A Trip to the Flea Market

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It was still dark out when you came to my room to wake me up. Today we were going to the flea market and you always wanted to go so early to “get the best deals”. Your little side job of being an antique runner meant that every Saturday and a lot of Sundays you went to the various flea markets and antique shows all over the state, scouting for finds for the dealers you worked with. Today you insisted I go with you.

Sleepily I got out of bed and got dressed. You said we’d grab breakfast on the way. It was only 4:30 in the morning and I was still tired. I started to get into the backseat so I could lay down but you told me to get up front. Leaning against the door I tried to go back to sleep. ‘Lay across the seat’ you told me ‘use my leg as a pillow’. Since it was a bench seat in the old station wagon, I did as you said, glad to stretch out and the rhythm of the car rocked me back to sleep. Even though I was 18, I was only 5′ 2″ so I was able to fit if I laid on my side and pulled by legs up.

I felt your hand rubbing my back and across my ass, back and forth, it felt nice and I didn’t tell you to stop. You slipped your hand under my sweater, your hand rubbing my bare skin. Higher and higher you rubbed along my side, brushing against the side of my bra then reaching to cup my right breast. You stroked my nipple over the material, slowly almost absentmindedly. I could feel the warmth spreading through my body and my nipple getting internet casino hard. You felt it too as you slipped your hand inside my bra, touching my bare skin, a small moan escaped my lips. I felt you shift in your seat and I knew you were getting hard and uncomfortable. I still lay on your thigh, wanting you to continue. I rolled over onto my back, giving you access to my other breast. You took the invite and pulled down my bra exposing both my breasts to the warm interior air, my sweater pulled up to my neck. We continued to drive as you played with my nipples, tugging and rolling each one making my pussy respond with wetness. You reach over and quickly unbutton my jeans, pulling down my zipper while still keeping your eye on the road. I scoot up a little further on your lap to give you access as you slipped your hand into my panties, my eyes still closed but you know I’m not sleeping.

Mmmmmm you moan as you feel my juices coating my pussy lips…using your fingers to push my lips apart, feeling my clit engorged and excited. As you flick it back and forth, mashing it against my body I spread my legs to help you. “take down your pants” you tell me breathlessly. I lift my ass off the seat and pull my pants down to my ankles and spread my legs wider, lifting my ass wanting you to go deeper with your fingers. For miles you stroke and rub and finger my wet cunt as I lay on the seat my body raising and falling as I push canlı poker oyna you deeper with each thrust. I feel the car slow down and you pull your hand away to take the wheel.

“Are we here I ask?” rising up to look out the window.

“No not yet.” You answer.

All I see around us is a dirt road and lots of trees. “Why did we stop? Where are we?” I ask.

You don’t answer as you open the door and exit the car, I see the large bulge in your pants as you reach down to adjust yourself. You walk around and open my door, my sweater up to my neck, my bra under my breasts pushing them up and out, and my pants still around my ankles, you take my hand and pull me out. “Get in the back seat.” I hop out the door around to the back door that is already open, you push me down on my belly, my legs still on the ground, my chest on the seat. My ass exposed to the air I hear you unbuckle and unzip your pants and know what’s coming. I spread my legs as far as my pants will allow as you push your rock hard cock into me with one push. I feel your balls banging against my ass as you pound into me, hard and urgently. I am getting wetter with each new thrust, you holding my hips as you continue to fuck me, both of us moaning with the intensity. I try to push back against you but you have me pinned to the seat with your hands, fucking me fast and hard, each thrust deeper than the last I feel my orgasm building ready to let poker oyna go. “AWWwww…fuck daddy…I’m cummmminggg” I scream as my body shakes violently against your cock, milking and squeezing, I feel your cock throbbing as it shoots your warm cum deep in my cunt.

“Fuck that was good” you say as you lift off me and put yourself back together. I lay there for several minutes not moving, feeling your cum running down my legs. “Here, clean yourself up” you said as you threw me a rag that was on the seat. Wiping up the evidence of our fucking I pull my pants up and get back into the front seat. Neither of us spoke as we continued to the flea market.

On the way home you again pulled onto that deserted, dirt road and we both climbed into the back seat. My body now totally naked as you spread my legs, your face buried between them, your mouth licking and sucking me, sending me to heights of pleasure I’ve never known. I beg you not to stop as wave after wave shudders throughout my body.

Eagerly I reach for your cock, wrapping my mouth around the bulbous head, sucking you deep, caressing your full balls wanting your cum in me again.

“Fuck me again Daddy..” I whisper. You are too happy to give me what I want..what I need as you lay me back against the scratchy fabric and slide your rock hard cock into my wet cunt. My legs wrapped around your back, urging you in deeper with each thrust. We sucked and licked and fucked each other for at least two hours that day before heading home as if nothing out of the ordinary took place. Many times that summer you took me with you the explore the flea markets and each other at our special deserted place. It was the best summer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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