a lover and his body’s spectacular reaction to exactly that.

The wartime lovers seemed insatiable. Soon after a few moments of break for the much needed oxygen, breathy love sounds once more filled the quiet cellar.

“God!” she gasped. “Fuck me!”

“You okay?” he whispered, also breathing hard.

“Fuck me!” she cried again. “Come inside me!”

“I’ll breed you!”

“Yes!” she panted. “Give it to me! Give me your Russian baby!”

A sudden whirlwind of mixed feelings once more swept over the war-battered and heart-broken German soldier. As he moved closer he could view his mother’s love-battered body even in the dark. Her hands clenched tightly at the afghan while she laid on the slot oyna sette with her front. Her face was buried on the couch while her Russian lover pounded her from behind.

He growled and pulled hard on her hips. Frau Schneider could feel the tip of the Russian’s cock pulsing inside her. And then, just as quickly, the pounding stopped. She unburied her face and whipped her head from around as she felt a tremor along the length of the shaft inside her. He clenched his teeth and ejaculated, filling the German woman’s womb with raging Russian sperms.

A hot spurt of fuck seed shot far into her cervix, followed up quickly by another and another. She gasped, as she felt filled and fulfilled with forbidden sex. But as much as a part of her mind harbored the fear of getting caught her body seemed to have a will of its own. She pushed back onto him, desperately trying to impale herself onto his throbbing cock. Several more strong spurts entered her as they both tried with all their might to squelch their cries of ecstasy into quiet breathy moans of sex. Both lovers were sweating and breathing hard, as she dropped her head to the coach, shaking it from side to side.

Erich’s mental devastation was too painful for him to bear. This was his mother, an icon of modesty and demureness during the glorious days of Germany. That she was now enjoying in defeat a sexual partnership with the enemy, enjoying it deeply and to the utmost, had tortured his mind almost to insanity.


As he drifted back to the saner part of him Erich thought of confronting his mother. Whether his reason was due to a genuine love for her or just plain jealousy, he himself was not sure. What he was sure of was the bothersome mental torment pestering him, a heartbreaking defeat he never felt in the horrible battlefields of war.

It took him days taking the pains as he contemplated on how to confront his mother. “It’s now or never,” he was telling himself when at last he decided to do it. Within minutes of the decision, Frau Johanna Schneider found herself alone with Erich Schneider in the privacy of her bedroom, scantily dressed in a sheer body-fitted light blue cotton nightgown that reached to her lower knees.

“Yes, Erich, what is it? You should have knocked, shouldn’t you?”

Closing the door behind him Erich slowly and quietly walked towards his mother. As he did their eyes met.

“You are having an affair with Nicolai, aren’t you, Mother?”

She was shocked by his manner of asking although the question itself was not a surprising one. She did not expect her trysts with a Russian soldier to remain secret. She feigned calmness.

“How do you know it is an affair and not a compliance to coercive force?”

“I’m a soldier, Mother. I sure know when force is applied and when it is not. You willingly allow an enemy to enter this house during ungodly hours and secretly at that, don’t you?”

“My God, Erich, I’m your mother. Don’t ever talk to me like that.”

“That’s exactly why I have to talk to you this way. You are my mother and I have to stop you from further debasing our already debased lives.”

“Stop me from what? Do you really believe that the Russian wouldn’t use force if I refused to let him in?”

“I’d rather see that he’d use force to conquer your sexual being than for you to submit willingly.”

“And then enjoy the sight of it by getting off in your pants, is that it?”

“Mother, you don’t understand the …”

“Yes, I do!” Her interruption was so stern and her words so accurate that he was astounded.

“I’m so disappointed that you failed to realize I didn’t refuse to face death in my desire to fight for your honor?”

“I knew it. But I also knew how you enjoyed watching as your mother was ravished on the floor, her womanhood taken right before your very eyes.”

Erich was taken aback. It took a couple of seconds before he could resume his argument.

“I was tied to a chair when forced to watch how your sexuality was taken. Only a psychopath would want that let alone enjoy it. If only you knew how I tried to get away and kill that barbarian of a man. I just couldn’t break the ropes that bound me.”

“You got off in your pants as you watched your mother getting raped, didn’t you?”

“It happened without me wanting it! I don’t know how to explain it.”

“No need to explain. It’s so simple. It could only mean that you have some sort of sexual attraction to your mother, covertly or discreetly or however you may want to call it.”

“No, it isn’t that.”

“Ohh, really? Come on, don’t ever think I do not know of what you have been doing to my torn panties and skirt!”

Erich was dumbfounded and tried to look away. He was speechless. He suddenly found himself on the defensive in a confrontation he carefully planned.

“Is that why you entered your mother’s bedroom uninvited in guise of confronting her?”


In spite of taking the offensive Frau Schneider felt her heart melting for her canlı casino siteleri son. With his head bowed, Erich unhappily reminded his mother of the times when he left home in his wish not to see any more of her sexual humiliation in the hands of conquering soldiers. He could have fought them in defense of his mother but she herself would stop him anyway to save his life.

“I stayed out of the house each time there was a booted visit. I’m not sure if you had taken that as cowardice but truth to tell to you, it was not. I just did not want to see any more of your sexual humiliation.”

It was the mother’s turn to get bewildered and instantly examine her conscience.

“I knew that, Erich.”

A long deafening silence followed. Neither had a word to say. Neither could look at the other. Before the quiet moments could turn endless, the teary eyed mother and her son found themselves into each other’s arms.

She felt as if a thorn had been plucked out of her chest. She was guilty of adultery yet she was in the safety of her loving son’s arms, protected and cared for. He too was guilty. He was harboring forbidden fantasies yet he was in his mother’s arms, vindicated or forgiven, whichever was right.

The embrace was, without doubt, motherly and protective. At least it was for sometime. But not for long.

“Forgive me for being so rude in approaching you, Mother.”

“Forget it. You are right anyway. I’m guilty of having an affair with Nicolai. I promise you I will immediately put a stop to it.”

“I can’t be happier than to hear that.”

“This war has destroyed our morals. But it is not the end of the world. I still love and will continue to love our family more than the frantic sensuality implanted in me by this horrific defeat.”

Erich’s German masculine pride was slighted by his mother’s last words. The slight was unintentional though and it was quickly drowned by the sexual tension building up in the embrace. The build-up was another proof of the absence of a clear borderline between the sexual and nonsexual effect of human touching.

Not only that the embrace lasted more than necessary, it unwittingly tightened. The erstwhile sexless embrace caused an “unexplained” stir in Erich’s manhood trapped beneath the confines of his pants. There was no way for it to escape the mother’s notice but that did not stop her in crying on his shoulder.

Who’d say that a prolonged hugging of a mother and her son would have no erotic aspect? As legs and bellies continued to press and rub, an aura of eroticism was in the air. Knowingly or unknowingly, whichever was right, mother and son virtually slow danced in a hug and sway fashion. But it was in a strange way as it was without music. Soon his mouth was breathing on her right ear.

“I’m so sorry for my body’s reaction as I watched your sexuality taken by force. I swear it just happened in spite of my mind’s resistance to it.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Do you still trust me?”

“Ahhhhhh,” she sighed in a respite from emotions. “What makes you think I don’t?”

“My guilt makes me think so.”

“No, please don’t. It wasn’t your fault.”

“How did you know what I was doing to your torn panties and skirt?”

She immediately tapped his mouth with her right fingers as she disengaged her head from his shoulder, locking eyes with him.

“Please, I don’t want to talk about it,”

He used his left to squeeze the fingers tapping his mouth then kissed the palm of her hand.

“Mother, you’re such a femme!”

She didn’t reply. They locked eyes once more and when it broke she buried her face on his shoulder. Because their legs would not detach from one another the “slow dancing” picked up where it left off. It was as if a music played. But not really! Mother and son did not dance their way around the floor. They stood still in a tight embrace, lightly swaying and wordless, just breathing into each other’s ear.

Mesmerized with a feminine charm and a feminine scent blitzing his face and nostrils Erich couldn’t help doing it. He planted a kiss on his mother’s face. Involuntarily, her face tilted up in slow steps. No words were spoken.

Her silence was golden and with that came the coup de grace for Erich’s emotional repression. Sooner than she could turn him down Erich Schneider was kissing Frau Johanna Schneider as a woman not as a mother. He gently bit her ear as he got carried away.

“My God!”


“Erich, no! It hurts…”


“Oh, Goddd!” she wailed breathily, twisting her hips in reaction to the ‘intolerable’ sensation. Her panties were wet. “Christ, Erich! Please stopppp!”

He released the bite but continued to lick her earlobe, her neck and shoulders. Shivers traversed all over Frau Schneider’s body as her son fed himself with oral slurps from her torso. His aggressive assaults caused both straps of her nightgown to slide down her shoulders.

Carrying on his magical prowess he worked his way down to her chest and lapped up her pointed nipples. She resisted but only with breathy words. Her body was in total abandon. He carried on with his oral assaults, licking his mother on the neck, chin, face and shoulders.

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