A Special Present for Hubby

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In the first year of our marriage, on my new hubby’s birthday, as we undressed for bed after a fun night out, he asked me for a special present – anal sex. I’d never done it before but he was very persuasive and, as a token of my love, I finally and reluctantly agreed. It turned out to be quite enjoyable, though I let Phil think it was a major sacrifice. He was so grateful afterwards – kind of pathetic really – telling me it was a long held fantasy and that it was every bit as good as he’d always imagined. And he was all solicitous, worrying that he’d hurt me (I gave him a martyred look) and assuring me that I’d be OK in no time.

Since then, I’ve given him this ‘special present’ on each birthday, each anniversary of our wedding, at Christmas, and as a reward when he’s gotten a promotion at work or spent a lot of money on his deserving wife. It’s turned out to be quite an incentive for him and, seeing how eager he always is, I like to play him along a little (well, rather a lot really). Once he knows he’s in for a treat, and I’ve got him all boned up and eager, he’s quite willing to oil and massage me (to get me in the mood to sacrifice myself to his fetish), lick my butt and even rim me (to loosen me up for his unnatural and brutal assault). I’ve grown to really enjoy anal sex but part of that enjoyment is letting Phil think it is a dutiful chore I endure for his pleasure.

Generally I try and hold him off for as long as possible. I get him to lick my pussy till I have at least one orgasm, telling him that I’ve got to have some pleasure before he batters my poor rectum. Then it’s a bit more oral attention, this time on my pucker, while I finger myself and maybe cum again. Phil understands that it is necessary for me to feel sexy about his attentions to my bottom and if I ooohh and aaahh and tell him to stick his tongue deep inside my pooper, he doesn’t hesitate to oblige, thinking it is canlı bahis şirketleri all in a good cause (though I also think he gets a kick out of it ‘cos I see his dick throb as his tongue worms in through my chocky starfish).

Finally, after at least half an hour of this kind of foreplay, he asks if I’m ready. Usually I am, but make him massage me again or rim me more. Then, once impatience gets the better of me, I tell him to get the KY. He makes like a bullet for the dresser, fumbles in the drawer, then returns with the tube. I remind him to get it warm and he frantically rubs it between his palms, looks at me imploringly then, when I nod permission, squeezes some out and works it around my crack. I get him to use first one, then two fingers to loosen my sphincter, drawing out this process as well. I like having my shitter fingered, but make out that the invasion is hard to bear, gritting my teeth and gasping. Phil is always gentle, the dear man, kissing my back and whispering soothingly as his fingers probe and twist delightfully in my butt.

Eventually he will tell me that he thinks I’m ready. I sometimes agree, but more often tell him that I need more preparation and get him to keep fingering me for another few minutes. When the time comes for his cock, I remind him to be extra gentle, batting my eyelashes in a display of little girl vulnerability. I see his eyes go all soft as he resolves inwardly to make it as easy as possible for me. Then I tell him how I want him.

For a long time I liked to be on top, lowering myself onto his cock so that I controlled speed and angle of entry. But more recently I have preferred to lie on my back and pull my knees up and putting my heels over Phil’s shoulders. I like to watch him guide his cock to my anus and position it against the pucker. He looks at me and, lower lip worriedly between my teeth, I nod. This is the part I like canlı kaçak iddaa best – the building up of pressure against my sphincter as he presses forward, the stretching and sudden giving way, the bulging entry and the slick plunge deep into my bowel. I always cry out at this point and tell Phil it’s killing me and to take it out. He does and then I have him kiss me and we try it again. It feels soooo good to have his hard dick plunder my poor little bummy and sometimes I yell out again and make him do it all over a third time.

Once we have dispensed with the entry and that rampant cock is deep in my rectum, Phil lies still and I have him kiss my breasts, gasping at him that I have to get use to his size. I clamp my anus hard around his shaft and squirm, enjoying the feel of that fat log in my shitter. Then I tell him it is OK and he starts to gently fuck me. This is nice but I make out it is hardly bearable and pull his mouth down on my tits every couple of minutes to help me through it.

I like this position because once Phil gets into his stride he begins to thud against my clit on each down stroke. Before long I am getting a nice tingle there and eventually I’ll hold Phil back with only the knob of his dick still inside me and work my clit till I cum. Phil thinks it is great that I can make myself cum even when I’m suffering through his sodomising. He sees it as some compensation that he is not the only one getting his jollies. A couple of times the clenching of my anus as I cum has brought his orgasm on, and now I make sure I do this before he gets too far along. I like a nice long buggering and try and make sure Phil goes the distance.

After that first cum, I tell Phil that I can take him easier now. He smiles gratefully and starts to hump me harder. This keeps my clit in play and I usually get onto a nice plateau of rolling pleasure. I try to imply that my gasps and canlı kaçak bahis groans are of discomfort rather than ecstasy and Phil sometimes looks concerned and stops. If that happens I pull him down onto my breasts and tell him to ‘make it easier for me’. That boy sure is good with a stiff nipple between his lips! Then I let him get back to the task on hand.

When I sense that Phil is getting close to the point of no return, I put a hand on his chest and stop him, saying in a pained voice that he is hitting a tender spot and I don’t think I can take it any more like this. I try and time this so it is a big effort for him to stop – I get such a buzz watching his face as he struggles for self control. He asks if a change of position would make it better and, hesitantly, I say I guess we could try it with him doing me from behind.

I wince and take my time getting up and onto all fours – after all I want to give the rising sap in Phil’s dick a chance to drop back into his balls. Once I’m in position it is time for that delicious entry dance again and I clench my anus tight making Phil struggle to get his cock back in me. I yell out as he effects entry, but if he stops I urge him to carry on and ‘get it over with’. This is all the encouragement he needs to give me a good rogering. Once I sense that he is well on the way I let myself go a bit and start bucking back at him, saying jesus and god a lot and moaning about how much it hurts.

I have a finger on my clit and when Phil grunts, spasms and floods my gut with his goopy seed, I diddle myself into an orgasm as well – usually a nice big one. We end up collapsed in a panting heap together. I enjoy the feeling of my anus all loose and full of greasy cum and the pungent smells in the bedroom of brutalised butt hole and soiled cock.

Afterwards Phil is at his most caring. I tell him to get a warm washcloth and clean me – which he does very tenderly and thoroughly. Then I have him make me a cup of tea. Before we settle down for the night I tell him that in the morning he’s going to have to ‘make love to me properly’ so I’ll know that he still loves me the way a good husband should….

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