A Virgin Soldier Ch. 01

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This is my first attempt at a story, so please be gentle with me. I tried to build a picture of the forlorn young soldier at odds with his self-esteem and virginity, and the events leading up to his eventual, if somewhat unconventional ‘coming of age’ conquest. All characters are over 18.

Chapter 1 – Sit Down, Virgin Soldier

Everyone knew me, Ralph Turner, at my high school although I was never part of the “in crowd”. I did not have any illusions as to my desirability to the opposite sex and knew that I was overweight and my thick glasses and acne were not going to help me get a date any time before I finished my education and went out into the world.

I suppose my small amount of popularity came from a natural upbeat character and sense of humour, a trait that I hoped one day might help get me laid; I had read somewhere that girls liked guys that could make them laugh. I was just worried what they would be laughing at.

At least my chosen career as a soldier might help me to lose my cherry, I hoped so. I also read that girls liked men in uniform, which was probably penned by the same wit who thought that jokes would help. I was further encouraged by my school mates who casually remarked:

“You won’t get through basic training, you fat bastard” and “You’ll be back with your Mum in six weeks ‘cos you can’t hack it!”

So eventually I finished my exams and whilst everyone else’s thoughts turned to enjoying their summer break, I boarded a train and departed for Aldershot, the ‘Home of the British Army’. Anyone who joined up in the early eighties like me knew Aldershot to be a grey, dreary, military town with barely a female to be seen. Back then the girl soldiers were hidden away in Guilford, 20 miles away, and were mostly “butch and bent”. All the local girls hated ‘squaddies’ and had been told by their mothers’ never to fraternise with us, so the likelihood of popping my cherry was still in doubt.

A faint glimmer of hope on the horizon was ‘Leave’ after Basic Training when we would all get to go home with a pocket full of cash and spend a week with our loved ones.

“I will be fighting them off”, I thought as I stepped onto the platform back in Essex. I had made it through the worst bit and was now officially a soldier. This turned out to be harder than I imagined. When you leave a town like mine to follow your chosen path, coming home is a shock when you discover that all your mates had left too.

I have always been tongue-tied around girls and having no wingman to laugh at my jokes was going to make chatting up a girl difficult, even in Essex!

Nursing a pint in my local, on my own, I contemplating going back to barracks without a story of sexual conquest to tell, my self-pity was suddenly interrupted by a female voice.

“All casino oyna right? What’s your name then? I ain’t seen you in ‘ere before.”

I turned on my barstool and looked into the eyes of a cute brunette with a pretty face. A glance downwards told me she was fairly slim, although I could only guess at her figure as she was wearing one of those fashionable white plastic coats with matching knee length boots. I raised both my eyes and my eyebrows.

“I’m Ralph and I haven’t been in here for a while.”

“What, you in the Army then, cos’ you’ve got really short hair”

I nodded, as my mouth was already going dry, and took a swig of my beer.

Her smile brightened and she asked “You must know my boyfriend, Dave; he’s in the Army too”

“Really, do you know what Regiment he is in or where he is posted?”

“Nah! But you must know him, everyone does.”

I have a right one here, I thought to myself, and tried to explain that there were thousands of soldiers in the Army, and the chances of knowing ‘Dave’ were slim at best. The conversation petered out and the mystery girl in white drifted off to talk with someone else. Not exactly my smoothest attempt at seduction, but at least it had raised my spirits a little. After all, she had come over and spoken to me. I left the pub shortly after and went in search of that wingman.

Later that evening I found myself outside Leo’s place. We had been in the local Venture Scout Unit together and he was a cool, half Italian guy, two years older than me. I remembered that he liked a beer now and again so I thought it worth a try. I knocked on the door.

Leo came from a big family, and like most Italian families I knew they all lived in the same house together so I wasn’t surprised that someone else opened the door. It was a woman, but what a woman! She was wearing a knee length floral summer dress and her skin looked like porcelain. Red painted lips were complimented by a mane of red curly hair and bright green eyes that had a slight twinkle in them. I guessed that she was in her early twenties.

Her lips parted in a smile and she asked; “Can I help you?”

“I’m Ralph and I am a friend of Leo’s. Is he in?”

“No he is still at work, but should be back later, do you want to come in and wait?”

I was shown through to the living room and took a seat in the armchair. Julia, that was her name, she told me, was very chatty and seemed pleased to have a little company. She sat on the sofa opposite me and while we talked I discovered that she was Leo’s fiancée. Everyone else was still out at work in London and she had been left on her own all afternoon.

Suddenly Julia got up, smoothing her hand down her dress as she rose.

“Where are my manners? Would you like something slot oyna to drink, tea or coffee?”

“Tea would be nice” I replied.

Julia walked behind me towards the kitchen, but as she passed the back of my chair her hand lightly grazed the back of my neck. The sensation felt like a jolt of electricity as I had not seen it coming. I jumped slightly in my chair which solicited a giggle from Julia. My gaze followed her into the kitchen and I noticed her legs were toned and supple. I could not help notice her arse was also tight and toned in her summer dress. I got up and followed her, still talking about how I knew Leo and started explaining where I had been for the last 3 months. In 1981 a haircut like mine meant you were either a soldier or a convict, so everyone asked.

I got to the kitchen as the kettle went on and told Julia how I liked my tea. She seemed to not know her way around the small galley style kitchen and kept brushing past me as she moved back and forth to collect cups and milk and biscuits. I was trying hard to lean casually against the worktop but each time Julia passed by her hand accidently made contact. First on my arm, then my waist and finally on her third pass her fingertips lightly grazed the front of my jeans.

We exchanged a glance as Julia handed me a cup and I turned to head back into the living room. There was definitely a twinkle in those emerald green eyes. Julia was half a pace behind me as I paused to put my cup on the table and sit down, I again felt her hand, this time lightly caressing my backside and she moved back to her seat.

I was slightly in shock after all this ‘accidental’ contact and my little virgin brain could not quite work out that she was trying to seduce me. As we drank our tea I must have had a stupid expression on my face. Female contact had been sparse growing up and I now sported an erection which I was trying to hide. Julia just smiled prettily back at me.

Julia asked about my girlfriends and I explained that I had not had much time for girls as I had to study hard to get the grades needed by the Army. I tried to sound nonchalant as I did not want Julia to think I was a virgin. Soldiers are meant to be macho after all!

“Excuse me, I’m just nipping to the loo, I’ll be back in a minute”

With that she flounced out of the room. I heard a flush from the downstairs toilet and then Julia came back in, but instead of taking her seat she came and perched on the arm of the armchair I was in. I now had an even better view of those legs.

“You’ve not got a lot of experience with girls have you?”

“No.” I started to blush.

Julia leaned towards me, and I could make out the swell of her tits down the top of her dress. I am not good with cup sizes, but I guess she was a small canlı casino siteleri handful. She placed her right hand over my groin and gently squeezed my erection.

Now I am not very well endowed, yet another of my problems with self-confidence, but Julia did not seem too disappointed with what she felt down there. She ran her tongue across her lips seductively. I was starting to break into a sweat and was petrified.

“I am going to help you out with that” she said as she grabbed hold of my zip and pulled it down.

Fear had me riveted to the seat and I could not move. As it dawned on me what was going on I thought that this might finally be the day I had been waiting for. Her hand fished inside my jeans and into my underwear and for the first time I experienced a woman’s fingers grasp my dick. I was jolted out of my stupor and automatically reached for her waist.

“What about Leo?” I asked.

“He won’t be back for another hour but we will have to be quick in case someone else comes home.”

Julia straddled me and leaned in for a kiss. My hands moved down and then back up to her arse, this time under the dress. I now knew why she had gone to the toilet, as I grasped her bare cheeks.

“Can I see you?” I pleaded as I felt her fingers guide my stiff cock between her pussy lips and rub it back and forth to lubricate my shaft.

“No, someone might come in at any moment and I will need to sit down quick” she muttered.

Flexing her thigh muscles, Julia sank down on me and started to gyrate back and forth, grinding her pussy into my groin. My size and our position made it difficult to get any lateral movement but I think she was getting off on rubbing her clit against the rough denim of my jeans. Julia started to grunt softly and I just gazed at her in wonder.

I had gone from drinking tea to losing my virginity in a matter of half an hour with my mate’s fiancée, who I had just met. No-one was going to believe this back in Aldershot and I could hardly believe it myself!

“Oh God, that’s nice.” She said, and suddenly stiffened and pushed harder down in my lap. It was all over, it seemed, only minutes after we had begun. Julia got off me and I sheepishly tried to tuck my cock back into my jeans. I hadn’t cum but my ex-virgin brain had not yet processed that bit of information.

“You really should go before anyone comes home.” She said. “I’m sorry you didn’t finish but I will make it up to you next time.”

My jaw must have hit the floor at this point as I was being ushered towards the front door.

“Give me your number and I will call you when I can arrange something. I will make next time special, I promise”

I gave her my number which she jotted down next to the telephone and with a swift peck on the lips I was back out on the street.

Wandering back towards home I asked myself if it had all really just happened or had I imagined it. I also wondered if I would hear from Julia again.

To be continued…

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