A Woman And Her Pet

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I sat at the bar in my tightest black dress I owned per the instruction of Miss. Brandy. My curly blonde hair had been pinned into place and my long tan legs were smooth. Miss. Brandy had told me exactly how she wanted to see me waiting.

‘No panties or bra, bikini muff wax, curl those blonde locks of yours, wear the tightest, sluttiest little black dress you own, and the tallest heels you have. Most importantly: play with yourself so that you’re nice and wet… but DO NOT cum. 😉 ‘

So here I was, sitting at a bar with no panties, a bikini muff wax, which was a bikini wax but your pubic hair was left untouched so it was wild, a super tight black dress that ended just past my ass cheeks, and six inch platform heels.

The dress was so tight that my 42 DD breasts were pretty much see through, the bartender didn’t mind and the other drunk men didn’t care either. They all stared and licked their lips while making crude comments about wanting to fuck me.

Normally I would have done it, fucked them all at once in that very bar. Filled all my holes with their hot seed. The thought of it made my pussy tingle, but tonight I would be doing something very different, tonight I would be having lesbian sex with a mistress.

I had always been curious and while I had made out with other girls and played with their breasts I had never actually touched another woman’s pussy or had a woman touch my own.

When Miss. Brandy offered to show me the ropes I happily agreed and after a month of trying to work out our schedules we finally managed to get together tonight.

I had never seen Miss. Brandy in person but I guessed she would be amazing. She was twenty five and had no kids, a business woman but she loved her yoga.

I on the other hand was twenty two, single, no kids, a college graduate, and a licensed make up artist. I worked at a local news station and did the anchor’s and guests make up. It güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri wasn’t my dream job but it was a job.

I was average size, my butt was what most would refer to as a ‘bubble butt’, a busty chest, but I had an hour glass figure and just a very small muffin top. I had bigger thighs but they were toned and my friends all joked that I could squish a watermelon if I wanted. My tan skin and blonde hair made people think I was a model, I also had striking blue eyes and a ‘charming’ smile as so many people had happily pointed out.

I stared down at my gin and tonic and waited patiently for Miss. Brandy.

The door opened and a woman with brown hair and olive skin walked in. She wore a black dress like mine except hers wasn’t near as tight and wore kitten heels. She had bold green eyes and big, full lips. Her full breasts were popping out of her dress and she had a Kardashian ass. The way she carried herself made me realize that this woman… was Miss. Brandy.

She sauntered over to me with a playful smile and licked her lips. “Candice! So good to see you again!” She leaned in and kissed my cheeks. “Come now, we’re going to miss the show!” I nodded and allowed the stunning woman to escort me out to her car.

We climbed into the back of a limo and I sat nervously. “The Play House, Julia.” The woman up at the front, a woman who had a Megan Fox look to her nodded and started driving.

“Are you nervous Candy?” Miss. Brandy offered me a glass of white wine and I happily drank it. “A little bit, yes.” I admitted shyly.

“Let’s go over some ground rules,” Miss. Brandy pursed those red lips of hers before smiling. “Maybe that will help you relax a little.” I nodded and took another sip.

“Rule number one: you may not call me anything but Mistress, Miss. Brandy, or Mistress Brandy.” I nodded, “rule number two: you may only cum when I say you can.” I took güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a deep breath and nodded again. “Rule number three: your body is now my play ground and I can have it whenever I want.” “Yes Mistress.” I choked out. “Rule number four: you and my other pets are allowed to play together whenever I am not around. However, I will not allow any squirting without my presence.” I nodded, even though any orgasm I had would bring a squirting mess. “And finally, rule number five: punishments are required whenever I see fit. Any questions?” I shook my head, “No Mistress.”

She smiled and grabbed my blonde hair and pulled me to her. I hungrily kissed her lips and sucked her tongue into my mouth, I was so horny and my pussy was practically dripping.

She pushed me off and I caught my breath. “Eager aren’t you?” She laughed to herself before pulling my legs to the edge of the seat, “let’s see if you followed my instructions.” Miss. Brandy pulled my dress off of me painfully slow. “No bra, I like.” She leaned her head forward and sucked on my right nipple and pinching my left before swapping to do the opposite on each breast.

I moaned and tried to get my pussy close to her waist, I was so horny.

She pulled away and smiled before pulling my dress down even further to just above my pubic bone, my muff sprouting out of the top. “And the bikini muff looks promising.” She pulled the dress the rest of the way down but held my knees together, my juices seeping between my thighs as I lay naked in front of this woman.

Miss. Brandy put my knees between hers and then used her right hand to play with my nipple and the other to play with my muff.

“You’re a good pet, and I think you should be rewarded as such.” She smiled and took off her dress. Her breasts were enormous with equal size brown areolas. Her stomach was tight and I looked between her legs to see a bald pussy güvenilir bahis şirketleri except for a ‘M’ tattoo.

“Are you hungry my pet? Would you like to eat my pussy?” My mouth watered as I looked between those brown folds and seen the pink flesh that was between. “Yes Mistress Brandy, it would be my pleasure Miss. Brandy.”

She laughed and stuck her middle finger inside her pussy, as she pulled her finger out a trail of juice followed. She was soaked. She stuck her finger inside my mouth and I found myself sucking her finger like it was my last meal.

She pulled her hand away and I whimpered but she pushed my knees apart and you could hear how sticky my legs were from my juice. She never said anything she just pushed her face into my pussy and held my legs open as she licked my pussy.

Her tongue was flat as she licked from the bottom of my slit all the way to my clit which she sucked into her mouth and flicked with her tongue. I threw my head back as I moaned and felt Miss. Brandy shove two of her fingers into my pussy as she used continued her oral assault on my clit.

Her fingers curled into my G spot as she made a ‘come here’ motion and I was moaning at the top of my lungs.

“Fuck yes! Awe fuck! Yes! Yes! Fuck me with your fingers!”

Through my moans and the licking you could hear how wet I was. I tugged at my nipples and screamed as pleasure washed over me, I thrust my hips against her fingers and tongue and screamed in pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum! Oh fuck, please can I cum for you Mistress?” I asked permission and waited for an answer.

“Cum my pet, let me see you squirt!” She continued her abuse on my pussy as I came all over her, showering her and the limo in my juices.

“Oh fuck! Fuuuuuuucccckkk!” I moaned and rode out my orgasm, Mistress Brandy kept rubbing my sensitive clit as I bucked in orgasm.

She milked me until every last drop was gone and I was spent. She was soaked in my juices and smiled as she licked her fingers. She went back between my legs and gently cleaned up my very sensitive pussy.

“I think you and I are going to have a lot of fun.” She purred as she licked my clit. “But first, it’s my turn.”


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