A Slave to Socks Ch. 09

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Ask them to come over and play? How does she go about doing that? It wasn’t a matter of not wanting to, those red stripped knee highs that were running this little show were grinding up against her pussy in such a soft, lustful, teasing fashion that Lexi was ready to do just about anything at this point. The question was how? There was straight up asking, she supposed, but somehow that felt wrong. Just asking someone else’s pair of socks to come to live, and play with her. For some reason she felt like there was something more to this than simply asking.

There wasn’t any time to think more on it, however, as it was clear Tasha was getting tired of waiting entirely. Tasha left Lexi’s lap to drop down next to the bag, the moment those knee highs did so, she felt her body move forward in the chair, her ass leaving it and her knees dropping to bring her down on all fours upon the classroom floor. The red striped knee highs then walked over in front of Lexi’s sight and stood feet almost at a ninety degree angle, the toes of the left pointing towards Lexi. “Ask them. Now.” It almost sounded as though Tasha spoke as if a woman gritting her teeth. Angry.

“Ok, ok!” Lexi said in a tone like a child, pushed by their mother to clean their room. Once having control of her body once again, the woman crawled her way out from under her own desk, and towards the socks of the girl who was getting fucked by her own panties. There was only a small moment to appreciate the understanding that no one seemed to look over at the situation. Not a single person – student or teacher – seemed to care what was going on at this point. Lexi didn’t try to think too much about the why of it, only that it was happening. Of this, she was grateful. There was no denying that she wanted the same thing her mistresses wanted, but having it without suffering through embarrassment was always a nice thing to have.

“Does your owner always do this to you?” Lexi asked those scrunched up knee-high socks upon getting closed enough, her voice a rather soft whisper barely heard in the already silent classroom. She supposed it was as good a place as any to start, she had only recently gotten in to the art of hitting on someone else’s socks.

“We’re used to it. No one wears socks up anymore, unless you have high boots.” Lexi smiled, a bit surprised that the socks even responded. For a moment she forgot what world she lived in now, realizing that Tasha could give sentience to just about anything was taking a while for canlı bahis şirketleri the brain to settle in on.

“I think you’d look sexy – “

“We think we’d look even better on your face.”

Another deep blush at that comment, her hands moving to those white tennis shoes, grabbing the laces and starting to undo them. “That could very likely be arranged. I don’t think your owner is going to mind in the slightest” Blue eyes looked up to the girl, who was still struggling to keep up her composure as her on panties continued to force its way in to those lips underneath.

It wasn’t too long before those sneakers began to untie themselves, causing Lexi to pull her hands away to allow them to do their thing. At the same time, those knee highs pulled up on the girl’s legs, slowly unraveling their poly cotton bodies to show a perfect and smooth texture along the way. Before reaching just under the knee, the vertical ribbing of the socks seen, and shortly after that, the familiar swish of a the Nike trademark. “Is the symbol a clue in to your traits?”

“This bitch? Hasn’t exercised a day in her life. Though that doesn’t mean we won’t make you exhausted.” Those socks chuckled softly, the girl’s foot lifting just a bit to allow the foot to be pulled from them, after which the shoes moved to stand on the side, seemingly going lifeless once again. Lexi might have laughed herself at the comment, if it wasn’t for the girl’s right foot, guided by that knee-high, immediately moving forward, now free of the shoes, and pressing itself upon Lexi’s face, pushing her to lie her head down upon the cold tile floor. “Now lick. We have a strong desire to make the girl wearing us moan. Evidently her underwear can’t do the job themselves.”

“Hey! We are trying!” The panties underneath the shorts protested, “We are under some constraints after all.” Obediently, Lexi opened her mouth to run her tongue along the sole, closing her eyes to better immerse herself in the taste and feel. The sock was warm, of course, heated up by the foot itself, as well as being stuck with it inside the confines of the sneaker. There was the salty taste of sweat here and there, but it was clear that the socks were not put through any strenuous activity in order to accumulate more sweat.

“Hmmm. Try harder. We need you soaked.” Lexi didn’t even pay attention to the voice of those Nike trademarked knee-high socks, as she continued her focus on licking and sucking on them. A soft moan offered as she canlı kaçak iddaa took the entire big toe within her mouth, that tongue lapping over it as she felt the fabric push back in return. “Don’t need to tell use twice, we want to be soaked.” Those panties giggled softly in return, continuing their onslaught of that girl’s pussy, force themselves in deeper with each thrust, trying to get their owner to moan gently.

That moan did come, the girl getting plowed by her own underpants as well as her feet sucked off by Lexi eventually cave in, her hands balling in to fists and her eyes lolling up in to the back of her head as she did her best to hide the most lustful of moans. It didn’t take the triumphant laugher of those panties, nor the soft snickers of those knee-high socks for Lexi to figure out what happened. Those blue eyes watching as a trickle of that nectar sneak out from behind those jeans shorts, sliding down the leg to soak top of the right knee-high.

“Get back to your own seat, love.” Those white knee highs said without warning, the foot and sock pulling itself out of her mouth, then proceeding to push her away firmly, if a bit gently at the same time. Lexi took a moment to register what was just said, and decided it was in her to protest the command all the same. “Not unless you girls are coming with.” A coy smile offered.

“Oh, we aren’t going anywhere. Tasha has graced us with the gift of life to play with you, and that is what we are going to do. However, now, it’s better if you are in your seat when the bell rings. Tasha has kept us from prying eyes so far, but it won’t when that bell rings.” Lexi found herself, if only for a moment, not seeming to care if anyone took notice, she didn’t want to have the fun end. Reluctantly, the girl crawled back to her seat, climbing in on to it and with a huff, looked back down at her incomplete test. Her eyes going wide just as the bell rang.

“Place your tests on the desk before you leave, please.” The sound of Mrs. Silverstone’s voice, only to be interrupted at the tail end by the voice of those white Nike Knee highs. “You stay in your seat, love. We are going to have an after class session.” Just about to get up to give her incomplete test in, and thus ruin her GPA in the process, the girl sat gave in to the notion just after the command, smirking softly at the idea was playing in her mind.

Blue eyes fell back upon the girl in front of her’s feet, seeing those knee highs pulled all the way up her legs canlı kaçak bahis as they should, then proceeded to look further up. Lexi noticed the girl was struggling, she wanted to leave? Lexi supposed that made sense, the girl just completed an orgasm in the middle of class, to her own panties fucking her. A quick look to that midsection to noticed that the aforementioned fucking stopped, though the zipper to her jean-shorts pulled down, revealing the black laced panties underneath for the first time.

Lexi didn’t get long to look at them though, as the crowd started to get up from their seats and file out to place their test upon the table, and then leave. It only took about five minutes in total for the classroom to clear out, leaving just her, the girl who was just fucked, and Mrs Silverstone. Without even thinking about it, Lexi got up from her seat and moved to go sit by the trembling girl, the corner of her eye-catching a startled Mrs. Silverstone, but paying it no mind for the time being. With a smile upon her face, she sat down next to the woman smelling of sex and confusion.

“Hi. I’m Lexi.” There was no response, the other girl far too addled to make one in the first place. She just shrugged and scooted her chair a bit closer to her, moving over to whisper in her ear. “Did you like what you felt?”

Again, there was no response.

“I did. Your socks are quite lovely. I think they want more.” A blush offered, biting her lower lip, if only to play in to the scene just a bit. “I think your socks want to screw me.”

Lexi didn’t even pay attention to her own clothing starting to remove herself from her body, she didn’t care too much anymore either. This was a classroom, sure, which of course meant a public domain. However, who was she to stop what her mistresses wanted to do after all? It was taboo, and dangerous sure, but if you can’t stop it, might as well enjoy the moment.

Before long, Lexi was completely naked, her clothing attire leaving her behind to walk up to the classroom, all save for those low-cut ankle socks standing at her feet before her. Lexi admired the sight for a moment, then looked back to the girl to notice her clothing was doing the same, much to the girl’s protest, leaving her naked as well. The girl’s tennis shoes coming back to form the feet, while the jean-shorts and exposed black panties maintained the midsection of an invisible woman, the T-shirt hanging just over them. Off in the distance, a pair of latex gloves filled out to accommodate the attire’s hands. Almost immediately, those hands grabbed the back of Lexi’s head and shoved it right in to those panties soaked with the girl’s juices, those Nike knee-high socks making their way up Lexi’s back and whispering in to her ear. “Lick.”

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