A Song of Sanadal, Chapter 1

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A Song of Sanadal – Chapter 1:

An introduction to the characters and to the glorious city of Sanadal, the city of decadent delights.

The blue domes of Sanadal, the city on the edge of the desert, gleamed in the afternoon light.
Beneath the roof of one of the many magnificent pavilions of the city Zendar Lomon was thinking that life could not get any better than that.

For he was unloading his piss in the mouth of his beloved daughter Ria, who sat on her knees by the edge of a pool, totally naked but for a silver bracelet on each arm and a thin silver chain with an emerald stone hanging in the middle wrapped around her waist, with a steady stream of her father’s cum leaking out of her bruised asshole and onto the orange tiled floor.

She was closing her mouth only when it had been filled with her father’s golden urine, and then she would swallow quickly, the acerbic liquid visibly traveling down her long neck, into her waiting stomach.

Her aquamarine eyes were looking at her beloved father, who was also her best friend and lover.
Though he had let her get fucked by other men and women, her body and her heart still were desiring for her daddy, the kindest and most wonderful man she had ever known. She was drinking his piss willingly, just as she was more than happy to eat his cum or lick his asshole. Those acts made her feel that a special, intimate bond existed between them, physical as well as spiritual.

Sensing that he was about to run out of piss, Zendar directed the last of his jet to Ria’s long red hair. Droplets were bouncing on her pretty, aristocratic face and piss was dripping down her tiny nose. When he was done, she made a movement to get up but with his pointing finger he directed her gaze to the cum that was on the floor, in the middle of a pool of piss. Merrily she lowered her mouth to the floor and slurped at the mixture of semen and piss, smiling as this act reminded her of a kitten. When she became satisfied that the cum had been sucked into her mouth, she stood up, a tall, lean young woman, and beamed a smile at her father.

“Would you like to wash yourself a bit, and come to dinner?” Her father asked with a loving smile.

She touched her piss and sweat drenched hair and felt his waste drying on her pale freckled skin. His smell had engulfed her. She had bathed in the products of his manhood.

“I see no need darling Father”, she said, determined to keep his essence on her body. “I will go play some songs on the harp. I’m now full with your love, your seed and your piss, but later I will eat some fruits, I promise!”

With feline grace she skittered across the floor, and kissed him on his naked chest. With long limbs flurrying about, her medium sized firm breasts bouncing lightly, her straight back and shapely bottom disappeared under an archway leading to the interior of the house. Two female slaves, dark skinned, wearing poorly made brown cloaks and heavy iron chains around their necks proceeded to clean up the floor, with the little pools of urine and the wet footsteps of Ria that lead away from those.

Zendar stood in the middle of the room, wearing an expensive gold and red robe on his shoulders, the front wide open showing his well toned body and an impressive, fat and long cock. He rubbed his manhood, reminiscing of the softness of Ria’s mouth, when she tenderly cleaned his cock after he had ejaculated inside her tight rectum.

He was full of love and pride for his girl, his ginger goddess, whom he had trained well in the arts of erotic pleasure. She was always compliantly and cheerfully indulging his desires, no matter how demanding or peculiar. Not that he was the most perverted man in Sanadal, not by far. But the girl, in addition to the education in music, poetry, decorum and dancing that noble born Sanadalian girls were expected to acquire, had striven to learn to please his every need. She mastered the art of fellatio, she learned to receive his huge cock in both her lower holes without difficulty, she adapted to the, admittedly, light corporal punishments he liked to give and she had trained herself in the discipline of piss-swallowing, by gulping down bowls of her own urine.

She was far more adjusted to those sought after Sanadal perversions than many other noble girls who thought too highly of themselves, but Zendar didn’t want to push her too far, to places he himself was reluctant to go. There were women in Sanadal who rejoiced in brutal pain and others who were dedicated shit-eaters. Those perversions were prized greatly in Sanadal, though they were considered repulsive elsewhere, especially in the lands below the desert in the strict, zealous realms of the Hultani,.

For example, there was the sincere admiration of the Sanadalian public to the tribulations of young Quania illegal bahis Lissem, a cheerful and gracious noble girl married to the demanding general Tuzem Gorken, who with great difficulty, and great determination, struggled bite by bite, and in the end triumphed in becoming her husband’s toilet slave. The public display of the previous year, when the blonde, beautiful, heavy bossomed Quania, an image of youth and goodness, lied under her husband’s buttocks, in the top of their terrace and in open view, and happily ate whatever her husband expelled from his rectum, is still fondly remembered in Sanadal. In the end, her husband smeared on his enormous cockhead whatever had remained unconsumed of his shit and with great force fucked his wife in the pussy, filling her womb with semen and excrement. She fainted from pleasure and the crowd watching roared in applause.

And of course there is the most noble lady Dara Zol, of the purest bred noble stock, a lady of great intelligence, refinement and beauty, who revels in bathing in the city’s sewers, eating the waste of her beloved fellow citizens.

Ria of course, like most social Sanadal girls, had tasted amounts of fecal matter, when dicks that had plowed assholes were directly inserted into her mouth, or when she rimmed puckered anuses, and her vagina had certainly met the products of the rectum, when soiled cocks switched from her ass, or other girls’ asses to her pink tight pussy, a maneuver loved by Zendar, but she hadn’t yet reached the depths of depravity. Her father was pleased by that, as he liked his girl to be innocent, as innocent a Sanadalian woman could be.

Zendar, since the moment his wife had passed away several years ago, had known that the freckled girl with the captivating eyes would be his life partner when she became a bit older and could withstand the demands he would make to her. Of course he partook in the orgies and debaucheries that every healthy Sanadalian citizen partook, but he refrained from the established custom of remarrying and acquiring concubines. He wanted to save himself for his girl and he was rewarded, richly rewarded indeed.

Incest was indeed encouraged in Sanadal, as in the whole Atanic empire that Sanadal was a part, its most shining southern jewel, and Zendar wanted nothing more than his daughter producing him a heir. The law proclaimed that children born of incestuous unions, whether the parents were married or not, were trueborn, deserving the full rights of inheritance. Children born out of wedlock and not in incest, but with the father recognizing the child, were considered legitimate, with partial rights of inheritance. Finally, bastard children, unrecognized by their fathers, were excluded from every inheritance, though usually they were raised with attention by their mothers’ families, usually occupying household positions in their adult life. Alas, as everyone knew procreation was difficult and rare, and despite all the hundreds of intercourses an adult person, especial if Atanic or even better Sanadalian,would find herself partaking within a year, pregnancies could prove elusive.

He had ejaculated in his daughter countless times, and noble men and youngsters, prepared to acknowledge the child or weave that right to Zendar had done the same, but still Ria hadn’t been blessed with a child.

The night was slowly approaching. People were walking in the wide streets of the city, naked or half naked, dressed at most in see-through fabrics and jewelry, as Sanadal was a city next to a desert, but with a cool northern wind usually moderating the desert heat. Most of the Sanadalians themselves were people of fair complexion, offspring of northern conquerors, though there were a number of darker skinned citizens, with bronze skin alike to their Hultani neighbors.

Zendar could hear from the next terrace, the Ranoc household, cries of ecstasy echoing in the autumn air, as Agala, the beautiful, slim but buxom daughter of the house was being doubly penetrated by her father, the upright Donzal and her dashing brother Jenon. She had given birth to a legitimatized child, from a father from another house, a few years ago, just as she had come of age, but later she had decided together with her family to doubly marry her father and her brother, the men of her life. In turn, her brother also married their mother, as double marriages were permitted and celebrated in cases of first-degree incest. Now, they were celebrating their love in public, giving pleasure to all bystanders.

Zendar sighed, his heart full of joy from this display of familial devotion. He thought “this is why we fight for”, as his mind turned to the big event of the year, the coming of the Atan Emperor, descending on the south with his mighty army to inspect the southern frontier and drive back insolent Hultani raiders.

As illegal bahis siteleri much as Zendar loved and wanted his daughter for himself, he could not deny her this great opportunity that was coming. The Emperor would be on the lookout not only for enemies and traitors, but for stunning women, young women, to fill up his harem. Ria certainly filled the bill. She would had to compete of course with every other ambitious young Sanadalian, but a place in the Imperial Concubinage would give tremendous prestige and glory to their house, and she would be exalted either as a concubine for the emperor himself or as a noble prostitute for the most illustrious men and the women of the empire, entertaining them in decadent fetes in the imperial palace. And why not, she could even conceive a child by the Emperor and become an Imperial Consort. Such glory could be hers!

Zendar’s mind was set. If Ria hasn’t been impregnated by the time the Emperor came, she would be present in every ball and celebration given in the presence of the Emperor in Sanadal, trying to impress the imperial eye and gain a place to the imperial bedchambers.
The time for action was drawing close!


A few days passed. Zendar admired the scene that was being reflected on the mirror in front of him. They were in the red-rose room of his mansion. In the middle of the room was a circular bed with silk sheets. He was standing on the edge of the bed, his grey-black hair wet with sweat. He was moving back and forth on a frenetic pace, plunging his massive dick inside the pink pussy of his daughter, who was on the bed, on her hands and knees. Her eyes were half open, her lips pulled back, the teeth gritted together, her face a painting of pleasure and ecstasy. A erotic splashing sound was being created by the collision of his body with her raised buttocks.

On their left, his neighbor Kondur Alatian was standing on the edge of the bed too, knees buckled, driving his cock with a frenzied rhythm inside his own daughter’s anus. Neena, that was the name of the youth, had raised her rear, her face pressed on the bed, her long brown curly hair sprayed over the sheets. Her left hand was furiously rubbing her clit and high pitched moans were escaping her mouth.

Neena was also the best friend of Ria, even though she was a few years younger than her. Zendar guessed that Ria saw Neena as a little sister of sorts. Ria even accompanied Neena on her social debut, and had helped nurse and clean the girl after the ordeal was done, applying salve on her bruises and sucking the deposited cum out of her pussy and anus.

Neena was a very pretty girl, and could pass for Ria’s sister, with her dark green eyes and her freckles, though while Ria’s were spread heavily all over her face and body Neena’s were concentrated mostly on a strip below her eyes and over her nose.

Zendar was pulled out of his thoughts as Neena’s moans were getting more frantic, resembling screams. He realized that her father must have started hurting her, the lubrication of his cock probably long gone from all the manic friction. Before he could saying anything, Kondur pulled out his cock from his daughter’s ass, a considerate and kind father indeed, moved over the bed and held his shaft inches from the mouth of Ria. She was lost in the own revelry, but she snapped her eyes open when she felt Kondur’s cockhead on her cheek. Being a clever girl, she quickly realized what was going on and swiftly engulfed his cock with her mouth, giving Kondur a wet blowjob that would provide his organ with the necessary coating of saliva it needed in order to continue assaulting her friend’s anus. Zendar thought that he could see a brown smear on the spot that Kondur’s cockhead had touched Ria’s cheek. In any case, when Ria finished with her task and Kondur withdrew his member, Neena came over and planted several wet kisses on her friend’s face and mouth, before being pulled back herself by her father, who lost no time in impaling his daughter’s anus again, a loud yelp coming out of her as the large cock pushed her sphincter wide.

Zendar thought that it was high time he enjoyed his daughter’s tighter passage, so he pulled out from her pussy, his cock sleek with her juices and placed his cockhead on the entrance of her anus. Ria turned her head and gave him a sexy smirk as he slowly but steadily pushed his member deep in her rectum. The feeling of her vice like anal grip on his cock was amazing as always, as he started building a steady rhythm with his hips. His hands reached to the front of Ria’s body, cupping and then squeezing her beautiful breasts. She moaned as he pinched her nipples and took his finger’s in her mouth when his hands traveled to her head, the right had on her face the left gathering her red mane and pulling it backwards.

Kondur, canlı bahis siteleri mostly silent until now, stated mumbling loudly “it’s coming!”, “it’s coming!” and after a few more powerful thrusts pulled out of his daughter. Despite the girl’s valiant attempt to turn and take him into her mouth he was too quick for her, as he started coming as soon as his cock was out of her body, the majority of his cum landing of her back, some of it on her hair and the rest on the sheets.

Zendar himself was quite close for some time now, but even in the midst of this divine pleasure his mind turned to his need for an heir, so he pulled out of Ria’s ass with an audible pop, and a sigh of disappointment from her, and inserted his dick back into her pussy, were after a few thrusts he came violently, the room becoming white and all sound ceased to be heard by his ears. He stumbled and sat on the bed, his daughter moving her arms up and down his arm and back to comfort him. After a few breaths he found his composure, looked at those beautiful people around him, saw the look of pleasure and happiness on their faces, inhaled the smells of sex that had permeated the room and gave a hearty laugh. His laugh was joined by Kondur’s more hearty one and by the delightful giggling of their daughters.

Feeling his need to pee, he pulled his daughter a few feet back into the room and away from the bed, made her kneel and directed a jet of urine into her waiting open mouth. He saw then that his cock had been soiled a bit with a light brown matter. He made a mental note to tell Ria to clean her pussy thoroughly, but not after some time had passed and his sperm had the chance to impregnate her. He then gestured to his friends to join them, and indeed youngNeena took her place next to Ria, and Kondur after a few seconds started pissing on his daugher, first on her face, with some pee getting into her eyes, and then to her breasts, lovely things though a bit smaller than Ria’s, and then into her eager mouth.

The two father’s played with their streams, drenching both the girls, who giggled and exchanged kisses, their tongues swirling and pee gushing out of their mouths. When they were done and their bladders empty Zendar clapped his hands and summoned the servants. A small group of them rushed in the room, bringing wine, sweets, wet cloths and mops.

After they had been cleaned a bit by the slaves, the group of nobles moved into the nearby balcony, drinking their wine and eating their food, the girls sitting together naked on a sofa, whispering in each other’s ear, giggling and shooting naughty glances at their fathers, who sat on chairs and started talking about the topic of the season for Sanadal, the coming of the Emperor.

“It is such an important event for the history of Sanadal!”, Kondur said. “Where Emperors go, cities get rich, fortifications get erected and order is restored”. “Not to mention the chance for us the citizens of Sanadal to meet some important people and gain access to the High Court”, replied Zendar, his mind preoccupied with the prospects of his daughter. “Ah”, Kondur said, “I would be happy to steer clear of them lot, the imperial court is a place of deceit and danger. I am happy with what I already have”, he concluded his phrase while looking lovingly to his darling daughter.

Zendar, a man of few words, was trying to think of a way to drop the subject when the porter appeared in front of them, saving him from the need for small talk with Kondur.

“Sir!”, the porter said in a clear voice, “an emissary from house Zol has come to the house.”
“Why, show him in” Zendar replied, “and fetch me my good robe will you!”

The expectation among the group was high, as everyone was curious of what an emissary from such an estimated and ancient house such as Zol would have to say to a newer house like Lomon, the house of Zendar and Ria. Everyone was quiet until a few minutes later an emissary came, dressed in the pale blue and gold of house Zol. The men bowed to each other, the girls, still buck naked, curtsied, as emissaries were usually minor members of their houses themselves and pleasantries were exchanged. At last, the time came for Polk, the emissary, to state the reason for his visit: “Her Grace, Dara Zol, gem of Sanadal, friend to the people, would be pleased if you Zendar of house Lomon came to her fete two days from now, so you and other esteemed citizens of Sanadal can eat, dance, copulate and discuss with her the wondrous events that will be happening to our city.”

Zendar, who hadn’t received such an important summons in all his years as head of the Lomon house, was surprised and found himself at a loss for words, but after a puzzled look and a gently nudge by Kondur he found his voice and said to the emissary: “Please inform your Lady Dara that I will be honored to be in her presence, and I am looking forward to participate in one of her legendary orgies”.

And thus, the movement of fate for house Lomon continued on its set course.

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