A Secretary Changed Ch. 13

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Back by popular demand, another work of fiction.

Everyone’s an adult here. And it’s all fantasy.


Welcome back, dear readers. If you haven’t guessed, it’s me again. Jane Kessler. Mistress Jane. It seems some of you desire more of my past. More stories of how I came to be the way I am. Who doesn’t love a good dominatrix right?

After the encounter with Julie, I returned to school and my studies. Working a double major is no easy task, and I didn’t have much free time what with lacrosse and all. Yet I did manage to rush a sorority. This was perhaps the one time I was a bit submissive. Just a bit.

Somehow during my studies, my best friend at the time Audrey, suggested a sorority rush. Good for networking she said. Good for connections she said. Looks good on a resume she said. She was correct on two of the three. You see, with my family’s connections and the old money, I’ve never done a resume in my life. Wouldn’t even know how to make one. Is that what it’s called? Making a resume? Sorry, but the only resume I’ve ever needed is the type where you’re on the floor sucking my high heel like it’s a juicy thick cock. Not me, you. That’s your resume, and if you can’t do that, seek opportunity elsewhere.

But I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, my little sorority rush story. As I said, my best friend at the time was a cute little blonde vixen named Audrey. The whole sorority thing was all her idea. She always did have a need to fit in. I didn’t really care but part of me thought she was right. Good networking. I also secretly hoped to meet another girl like Julie.

During rush week Audrey and I visited all the campus greek society houses. Fraternities as well, just to get a feel for everything. One in particular seemed to suit us both. Delta Kappa Phi. It was mostly blondes, which was perfect for Audrey. It was mostly blondes, which was perfect for me. Funny right?

We toured the house, met all the sisters and the other girls trying to get in. Then we went out into the backyard for punch and snacks. Everyone was very sociable, and all of us were dressed in spring dresses and sandals and things of that nature. It was lovely and warm out. For some reason during all of this, I suddenly felt a chill down my spine. Like a goose squawking over my grave. Looking to the house I saw her. The sorority president. Tall, blonde, and very very busty. Her name was Tanya.

As Tanya walked out onto the patio she looked at all the possible pledges. I knew immediately she wasn’t about to take any kind of resistance from any of us. She quickly proved my thoughts true as she spoke up.

“Welcome pledges, to the Delta house,” she called out. Everyone fell silent and all eyes were on her. Then the cull begin. Twenty six girls had been waiting for a chance to pledge the Delta house. She pointed at sixteen of them in turn.

“All of you that I just singled out,” she said, smiling. “You may all leave now, and good luck.” There was a lot of grumbling and pouting as the girls filed out slowly. Noone really knew what prompted Tanya to send them away at a glance. They were all cute and popular girls. I smiled as I watched them leaving, thinking maybe this would be as easy as everything else for me.

Of the ten of us remaining, I noticed I was the only one with dark hair. I was also the tallest. Audrey also made it through the first cull, and as I glanced her way she smiled and winked. At this time I hadn’t yet had sex with her. We were just close friends, in our own way, and played chess and backgammon together. I had a small apartment off campus and sometimes she stayed over. The thought of us in bed together hadn’t even occured to either of us. Yet.

“Now, the rest of you lucky girls, come inside,” Tanya ordered. We all shuffled and minced our way into the house, and I made sure I stayed close to Audrey. Tanya following with maybe seven or eight of the current sisters.

From the rear of the pack Tanya called out, “Make your way to the basement girls. Go to the far side, and line up, your eyes facing the wall and your hands at your sides.” We all obeyed her, all ten of us. Nine blondes and one raven haired beauty. I stood at the very end, Audrey next to me. She couldn’t help herself and giggled a bit as we heard Tanya and the sisters walk in behind us.

As we stood, Tanya begin her introduction to the Delta house. “I would like to thank you for choosing our sorority as a possible house,” she said. “The Delta house has a long history of producing the finest college graduates. Should you succeed in becoming a member you will join the ranks of many successful and prominent society women. The finest this college has to offer.”

“However, to accomplish this, there are several rules to follow during pledge week,” she continued. “First of all, if a sister or I give you an order you must follow it without question or complaint. No matter what it might be. Understand?” she asked. We all agreed, even through a few nervous giggles.

“If at any time any canlı bahis şirketleri of you feel like you can’t continue, say the word and you may leave. However, you will be blackballed from every sorority on this campus and will finish your studies as a loner.” Her words had the desired effect and several girls hesitated before agreeing. “If you would like to go now, this is your one chance to rush a different sorority, no questions asked.” To everyone’s credit, noone left.

Tanya waited several minutes before continuing. “From now on you will address me as Miss Tanya, and any other sister simply as Miss,” she said. “Yes Miss Tanya,” we all said, almost in unison. “Good girls,” she said. We could all hear her high heels clicking across the floor as she walked back and forth.

“Consider tonight as your initial audition. The week will test your desire to join the sorority culminating in your initiation next Saturday night,” she said. I risked a glance at Audrey and she winked back again. “Now all of you,” Tanya then ordered, “Strip.”

When she said strip, I quickly took off my dress, noticing Audrey also taking her’s off. A few other girls were right behind us in disrobing, and two turned and left. Prudes I suppose. That left eight of us. Under the watchful eyes of the sisters and Miss Tanya, bras and panties begin to hit the floor. It didn’t take long until eight girls were naked and facing the wall.

“Good good,” said Tanya. Her inspection quietly continued for several tense minutes. I only bit my lip to keep from smiling, knowing my body would easily pass any inspection. Glancing at Audrey I saw her smile too. Noticing how hot her body actually was for the first time. Busty and pale skinned. Very delictable. Her petite body quite toned. I’d have to ask her secret, since I knew she wasn’t athletic.

While I was taking in the sight of my best friend Audrey’s hot little body, I heard Tanya say, “You, you, you and you may get dressed and leave. Thank you for rushing our sorority.” I could only assume she was tapping shoulders, and just like that four of the eight of us were getting dressed. Pouting and grumbling as they were leaving, just like the earlier scene outside.

I risked a glance to see which girls remained besides me and Audrey. Two other cute blondes. My odds were looking better. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. “You two,” said Tanya. “Lay on the floor. On your backs.” As I lay down I looked and saw one of the girls lay next to me. Both of us naked. Both answered in unison as we got down, “Yes Miss Tanya.”

As I lay there, on the cold floor, Tanya giggled and said, “Now you two, get on them, in 69. Time to eat some pussy.” I bit my lip and tried not to grin and giggle as Audrey, a bit shy now, got on top of the other girl on the floor. Her name was Heather I came to find out. Meanwhile I pulled my legs up and open as my girl mounted me. Miss Tanya was right. Time to eat some sweet pussy.

As the cute blonde lay across me in 69, she whispered, “Hi, I’m Sarah.” I whispered my own name back, and as she lowered her slit to my mouth, I felt her tounge begin to lick across mine. Just then I heard Audrey gasp and moan. Good for her.

Me and Sarah started licking and sucking each others slits, and I could hear Audrey moaning next to us as her and Heather started to get into it. Miss Tanya and the other sisters started making comments like, “Moan sluts,” and, “Suck that pussy bitch,” and other demeaning things. I was actually loving it. Every bit of it. Sarah had a very smooth and very sweet tasting pussy and I got my tounge up inside her deep.

“Yeah bitches? You wanna be Delta girls? Suck that pussy like you mean it. Moan bitches. Moan louder!” I couldn’t even tell which sister was saying what, as their voices filled my ears along with the moans of all four of us initiates. I held Sarah’s hips and sucked on her clit, making it swell up, as my tounge took long laps up and down her slit. Her mouth making out with my own cunt like it was a long lost lover.

“Enough,” Miss Tanya exclaimed loudly. Making us all stop suddenly. My chin wet and slimy from Sarah’s juices. My own bald pussy dripping wet. I glanced at Audrey and Heather and smiled at the mess they were also in. “Ladies, get up, on your knees,” Miss Tanya ordered. All four of us rose up and kneeled as she watched. Each of us answering, “Yes Miss Tanya.”

Taking a second to pace in front of us, Miss Tanya smirked and snapped her fingers. “Taylor, come forward. It is time for test one of the audition,” she said. As we watched, a cute brunette, Taylor im guessing, stepped up, holding a wooden box about the size of a shoebox.

As Miss Tanya turned and opened the lid of the ornately carved box, she giggled, causing Taylor to giggle as well. “Girls, hands behind your backs,” Tanya ordered again. All four of us putting our hands behind us as we stayed on our knees quietly. All of the sisters leaning, standing, and generally just hanging out watching the events unfold.

When canlı kaçak iddaa Miss Tanya turned around she was holding four sets of nipple clamps, each with a chain. Audrey gasped and Sarah audibly gulped in apprehension. I knew exactly what I was in for and only smiled at Miss Tanya. I was starting to like her.

Miss Tanya smiled at all of us. The clamps and chains jingling like windchimes on a pleasant spring day. “Taylor, prepare these bitches please,” she ordered. “It would be my pleasure,” Taylor replied with a giggle. Starting with Audrey, she began moving down the line. Pinching and tugging nipples. Making them stiff and swollen. Three sets of hard pink nipples, with my dark ones at the end of the line. Each girl whimpering and gasping as Taylor did her work.

When it got to my turn, and Taylor began to pull and tug my nipples, I only smiled up at her and slowly licked my lips. She bit her own lip and gave my stiffened nipples a lovely hard twist. I groaned in pain just a little, and swore to myself that this Taylor girl would regret it.

Once all of us girls were kneeling with our nipples sufficiently swollen, thanks to Taylor, Miss Tanya walked down the line. Clamping each pair of nipples. Starting with Audrey. She groaned and whimpered as her pink nipples were clamped. Then came Heather, and she actually squealed. Sarah took it well, only a small groan left her mouth as her pink nipples were clamped.

Then it was my turn. I smiled up at Miss Tanya and she smiled back as she applied the clamps. I showed no sign of discomfort, not wanting to give the sisters any satisfaction. But oh my god were they ever tight. Painfully tight. I had previously never had the pleasure of clamped nipples, and I swore I would return the favor to each sorority sister and Miss Tanya the first chance I got.

“Now bitches, bow down and place your foreheads on the floor, hands behind your backs,” Miss Tanya ordered. All the sisters giggling as we complied. All four of us, our heads down and asses up. All four pairs of clamped nipples touching the floor, and all of our tits pressed against it. The little chains connecting each set of clamps resting on the shiny hardwood floor.

“This first test,” Miss Tanya explained, as she paced in front of us, “is called devotion.” Her clicking high heels stopped in front of Audrey at the end of the line. In unison all the sorority sisters said, “Pledge and prove your devotion to the Delta house.”

I assumed it was some traditional ceremony, not just a way for these girls to get a thrill. Not that I cared either way. As I was thinking this, Miss Tanya stepped on the chain connecting Audrey’s clamped nipples with her polished high heel. Sneering, she ordered, “Prove your devotion pledge, say you want to be a Delta sister and sit up.”

I suppressed a grin, and decided right then I liked Miss Tanya and I loved this sorority. I would do whatever it took to be a sister. I heard my best friend Audrey say, “I want to be a Delta sister,” and then I heard a squeal. I snuck a glance, and saw Audrey sitting up on her knees. Her pink nipples swollen and purely purple. The clamps and chain still under Miss Tanya’s high heel. She actually did it. I was impressed.

Then Heather had her turn. “Prove your devotion pledge, say you want to be a Delta sister and sit up,” Miss Tanya ordered her. Heather paused, then said, “I want to be a Delta sister,” and tried to sit up. Gasping as her nipples stayed clamped down. The sisters all clapping. Her struggles and squeals were divine as she pulled and tugged. The chain firmly under Miss Tanya’s heel.

I was watching, from the corner of my eye, past Sarah. Past her nervous trembling body. Watching Heather struggle, trying to lift herself, with Miss Tanya keeping the little chain firmly down. Her clamped nipples pulled, her tits stretched each time she made an attempt. Her squeals and moans of pain making me wet. The sisters chiding her, “Pull bitch, tug, prove your devotion!” Almost a chorus of derision.

Finally, Miss Tanya said, “I guess you don’t want to be a sister then,” and let her up. Heather crying, sobbing as Taylor unclamped her tortured nipples. Miss Tanya looking down at her. Then she said, “Get your clothes and leave, and you will not be joining any other sorority, be sure of that. Unless you fuck your way in, bitch.”

I grinned a bit as the sisters laughed and ushered Heather out. Still naked. I almost felt bad for her as she cried her way out the door. Almost. Truth be told I would have humiliated her even more just for her crying, but that’s just me.

If Sarah wasn’t trembling before, she was now, as Miss Tanya stood in front of her. “Prove your devotion pledge, say you want to be a Delta sister and sit up,” commanded Miss Tanya. Her heel trapping the chain Sarah had between her nipple clamps.

Sarah hesitated, just like Heather, and I started to think it would be down to me and Audrey. Then Sarah screamed and yanked her body up. Yelling out the words, “I want to canlı kaçak bahis be a Delta sister!!”

And suddenly, just like that she was sitting up on her knees, quietly sobbing. Her nipples swollen and purple just like Audrey’s. Miss Tanya smiled and looked at her. Then she stepped in front of me. Her high heel trapping the chain connected to my nipple clamps.

“I don’t need to tell you what to do, do I pledge?” she asked me. Planting my hands on the floor, I began to push my body up. Letting the chain hold my clamped nipples down. Just for dramatic effect, I moaned and moved my body in slow circles, letting the sisters and Miss Tanya appreciate my big tits pulled and stretched in circles.

Then, to prove my devotion, I slowly sat up. My nipples and tits tugged and stretched slowly as I repeated the mantra, over and over. “I want to be a Delta sister, I want to be a Delta sister. I want to be a Delta…Kappa…Phi..sister!” As I screamed the last word I sat up. The cruel clamps popping off my nipples and falling to the floor with a sweet jingle.

Then, just for fun, I looked up into Miss Tanya’s eyes, lifted each of my tits, and kissed each of my own nipples once, telling her, “I want to be a Delta sister.”

Every girl in the room was speechless, even the sisters. Audrey was looking at me in awe and I swear even Miss Tanya was wet. She remained unperturbed and merely pet me on my head.

“Perhaps you will be pledge, perhaps you will be.” Then she stepped back and said, “Congratulations. You have all passed the first test. And then there were three. Kiana, it’s time for test two,” she said, snapping her fingers.

As me, Sarah, and Audrey were on our knees, nipples sore and swollen, another sister stepped up, holding three blindfolds. One by one she covered our eyes tightly, as the low hum of girls chatting quietly filled the room.

“Now pledges, this next test is called discovery. On all fours and crawl forward until you’re told to stop,” Miss Tanya instructed. The three of us, naked and blindfolded, got down and crawled slowly forwards. Feeling our way along. We didn’t get very far, and suddenly all the sorority girls got really quiet as Miss Tanya commanded, “Stop, and stay in position.”

Unable to see each other, or the sisters, we all stopped and stayed on all fours. The only sound was the sound of rustling, like leaves, and Miss Tanya whispering to someone. As I listened closely, I heard a cap being opened. Then, I heard Audrey gasp. And what sounded like something slippery being used.

I had my suspicions and was soon to be proven correct as I next heard Sarah squeal and giggle. More slippery sounding noises. Taking a deep breath, I then felt what was happening. What had happened to Audrey and Sarah. Oil being poured all over my back, my ass, down my crack and over my slit. I kept quiet as I felt soft hands spreading it all over me. I could swear half a bottle was used and soon I was slippery as an eel. An eel covered in oil. My holes lubed and massaged, both of them prepared.

“As I said pledges, discovery,” Miss Tanya explained. “This is where we discover who is willing to take the next step towards becoming a sister.” I bit my lip, and I could hear Audrey breathing heavy. Sarah gave up no clue as to what she was feeling. “Discover yourself, and take the next step,” the sisters chanted in unison. The ceremony felt thick with tradition. If I wasn’t blindfolded I would have rolled my eyes.

The next thing I heard was Audrey, gasping. Squealing. Mewling and moaning. I wondered what they must be doing to her. Her protests and her pleading with them to stop. It must’ve been painful I guessed. Finally she stopped and Miss Tanya asked her, “Do you want to be a Delta sister pledge?” She caught her breath and replied weakly, “Yes Miss Tanya.”

Then I heard high heels clicking as Miss Tanya moved to Sarah, teasingly slow. Being blindfolded made every sound a bit more loud and clear. So I clearly heard Sarah squeal and exclaim, “Oh my god!”

This delighted the sisters as they laughed even more than when Heather couldn’t pass her first test. Sarah continued gasping the words, “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” over and over again. I could hear her actually slapping the floor.

“Do you want to be a Delta sister pledge?” Miss Tanya asked her. “Yes..yes please, I want to be a sister,” came Sarah’s gasping reply. I heard a sharp slap then Miss Tanya asked again, “Do you want to be a Delta sister pledge?”

Getting it right the second time, Sarah replied, “Yes Miss Tanya.” All the sorority sisters clapped and cheered for her. One even whistled. Then it was my turn.

I heard Miss Tanya step in front of me, and I felt hands opening my ass up. I asssumed it was that Kiana sister, spreading my cheeks apart. My well lubed and oiled up cheeks. Miss Tanya then leaned down and whispered, “I like you pledge, don’t disappoint me, take this like a good little slut.”

Before I could process that, I felt a thick object wiggling its way up my ass. Very thick. I groaned a bit and arched my back. The very truth of the matter was that despite being very sexual, I had never done anything anal. For my first time, I was taking a very thick, very long plug up my tight virgin ass.

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