A Student Says Thank You Ch. 02

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I heard water running in the bathroom off the main area of the basement as Jan cleaned up her breasts from the amazing session of oral sex she had just given me. While she took care of herself, I sat on the couch naked and recuperating from the intensity of the experience — easily the most intense I had known in years.

As I leaned back on the couch savoring what I was feeling, Jan emerged from the bathroom and walked over to me. Her breasts bobbled a little as she walked and she had the same mischievous smile that she had given me when she knocked on my classroom window that afternoon. I reveled in watching her as she approached. The firm breasts with their succulent nipples, the delicate swell of her hips and the small triangle of carefully cropped brown hair pointing to her slit were enough to start my motor running again and Jan knew it.

When she sat down to my right on the sofa, I put my arm around her and Jan cuddled in close to me, her breasts caressing my side with their softness and her head rested on chest. We sat there in silence for a moment or two then looked each other in the face and grinned.

“I’ve been dreaming about doing that for quite a while,” she said. “I’m glad I finally got the opportunity to make it come true. It would’ve been a shame to leave and never know how good we are together.”

With that Jan kissed me then stood up, taking my hand. She tugged me to my feet and informed me that some things might be great on the couch, but she really wanted to get me in her bed to have a “really proper session,” as she put it.

Jan’s bedroom was fairly small, and the bed nearly filled the room. Evidently her parents had bought a new bed after Jan had moved out and put their old queen size bed in her room. When she was not living there the room had served as a guest bedroom, but on this afternoon it belonged entirely to us.

Jan had me help her roll the comforter and top sheet down to the foot of the bed, then she crawled up on the soft white sheets and, lying on her side, faced me as I stood by the bed. She raised her top leg so I could see all of her, and gave me a knowing grin, and asked if I saw anything I liked.

I can honestly say I have never seen a sexier woman, and I told her so. She was stunning.

Jan rolled up on her hands and knees, then angled her hips toward me as she slightly spread her legs. When we had been on the couch I had only seen Jan’s pussy while she was lying casino oyna back and the view, though marvelous, had been pretty restricted. Now I got a totally different look as her outer lips spread slightly and her inner lips opened inviting and pink. She looked back at me with a smile and wiggled her butt a little to tease me, then lowering herself on to one forearm, she reached back between her legs with the other hand and slowly stroked her middle finger down the middle of her open slit and gave a soft giggle as she looked back at me.

I was totally mesmerized. The view was having exactly the result that Jan must have wanted, because I could feel myself growing hard again. Jan kept on stroking herself and watching me then slipped her finger into herself several times for added impact while I stood there watching her and getting harder by the second. As my erection rose to nearly full mast, Jan flipped over, sat up on the bed, and slid over to sit on its edge.

“Want a taste?” she asked as she held her moistened finger up for me to sample. I took her hand in mine, raised it to my lips, and sucked the tangy sweet juice from her finger while swirling my tongue around her finger tip, trying to mimic the wonderful oral technique she had used on me earlier in the afternoon.

Jan closed her eyes and I reached up to fondle her left nipple while I sucked her finger. Jan reached up and started to caress my balls with one hand, then. she bent her head toward me and used her other hand to guide my erection to her lips. While I continued to suck her fingers and fondle her breast, Jan kissed my hardness and stroked me.

Pulling her fingers from my mouth, Jan opened her eyes and pulled me by the hand the final step toward the bed. I sat down beside her and kissed her again. As our tongues danced Jan seemed to get even hotter as she tasted herself in my mouth.

We continued to kiss as we lay back on the bed, and once again I began to caress Jan’s beautiful breasts. Her nipples were already hard, and as I toyed with them her hips curled upward in evident pleasure. When I broke off our kiss and started to tongue the nipple close to me I slipped my free hand down to her open thighs and ran my fingers over her warm, moist lips. I swirled a finger around in her wetness then put it into her an inch or so to sample her heat. Jan raised her hips to me, but I removed my finger and raised it to my lips so she could again watch me taste her sweet slot oyna juices.

“Here,” she said. “Let’s both get a good taste of each other. Scoot up on the bed.”

I swung my legs up onto the bed while Jan faced away from me, swung one leg over my chest, and wiggled her hot sex in my face. I moved down a bit so she could get her knees above my shoulders and lower her hot wet slot to my tongue. As I started to lap at her open lips Jan took my erection into her mouth and started to swirl her tongue around the head of my member.

In the past I had never really enjoyed a sixty-nine because as things got more intense it was hard to keep focused on pleasuring my partner, but this was different. The more Jan pleasured me, the more I wanted to pleasure her and as my desire rose, so did Jan’s. It was like a circle of energy flowing through both of us and raising the need we both felt to something I had never experienced.

I ran the tip of my tongue from Jan’s nub to the base of her slit then went back and swirled my tongue around her clitoris, making figure eights around the swollen button. Jan groaned her pleasure around my erection, so I continued the pattern on her nubbin for a while then wrapped my lips around it and gently sucked it like a small nipple. Jan’s moans around my erection assured me she enjoyed what I was doing, and the vibrations of her moaning shook me to my sexual core. I stuck my tongue into her as far as I could, and Jan moaned again and started pushing her hips back into me , coaxing me to go deeper into her incredibly wet sex.

I could feel the urgency of another orgasm in my groin and Jan must have been in the same situation because she released me from her mouth and twirled around to face me while straddling my hips. Her deep brown eyes looked me right into mine as she positioned herself over the head of my cock and then slid herself down the length of my shaft. As I slipped into her amazing hot wetness, Jan shivered then sat motionless for a few seconds savoring the sensation. She closed her eyes and started to rock back and forth, caressing her clit against my groin.

Opening her eyes again, Jan raised up slightly and lowered herself back to the point of full insertion. From that point, each stroke that Jan took went a little higher until she was using almost my entire cock each time she slammed down on my shaft. Each time she raised her hips I could see the lips of her pussy slide up my erection, canlı casino siteleri and each time she plunged down to the hilt of my cock the heat and wetness of her desire were renewed.

Jan put her hands on my chest to keep her balance and I took advantage of the position by twirling her swollen nipples between my thumb and forefinger with increasing pressure until I was actually giving them a pretty good pinch. The firmer the pressure got, the faster Jan pumped up and down gaining momentum toward her own climax.

Jan started making the same moaning/whimpering sound she had made when she came earlier, so I knew she was getting close to her orgasm, and I knew from the pressure in the head of my cock that I was also nearly to my limit to hold back. Once again she looked me in the eyes, but this time there was no smile on her face. This time it was pure lust and pleasure.

“Oh, fuck!” she whisperd, “I really need you to come in me. I’ve wanted it for so long. Give it to me. Please, please give it to me now!”

With that Jan’s hips started to spasm as her climax washed over us both. Her heat and her urgings were enough to burst my own dam and I began to buck into her and my legs began to shake as I filled her with jet after jet of thick white come.

As our orgasms passed Jan straightened her legs and lay on my chest with her head on my shoulder and my deflating erection still inside her. She hugged me close and we lay like that a while. I eventually slipped out of her and our combined juices seeped out of her marvelous pussy. Jan raised her head from my chest, filled me with her big brown eyes and gave me a quick kiss.

“That was amazing!,” she said as she rolled off of me onto the bed. “You don’t know how many times I wanted this to happen while I lay in bed at night. I dreamed about it before I got married, and I thought about it a lot when I decided to leave that jerk and get back out on my own. In a way I guess it’s a graduation present for both of us.”

We cuddled for a while on the bed, kissing and caressing as we rested from the afternoon’s activity. Eventually Jan sat up on the far side of the bed then got to her feet and walked around to my side. She tugged me to my feet and suggested we both get dressed for a while. She went to her dresser and pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I went out to the main room and pulled on my shorts and shirt as well.

“I’ll make us some sandwiches,” Jan said as she headed up the stairs. “Sit back and relax while I get them ready. After we eat and cool off a bit we can get ourselves a shower.”

That shower was to be one that I will remember for a long, long time.

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