A Weekend Away

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One weekend in mid-August, we managed to be together alone, finally for the first time; just you and I.

Once it was settled that we both had the time, the wheels began to work.

“Where should we go, what should we do?” I asked. “Do you trust me?”

And of course the answer from you was a resounding, “Yes.”

“Well then my dear leave it to me and I will arrange everything.”

With a grin and a nod, you agreed to let me plan the weekend. I made a quick phone call to a friend and we were all set. Friday morning, 6:00am, we are set to leave. When you arrive, I am sitting in the driveway waiting for you. We exchange a kiss and I hand you some directions. I tell you that you can drive us the point I have marked off and I will take over after that. You agree and we are on our way.

Conversation starts off with the basic, “So, how have you been” kind of thing?” Since it had been awhile since we were last able to touch I could not wait to any longer. I had to start touching you. You, however, were thinking the same thing. As I was thinking of moving my hand, yours suddenly reached across and rested on top of mine. I turned my hand and our fingers connected, each fitting perfectly between the other. Oh how sweet it was to finally feel you again.

After a few minutes I had to free my hand as it was ready to wander. Breaking our hold I rested your hand softly upon my leg. I then ran my fingers up your arm and onto the back of your neck. I softly tickled the middle of your neck with my nails, trailing my fingers from the center of your neck, across the back and up to circle your ear leading me right back down to the center of your neck again. This continued for a few minutes. From there my tickles grew more into scratches as my nails worked their way up into your hair. I could tell by your look and the way your hand was gently squeezing my leg that you were enjoying each touch you were receiving.

We were now on some pretty empty back roads so I loosened my seat belt enough that I could get myself over to you. I reached my lips up to your neck and slowly began kissing it. Those kisses lead me from your neck, to a quick peck on your lips and down your chest. I reach down and cautiously lift your shirt when I’d rather be tearing it off. I begin to softly nibble on your nipple as my hand is caressing your quickly growing cock. I begin to undo your pants as I know you are “growing” to be a bit uncomfortable. Reaching down, I expose your very hard cock.

“OMG, I have so been looking forward to tasting you again! I can’t take it, I have to taste you now!” I whisper breathlessly into your ear.

Letting my lips travel down your body, I reach my destination. Gripping your cock with my hand, I moisten my lips casino oyna and slowly begin to slide your hardness into my mouth. Each movement makes you go deeper and deeper. My hand is moving in rhythm with my mouth, up and down with a slight twist of the hand. With every upward movement of my hand, I grip a bit tighter to release your pre-cum into my mouth. You taste so yummy I can barely wait for you to finish. I know that you are getting close as the car speed increases a bit and your head is now slightly resting on the head rest. Still concentrating on the road, you wonder how that is going to be possible to during orgasm. However, you are willing to find out as you know there is no way of getting me to stop now.

I feel that you are very close and I make sure that my rhythm now stays perfectly in sync with my hand; your hands both grip the steering wheel, your elbows lock, and you push back hard against the seat bracing yourself.

“HOLY FUCK” comes screaming from your lips as you explode into my mouth. Tasting you again is like a peace of heaven and there is no way that I am wasting one drop of you. I tighten the grip of my lips around you and slowly move upward on your shaft drawing every last bit of your cum into my ready and waiting mouth. When I know I have managed to ‘clean up’ I slowly sit up, look at you with a smile and ask, “Are ready for me to take over driving?”

You, unsure of how you even managed to keep the vehicle on the road during that, wait about fifteen minutes longer and then pull over.

“Time to switch drivers” you say, as you are still not sure as to where we are going.

I hop out and walk around the front of your vehicle thinking I am going to drive. You on the other hand have something else in mind. Although we are on a fairly dead road, there is still the odd car that passes. You put your hands on my waist and lift me onto the hood of your car. Placing one hand on the back of my head you softly lay me back.

You unzip your zipper freeing yourself once more. Grabbing my hips you slide me down the hood a bit and lift my skirt knowing all that you will find is my bare pussy. Taking my hands and lifting them over my head, you hold both wrist together with one hand as you lift my shirt and expose my breasts with the other. You begin licking and sucking on my nipples as you lean over me sliding your hard cock into my juicy pussy.

Not allowing me to touch you is driving me insane. Your thrust start slow but quickly become very rapid as we are both turned on by the fact that someone could drive by at any point. Feeling your cock become more engorged has me knowing that we are both about to cum fairly quickly. As my breathing becomes fast and short and. you to know that I am ready, slot oyna you lean down and begin to kiss me hard as you fill me with your love.

Allowing our bodies to relax from this rather quick but satisfying moment, I stand up slide my skirt down & fix my top.

“Ready to go?” I ask.

You smirk at me, looking a bit amazed that I allowed you to fuck me in the middle of no where.

“If you are, let’s go” you reply.

Finally, here we are, secluded, no one for miles. Our very own cottage for the weekend. A private beach, an outdoor fireplace, and lots of surfaces inside to have plenty of fun on, not to mention the floating dock right out in front.

We step out of the car and I yell “First one in!” Running for the beach, you notice that you are following a trail of my clothes that seem to be just flying from my body. You stop as you notice that I am now standing completely naked on the beach and slowly walking away from you into the water. You watch as the water levels slowly rise on my body covering each part you so want to touch. Finishing getting undressed, join me in the water.

Our naked bodies embrace as the waves roll over us and crash at the shore. I wrap my legs around you and you walk me out to the floating dock. Placing me on top of it, my legs hanging over the edge, you softly push me back. Before I know it you have spread my legs and are now licking my clit, sucking my juices and preparing me for yet another round with you. I already know we are going to have a wonderful weekend, going home with a smile that last for weeks.

You continue to lick me, every so often sliding your tongue as deep into me as possible. Your continuous teasing is almost unbearable as you break every so often to kiss my inner thighs which for some reason causes my tummy muscle to go into small quick spasms. Knowing that I am good for more then one orgasm you decide to keep going. Your tongue takes rhythm as you slide your finger into me to heighten the release. The closer I get, the louder I get knowing that no one can hear me so there is no holding back. Beginning to cum, my back arches and my hips begin to lift off the dock making things just a bit difficult for you but you manage to move with me.

After you are done sucking all of my juices you climb up onto the dock and lay your body against mine. I can feel your hard cock brushing against my pussy as you move slowly up and down taunting me yet again. Although enjoying your kisses, I lay there awaiting to feel you deep inside me. You, however, continue to kiss and tease me with no intention of entering any time soon. After about thirty minutes of kissing, touching and teasing, you know that I am well worked up. How easy it would be for you to just slip canlı casino siteleri inside and enjoy the pleasure of my warmth. But not yet as you are determined that this round is not going to end quickly.

You sit up and jump back into the water. After laying on the dock out in the sun, I know that the water is going to fee. quite cold on my naked skin but you are not willing to wait for me to ease back in. You swim back to the dock and reach out as though ready to give me a hug. With your arms are around me, you lift me off the dock and dip me right into the chilly water. And with that we emerge into a nice playful water fight. A few splashes and dunks later I find myself back in your arms. As you pull me close I can feel you slowly sliding yourself into me. With my legs around your waist, you walk us to the shore line. Laying me back on the sand, we begin to make love beneath the waves. The waves seem to rush over us with each thrust of your body.

A few minutes later, I feel you draw yourself out of me. You stand and offer me your hand. Helping me up, walking away from the chilly water, you lead me up to the outdoor fireplace area. Once there, you start a nice fire and ask me to hold on a second. You return quickly with a nice bottle of wine and 2 glasses. As you pour the wine, I get comfy in the hammock that is situated near the fire. Handing me my wine, you to sit down beside me. After a few sips and the fact that we are still naked and longing to have each other yet again, we decided to take the wine inside and look around.

Walking in the door, I see no need to go any further as there is a couch right there. I wrap my arms around you from behind and walk you toward the couch. Soon you are sitting down and I quickly find myself dropping down for another taste of you. This time my taste buds are going to have to settle for precum as, I being the selfish girl that I am, want you to fill me with the hot flow of your love. After I am satisfied with the taste I receive, I slide my body along yours until I am sitting on the couch straddled across you.

With your hard cock ready to accept me, I slowly ease myself onto you. Again things start off slow. This is a position we both enjoy as my breast are very easy for you to kiss and fondle and your mouth easy for me to connect with. As the excitement builds, my movements stay at a nice slow pace. I was taking you all in as deep as a I could but now begin to ride just the head of your cock. Bringing you almost out and then taking you back in.

I lean down and whisper softly in your ear, “Cum for me!”

With the sounds of the words echoing in your ear, you lean back against the couch and at the point of knowing that you are going to cum, I again take you deep into me and hold my movements allowing you to cum deep in my pussy.

After a few minutes of catching our breath we decide to grab our wine and head out to the hammock to snuggle and talk by the fire; both knowing there will be more to come!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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