A Wolf’s Taboo Ch. 02

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Damian walked out of his room wearing his work attire; a black silken robe and a pair of mesh boxers which didn’t hide anything.

“Good morning Damian.”

Damian looked over as a young woman with dyed blonde hair in a tight mini skirt and tight top walked up. She took him by the hand and he followed her straight back into his room and shut the door.

“Good morning Rachel.” He growled as he sat down. She crawled onto his lap and lifted her skirt up revealing she had nothing beneath and leaned into him.

“Olivia is coming and she is more than she was last time.” Rachel whispered.

Damian sat back and sighed and suddenly he looked much more like a war general debating on his next tactic than a young adult preparing for a day of work.

“Thank you Rachel. I had no knowledge of this. Please keep me informed of movements.” He said.

“Of course sir.” She said as she slid off his lap and lowered her skirt and walked out. Damian had known that Olivia would mobilize but it seemed far too soon. Twenty months had come and gone in the blink of an eye. He sat in the chair thinking about what he would do and how he would do it. There was only one obstacle in his way.

By the end of the night it wouldn’t be an issue though. There were only ever two days out of every month that he had to work around. The full moon and the new moon. He also knew that Olivia would be just as troubled however, her unpredictable behavior was what bothered him the most.

Susanne sat down at the table for lunch and breathed a sigh of relief. Working long days back to back put a strain on her that she hardly noticed a few decades ago.

“Hey Susie.” Said a short Asian woman with long black hair and a bright smiling face.

“Hey Michelle. What’s up?”

“I think you know.” Michelle said as she sat down next to Susanne.

“What are you talking about?”

“Remember? Last week we talked about your issue with your son?” Michelle said.

“Oh yeah, that…” Susanne said Un-enthusiastically.

“You didn’t do it? Did you?” Michelle asked.

“Sorry, no.”

“Why the hell not?” Michelle asked.

“Because he is my son.” Susanne replied forcefully.

“Yes, and you happen to be undeniably attracted to him.”

“That doesn’t change anything. I could feel an immense amount of attraction to a rock but it doesn’t mean I’m going to put it in my vagina.”

Michelle smirked and leaned forward; “you can’t stop thinking about him can you?”

“Dammit! No I can’t. What the hell?” Susanne asked frustratedly.

“You know, when I was falling in love with my son I sat him down and talked to him.” Michelle said.

“But, what do I even say to Damian?”

“Just tell him how you feel.” Michelle said.

“Oh, that his mother wants to have sex with him and she hopes he is on board? I’m sure that’ll work great.”

“Hey, you wanted my help. If you don’t want it then don’t ask.” Michelle said and shifted to move away.

“I’m sorry.” Susanne said as she rested a hand on Michelle. “I’m just…frustrated.”

“Susanne. Stop thinking with your brain and start thinking with your heart.”

Susanne knew Michelle was right but the real question was how would she do it? It wasn’t just her son she had to think about, it was her daughter too.

Damian stepped out of his room and waved in his next customer; a gorgeous thin girl who looked far closer to being a teenager than an adult. She had long golden brown hair and hazel eyes. She looked like she was at best a hundred and twenty pounds and that included the pair of faded jeans and a deep blue top. She stood at best five foot five and that didn’t include the heels she wore. Though compared to Damian she was short.

“It’s Sophie right?” He asked.

She blushed and nodded.

“Tell me Sophie, what is it you would like today?” He gestured to the chart on the wall. There casino oyna were ten different items that Damian offered and each one starting from number one was more expensive.

The first choice was a standard massage, and that was sixty dollars. The most expensive was three hundred dollars and involved a bodily use that only a true kinkster could appreciate. Sophie blushed and lifted her right hand and displayed three fingers.

“Oh really?” He smiled. “Have a seat Sophie and get undressed. If you’d like I can step out and let you undress in private?”

“It’s okay.” She said shyly.

“Or…I can undress you myself.”

Sophie blushed even harder but nodded slightly. Damian stepped forward and grinned with earnest desire to peel away her clothes. Their eyes met and she swore she saw his blue eyes shimmer for a brief moment but before she could truly tell, it vanished. Damian could smell her lust and sweat like lilacs on a summer breeze.

It brought out the primal essence inside of himself. So close to the new moon he knew he had to restrain himself otherwise he might fall under its pressure. Sophie felt his hands rest on her hips and almost like he had slipped into her consciousness she felt compelled to follow his lead. She turned around and folded into his arms which wrapped around her, like a lover’s embrace.

Sophie had never felt such a tight yet comfortable hold from a man, especially from one she had never met. Damian slid the tips of his fingers along her belt line and smoothly slithered up under her shirt. Sophie breathed in as she felt his warm fingers glide along her waist line. His hands moved upward and as he moved up, her shirt went with them until it was up and over her head and onto the floor.

She felt his hands slide back down over her shoulders and down her arms and across her back. Damian enjoyed the feel of her smooth skin beneath his fingers and he paced up and around her flesh.

‘Please don’t stop’ Sophie begged silently. Her breath caught as his hands slid along her supple back and then without even realizing when, her blue lace bra fell off her breasts and onto the floor.

Sophie hadn’t even felt him undo the hook in the back. Damian slowly traced his fingers along her waistline and then up her middle and around her breasts.

‘Please! Touch me!’ She screamed inside her mind and as though he had heard her very thoughts; his hands cupped her breasts.

Sophie knew that she didn’t have large breasts by any measure but in his hands they seemed so small. She let out a soft whine as his fingers ran over her erect nipples. Her whine turned into a gasp as his lips touched the skin on her neck. Damian kissed up and down her neck and over her shoulder. Every so often he nipped at her skin with his teeth causing her to gasp.

“You’re so soft.” He growled as he kissed across her shoulders and over to the other side of her neck. “You are like a piece of porcelain, should I hold you too tightly I fear I might break you.”

“Hold me. Touch me. Please…touch me.” Sophie whined.

Damian continued his rampant kissing across her neck as he snaked his hands down her sides and into the front of her jeans.

Her pelvis tingled as his fingers crept under her belt and once again, she didn’t notice that he had taken off her pants until they were already sliding down her leg. Damian’s hands slid along her thighs and as though she heeded his silent command she stepped wide and allowed his fingers to explore her skin. Sophie couldn’t contain her heavy breaths as she felt his fingers glide closer and closer to her salivating pussy.

‘Touch me! Please! Just touch me now!’ Sophie wanted to scream but she couldn’t. Damian slipped his thumbs into her panties and pulled them down and off her feet. As he came back up she gasped as his middle finger rested against her pussy.

“Yes.” She whined.

Damian slot oyna traced his finger along her labia and like petals opening to the sun, her lips pulled apart allowing him to touch her. Damian traced his finger along the inside of her pussy and touched the tip of her clitoris. As soon as he reached her clitoris she gasped and he moved his finger back down again.

“Please don’t stop.” Sophie whined. “Your touch, it’s incredible.”

Sophie could feel something, like a fire deep inside of her begin to grow. With each new pass of his finger she felt that fire spread. Damian could tell by the sound and volume of her moans that she was getting ready to climax. Sophie’s mind became a blur as he started rubbing her swollen clitoris with his finger.

“Oh yes….oh my god yes.” Sophie moaned and leaned onto him. “It’s right there! Right there. I’m gonna…” her words fell away as another moan took hold. Damian pressed into her clitoris harder and she stiffened and her eyes went wide.

“Oh my god I think I’m gonna cum!” She shouted and then she let loose a loud moan as she erupted into a rain shower of cum that coated his hand.

Sophie quivered and shook and Damian steadied her as he lowered himself along with her onto the bed.

“That was incredible.” She smiled, but Sophie could feel that fire again. Only this time it was deep inside of her. She needed to feel him…needed to feel his touch inside of her. Sophie leaned up and grabbed his mesh boxers and pulled them down to his knees.

His cock, thick and long sprang up and slapped her bottom. It was thick with veins and slippery with precum that had been leaking down the front. Sophie grabbed his cock and pressed it against the opening of her pussy.

“Hold on there. Let me put on-“

“I need you now.” Sophie whined and slid herself down upon his cock until he was completely sheathed inside of her.

Sophie had never felt anything touch her cervix until the head of his cock pressed against it. The fire that she had felt suddenly became a roaring wildfire that only his cock could quench. Sophie tried to pull herself up and fuck his cock but she had hardly any strength in her legs.

“Please. Fuck me.” She begged.

Damian couldn’t deny how amazing it felt to be inside of Sophie. Her pussy squeezed him like she was a virgin but he knew she wasn’t. Her climax was right there on the cusp, it waited for him to start moving. Damian didn’t hesitate. He wrapped a hand around her breast and another in her hair and started slowly fucking her. He pulled out until just the head of his cock rested against her labia and then slid right back in. Sophie couldn’t hide her pleasure as he pushed inside of her.

“Oh god yes! Don’t stop!” She moaned each time his cock reached her cervix and bounced back. The fire deep inside her had built back up again and she couldn’t stop it from erupting.

“Holy shit! I’m cumming again!” She shouted and started rocking her hips as another orgasm forced its way out of her, coating his cock and balls in cum. Damian grabbed her hips and just as he was about to pound her, the door flew open and Raegan rushed in with an angry and shocked expression.

“Someone just took off running with something from the store.” She shouted.

Damian pulled out and Sophie slumped to the bed breathing hard as the post orgasm rippled through her. Damian pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a short sleeved shirt and stepped out of the room.

“Where?” He asked, his voice deep and thick with testosterone that even made the bisexual in Raegan horny.

She pointed over to the wall where the dildos were hanging. He could see a small rack where a clear boxed dildo swung gently. Damian closed his eyes and focused on his primal senses. Primarily his sense of smell. Calling on his primal abilities so close to the new moon was risky but knowing he could find the thief would be canlı casino siteleri worth it. His senses heightened and he drew in a long deep breath through his nose.

Damian could smell a dozen different scents that drifted through the air. The males smelt pungent like sweat mixed with sandalwood. Each male had a different degree of stench that varied. The females smelt like patchouli and deodorant. One smell in particular wreaked of nervous sweat and anxiety. Damian opened his eyes and he could see the ribbons of scents drifting through the air.

Through his enhanced senses he pieced together a tough image of the thief. He could smell freshly bought denim jeans with a sweatshirt that smelt of sunlight and sweat. Without another word he took off into an all out sprint down the crowded hall. People moved out of his way and those who weren’t fast enough he bolted around. Damian had locked onto the sun soaked smell of patchouli and denim and traced it.

He followed it across the mall and down a side corridor and around a bend that curved into the women’s restroom. Damian narrowed his eyes and tried letting his primal senses relax but they now had a hold on him and it was tightening. The thrill of the hunt drove his blood to boil and mixed with his arousal brought him to a heightened need for lust and…something more.

He pushed open the door and clicked the bathroom bolt lock shut. The thick metal lock echoed through the quiet bathroom. Damian hardly noticed that his short hair had started to grow out and creep down his neck. His blue eyes glistened and the veins along his arms and fingers bulged as blood raged through him like a torrent river.

“I can smell you.” He snarled and drew in a long deep breath. The scent had shifted from patchouli and sweat and denim, to sweat, patchouli and cum. His keen ears picked up the soft sound of vibrations too low for human ears. He stepped forward and pressed against the last stall door. The bolted lock prevented him from opening it but due to his enhanced strength, the thin metal bolt bent and the door flew open wide.

The girl inside was short and dainty, no taller than a middle schooler but her features and wrinkles told a different story. The girl had the stolen pink vibrator pressed against her pussy and had held it there, even as he stared down upon her. The girl’s face had turned from pleasure to fright as she looked upon him. His eyes glimmered with a light that seemed too beautiful to be human.

The muscles in his neck bulged as he snarled revealing his teeth. ‘No, not teeth’ she realized, ‘fangs’ she gulped.

“Foolish girl. You have made a grave mistake stealing from me.” Damian said, though his voice didn’t sound human. It sounded more like an animal trying to talk with human vocal cords. It sounded far too deep and far too ragged. Like the demonic voice that she had heard in the movies but far more horrifying.

Damian snarled and stepped forward and took the vibrator from the girl who went limp with fear. She couldn’t control her bladder as it released over the side of the toilet and onto the floor at her feet.

“P-p-p-please-f-f-forgive me.” She stammered. Damian pulled down his pants and let loose his throbbing vein covered cock. The girl looked down at his cock and suddenly she realized what was about to happen…what was going to become of her.

She didn’t have the strength to fight it or the voice to scream. All she could do was watch his cock slide into her wet vagina. Damian stared into her brown eyes and in her reflection he saw himself. He saw the hair that had grown down over his jaw line. He saw his long curved fangs that dripped with saliva as he thought of biting deep into her. He saw the horror that he had inflicted upon her.

Damian pulled away before his cock pierced her pussy and he stepped back regaining a modicum of control over his primal.

Damian knew better than to tap into his primal essence so close to the lunar cycle. He bound across the thirty foot long bathroom floor in a single leap and rushed out the door. The girl sank into the toilet, eyes wide and limbs trembling with absolute terror.

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