A Walk in the Woods

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I stood in front of my closet, pondering the possibilities. A quick glance at the clock showed me that I had very little time left before he would be here. Smiling to myself I pulled out a figure hugging black and purple bodice, knee length loose black skirt, and my favorite pair of high heeled black boots. Another quick glance at the clock with a small giggle of anticipation and I started getting dressed. Once finished with that I carefully applied makeup to accent my eyes and lips before beginning the task of curling my hair.

Minutes before he arrives I make sure I’ve got all I need in my small purse- a flashlight, blindfold, ID and house keys. Giggling quietly I pull on my long jacket, leaving it unbuttoned for now before I look at myself in the one long mirror I own. Nodding in satisfaction, I make one last adjustment to my bodice and the twin mounds of flesh that it holds firmly in place before buttoning the three buttons on the jacket. I allow my gaze to slide over my reflection once more, tugging the lapels of the ‘Gentleman’s Jacket’ straight with yet another giggle of anticipation of what I’ve got planned. Jumping slightly as my phone jingles at me from the table, I whirl around to grab it just as he walks in the door… and stops.

“Well, are you ready to go Love?” I ask as he stands there staring at me. The look on his face is priceless as his gaze travels the length of my body, puzzlement and lust swirling through his eyes as he spots my boots and a glimpse of my outfit under the jacket. He has to swallow a few times before he’s able to answer- “Um, yea… where we going?”

As far as he knows I simply wanted to go for a drive, but I’ve not told him all my plans for the evening. As we leave the house, he double checks the locks on the door before stumbling down the stairs after me. I’ve already reached the car and have leaned against it, propping one boot heel on the door I allow the jacket to part. Just then the wind kicks up briefly and gives him a glimpse of the top of my stockings under the short skirt.

Once settled in the car I give him a general direction to go, glad that he hasn’t taken the time to learn where different backwoods go. After about 15 minutes of driving we pull into illegal bahis an isolated parking lot that is borders one of the state parks. Before he can ask me why we are here I pull the blindfold out of my purse with a grin. “Put it on, promise nothing bad will happen to you Love.”

Taking the blindfold from me he slips it on after sliding out of the car. Watching him trust me makes me smile, a tingle running down my spine just before I take his hand and start leading him into the woods. Walking quietly I lead him to a spot I picked out a few weeks before when I was here with a few friends of mine. Turning I tug him to me and whisper gently in his ear as I press against him. “We are all alone… you ready for your surprise?” He nods, still silent though his breathing has increased in pace.

I nudge one of his shoulders lightly, turning him in place before I push against both his shoulders, causing him to trip on a loose branch and land on the stump that is now behind him. Talking softly I step back from him until I’m just out of reach. “Remember Love, keep your hands to yourself… and you can take the blindfold off.” He nods again, nearly whispering “I remember. Where are.” He stops abruptly as he takes the blindfold off because I’ve unbuttoned my jacket, pushed it back on the sides and lightly rested my hands on my hips- finally letting him see the outfit. “Wow.”

Letting a slow smile curl my lips I slowly bend over to give a needless adjustment to my boot tops, giving him a clear view of my bodice held cleavage. “Thanks Love, now… hands behind you on the stump… and no touching me.” Flashing him a wicked grin I step forward as he complies. “I know you’ve been a good boy so I decided to give you a bit of a reward… and myself as well.” As I talk to him, I let my gaze sweep over his body, lingering over his groin while my fingers walk up his muscular thighs to the growing lump that I know is his cock trapped behind his zippered jeans. One fingernail drags over the closed teeth of the zipper as I watch his blue eyes glaze slightly at the sensations I’m causing.

His breath catches slightly just as my questing fingers find the tab of the zipper. Leaning forward I kiss him lightly, so light it is illegal bahis siteleri barely a brush of my lips against his while my fingers begin dragging the zipper down slowly. His breath catches again as a cool breeze sweeps over him, rustling the bushes that keep us hidden from the trail. “Shh… You don’t want to disturb anyone do you?” I flash him a wicked grin after whispering against his lips. With the zipper down, I slide my fingers over the barely exposed flesh before slipping the button free and releasing him from the tight confines of his jeans. Bending farther over I brush my hair to one side, baring my neck to him moments before my moist tongue flicks across the tip of his cock.

He gasps quietly, hands almost coming up from the stump which causes me to chuckle quietly and glance up at his eyes again, still bent over. “Remember, no touching.” Giving him a slow wink I turn my attention back to his semi-hard manhood. Toying with him, I flick my tongue across the tip again, loving the sound of his gasp. Wondering if I can get a bigger noise out of him I wrap my lips around just the head and continue flicking my tongue over him while my hands keep me supported via his thighs. With my hands on his legs I can feel every twitch of the muscle, twitch of pleasure and the halted motions of him shifting to reach for me as his cock hardens. Keeping just the head of him in my hot mouth I bend my knees; shifting the angle so he can watch me toy with him. Once comfortable I slowly start sucking his hard length farther in; which drew another gasp from him. One hand came up off the log briefly and I paused, his cock still deep in my mouth. A soft growl and his hand went back to the log as a shudder rippled down his body.

Carefully regulating my breathing I swallowed him down, the tip of him slipping into the beginning of my throat. Pausing, I opened my eyes to look up at his face to find his head tilted back in ecstasy. Flexing my throat slightly freezes his gasping breath briefly before his hand comes up once more. No longer able to control himself, one long fingered hand wraps itself in my hair to pull me back some. “Keep that up and I won’t last long” he gasps softly. I tug against his hand, continuing canlı bahis siteleri to suckle his cock; lost in the pleasure of giving to him.

His hand tightens in my hair as he pulls me nearly off his throbbing cock; only to push me back down and hold me there for a few moments. Gasping around him I grab a breath while I have the chance. Knowing what is coming next I try to relax into his hold, trusting in him not to hurt me. He continues to control my movements for a few minutes while I continue to suck his cock, using every trick I know to bring him closer to the edge. His breathing becomes more and more ragged the longer I allow him to use my mouth for his own pleasure. Shifting slightly I slide one hand under my chest and up towards his still hidden balls. Carefully scratching at the material I am unrelenting in my oral work. Listening to his sounds and knowing he’s using me for his pleasure causes my pussy to start dripping; just the thought of doing this with him had me wet.

Feeling him on the edge of the cliff of orgasm I tug once more at his grip, this time freeing my hair. Flicking my gaze upwards once more I swallow him down one more time; lodging his tip in my throat I open my lips. Sliding my tongue out I gently flick the point at his balls which my other hand has raised to within reach. Feeling that bit of cool moisture in contrast to the hot cavity I’ve captured his cock in is just enough to send him over the edge; his growls and other sounds loud in the twilight blanketed woods. Keeping him as deep as I can I wait until I’m sure he’s spent before I begin swallowing the fruits of our labor; not releasing him until I’ve swallowed it all.

Tucking him back into his jeans I smile. “Well, still don’t like the woods Love?” This last is said as I stand up and stretch while watching him try and talk; he finally settles for a shake of his head. Chuckling quietly I lean against a nearby tree while I wait for him to gather his breath. “Let me know when you are ready to go Love…I know I’d like to go have dinner now that I’ve had dessert.”

Hearing that last he opens one eye to look at me before shaking his head slightly. Gathering himself after another minute or two he rises unsteadily to his feet. “Lead on seductress… just know that I get to have my revenge when we get home.” Laughing quietly in anticipation I start off through the woods, heading back to the car. Glancing back at him over one shoulder my reply is easy. “Promises, promises.”

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