A Weekend of Lust with Peter Ch. 02

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A weekend with Peter was something that didn’t happen very often so theses occasions were greatly treasured. With Peter’s girlfriend away we intended to fuck ourselves bandy day and night, and as in any sexual encounter fantasy can influence the intensity of the sensation and passion being experienced.

Although we had girlfriends we were ‘faithful’ to each other, other guys might appeal to us in one way or another but neither of us wanted any added complications.

My girlfriend and I had had several threesomes with guys that we had been friendly with, close friends who were also in relationships and just wanted to keep things simple, if these situations can be called simple.

There had never been any sexual activity between myself and any of the guys my girlfriend and I had had threesomes with, in fact they had been chosen mainly because we knew them and liked them, and more importantly they were in stable relationships and didn’t sleep around which minimised any health risks.

Peter knew that I liked watching my girlfriend being screwed and that I liked screwing her after one of her lovers had just cum inside her, but I hadn’t realised how far Peter was prepared to go accommodate my sexual fantasies and desires.

After having a glass of wine and a joint Peter asked me how I would feel about watching him with another guy, would I really want fantasy to become reality. My girlfriend and I have a strong relationship and we are faithful to each other, except for my relationship with Peter, but in both cases I have no fear of losing either one of them to somebody else so my confidence is high and I don’t feel any jealousy.

While my stomach did flip flops at the thought of a gay threesome, I knew that it would have to be someone who I liked as a person and someone I found attractive, but more importantly, a guy who was clean.

Peter then went on to tell me a bout a bar he sometimes calls in on his way home from work, a busy bar which is frequented by lots of couples, singles and quite a few gay and bi-guys who spill over from the bar next door.

Lots of happy people in a bar with a good selection of music on the juke box is a recipe for easy company in the comfortably appointed lounge where people go to read a book or a paper over a drink, relax and peacefully socialise. This is where Peter met Sam.

Peter would quite often catch Sam looking at him wherever in the bar he was, whether he was in company, with his girlfriend, or just chilling with a book and a drink. Peter would usually give him a coy smile but not say anything, this all changed when Peter found himself standing next to the tall blonde haired youth at the bar while waiting for a drink. It was the first time they had been very close to each other; he looked at the tall slender youth, not quite as tall as himself, but around six feet tall.

He had had very similar blue eyes although his hair which was as Blonde as Peter’s was of a shorter style and swept back in a mildly feminine way, and he seemed so very young, he couldn’t have been much more than twenty.

Peter smiled at him yet didn’t say anything; he now began to wish he hadn’t been so coy and somewhat suggestive with his body language toward the youth.

When he sat down at the unoccupied table he was mildly surprised when the youth joined him.

“Hi, I’m Sam.”

Peter then told me that how over the following weeks he and Sam struck up a friendship, Sam was new to the area, had a girlfriend who was a friend, not a lover, and that he just wanted someone to socialise with, as he was in fact twenty five and his boyish looks seemed to leave him overlooked by his peers, so someone just like Peter, older, easy going and always willing to offer a wise word was what he wanted.

On one recent occasion when the bar had become exceptionally busy due to a stag party having taken over the bar Peter asked Sam if he’d like to go with him back to Peter’s flat for a drink where it would be more peaceful. Peter knew that Sam was young, nervous, impressionable and most definitely bi.

After a few glasses of wine and a couple of joints, Peter began to use feminine body language while moving in front of Sam, teasing him, or maybe massaging his own ego by proving to himself that guys find him sexually attractive, and it was then that Sam, unable to contain himself any longer confessed to Peter all his desires and longings.

Sam had never had a sexual experience with another guy, he wanted to try things out and that’s why he’d been hanging out where he knew gay and bi-guys were, but he hadn’t been attracted to any of them, but he found himself extremely turned on by Peter.

He poured his heart out and told all, saying that he wanted to sleep with Peter, he wanted to try things which up until now he had only thought about, but he now wanted to do all these things with Peter.

Peter had not given him any idea that he was actually involved in a sexual relationship with another guy, fantasising about having sex with a illegal bahis guy who you fancy and who is probably straight is one thing, finding out that he loves cock is another.

Peter decided he had to say something so he placed his hand on the inside of Sam’s right thigh, Sam, wide eyed, gasped and began to stroke Peter’s hand, the click of the door opening seemed like a bucket of icy water had been thrown over them.

Peter’s girlfriend had finished her shift earlier than usual and gone to the bar they normally met up in, due to the lack of room and the loud boisterous atmosphere she made her way home. Introductions were made but it wasn’t long before Sam left.

Peter and Sam had met in the bar since although they hadn’t spoken of the afternoon in the flat, Peter however, had said they’d go back there another time but left it at that.

He then told me that he had been wondering if I would be willing for him to make Sam’s fantasy become reality.

My girlfriend enjoyed threesomes and it now appeared that my boyfriend wanted to give it a go.

The look on my face must have given him the answer that he was looking for, he picked up his phone and rang Sam and suggested that they meet for a drink. Peter wandered off into the shower, normally we’d shower together but today he was rather eager to get ready and get out.

I didn’t go out when Peter went to meet Sam, I read some magazines, or at least tried to, I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than the thought that something exciting is going to happen later today.

It was less than forty five minutes later when the door opened, Peter and Sam came up the stairs together. Introductions were made, wine was passed around and then Peter brought Sam up to speed, never in Sam’s wildest fantasies had he thought that Peter was anything other than straight, and here he was, telling him about us, two bisexual lovers who were more than willing to introduce this slender guy to the pleasures of the flesh.

Peter laid down what he thought to be were reasonable ground rules, Peter was Sam’s fantasy and therefore it was to be their time, I could watch and wank but not touch or do anything which might reduce Sam’s pleasure in his first sexual experience.

If Sam was ok with things, then later on we might try other things out, but we would only do what Sam was comfortable and happy with.

With that Peter leaned forward and kissed Sam, I looked on as the two tall blonde guys kissed, holding and touching each other, the kiss of unhurried lovers.

Peter unbuttoned Sam’s shirt in the same way as his girlfriend would have done it for him, they broke their kiss as they began to quickly undress, it seemed that all of a sudden they realised what was happening and that they didn’t want to waste any time.

On the floor in front of me were two tall blonde men, the older of the two having slightly darker skin, though both of them smooth and naturally hairless, as they writhed and wriggled while they kissed I had a perfect view of Peter’s ass, the ass which I had fucked and spunked in just over two hours ago, I didn’t feel jealous but I did wish I could have pushed my tongue in it again.

Peter placed one of the large bean bags under Sam’s back so that that he was in a lying up position, I felt pre-cum ooze from my cock as I saw Peter hold Sam’s cock for the first time, I could just imagine how Sam must be feeling, I feel incredibly horny when Peter takes my cock in hands, but I’m used to it, this was Sam’s first time.

Sam gasped as his cock was enveloped by the mouth of the best cocksucker I’ve ever had the pleasure of being with, this was Sam’s first time and Peter has a cum in ten seconds mouth, he must have given Sam about four seconds of his awesome oral skills when he began to cum, realising that Sam was past the point of no return he kept working his magic while Sam wailed, moaned, gasped and panted as he bucked his pelvis up to meet and fill Peter’s mouth and throat.

Seconds seemed like minutes and minutes seemed like hours as Sam came down from his sexual high, he now had a flushed appearance covering his face and body while Peter lay with his head on Sam’s chest, gently fondling his still semi stiff cock and balls looking at me, with his mouth open so I could see the remnants of Sam’s cum on his tongue.

Sam reached over and began to fondle Peter’s cock, another man’s cock was in his hand, he had just cum in this guy’s mouth, was he now bi or gay he wondered, he didn’t mind either way because he felt so horny, relieved of guilt, stress and sexual tension, more importantly, his cock was now hard again…

Peter began to massage Sam from head to foot, he’s very good at massages, but even he realised that Sam was ready to carry on with his introduction to the ultimate pleasures of the flesh. Sam it would appear, had shrugged off the shackles of first time nervousness and was now rolling Peter onto his side, he lay on his side behind Peter, held his buttocks apart and had his first look illegal bahis siteleri at Peter’s asshole, he then began to lap at it, Peter pulled his knees toward his chest to give Sam better access to his willing entrance. Sam was by now pushing his tongue inside Peter’s recently douched ass, I wondered what flavour he had used this time.

Peter rolled over and rolled Sam onto his back, with Peter on top they got into a hot 69, Sam kept tonguing Peter’s relaxed asshole while Peter carefully sucked on Sam’s very hard six inch cock. Peter made a rubbing motion with the fingers of his left hand, then I twigged, Ky was needed.

I popped the top and passed it to him and looked on wolfishly as he began to coat Sam’s cock in the slippery lube, he didn’t give his cock too much attention as he wanted it inside him.

Sam had begun to finger Peter, but Peter wanted a cock inside him not just a finger or two, he turned around so that they were facing each other and slowly lowered himself onto the virgin cock, rubbing it along his wet willing hole and then slowly let himself sink onto it. Normally he would have taken a bit longer in getting a cock inside his ass but due to our hot fuck earlier that day and the fact that he, like Sam and myself, was extremely turned on and ready to fuck.

He slipped the end in then rose up off it, sit back down on it so a bit more of it slides in then rise back up, then sit back down each stroke helped to loosen his wanting ass until Peter’s balls were being pressed into Sam’s pubic mound. I knew that Peter was now gripping and squeezing Sam’s cock with his magnificent ass, wriggling around side to side on his young lover’s cock while squeezing and releasing it. Peter decided that now that his ass was slack he was ready to be fucked; they could make love another time, right now he wanted to be filled with a hard fast moving cock.

He climbed off Sam’s hot slippery cock and lay on his side, Sam wasted no time in positioning himself behind his wet willing lover and pushing his tingling cock deep inside him, they both new what they wanted and told each other their favourite sensitive areas and wants as they savoured each others bodies.

Lying on the soft luxurious carpet only enhanced the feelings of pleasure which were coursing through their bodies, Sam holds Peter by the hips as he thrusts into his ass, they are both panting and moaning in pleasure, Sam reaches around and starts to wank Peter, Peter reaches around and begins to stroke Sam’s ass, gently stroking and poking a finger into his hot tight entrance, the feeling of Peter’s slippery finger probing his ass as he buries his cock in Peter’s ass is too much for the young blonde, the rim of his cock is tingling, his whole cock feels like it has swollen to over half its normal size, Peter feels it too.

As he feels his finger start to slide into Sam’s ass Sam begins to wank his cock with faster strokes, the dry hand rubbing its way over his helmet then rolling his foreskin back is moving very quickly now, his ass is full of thrusting cock, it’s way over six inches now and it’s right in him. Its ass, cock and ass in Peter’s favour, he feels the orgasm well up inside him, just like a large wave heading for the beach, his thighs are weak as his balls give up their contents. In a what seems like a slow motion dream he feels the orgasm in his lover begin to break free, the cock inside him seems to have grown even more, his ass slackens and practically sucks the thrusting cock deep inside it, he can feel Sam’s cock as it twitches, pulsates and pumps his ass full of spunk just as his own spunk pumps out of his cock and into Sam’s tender hand.

Sam’s left hand is underneath Peter and wrapped around him holding them tightly together, his right hand is slowly spreading Peter’s semen over Peter’s cock and balls. Peter’s eyes are closed as he basks in the afterglow of some of the hottest sex he’s had in a long time, while Sam looks at me and mouths the words —

“Get undressed.”

Sam and Peter remained hooked up where they are as I undress, Sam looks at me and by way of a nod and by patting his ass he signals me to lie down behind him.

Not knowing how far he wants to go or what he wants to do I place my pre-cum soaked cock in the crack of his ass and gently rub it in his hole, he brings his right hand over which is covered in Peter’s cum and slowly pushes a finger into his own asshole, then he starts to wank me, he places my cock in his tight entrance and pushes back against me but I’m too far gone, before the end of my cock has pushed its way in I’m cumming, spunking in the crack of his ass as he wanks me, pulling every drop of cum out of my rampant cock. His right reaches over my back and pulls me into a three way cuddle, when we’re all tightly pressed together he pushes a spunky finger into my ass.

We lay in a hot spunky heap for quite some time, I kissed Sam’s back and he kissed Peter’s back as we savoured the glow of sexual satisfaction that bound us all together.

Although canlı bahis siteleri our cocks were quite hard again Peter decided that we all get a drink, as he got up and Sam’s cock slipped out his delicious ass a trail of semen ran down his legs.

Peter remarked that one thing that Sam and I have in common is that we both shoot a lot of jiz, I replied that it’s due to his sexiness that we were both so aroused, to be fair, he is very sexually attractive and knows just what to do.

I don’t smoke; neither does Sam so we didn’t share a joint with Peter, although we all enjoyed a large glass of French red wine. Sam was no longer the nervous virgin; he told us that he had enjoyed pushing candles and other similar shaped household objects into his ass as he played with his cock in his own place, although he had to be careful as he shared a flat with a few other people so privacy was limited.

We spoke of things which turn us on and how fortunate it was that he introduced himself to Peter, although both Sam and Peter, while not being effeminate in general, do tend to give off signals through their body language which I find highly erotic.

I walked over to the large bay window which overlooked the main street and rested on my forearms as I leant on the sill which was about three foot high and looked out of the window through the net curtains, I looked at the people on the busy street and felt quite happy that I was here in this warm comfortable flat looking out, rather than being amongst the pedestrians walking past each other all wrapped up in their own little worlds.

I suddenly became aware of a hard cock being rubbed against my asshole, not pushing its way in, just teasing me. I had my suspicions as to whose it was and those suspicions were confirmed when I saw Peter swinging his hips as he slowly walked across the room with his arms folded as he held his wine glass up to his lips, he turned and looked at me while giving me one of his seductive smiles.

Sam squeezed some Ky out of the tube and rubbed it into my ass with his stiff cock, I relaxed my belly and pushed my ass back at him, he had his cock at just the right angle so I pushed back even more, he took the cue and pushed his way in, I wasn’t quite ready and my ass began to hurt, sensing how I felt Sam pulled back out and began again, a spot more Ky, another push into my slightly slacker asshole and the end was in.

Peter stood in front of me lowered his head and kissed me, we kissed deeply, he held my head in his hands and kissed me with a passion that pushed my heart rate up, then with a hand on my cock, as he kissed me and squeezed my cock, I paid less attention to the mild ache in my ass that was caused by Sam pushing his cock most of the way into me.

I placed a hand on Peter’s bum and slid my fingers along his crack, he turned to give me better access to his freshly fucked hole, he hadn’t wiped himself since Sam had shot his load inside him, his ass was dribbling semen and covered in Ky, Peter began to hum some tune which amused him as he turned and presented his ass in front of my cock.

With Sam moving slowly in and out of my ass it wasn’t easy to get my cock into Peter’s slack sloppy asshole, but then I was in, oh wow, this is anal heaven, fucking a blonde as I’m being fucked by a blonde.

Peter had other ideas though, he pulled away from me and knelt down on the sofa, by me resting my right leg on the arm of the sofa and standing on my left I could get the full length of my cock in his ass. As I was bending with my legs apart Sam pushed his hot cock into my ass, in right up to his balls.

As my ass seemed to be tighter than Peter’s magnificent hole Sam held onto my hips and began to thrust in and out much quicker than he had been a few minutes earlier, his balls slapping up against my wet ass, each stroke was pleasure for the three of us, as Sam pushed his cock deep into me my cock was being pushed into sweet Peter’s tunnel of love. I felt Sam’s cock swell and stiffen as his strokes became faster and deeper and then he was cumming, calling my name, murmuring and panting, pushing his spunk deep inside my ass, he remained quite still as the last of his sperm left his contented cock and lined the walls of my ass. He pushed his face close to mine and we kissed, my first kiss with this golden youth.

Peter moved forward and lay on his back, he shuffled his way back to me and pushed his ass up to meet my cock, I looked at his asshole, it was gaping, I could look directly into his hot bum which was coated with sperm and lube, his asshole must have been at least an inch in diameter I let the end of my cock rest in it, I didn’t have to push, I practically fell into my lover’s open ass. The heat of his willing ass covered my sensitive hard cock, suddenly there were two fingers in my ass, as the two fingers opened my asshole more of Sam’s cum dribbled out onto his hand, Peter squeezed my cock with his ass just as Sam’s probing fingers found my prostrate, my cock must have been pressing upon Peter’s by the way he was hooking his legs around me and pulling me into him. I reached out and began to roll the end of Peter’s cock in my hand, a low moan escaped from him as he closed his eyes, his ass was pulsating and gripping my cock, he was cumming.

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