A Ride Home

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The band was loud and the room was hot. A small out of the way bar. A very tight fit. A long narrow room, the band platform was at the end of the long bar facing down the room. Tall round tables and bar stools scattered along the wall opposite the bar. The dance floor was pretty much the aisle and a small area in front of the band. Whatever space was not occupied by tables or the bar. Even though the sea of heads didn’t show any pathways people seemed to be able to roam around without much difficulty. The patrons, mostly regulars and mixed from just turned 21 hard bodies to 40 – 50 year old middle class type, knew you had to kind of stay in a constant motion to allow movement through the crowd.

I was alone and had arrived early and had a seat at a table a few tables away from the front of the band platform. My chair, near a wall gave me the opportunity to lean back against the wall and watch, as people came in and milled around. Not having to lean over the table also gave me the vantage point to check out the ladies walking by from the waist down. Beautiful legs, short skirts, tight shorts, high heels, bare legs, legs in nylon. Just sitting here, sipping my vodka on the rocks, and taking in the sights. The ladies seemed to out number men 2:1 maybe 3:1.

By the time the band had started playing seating, what was left of it, was at a premium mostly standing room only and four deep at the bar. The dirty 50 year old gentleman that I am had allowed three 30 something attractive ladies to sit at my table. They seemed to be having a good time and based on the conversation didn’t seem to be bothered by my close presence. The lady to my immediate left was in full view of my gaze. Short reddish brown hair, slight tan probably left over from summer. A pendent hung around her neck and rested just above a peek of cleavage showing from her maroon shiny, maybe silky, button front blouse, with only the top button undone. It became obvious from some movements she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her blouse was tucked neatly into a tan below the knee skirt slit neatly up her right side exposing a bit of nicely shaped nylon covered leg. These ladies could easily be 3 soccer moms but none wearing wedding bands. Life is good.

The band stopped playing leading into their break. The lady next to me still speaking loudly over the now non existent music “… got me so wet I left marks in my chair.” Realizing to late the music had stopped she turned a beautiful shade of red and glanced over at me. I just smiled, nodded and added “No problem” She smiled back and turned to her friends, “That was embarrassing”. I guess it made her a bit uncomfortable and she was fidgeting, bouncing her shoe on the end of her foot. Soon the inevitable happened and her shoe fell off landing near the leg of my chair. I stood slid my chair back and knelt down on one knee to pick up her shoe. Not casino siteleri knowing what came over me I took her nylon-clad foot and slid it into the shoe looking up at her and said, “Your name must be Cinderella.” I stood back up and settled back onto my stool.

“Thank you, I could have gotten it.” She says.

“I know, but believe me it was my pleasure.” I replied.

“Well, Cinderella, I know these are not your evil stepsisters. So can I buy a round of drinks for us?”

They all laughed and exchanged glances and agreed to another drink.

The band started back up, I leaned back against the wall, and watched as they talked and sipped at their fresh drinks. I could see Cinderella kept glancing over my way. Soon she pushed her stool back drawing my attention and I noticed her shoe on the floor again. She looked over at me and kind of gave me an oops look.

“Your Prince, at your service” I quipped.

I got down under the table again took her foot in my hand and started to slide the shoe on and it seemed she was purposely trying not to let the shoe on. I then noticed she was sliding the hem of her skirt up with one hand and her legs parted ever so slightly. I was so surprised to see in the shadows of her skirt and table that her nylons were held up by a garter belt and no panties. She must have realized I had seen, her foot slid quickly into her shoe and she straightened her skirt. I stood up regained my stool. She looked over smiled and took a deep breath. Leaning across the table she said something and one of her friends got up and the two of them made their way through the crowd headed, it appeared, to the ladies room.

“Hi I’m Heather, they’ll be right back.”

I nodded in acknowledgment then noticed the empty stool next to me. There was a small wet streak in the center. When Heather was looking away I reached over and ran my fingers through the spot and then very cautiously brought my fingers up to my nose. Oh yes, it was pussy. It was so very slight but definitely pussy. When they returned Cinderella seemed flushed and excited. I asked if she would like to dance. “No thank you, I don’t dance when its this crowded.” She replied placing her hand on my thigh. Her friends stood and said it was time for them to be going.

“Aww, no, not yet. It’s still early.” Cinderella protested and looked at me. What could I do?

“If you want to stay I could drive you home.”

“You don’t know where I live.” She said to me while looking at her friends.

“No, but you do.” Her friends laughed and she asked them if they would mind and of course they didn’t. They hugged and kissed good-bye; they would all see each other tomorrow.

Her friends were no sooner out the door when she looked at me and asked if I wanted to go.

“If you’re ready I sure am.”

Cinderella spins around in her seat slot oyna her skirt opening up and showing me without question that there are no panties and only a little strip of hair just above her slit. She swings around and stands, her skirt covering her up. She puts on her coat and starts for the door not even waiting for me. I grab my jacket and follow watching her move like a cat through the crowd to the door. Once outside the cool brisk air hits and she presses up close to me.

“Cold out here. Where’s your car?”

I open the car door for her and she gets in one leg at a time providing me with yet another glimpse of her most personal place. I’m getting harder by the moment.

Closing the door I quickly move around the car and get into the drivers seat. When I put the keys in the ignition the interior lights momentarily come on. Her nipples are hard and poking into her silky blouse. The car roars to life and the light goes out. She slides over close, I love bench seats, wrapping her arms around me looking for warmth. I reach out and set the heater to high while she strokes the inside of my leg with one hand moving up further until she is pressing her hand over my hard cock.

“My Prince is glad to be with Cinderella it seems.”

She leans over and bites my cock through my pants then sits up smiling and still rubbing me. My cock is throbbing for release. I notice somehow she has managed to also unbutton her blouse except for the one button at the waist of her skirt. I can see her breast swelling with each breath. She catches me looking and stops rubbing me. Sits up and slides back to her side of the seat and turns to lean against the door facing me. I check to be sure the doors are locked. She slides a hand into her shirt and fondles her breast. The other opens her skirt and she starts rubbing on her pussy.

“I’m so wet.” She slides 2 fingers into her pussy and when she takes them out I can see them shine from the lights of the parking lot. Holding them out to me she leans forward until her fingers are right under my nose. “I’m real wet. See how thick and wet. Smell me.” It sounded more like a question then a statement but just as I went to answer she let her fingers graze my lips and then slide her fingers into my mouth. I sucked on them and worked my tongue around and between them while she worked them in and out from between my lips. Finger fucking my mouth. She took her fingers away and got up on her knees on the seat sitting back on her heels.

“You’ll need to go south on the highway to exit 42”

I sure wanted to go south but not on the highway. I put the car in gear pulled out of the parking lot and headed for the highway. She moved forward and crawled the short distance across the seat and reached to my pants undoing my belt, pants and undoing the zipper. She tugged them down just far enough to comfortably canlı casino siteleri remove my cock from the confines of my pants to the comfort of her hand and mouth.

She reached under and cupped my balls in one hand while sliding my cock in and out of her hot mouth.

I was going to cum soon. I knew this wasn’t going to last and she must have sensed it. She stopped and lay down on the seat with her head on my knees and her face facing my cock. She would stroke it and bring it to her lips for a lick or suck. I slide a hand into her blouse to feel firm mature breasts and bullet hard nipples. She took my hand and moved to her pussy. She lifted one leg slightly to allow me access.

I rubbed her clit and drew tight little circles around it feeling it get harder and harder. She started to buck her hips into my hand. Her clit was so hard I stroked it like a mini cock between tow fingers. She again took my hand and pushed it a little further down.

“In me. Fuck me.” She said then slides her mouth all the way down my cock taking the whole thing in.

I could feel my cock pulsing against the back of her throat but she held it there. I slide my fingers in and out of her while she bucked against them and ground deeper into my pelvis trying to get my cock deeper and deeper into her throat. I had never felt such a sensation. Soon she clamped her legs closed around my hand pressed deep onto my cock making herself gag now and I felt the wetness pour from her pussy. That was it I started to cum; over and over I felt the spurts unload deep into her throat. She pushed down harder as I came. I could feel her gag reflex muscles tighten and loosen over my now very sensitive cock head but she kept swallowing. Soon she eased back from my cock slurping back the saliva and cum as she did. She released my hand and guided my hand to her mouth were she licked some of the wet from my hand then offered my hand to my lips. I licked and sucked my hand clean and dry.

“Going off exit 42 now” I announced, not really caring.

She sat up looked around.

“Take the first left off the exit. Just after the church on the right, go slow. It’s the second house after”

As I passed the church I slowed down. Just as I thought, living in this neighborhood she was definitely a soccer mom. A MILF.

“Just pull up in front, don’t go in the driveway.” Then sounding a little surprised.

“Oh, shit he isn’t supposed to be home yet.”

She quickly reaches into her purse and pulls out a bra and just as quickly puts it on. Then reaching into her bag again comes out with a pair of panties and puts them on. A wedding ring on her hand wasn’t there ten seconds ago.

“Maybe I’ll see you again some evening” I said.

“If so we’ll have to leave earlier.”

“You going to be OK”

“Yea sure, At least tonight I just need a breath mint. Some nights he thinks my cream pie is just me extra wet and creamy from excitement for him. I just keep the lights off. Hey maybe next time huh?” She laughs and trots up her driveway and I drive off pants still open and a mess.

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