A Taboo Trek

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We stood at the top of the mountain, staring down at what seemed like a million miles of trees. There was no civilization as far as my eyes could see. I took a deep breath of truly fresh air and turned back around to look at my brother.

“Any sign of them?” I asked.

Blake, my older brother, shook his head. “It doesn’t look like anyone’s been up here in ages. Maybe I should call them.”

Confused, I shook my head again. “Would your cell phone work up here?”

“I don’t see why not.” Blake pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed a number. While he stood with the phone against his ear I kept looking down at the forests. It was a shame that there were so few left, but at least this place would be here for me for a while.

Blake began to talk on the phone, and I tried to hear some of his conversation. My brother and I had hiked all day to get to the top of this mountain, and we were supposed to have met two of our mutual friends once we arrived. We had met them here almost every summer as far back as I could remember, as soon as our parents started letting us go out alone. Now, three years after High School, this was the only time the four of us really got to spend any time together. But Casey and Kyle weren’t anywhere to be seen.

I heard the phone click off, and I looked back at my brother. He was standing still, a look of disappointment on his handsome face.

“Well, Paige,” he said, looking up at the sky. “I guess they didn’t plan far enough ahead. They’re going to a wedding this weekend instead.”

“Who’s getting married?” I asked, trying to mask my disappointment.

“I don’t know, some relative of theirs. Should we start back down?” Blake looked at the sky again. It was beginning to turn dark colors, the sun beginning to set. “We can’t get down there before dark, but it will take less time going downhill than it did coming up.”

I looked back out over the trees, my eyes scanning them for the road. I couldn’t see it. Four hours from now we could be back near the car, but right now it felt like it was a hundred years away.

“I don’t want to go back home,” I muttered, kicking the ground. “I’ve been looking forward to this trip for weeks. I slaved through the whole year just waiting for this trip, and now I have to go home without even going swimming?”

Blake sighed, kicking the ground near his own feet. “I don’t know, Paige. I sort of want to stay, too, but we don’t have any supplies. I brought some food, but that’s it. Casey promised to bring an extra sleeping bag for you, so I only have one, and Kyle was supposed to bring the tent and the cookware and all the stuff he usually brings.”

I nodded. “I didn’t even bring any food.”

We stood in silence for a while, brooding. I hadn’t thought about not having any camping supplies. Unfortunately, I never really thought about packing, and all I had in my bag was a number of changes of clothing. Even on the top of a mountain I would be the height of fashion.

“Let’s stay anyways,” Blake said, his deep voice breaking the silence.

“What?” I asked, turning around to face him.

“Let’s stay. Maybe just for one night, but let’s stay. You have a sleeping bag, right?”

I nodded, watching my brother begin to pace.

“We could share it, open it up and use it like a blanket. It doesn’t get too cold this time of year, we should be okay. Let’s stay.” Blake nodded his head once, as if his decision was final.

“Okay,” I agreed impulsively. “What’s the harm? No one is expecting us home anyways.”

Blake shot me his best smile, his white teeth sparkling through his lips. His whole face was alight with pleasure.

“Cool,” he said. “Now, first manner of business, let’s find our campsite.”

For the last three years Blake, Casey, Kyle and I had used a spot next to the lake, not very much of a walk from where we usually met on the mountain top.

“To the water?” I asked, starting down the hill before Blake could respond.

“To the water!” he shouted, running after me. We both broke into full runs, racing through the trees and over the growth to get to the water first. Sweat broke out on my forehead almost right away. I had been hot all afternoon, climbing up the mountain with a bulky backpack on my back. My breasts bounced as I ran towards the lake, and I shrieked with mock horror as I saw Blake pass me and reach the water’s edge.

“Made it!” he shouted, jumping up with joy. “Beat you, little sister. What do you think of that?”

“I think you’re a cheater,” I said, laughing. “I was going to beat you, but you cheated and won.”

“How do you propose I cheated?” Blake said, breathing heavily and smiling at me.

“Well, you cheated,” I laughed back. “Race you to the bridge!” and I took of running again.

This time I caught Blake by surprise and outran him, reaching the log that passed across a small part of the lake before he could catch up güvenilir bahis to me. Laughing hysterically, I jumped up on the log. Unsteadily, I began to walk across it, my arms spread out to the sides and my feet carefully finding footholds on the slippery wood. Looking over my shoulder just in time to see Blake drop his backpack on the ground and bound up the log after me, I shrieked and walked another couple of steps forward.

The log rocked as Blake jumped up after me, his quick, steady feet making their way towards me. I hurried up, trying to get to the opposite side of the log before he reached me, but I failed, and soon I felt Blake’s arms wrapped around my waist.

“Too slow, little girl,” he said, lifting me up off of the log.

“Quit it!” I shrieked, my laughter changing to a more serious note as my feet left the somewhat steady ground. “You’re going to drop me!”
“I won’t drop you,” Blake protested, taking another step forward with me in his arms.

Panicking, I began to squirm, trying to force my way out of his grip.

“Stop! Please, Blake!” I pleaded, kicking my legs. My arms were flailing, my legs striking out at whatever I could reach. His grip on me tightened as he tried to keep his balance, but at that moment he stepped on a particularly slippery part of the wood and shrieked back at me.

We tumbled off the bridge and into the water with a big, cold splash.

The water was freezing, and I began to kick my legs frantically, trying to reach the shore. It wasn’t too far away, and soon I was pulling myself up out of the chilly water.

Blake followed quickly, coming out of the water himself. His whole large body was drenched, his clothes hanging off of his big frame in a comical way, with his wet hair falling in his face. He blew a strand of it out of his eyes and looked at me, also wet. I looked down at myself. My small breasts were pushing against the wet fabric, hardly hidden at all. Crossing my arms, I tried to cover the small mounds from my brother’s view.

“Now what?” I asked, beginning to shiver. “We don’t have anything to make a fire with, how are we going to warm up?”

Blake walked over to his backpack, which he had stripped off before following me to the log.

“We can use my sleeping bag,” he said, pulling it out. His arms were shaking and I couldn’t believe how cold I was.

“Okay,” I said. “Unroll it and let’s climb in.”

Blake knelt down and began to clear a place on the ground for the bag. The last bit of sunlight disappeared behind the mountains and darkness engulfed the waterfront. I stood, shaking, my arms wrapped around my icy body, as my brother finally stood up rubbed his arms briskly.

“We have to take our clothes off,” he noted, looking up at the sky. “It’s no good to climb in the bag with wet clothes on. We can hang them up on branches and they’ll be dry tomorrow.”

I nodded, barely able to move my head due to my chattering teeth.

“Okay,” I agreed. “But don’t look.”

“Don’t be silly,” Blake laughed at me. “I’ve seen you naked a million times. Now, strip!”

I began to peel my cold clothes off my body, hanging them carefully over a bush in front of me. Finally, I stood nude, my whole body taut with cold, hidden mostly behind the underbrush. My nipples seemed to have swelled to twice their usual size, stealing all the loose skin from my breasts to push forward sharply, as though clinging for some protection from the cold.

In the dim light I could see my brother, also naked, hanging his clothes in a like manner on a low tree branch not far from where I stood. I stopped my curiosity from seeking the spot between his legs, chanting to myself that it was sick to even have had the fleeting thought. My experience with naked men was little, mostly my brother and my father, but not them for years. At school I hadn’t been involved in many relationships, but I had had a few one-night stands in the last three years.

“Don’t be shy,” Blake teased, crouching down next to the sleeping bag and pulling back the flap. “I’m getting in right away. Our bodies should help keep us warm, too, which is a plus.”

“Yeah,” I chattered, coming out carefully from behind the bush. I seemed all too aware of each little thing prickling my body, leaves brushing against my flesh, sticks poking the bare soles of my feet. I walked slowly over to the sleeping bag.

“Go ahead,” Blake offered, letting me slip into the side without the slip.

I climbed into the warmth, scooting over to the far side, against the cloth. I was still shivering, my teeth still chattering, but at least now I knew that I would be warm eventually.

Blake climbed in after me, zipping the bag up. We were snug in the soft fabric, locked together by the zipper. I tried to get comfortable without pressing too much of my body into Blake’s body, and shut my eyes lightly. It didn’t seem long before I heard sounds of sleep coming türkçe bahis from my brother, and shortly afterwards I was asleep too.

My sleep was fitful, the opposite of sound, which was the kind of sleep my body desired. My eyes popped open and I realized that I was cold again. My teeth chattered uncontrollably, and my clammy skin was tingling with goose bumps and I felt cold all the way to my bones. Behind me, on the other side of the sleeping bag about an inch from my back, I could feel warmth radiating from my brother’s body. I scooted myself over a bit, snuggling up against his soft skin.

“Huh?” Blake mumbled, sleepily, waking from his rest with the shock of having my icy body pressed against him.

“I’m cold, Blake,” I whimpered. I cuddled closer, nudging his arms aside to get through to his warm chest.

Blake sighed deeply and wrapped his arms around me, hugging me close. He seemed a little bit reluctant to let our naked bodies join, but pulled me towards his tense body. Content, I sighed as well, and shut my eyes again, slowly drifting between sleep and a peaceful wakefulness. My thoughts mingled with truths and dreams, and I became deeply aware of my brother’s rhythmic breaths behind me, pushing his chest into my back and retracting them again. In sleep, he seemed more comfortable with our position, and he relaxed against my soft form. I dozed again, falling into another fitful, unsatisfying, sleep.

The breeze blew around the top of my head, animals wandered about in the night making unfamiliar noises, and I found myself awake in the sleeping bag again, still pressed tightly against my brother.

Blake was awake too, I could tell by the pattern of his breathing. His breaths were husky, as if he were fighting for control of something. I kept my eyes shut tight, hoping for restless sleep, but all I could think about was the cool air around me and the stuffy insides of the sleeping bag. I took a deep sigh and struggled to relax, flexing my legs a little bit.

I parted my legs a bit. During sleep I had become a bit sweaty between my thighs, and a bit of airing out seemed necessary for comfort. When I closed my thighs together again, I felt something hard poking against the back of me.

“Blake?” I whispered. “Do you have an erection?”

Blake’s breathing seemed to stop all together, and he struggled to escape my body in the sleeping bag.

My comfort instantly disturbed, I protested with a whimper, and cuddled closer to him again.

“It’s okay,” I said. “I was just wondering. It startled me, is all.”

Blake breathed heavily; I could tell he was unsure of himself.

“Come on, Blake,” I said. “Ease up. It’s no big deal.”

He seemed to relax, his body losing some of its tenseness, his arms once again reaching around me. His hand brushed against my relaxed nipple and a shiver passed through my body straight to the space between my thighs. I could not control the shudder that washed through me, and Blake tensed up a little bit again, his arms still around me.

“You alright, Paige?” he asked quietly.

“Yeah,” I said, truthfully, taking a deep breath. As I heaved my chest, my nipples rubbed against the rough hairs on his arm again, sending more tingles through my spine. The sweat between my thighs seemed unbearably hot, and I parted them slightly again.

“You sure?” he asked, thrusting his body towards mine a little, molding himself around my form.

“Yeah,” I said. “I just…” I trailed off, unsure of what to say.

Blake put his head closer to mine, his face burying itself in my hair. I heard him take a deep breath, then felt the hot air as he exhaled.

“You’re a pretty good pillow, Paige,” he murmured.

I could feel his cock pressed against my bare bottom, and I parted my thighs once more, impulsively. His cock seemed to dive between my thighs, his body thrusting a little bit to lock between me as my legs shut again.

“Is this okay?” he asked, referring to the position of his cock.

“Whatever it takes to keep warm, right?” I teased, not bringing up the fact that I was so warm I was sweating.

“Yeah,” he said softly. I felt his hips moving slightly, the cock between my legs pulling out and pushing between my thighs again. The movement was so slight I thought that if I were slightly sleepier I wouldn’t even notice it.

My arms were tangled next to my body, under his arms that were wrapped around my chest. I struggled slightly to free one of them, snaking my hand down towards my pubic mound. Nervously, I scratched a little at my wiry pubic hair, teasing the hairs and tugging them away from my skin. The sensations the action sent through me were not undesirable, and my fingers moved a little closer to my slit as Blake continued to thrust himself between my thighs. His cock felt thick, thicker than I would ever have imagined a cock feeling, and hot, too.

My fingers nudged themselves between güvenilir bahis siteleri the folds of my flesh, parting the skin to reveal my clitoris, which I began to rub softly. My little nub popped out eagerly, inviting my touch, and seemed to be on fire as I stroked it. Soon my hips were thrusting slightly as well, and as sure as I could feel my brother’s light thrusting I could feel my own.

With one arm still holding me close to his warm body, my brother felt his way down the front of my belly towards my busy hand, meeting it at the place of it’s task.

I stopped momentarily, hesitating, unsure about whether I wanted to admit to my brother that I was masturbating within six inches of him. Within three inches of his cock, even.

“No,” he muttered, nuzzling his face closer to my neck. He was urging me on. I could feel his face close to me, his skin so close to my sensitive neck, and I shuddered again before continuing my strokes down below.

My brother’s hand joined my own, then started tickling a trail down my wet skin. The moisture seemed to be seeping out of me uncontrollably down there, and it was hard for me to tell how much was sweat and how much was my arousal. Blake’s long middle finger stroked the inside of my inner lips, running along the silky flesh, parting them from my opening. I felt a gush of fluid as his finger traced a way inside, pushing into my soft flesh.

I gasped, my finger speeding up around my clit. I began to rub more frantically, finding myself closer to orgasm than I ever in my wildest dreams imagined I would reach with Blake nearby. His cock still pumped between my legs.

Parting my thighs again, I draped one leg backwards over his hips, opening myself for him. I was in a position where I was facing away from him but upwards at the same time, sideways while he was sideways as well. My brother grabbed hold of one of my legs and held tight, pushing his cock towards my slit.

Climactic points were about to be reached, and I stopped rubbing my clit for a moment, gasping for breath. I was horny beyond belief now, experiencing a pleasure I hadn’t experienced in months of celibacy. My brother teased my slit with his throbbing cock, rubbing the thick head around my opening and all the way up my wet slit to my clitoris. I couldn’t stand it. I reached down and grabbed his cock, guiding it into myself.

Blake gasped as I stuffed myself with his cock. I pushed my body downwards, trapping his cock far inside my body. My breasts heaved as I breathed heavily, pushing and pulling myself off and on his staff.

The swollen head seemed to fill me up, rubbing against the tight insides of my pussy. I reached down again and began to touch my clit with my fingers once more, urging my body towards the orgasm I needed so badly.

My whole body became tense, all my muscles clenching, my cunt tightening around my brother’s cock, pulling him further inside me. Blake gasped as I grabbed him from inside and I cried out as the climax racked my body.

Shivering uncontrollably from pleasure, writhing on top of my brother’s body, I climaxed, and then came back down to reality.

The aftershocks of my orgasm still ran up and down my spine, but my brain clicked me back into reality, back into the sleeping bag with my flesh and blood, my brother, lying right next to me with his cock stuffed far inside my body.

“Oh my god,” I muttered, rolling away from him. “That was so…” My brain worked fast, trying to comprehend what I had done. “That was amazing,” I admitted, shutting my eyes. “That was amazing.”

My brother didn’t say a word, just lay there, silently, his arms around my body. I could still feel his rock hard erection poking against my body, but I didn’t care anymore. My eyelids felt heavy and my body relaxed, and I finally fell fast asleep.

The sun rose over us early the next morning, and blinking against the glare, I awoke. Behind me, Blake’s grip refused to release me.

“How’d you sleep?” he slurred into my ear.

“At first not too well,” I admitted. “But, later…very well.”

“I couldn’t sleep at all,” Blake complained. “Oh well,” he muttered, throwing the flap of the sleeping bag over and rolling onto the dirt.

I caught a small glimpse of his naked body as he hurried over to the branch where he’d hung his clothes.

“They’re a little damp,” he noted, squeezing the fabric. “But they’ll have to do, right? I’m not hiking in the buff!”

I laughed, uncomfortably. My whole body felt flushed from last night’s intimacy with my brother, but it didn’t look like he was going to bring it up. I was extremely grateful, and struggled to muster the willpower to get out of the warm sleeping bag.

“Could you toss me my clothes?” I asked, pointing towards the bush on which I’d laid my clothing out to dry.

Pants on, shirt hanging over his arm, Blake walked over to the bush and plucked my clothing out of the branches and tossed them to me.

“There ya go, sis,” he said good-naturedly, putting his arms over his head and slipping his shirt on. “Now, what do you say we head home?”

I looked around the campsite. “Sure,” I said. “Let’s go.”

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