A Taste of Love, A Taste of Lust

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1. Kiss Me Sweetly

The moment Kelly arrived at her former teacher’s house, she knew that she wasn’t going to be able to focus on just studying.

From the moment she’d met Laura at the community college, she’d had an inexplicable fondness for the 26-year old history professor, a brunette, slim beauty who made what Kelly thought would be a dull class exciting and fun- if only by virtue of not talking in a dull monotone like her current professor, a balding, old, shell of a man who couldn’t even be bothered to hand back papers in a timely fashion.

She checked herself in the mirror. Red hair washed, brushed, falling around her shoulders. She wore a simple blue t-shirt, jeans, sandals. With a slim waistline and not too little, and perky, firm b-cup breasts, she was, to be modest, a well developed nineteen year old girl who could have had her pick of nearly any man she wanted.

…If she were still interested in men.

It wasn’t that she hated men, she thought as she walked to the door. It was just that she had different tastes. Growing up, she’d felt nothing of the gushing excitement for the jocks at her school, or understood the attraction of sparkling vampire heartthrobs. She had read romance novels of every sort of encounter a woman could have with a man, and it just didn’t do anything for her.

She had nearly thought herself asexual until she met-

“Come in!” A polite voice answered as she knocked, and she opened the door…

Her. Laura Danason.



Looked every bit the naughty teacher out of a bad porn film.

When Kelly had studied under her, she had been her brightest, most enthusiastic, most strict-but-fair teacher. She had learned to write better. She had learned to cite facts instead of opinions.

She had learned she was most definitely not asexual.

Because when the thought of the most intimate encounter with a sculpted bodybuilder illegal bahis romantic of a man couldn’t warm her, but the thought of Laura Danason merely kissing her made her take excessively long showers, there was little doubt about it. She was a lesbian. Laura Danason was wearing a short black skirt, a white blouse that showed off her cleavage, high heels.

Maybe she wanted to look professional. Maybe she was joking.

Or maybe she dressed up for her.

With a palpable ache, Kelly pushed those thoughts out of her head. Ex-teacher or not, Laura wasn’t her to play to her fantasies, and most certainly wouldn’t appreciate- or reciprocate- her feelings. The kiss, she realized, was going to only be in her dreams.

Finally Kelly found her voice. “Hi, thanks for seeing me on short notice. I just have this test coming up…”

Laura smiled, a gesture that warmed Kelly head to toe. “…you would think after me, any other tests would be easy.”

Kelly smiled sadly. “Not really. The new teacher just… assigns stuff. I asked him questions, and he just tells me to look it up.”

“Well, how have you done so far? Have you brought your tests from before?” Laura asked.

Kelly laid them out. The lowest was a B. Several were As. Laura looked up, eyes raised.

“I would dare say you’re doing quite well.” She said, clearly impressed.

“Yeah, but this is a sophomore level American History. The college has the finals done by the heads of office and not just the teacher themselves.”

“And he hasn’t bothered to review with you.” Laura stated. It was a statement, not a question.

“No. So I really appreciate what you’re doing.” Kelly smiled nervously.

“Well, it seems you have things under control, really, but let’s review anyway.”

So they progressed. Dates and names. Amendments and what they meant. Some she was clueless on, but more often than not, she knew immediately.

“Well,” illegal bahis siteleri said Laura at the end, as they sipped coffee, “it seems like you know your stuff. Really, just brush up before the final, and you’ll do great.”

“Thanks.” Kelly drank deeply.

There was a long pause.

“Kelly, I have to admit.” Laura began, staring at her intently, “Your grades are quite improved, even if the teacher is apathetic. The tests aren’t up to my standards, but they aren’t easy. You could easily make an A on the final if you studied.” Laura leaned in closer. “I’ll cut to the chase. You have other reasons for being here, tonight, and they have nothing to do with studying.” Again, she was stating something instead of asking.

Kelly felt herself blush.

“Why me? I pushed my students harder than any other teacher. I was harder on grades. I got complaints every day from all my students, except you.” Her voice sounded sad, but hopeful, as she looked Kelly in the eyes.

“So why come here, to this… this withered old-has-been, when you clearly can-“

“You’re NOT withered!”

Kelly realized she had said it only five seconds later.

“I came here because you made me better in all my courses, taught me how to study, and because you’ve been so caring and nice, and you make me feel…”

Kelly paused.

Laura was interested now. “Aha.” Her friendly smile had gone predatory, hungry.

It should have made Kelly feel afraid, made her want to run as fast as she could back to her car. Instead, it made her feel aroused, unashamed.

“I always did like you best.” Laura said coolly. “How you strived to get better, you didn’t complain.” She smiled that hungry smile. “and how you were always looking at my ass.”

So the feeling was mutual. It had to be a dream…

Feeling nervous, but not wanting to pass up this opportunity, she smiled back as best she could. “…well, who couldn’t? canlı bahis siteleri I always thought it was a like a giant peach…”

Laura leaned in so close Kelly could feel her breath on her face. “So you look at my ass, and think of fruit. Want to know what I think of when I look at you?”

Kelly closed her eyes, enjoying the moment. Even if it was a dream, she was happy…

“I think ‘how would she react if I kissed her?'”

Kelly didn’t protest as her lips were enveloped, a tongue slipped into her mouth, and arms enfolded her. As her former teacher pressed into her, grinding her ample breasts against her, she realized slowly it was not a dream- her teacher, the one person so far who had piqued her sexual interest, was happily invading her mouth with her tongue and grinding against her.

After what seemed like an eternity, they separated.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you?” Laura’s lips were wet with Kelly’s saliva, and she licked them seductively. Kelly could only answer with a meek yes.

“Well, then, let’s make a deal. If you make a… oh, B, at least, we’ll have a very special study session… and if you make an A…”

Laura thought for a moment, then shrugged. “…well, you’ll just have to find out, won’t you?”

Kelly sat there, stunned. A chance to be with her was a dream come true.

“Well,” and suddenly Laura was all business. “Study hard, and do come back after you get your results. I’ll be waiting eagerly for a good report.”

If it hadn’t been for the intimate French kiss she had received earlier, she would have never believed her teacher had just proposed to fuck her for a good grade.

She barely remembered the drive home, all that mattered now was that she cram her mind as full of facts and names as possible. There was no way she would lose this chance, not now, not ever.

The week went by.

Kelly once again drove to Laura’s home, her hands shaking, her attire still simple.

Laura greeted her at the door, hand outstretched.

And the hungry, wicked smile on her face when she saw the 100 made all the fatigue melt away, as she was dragged inside the house…


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