A Weekend Adventure Ch. 01

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Even at 22, I’ve never really been into the bar scene. I like to drink, but I’d rather stay at home, or a friend’s place and have fun that way, it’s cheaper, and often the results of the evening turn out the same. Spending the weekend with my cousin Miranda and her husband didn’t excite me, mainly because she can be a huge bitch sometimes. My cousin and I aren’t that close…except in age, and I only met her husband once and that was a year ago.

As for their mutual friends, I had no idea who any of them were. Staying at home and watching TV didn’t really seem appealing either, so when my cousin invited me to spend the weekend with them, I opted to go. Miranda came to pick me up mid afternoon with Anthony. The ride up there seemed endless, Miranda kept talking about their new house, and how I would love it, and how her and Anthony this, and her and Anthony that, by the time we got there I was thoroughly annoyed. After dinner and a few drinks, their friends were calling and asking us to go out, so we went. We drove to this bar and met up with my cousin’s friends Jayson, Dan, Tim, and Lina. It was Jayson who caught my eye. Dressed in loose fitting jeans, a tight t-shirt with a button up shirt over top. Unbuttoned stylishly, with the collar popped and short blonde hair, spiked in the middle to give the impression of a mohawk. Bad boy look-a-likes have always been my thing.

Anthony took a seat by me, and warned me of Jayson who was very open and flirty. I didn’t heed the warning; it sort of excited me in all honesty. Watching Jayson slightly throughout the night hit on the two waitresses that frequented us with drinks, especially him since he was quite loaded. I looked over at one point in the night and I swear I saw him rubbing his dick through his pants, but I felt embarrassed and averted my eyes before he noticed. I was jealous of it being his hand instead of mine. A song came over the bar stereo, which resulted in Miranda and Lina dragging me up onto the small, dimly lit dance floor. I’m not a fan of dancing but I can when I’m in the mood. I wasn’t in the mood at all, sort of just standing there. It wasn’t until Jayson came up behind me sliding his hands around my waist, looping his thumbs through my belt loops and started rocking me back and forth to the beat that I got into it.

Swaying my hips into his crotch seemed oh so natural, as he rocked with me, grinding on me, taking his hands away from my front and rubbing them down my sides and briefly over my ass. His hot breath on my neck almost instantaneously made me wet with anticipation. I turned to face him, grinding myself on to his leg, holding on to his shirt, feeling his hand roaming over my hip, pulling me hard into him. I grinded my way down his leg, until my eyes were even with the bulge in his jeans, looking up at him there, and seeing him look down at me made me weak in the knees, to the point where I almost actually fell, but luckily he caught me and helped me work my way back up. I felt the song was far too short. When it ended, he laughed and smiled at me, as Miranda and Lina dragged me back to the group, leaving him standing on the floor talking to one of the bouncers.

Drinks continued flowing, and I was eagerly downing them, hoping to erase the level of lust my dance floor act had caused. Jayson disappeared outside to have a smoke, and before long it was time to leave. Walking to the truck with everyone, I got excited again when I saw Jayson running across the street to catch up. He and Anthony exchanged words, and climbing into their truck, he told Miranda that Jay would be coming over with the rest of them. casino oyna I grinned deviously on the inside, hoping the dance floor moves would continue. Even though he left after we did, he somehow beat us back, because when we pulled up, he and the others were sitting on the deck drinking beer, waiting for us to unlock the door. Removing my shoes at the door, I felt a hand on my ass to find Jayson behind me, trying to take off his own shoes, using me to steady him, at least that’s how he was trying to play it. Standing up and turning around, he grinned and pulled me close, for a drunkenly sloppy kiss. Anthony cleared his throat disapprovingly. Jay laughed it off, trucking into the house unphased.

Eventually it was only the four of us left, well, three I should say as Anthony had fallen asleep. I was curled up on the couch under a blanket next to Miranda and Jayson was sitting in front of us on the floor watching the TV. Miranda showed signs of life and told us she was going to bed, but I barely heard her, as I was half asleep myself. She woke Anthony and they went to bed. I was adjusting the blanket around my feet when Jay got up off the floor and sat beside me, tugging the blanket towards him.

“Share, I’m cold too.”

I smiled, not budging to give him any of the material, he laughed and threw himself on top of me. A few minutes of wrestling created more heat than any blanket could have. His hot breath warmed my neck, and his teasing hands warmed everywhere else. I found myself pinned beneath the weight of his body. He grinned and leaned in for a kiss, which I willingly gave. He shoved his tongue into my mouth, which I warmly met with my own. I felt his hands roam over my bra eagerly, squeezing, while his tongue continued to dominate mine. Gasping for breath as he moved to begin kissing my neck, one hand squeezing my breasts and the other caressing my lower back and my ass, I was so consumed I didn’t realize I was thrusting into his body until he got up off the couch, taking the blanket with him. He spread it on the hardwood floor and grabbed a cushion from the nearby chair.


He ordered, signalling me over to him. I rose off the couch, doing my best to ignore the tingling sensation between my legs. I stood in front of him, unsure of what he wanted, until he put his arms around me, running them down to my hips and started to rock me, just like he had on the dance floor. Remembering the moments from the bar that had gotten me so worked up earlier, I begin to grind into his crotch, and worked my way down his leg, my cheek pressed against the material of his jeans. He looked down at me and smiled, before undoing his jeans quickly, and pulling a throbbing 8″ cock from his boxer briefs. I felt frozen as I squatted before him, watching him run his hand slowly from the base all the way up his shaft to the tip and back again. I couldn’t help myself. I reached up and started stroking him, pushing away his hand which found it’s way to the back of my head, and began playing with my hair. Grabbing a thick handful, he lead me upwards towards his cock, I switched to my knees and licked the tip of his cock lightly.

He sighed eagerly and groaned loudly as I took the head of his throbbing meat into my mouth, and started to caress it with my tongue, swirling over it hungrily. Listening to the sounds he was making made me hotter and hotter, rubbing my soaking pussy through my jeans. Jayson watched with enthusiasm. Pushing my head down on his cock until he was in the back of my throat making me gag made him more and more aggressive, he started thrusting into my mouth and slot oyna I took every inch, over and over again, slobbering and drooling. My moans were vibrating off his cock, and the sensation must have been driving him crazy, because as he was fucking my mouth between the panting and the grunts he managed to growl

“I’m going to cum in your mouth you dirty little girl.”

As I looked up at him with his cock in my mouth, saliva coating his shaft as I licked the tip eagerly, flicking my tongue over it anxiously, waiting for his load, I saw his face twist and I immediately vacuum sealed my lips around the head of his pulsing cock, tasting the precum, followed quickly afterwards by a huge load, rocketing down my throat. He pulled out of my mouth and jerked his cock off over my face, letting a smaller stream shoot directly into my mouth, leaving a small trail down my lip. Not wasting a drop, I ran my tongue over my lip, sucking him slowly making sure he’d gotten everything out. He stood, panting, but still looking at me lustfully, and I knew he wasn’t finished.

He dropped to his knees, kissing me deeply, peeling my shirt off right away. Caressing my breasts, pinching the nipples through the material of my bra. I cried out more in ecstasy than in pain, he leaned down, and kissed my collarbone as he un-hooked my bra without hassle, tossing it aside. Drawing my small breasts into his mouth, he teased my nipples expertly with his tongue, causing me to moan and arch my back towards him. His hand snaked up my thigh where he found that I had soaked through my panties and on to my jeans. He rubbed hard, causing my legs to shiver, as he sucked on my nipples. Leaning back to escape his mouth, he lowered himself further, kissing around my belly, trailing his fingertips around the top of my jeans. I lay back completely, offering myself to him like a gift. He was quick to accept as he removed my pants and panties simultaneously. The cool air made my hot pussy shiver. He leaned close and breathed me in, flicking his tongue out against my soaking snatch. He licked lazily to begin, from my clit down to my dripping hole and I lay quivering, trying to be quiet, holding the back of his head, trying to intensify his mouth. Suddenly without warning, he became ferocious, jamming his tongue inside my tight pink hole, tongue fucking me like a maniac.

I stopped caring about what would be said if my cousin and her husband heard us, all I cared about was cumming. Jayson continued to tongue fuck me aggressively, using his fingers to rub my swollen clit. Occasionally he would remove his tongue, lick up my slit to my pleasure button, and tongue it eagerly, jamming two fingers inside me, causing my legs to quake. Squeezing my nipples between my own fingers, I bit my lower lip and continued to moan loudly, approaching the brink.

“Cum baby…cum in my mouth. Let me taste you.”

He mumbled into my pussy as he felt my entire body tense. I couldn’t take his oral assault any longer.

“Oh Jay! I…I’m going to fucking cum!”

I gasped as I grabbed the back of his head, burying it even deeper into my quaking pussy if at all possible. Grabbing my ass and squeezing, lifting me up slightly, as I convulsed into his mouth, moaning and cumming. My sweet juices streaming into his mouth, and trickled down his chin. My legs finished shaking and he looked up from between my thighs, licking his lips devilishly, kissing up my stomach, over my tits, up my neck, to my throat, and then to my mouth and kissing me deeply. Tasting myself on his tongue made me hot all over again, as I reached between his legs to canlı casino siteleri rub his still stiff cock.

“Fuck me Jay…I need you to fuck me with that big hard cock baby…right now.”

Positioning overtop of me, shoving my legs open hard with his hands, he looked down at me, admiring in the sight of my tight young body waiting to get jack hammered. Squirming around, trying to finger myself he kept slapping my hands away, making me wait for what seemed to take forever. Whimpering eagerly under him, he took his cock in his hand and leaned forward, stroking the pulsing head up and down my slit. My entire body tried to fuck him and he smiled evilly, slapping his rock hard dick against my clit.

“This is what you want isn’t it you drunk little bitch? You want this inside of you.”

I couldn’t do anything but nod. He shifted his weight to his arms, and I instinctively locked my legs around his hips. Without hesitation, he slammed full length inside me, groaning, and me contently sighing. His rhythm was so intense I couldn’t think, his balls slapping against my ass that was dripping with cum. He was relentless, pounding into me hard and fast.

Without warning, he pulled me out and rolled me onto my stomach, grabbing my legs and propping me up. He leaned down and ran his tongue across my clit, over my drenched hole, and right up over my ass. Growling eagerly he pushed down on my back and grabbed a thick handful of my hair, jerking my head back,

“Oh you’re going to fucking love this, I can tell.”

He started fucking me doggy style with more aggression than ever. With every thrust I cried out, burying my head into the cushion, gripping the blanket tightly. Reaching down as he pumped into me, rubbing my clit in circles my body bucked back against him. My elbows slipped and I slid down, loosing the doggy style position but he didn’t stop. Adjusting his body to the new position, he drilled me with his big cock, grunting like an animal. Droplets of sweat formed on his body as he smacked my ass roughly. Penetrating more deeply than before with his massive prick, he leaned forward over my back and whispered

“I want you to cum all over me so I can blow a hot load deep inside your sweet little cunt.”

Panting hotly as he continued to drill me, rubbing my clit violently, my whole body began to shudder.

“That’s my girl, cum on my big cock…”

His words were lost in my loud moan and the wave of pleasure washing over my body. His violent grip on my hips brought me back to reality as I realized he was going to blow his own sticky load I coaxed him gently.

“Oh yes baby, fill that hole with your cum, I want to feel…”

I didn’t have time to finish my sentence as he let out the loudest groan yet, followed by heated panting and more grunting as he spurted rope after rope of cum into my hot pussy.

Fucking me slowly and gently for a few minutes after was a great decline. Pulling out and laying beside me, I rubbed his cock gently for a few minutes. We talked for a bit, and then started to collect our clothes that were strewn about the living room. Jayson put the cushion back, and lay on the couch, covering up in the blanket. I stood in my panties, holding the rest of my clothes, arms crossed and pouted. He smiled and laughed.

“There’s a bed made up for you remember? You better lay in it to mess up the blankets. What would Anthony and Miranda think if they found us out here together still fucking like rabbits?”

I laughed at the thought, since Miranda was such a prude. I said my goodnight finally, and tiptoed down the hallway and into the spare bedroom. I turned the light off, closed the door, and hopped into bed. As I lie there thinking about what had just gone on, quite content with myself, I heard the door open a few minutes later and to my surprise…

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