A Very English Family Ch. 05

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Now that the house was relatively well organised, even if not entirely tidy, things seemed to calm down a bit. We actually walked around with some clothes on for a change and were able to meet without immediately starting having sex, if only because Mum had spent time putting some sense into us but then, just when I thought that we’d settled down, things slipped back into debauchery again.

Mum had gathered us all together one breakfast time to reiterate and expand on her earlier comments and suggestions.

“Look, I don’t mind admitting that I get paid quite well for my writing,” she said, “But we have to be seen to be normal. You boys will have to go out and find work — you can’t live on my money forever. And not only that, you need to find some friends too, even if they only become friends and not lovers, if you see what I mean.”

We all nodded quietly as we understood her words.

“There’s the other side too,” Mum continued, “I’m not really complaining but sex ought to be something for the weekends and the evenings — not an all day activity.”

She looked pointedly at Andy before sipping her coffee and continuing.

“You both need some outside interests too,” she added, “I think that Chris has got the message and I can keep his sex life going but you can’t spend all your time in Sarah’s arms.”

She smiled benevolently as she leaned forward and stroked Andy’s leg.

“Even if she is the best lover you’ve ever found!” she said with a chuckle as she drained her coffee.

“Yeah, so what about Sarah?” asked Andy, obviously feeling a bit picked upon, “Shouldn’t she find work too?”

Mum glared at him but blew him a kiss too, to show that she wasn’t mad at him.

“It’s not so important that Sarah finds work — she and I will be looking after the house for you, won’t we,” she said, “But if you and Chris are banging us both all the time we’ll need some time off to recover occasionally. It’s going to be hard enough catering for two lusty cocks without having to work as well. I’m ok — I can always relax and write and still earn an income so Sarah can go and find some work if she wants to but there’s no rush for her.”

She smiled at Sarah and blew her a kiss too while Sarah leaned forward and stroked Andy’s other leg lovingly.

“Any complaints?” she asked as her eyes scanned from Andy to me and back, “Of course, you can always go without if you’d prefer or go and find your own pussy after we’re both knackered.”

“No, fair enough,” I said, “There’s a couple of jobs in the paper I can go after and that seems quite reasonable to me. I’m sure that Andy will find some work too — I’ll help him if I can. Oh, but what happens though if we find girlfriends and want to bring them home?”

“We’ll just have to be more careful then, won’t we,” said Mum, “Anyway, its going to happen eventually that one of you want to set up your own home somewhere — but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it and enjoy what we can in the meantime — and speaking of the meantime, any questions?”

“Yeah, something’s been worrying me a bit,” said Andy, “We don’t use anything to stop you two getting pregnant so what happens if…?”

Mum held up her hands to stop him.

“Your sister and I are both on the pill so I doubt if it’ll happen,” she said, “You’ve heard of it — it’s that new contraceptive from America, our doctor agreed to letting us use it.”

Andy let out a long breath, one of relief and I did the same a moment later, causing Mum to chuckle.

“We’re actually on it because it helps keep us both regular,” she said, “We certainly weren’t seriously thinking about having sex with you two when we started using it though!”

She paused for a few moments and let a thought develop, a thought that was followed by a big grin.

“Mind you,” she said, “I’ll try to be entirely honest — I had actually thought about it, as part of my writing. I built up the idea of a family moving somewhere new and having their own little love nest — it was to be the basis of a book to be honest — and then after your dad died I realised it could actually happen!”

She smiled happily as she let her mind enjoy the memories and I saw her arse squirming innocuously as the thought expanded.

“So I think the idea was already brewing in my mind when I saw the doctor…,” she said, “Even if it wasn’t a full grown plan just then.”

She opened a drawer and showed us the packets then put them away again and sat down.

“Which reminds me Sarah, we’d better get and see the local doctor down here,” she said as she settled on the chair beside me, “Don’t want to run out, do we?”

“Might be fun to get pregnant,” said Sarah thoughtfully, “Perhaps not yet though.”

“No way!” said Andy firmly, “You keep taking those pills.”

“Mmmm yeah, you’re right, I can just see me trying to explain that the father was one or other of my two brothers!” said Sarah with a sickly grin, “On second thoughts, definitely not!”

“But with us on the pill you can both shoot off inside either of us any time — it’s so much güvenilir bahis nicer than using those horrible condoms,” said Mum with a big smile, “Still messy though — all that spunk gets everywhere doesn’t it!”

She paused and frowned then grinned broadly.

“Mmmm, all that spunk!” she sighed, “I used to hate it all getting pumped into a rubber rather than into me because I just love that feeling as it gushes into your…ohhhh, yess, there’s nothing nicer…!”

Mum’s words tapered off as her mind absorbed her thoughts…

“Mmmm, I’m just imagining a nice big cock jetting all that stuff up inside me,” sighed Mum eventually as she licked her lips.

“I can do that for you!” said Andy eagerly, “Any chance of doing it soon then?”

“Doing what dear?” asked Mum, her mind still otherwise absorbed.

“Spunking — filling your pussy for you,” he answered, “I’m horny!”

Andy stood up to reveal the bulging prominence of his erection inside his shorts, now holding the material tight over his cock to enhance the view, then he leaned back against the kitchen unit with his erect penis clearly on show.

“Oh for heaven’s sake, not again — you’re terrible!” said Mum with a wicked grin, “Like a bloody goat, aren’t you!”

“You make me feel this way,” said Andy as he continued to display his lightly clad erection, “Oh come on, please, I didn’t have much last night!”

“It’s alright Mum, I’ll take him,” said Sarah, “He’s right, he didn’t get much last night and I’ve finished my breakfast.”

“You’ve only had a cup of coffee,” said Mum, “You ought to have more than that.”

“Looks like you’re going to have some nice creamy porridge to go with it then,” I commented with a laugh and Mum joined in.

“With Sarah’s appetite she could probably manage a couple of nice big sausages as well as some porridge,” she said amid more laughter, while Sarah merely glowed and smiled sexily.

“Couldn’t you Sarah?” she added, “So don’t forget Chris after you’ve finished with Andy!”

We all enjoyed the humour and while Mum and I remained seated Sarah rose and moved to stand beside Andy. Her hand snaked down and over his bulging cock while Andy groaned and pushed his groin forward, his own hand moving to slide down inside Sarah’s shorts whose body reacted to his touch as well.

“Yeahhh, come on Andy,” she sighed as she stroked Andy’s lengthy bulge, “Let’s see if we can find some of that porridge.”

She sucked in a breath as Andy’s fingers slid into her pussy.

“Ohhh yesss, I’m wet already aren’t I?” she hissed, “And you’re so hard! Come on then, I’m so ready for you!”

“Do it here,” said Mum, “Chris, go and get some cushions; then we can watch these two enjoying themselves.”

I had the distinct feeling that if I didn’t get the cushions quickly I’d miss the action so I quickly stood up, adjusted my own stiffening penis and dashed off to find some assorted padding, immediately remembering that the patio chairs had nice flat removable seat cushions. Until we bought a garden shed they were being stored in the utility room next to the kitchen, where I also found a couple of big towels so I brought a large armful back to the kitchen where I discovered Sarah already on her knees.

I held out a big cushion and with a thank you smile she quickly knelt on it while I spread the other cushions around and hardly had I done that than Sarah was pushing Andy’s shorts and underpants off, leaving him leaning back against the work unit in his t-shirt and with his erection pointing outwards and upwards.

She quickly adjusted her pose, leaned forward and took hold of his cock, her fist pulling his foreskin back to reveal his glistening bulbous knob. Her eyes flicked upwards to look at Andy, then she leaned further forward and kissed it, the sucking sound of her lips resonating in the quiet room. She pulled away as if to admire his cock, then a moment or two later she extended her tongue to let it slide wetly all over and around his knob, then she pulled away again. His wetted penis seemed to glow and gleam in the morning light and I heard Mum draw in an appreciative breath. His penis looked quite good enough to eat and I was almost tempted to join Sarah but she, after briefly standing to remove her own shorts and knickers, returned to his cock and now let it slide into her mouth, much to Andy’s pleasure.

“Yesss,” he hissed softly, “That feels goooood!”

Sarah worked his penis in and out of her mouth for while and as she did so her arse seemed to be moving, clenching and relaxing — then I noticed that she had one hand at her pussy, exciting herself and preparing her pussy for his insertion. The sight made my cock jump strongly but then it was my body’s turn to jump as Mum’s hand now covered my bulge, pressing down delightfully on my erection.

“I thought we were just watching?” I enquired quietly but Mum just smiled at me and let her fingers continue to stroke my stiff penis.

“Well yes, but that looks so good, doesn’t it?” she said as she released her hold on my cock and lifted her t-shirt from her türkçe bahis delicious tits, “But you know me; I just can’t say no these days and if they’re going to do it then I think we’d better join in too, don’t you?”

Inevitably the sexy activity before me had woken my desires and the thought of enjoying Mum for breakfast was perfect.

“You sure?” I asked as I removed my own t-shirt and Mum nodded eagerly.

Mum had now discarded both her t-shirt and bra and was busy rubbing life into her delicious tits.

“I love this kind of impromptu sex,” she said, “I’m so glad that we’re such a happy family!”

“Horny family you mean,” I said as I admired Mum’s full breasts, “Is it alright if I…”

“It won’t be alright if you don’t!” Mum replied, “Come on, give me your hands.”

Quickly I moved and knelt in front of Mum so I could cup each of her delicious breasts. They felt warm and so smooth and so heavy too; they were a delightfully perfect pair of deliciously firm yet mature appendages. I kissed each nipple, pulling away quickly to watch each little mound turn into a juicy, shiny cherry as it responded to my touch then I used my fingers and thumbs to feel the rubbery nipples, to roll them around and to stretch them gently.

“That’s lovely,” crooned Mum, her hands now on my shoulders, “You really know how to turn me on, don’t you!”

“I’m learning Mum, not that it takes much to get you going!” I said as I again kissed her nipples one after the other, “Anyway I’ve always wanted to do this — it sort of comes naturally!”

Mum hummed delightfully to my kisses and then squirmed deliciously to my mouth and fingers on her breasts for a while longer before pushing me away.

“Mmmm, so nice, but what about the rest of me?” she said as she stood up, “You’ve made me all excited now — come on, I think we’d better get down there and join them!”

It was the work of only a moment for us to remove what few remaining clothes we wore and then my naked mother lay down on her back on some of the chair cushions with her head supported on a bigger cushion. She held her arms up to invite me and when I settled above her she drew me to her lips. While trying not to squash her beneath me I returned her kisses lovingly with lips soft and pliable until we were both out of breath, then she pushed me again, this time downwards and I quickly realised what she wanted.

I moved, letting my stiff penis slide down past her pubes and then down one thigh until my mouth moved over her breasts again where I settled comfortably, sucking each breast, chewing each nipple, stroking, pressing, feeling her warm flesh with my fingers, my lips and my tongue until Mum’s body was bucking and lifting strongly against me.

“Ohhhh darling…!” said Mum breathlessly, “Oh God — perfect! Now down, please…”

“Good?” I asked and Mum’s blown kiss and smile told me the answer before she pushed me further downwards again.

I relinquished my pleasurable sucking to let my lips slide down her sternum between her breasts, placing little butterfly kisses as I went and breathing in the delicious perfume of her body.

Mum hissed her pleasure as I moved, then sucked in a sudden breath as I stuck the tip of my tongue into her navel.

I stayed there briefly, exploring the little indented folds of skin then moved again, sliding down until the warm musk of her pussy invaded my nose and it was only then that I noticed that Mum had shaved off a lot of her pubes and she had tidying her bush into a smaller and more controlled mound of trimmed hair that now prickled my chin. Her trimming had also exposed her lips and clit more but as my interest wasn’t in her pubes, I took a breath and I dived right past her little nest and settled at her pussy.

“Ahhhh!” gasped Mum as I pressed my open mouth between her parted lips, discovering immediately that she was deliciously wet and slippery already, “Yessss!”

The taste of Mum’s pussy was superb, a warm mixture of honey and pungent sex, a taste that I imagined could be added to almost any dessert to improve it. The scent of her pussy was stimulating as well, not so much pungent as mind-filling somehow, blocking out all other imaginary and real scents. Perhaps the scent was a mixture of all of Mum’s flavours and delights but whatever it was I was delighted to absorb it with my taste buds and inhale it with every breath as I let my tongue slide over the inner skin of her soft lips.

Her delectable clit now loomed large just inches from my eyes and I admired it’s construction, the way it looked so like a miniature penis, even down to possessing a hood or foreskin.

I licked my tongue up and over her clit, causing Mum to shudder beneath my face and I brought my hands up to rest over her hips with my thumbs caressing her ovaries through her abdomen.

“I like it!” she breathed softly, “You’re good, you’re so gentle, and oooh yes, right in there.”

I took my cue from her words and continued to slide my tongue over her increasingly slippery folds and protuberances, occasionally delving deep into güvenilir bahis siteleri her cleft, occasionally moving from her wet pussy to her inner thighs as I searched for places of erotic arousal. I was determined to explore as much of Mum’s excellent body as I could while giving her as much pleasure as she desired too.

Beside us Sarah and Andy had settled into a similar position to us and as I glanced at them Andy looked up from between Sarah’s thighs and winked at me.

“This is great!” he enthused with a big smile, “Feels like I’m in heaven!”

He ducked back into his sister’s pussy then lifted his head again.

“And it’s making me so bloody horny too!” he added, “I’m gonna screw the arse off her in a minute!”

“You do it nicely,” warned Sarah as she lifted her head to look at her brother, “You be gentle or you won’t do it at all.”

“Yeah, but I get so excited!” said Andy, humping his arse up and down to demonstrate his eagerness, “It’s not easy to go slowly.”

“Just remember it’s me and my pussy, not your hand,” said Sarah, “Any rough stuff and I’ll cut your ration off.”

Instead of answering Andy just lowered his head between her thighs again, leaving me to return to Mum’s lovely lips and causing Sarah to sigh heavily as his tongue began working at her. I ignored them now and worked on Mum’s arousal, an easy task as she guided me to where she liked it the most.

“Yes, there,” she breathed as she pushed my mouth down over her clit, “Stay there for a bit — suck it — chew it — oooh sweetheart, yesss!”

I worked contentedly, squeezing and manipulating that little rubbery protrusion while Mum’s hands pulled and pushed my head to enhance her pleasure and it seemed to be working. Slowly but surely her hands pushed me harder or quivered with arousal; occasionally they tightened, sometimes they lost their grip entirely and all the time Mum’s pussy seemed to get wetter and hotter. Her hips were moving up and down too and her breathing was becoming faster and more erratic.

My cock was pressed against a seat cover beneath me, now sliding over the plastic coating on a bed of precum, proof that my efforts were arousing not only Mum but myself as well.

Perhaps it would be time soon to move my mouth away from Mum’s pussy and to insert my cock in there instead and as I paused to draw breath I looked up to see what else was happening.

Beside us Andy was still at work at Sarah’s pussy but judging from the way her body was moving it would soon be time for him to fill her hole with his cock. Sarah’s entire body seemed to be writhing like a snake, lifting and bending as Andy worked on her sensitive parts, her hissing cries imparting another similarity to the serpentine effects.

I was almost reluctant to concentrate on Mum as they enjoyed the build-up to their act of intercourse and my attention was diverted even more as Sarah suddenly cried out.

“Ahhh, yesss!” she cried loudly, “Oh Andy, right there — right there! Ohh, ohh, I’m cumming — I’m cumming!”

She grunted and cried out several times now, her arms flailing around wildly as her orgasm thrilled her and took control of her body before she eventually flopped, limp and temporarily exhausted, her mouth now relaxed and smiling.

Finally she stirred and looked down her body between the generous mounds of her breasts to where Andy was smiling back at her.

“Oh Andy, that was brilliant!” she exclaimed, “Come on then, put it in me, I’m all wet and so ready for you now.”

In seconds he’s risen, shuffled on his knees, then settled again, directing his stiff and distended penis towards her hole. Slowly he lowered himself and as he let his cock slide into position Sarah breathed out a long sigh of pleasure.

“Yeahhhhh!” she breathed softly, “Nice and slow, take it easy — just let it slide into me, all the way!”

She breathed deeply as Andy moved downwards until he could descend no further.

“Ohhhh,” she breathed, her voice all quivery, “That’s lovely, just hold it there, all the way in.”

“I’m trying!” said Andy as he held his quivering body in place, “Don’t want to upset you, or lose you for that matter.”

“You won’t, darling brother,” she said as her hands reached up and stroked his face, “Sometimes I do like it hard and rough but other times it’s so nice when you’re all gentle and slow, like now.”

“Got the message,” he answered, “I’ll be good, I promise!”

I glanced at Mum, just as she turned and looked at me, her tongue licking her lips.

“Looks so good,” she said, “Are you going to do that to me, lover boy?”

“Will if you want me to,” I replied, “Do you want me to get you off with my tongue?”

Mum immediately shook her head though.

“No darling, I’ve changed my mind,” she said, her hands beckoning me, “Come up now, come and put that lovely cock in me just the way Andy’s doing.”

“Mmmm, yeah Mum,” I said eagerly as I too shuffled into position.

Once settled above her I slid my hand down over Mum’s smooth belly, pressing between us until my fingers slid over her pubes and neatly between her lips. I immediately felt the sweet slickness of her liberally oozed juices and I smiled broadly at Mum as I explored. A whole new level of slippery wetness was there, preparing her vagina for my cock.

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