A Quiet Place Ch. 03

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All present during sexual scenarios are over the age of 18 years.

Thank you for your emails, notes and feedback! I’ve enjoyed hearing your own responses to this sexy little drama. 😉

Sorry for the wait on the third installment! Reading the comments from Part 2 last night really helped me shake loose some of the “stickier” parts of the story.

Hope you’re as wet as I am,



Heart hammering in her chest, Kira slumped against the wall as soon as she was safely up the stairs and around the corner.

She almost caught us! What if she’d caught us?!

Then, out of nowhere, Do I want to get caught?

Followed with, He’s married! And paying you! What are you doing?!

Moaning in the aftermath of ecstasy, she pressed her fingers to her lips, still tasting Brandon’s cum on her tongue. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I don’t want to stop. Kira smiled devilishly and moved off down the hallway.


For the rest of the day, Brandon worked side-by-side with Holly. Even though he wasn’t alone, his mind was occupied with thoughts of the nanny. What he’d done to Kira; what he wanted to do to her; what would have happened if Holly had heard them. He had the hardest time keeping from getting hard every time he turned around.

As dusk started to settle, Holly decided to go into town to grab a pizza instead of messing up the clean kitchen.

“I’ll grab a drink while I wait, and you can clear out the wasp nest,” she informed Brandon.

“So, I keep working while you hang out at the bar?” Brandon asked.

“Whatever. Hey Kira!” She called out.

Kira came bounding down the stairs. “What’s up Holly?”

“I’m going to the Tavern to pick up dinner. Do you want to come to get a drink with me while I wait?”

“Why does she get to cum?” Brandon asked.

Holly rolled her eyes, but he knew that the comment landed with Kira who blushed ferociously and lowered her gaze. She shyly played with the hem of the house dress she was wearing. “Thanks for the invite. I’m almost done putting together a craft project for the kids tomorrow, so I will finish up before dinner.” Her response was directed at Holly, but her eyes never left Brandon’s.

Holly was too busy rummaging for her keys to notice, “Suit yourself! Don’t let Brandon work you too hard while I’m gone.”

The door shut behind Holly, but neither Brandon nor Kira moved. Gravel crunched under the tires of the SUV as she backed away. It wasn’t until the wheels hit the pavement of the road that one of them stirred.


Kira opened her mouth to speak, but Brandon beat her to the punch.

“I need to hang the rope swing, can you give me a hand with that?”

His wife is gone and he wants to keep doing chores? Maybe I was wrong about this. Maybe he feels guilty. Maybe he won’t touch me again… what will I do if he never touches me again?!

Her heart sank, but she didn’t let on. She shrugged and said, “Sure thing.”

She followed him out of the house and down the sloping lawn toward the bank of the lake about a football field away.

Water gently lapped at the shore as Brandon help up the end of the rope. “Want to get tied up?”

“What was that?!”

“Can you tie knots? I was a Boy Scout, but you can do it if you prefer.”

“Oh.” Kira tried to hide her disappointment. “Sure.”

Brandon held the wooden seat in place and coached Kira through the steps. She let his assertive voice wash over her, remembering all of the dirty things he’d said to her today. What would it feel like to be tied up by him? She was a little shocked by her own question.

Their fingers touched briefly as she moved the rope through her slender fingers. A jolt raced through her body and Kira was glad that the growing darkness hid her blush.

“Why don’t you try it out?” Brandon suggested.

Kira stepped into the swing, first one leg and then the other. Brandon came up behind her and gripped the rope on either side of her.

“Ready for a ride?” He whispered into her hair, tickling her ears. She didn’t trust herself to speak. Licking her lips, she nodded.

Brandon pulled Kira back up against his hard body before letting go, sending her swinging out over the water. The gathering darkness enveloped Kira as the last full rays of fading light caught in the ripples on top of the water. The wind blew her hair back as she leaned into the arc, the wind flirting with the hem of her skirt. She relished in the feel of Brandon’s hands on her hips as he pushed her higher and higher. Kira could feel her excitement mounting with each touch.

She twisted in the air and swung back, this time facing the hill. Brandon grabbed her by the legs to slow her momentum, bahis firmaları hands wrapping around her ankles to steady her. His dark eyes seemed to glow in the gloaming as his hands slid up her smooth calves. Stopping at her knees, he pushed her legs apart and fitted his body between them.

Heart racing, Kira looked up into Brandon’s eyes, excitement ricocheting inside her chest.

Say something! She begged silently. Tell me what this is between us; tell me what’s going on; more than anything, tell me you want me!

Brandon looked down into Kira’s eyes. A mischievous glint lurked there. His lips parted and he whispered, “You’re trouble.” And then his lips descended on hers.


So. Much. Trouble. Brandon repeated to himself. So worth it though, he decided as his tongue stroked Kira’s, his fingers traced circles on her soft thighs.

“I can’t keep my hands off of you. Although, I don’t even know why I’d bother trying.” Brandon admitted as Kira mewled into his mouth.

His thumbs stroked higher and higher, brushing against the soft fabric that fluttered around her thighs. His fingers barely grazed the shape of her delicate pussy lips.

“Brandon!” Hearing his name escape her lips was like a shot of ecstasy.

He chuckled before responding, “Shhhh, Kira. Even if my wife can’t hear you, sounds travel over the water.”

Kira bit down on her bottom lip and looked up at him with innocence and longing. It was enough to make him moan out loud himself.

“That’s my girl,” he assured her, running the backs of his fingers gently a crossed her cheek. “I’ve wanted to feel that pussy on my cock for ages. Are you going to let me slip my big dick past these sweet lips, honey?”

Kira’s eyes widened further as she nodded. A strangled sound caught in her throat.

“Scoot forward on the seat, kitten,” Brandon commanded. As Kira silently obeyed, the swirling fabric skirt bunched up around her hips, exposing flashes of thin white panties.

“Are you kidding me with these?!” Brandon demanded. His cock was already throbbing, seeing those innocent white panties was positively painful. “Uhhhhhh,” the word escaped his lips like a sigh as he ran his fingertips over the gusseted seam that rested right on Kira’s sweet clit.

Stroking lower, Brandon encountered damp fabric and smiled a wicked smile. “Are you already wet for me, pretty girl?” He asked, this time carefully tracing his fingers along the edges of her panties.

“Yes!” Kira exclaimed.

“Shhhhhh!” He reprimanded sharply with a light spank on her moist mound.

Threading his fingers through the thick locks of hair at the nape of her neck, he kissed her hard. Roughly, he pushed her panties aside, sinking his fingers into her drenched channel. He swallowed her cries with his own mouth, drinking up the sounds as if he was parched.

“These panties are ridiculous,” he whispered and twisted his fingers up in the fabric. Without warning, he yanked hard and the delicate fabric ripped at the seams.

“A-” her cry was stifled again by Brandon’s soft, yet insistent lips. His hand was splayed over her jaw, holding her chin, setting the position of her head, directing her wherever he wanted her. He nipped her luscious lips with his teeth and smiled wolfishly in the dark.

Sliding his hand down her supple throat, he could feel her pulse racing wildly underneath his fingertips. He stroked up and down, exerting gentle pressure. Kira arched her neck under those confident fingers, inviting him to take control.

“You want it bad, don’t you, kitten?” He whispered into the waning light.

“Yes,” she whispered back. “Please?”

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me? Please? Fuck me quick before your wife makes it home?” She pleaded desperately.

“How could I refuse?” Brandon growled out, roughly squeezing her soft breast. With his other hand, he reached beneath the waistband of his gym shorts and grabbed ahold of his throbbing cock. He shook the shorts to the ground and stepped out of them to give himself room.

With his other hand, he parted Kira’s outer lips with his thumb and forefinger. Displaying her engorged clit, Brandon began stroking the hooded nub. He was pleased to hear Kira struggling to keep her moans quiet. It’s totally useless, but I can’t wait to punish her anyway!

Parting Kira’s glistening inner lips, Brandon stroked the fat, round head of his cock around her opening. He gently traced her lips and ended with a hard upward flick under her clit. Each time, Kira moaned softly when Brandon rimmed his precum covered cock around her pussy. The end was his favorite part. When he flicked upward she would jolt and her teeth would clamp down harder on her lip as she emitted tiny squeaks.

This kaçak iddaa is going to be fun, he thought wickedly. Without warning, Brandon slapped the head of his cock right on Kira’s sensitive clit. She cried out into the night.

“Quiet! Didn’t I tell you to shut your mouth?” He growled menacingly. “Bad girls just never learn,” he said shaking his head and plunged his cock into Kira.

She arched up and opened her mouth to wail before Brandon clamped a hand down over her crying lips. Fear showed in Kira’s eyes as he lowered his face toward hers. His lips brushed her ear, the stubble on his face scratching her petal-soft skin.

“How’s that feel, kitten? You are so tight around me. I can feel your hot little pussy pulsing around my dick. Do you feel full, baby?”

With his hand still on her mouth, she was barely able to nod her response.

“How about now?” Brandon asked innocently as he barely started moving inside of her. He pulled out a half inch and thrust forward a half on inch making slow, shallow thrusts.

“Mmm. Hmm,” Kira hummed this time.

“But I know something you don’t know, baby girl,” he taunted.

Kira’s eyes widened questioningly.

Brandon lowered his voice even more, “You’ve only taken half of my dick so far.”

With that, he slammed his cock all the way home into her ripe pussy. His hand was not enough to catch the cry that ripped from Kira’s lips.


“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH” Kira screamed as she felt Brandon’s dick split her open. She squirmed, pulling on his shoulders—trying to climb off of his enormous cock.

“Uh uh uh, princess,” Brandon warned as he wrapped stern fingers around her slender hips. “You will take all of me.” With that he drove up into her harder, pulling her down at the same time.

“UGH-AAAAAHHH!” Kira cried out as the tip of Brandon’s dick caressed her cervix. He ground deeper and deeper into her, smashing her sensitive clit in between their sweaty bodies.

“Kira!” Brandon scolded, ceasing the rocking of his hips. He grabbed her chin in one hand—cold, stern eyes burning into hers. “This is the last time I will warn you. You really must control yourself, Kira.”

His voice was quiet, but it felt like thunder to Kira. A shiver grabbed her by her shoulders; tweaked her nipples; and scampered down her back. His voice was so deep and rumbly. Barely louder than a whisper, the sounds teased Kira’s neck and ear.

“Mmm!” Kira keened between clamped lips as he ground their bodies together again. She squeezed her pussy around Brandon’s cock and felt a letdown of liquids soak them both.

“That’s right baby. I’m going to make you cum for me!” Brandon growled. And with that, he plowed into her sweet folds and then lifted her right off again; using the motion of the swing to fuck his thick meat into her over and over again. Kira’s eyes were starting to roll back into fluttering eyelids as Brandon swung her on and off of his turgid cock; sawing into her.

At first, the sensation started faintly, a sweet spot that Brandon kept hitting. It grew as he kept up his relentless pace, his dick hitting the spot and yet somehow not satisfying the itch.

I’m going to die if I don’t cum soon! Kira lamented. It felt so good, but it felt too good to be true. I’m not going to die, but he IS going to fuck me insane!


Brandon watched Kira struggle with her orgasm. That’s the best thing about fucking college girls again, he thought. I’m going to love showing her what her body can really do.

By now, night had fallen around the lake and Brandon could see lights from the other cabins. He could also see a pair of headlights glimmering through the leaves of the trees across the lake where the community road met up with the highway.

An evil idea occurred to Brandon. A wondrously, horrible idea. Instead of finishing her off, he froze immediately, placing his thumb on Kira’s aching clit.

“Wha—?!” Kira murmured angrily in confusion.

“What’s that, sweetheart? Do you want to cum?” He teased mercilessly.

Kira bit her lip and looked up at him. Tears were shimmering in her big eyes as she nodded at him, pleading with him to put her out of her misery.

He nodded perfunctorily but inside he was burning with victory. Let’s see if she can keep up the silent act now.

“Turn around,” Brandon growled.

Her eyes questioned him again

“Turn. Around. Don’t make me say it again.”

Slowly, Kira unwound her legs from around Brandon’s hips. Before she could stand up, Brandon grabbed her ankles on either side and lifted them straight up above their heads, squeezing her soft, warm, juicy peach between her legs.

“Oh, fuck!” Brandon groaned as he stroked his cock in and out of Kira’s sticky kaçak bahis sugar walls.

He took both of her ankles in one hand and twisted her to the side. She flipped over on the seat and bent her knees under her.

“Fuck! I love how flexible you are, Kira! Are you ready to cum now, baby?”

“Mm!” She squeaked in reply.

“Perfect, you’ll be just in time for Holly’s return home.” Brandon grabbed Kira’s hair and pulled; arching her back; giving her a view of the headlights approaching in the distance.


No! Fuck you, Holly! Not now! I need to… I need to cum so badly!

Brandon didn’t seem to be in a hurry at all as he slowly surged inside of her. He didn’t appear worried either—even though Kira was squirming and fighting his grip.

Please hurry! Kira pleaded with herself as a new wave of pleasure started building from that one tiny spot. Brandon stoked that spark over and over again until sweat started running down between her breasts and down her back.

Oh, fuck it! I need to cum! Maybe we can get away with this too!

Kira started rocking her hips back into Brandon, fucking herself on his dick. They fell into a rhythm as they heard the sound of tires begin to crunch on the gravel.

The headlights of Holly’s SUV swept the upper branches of the tree under which they were currently fucking. Darkness enveloped them both, making them both feel invincible.


Holly put her vehicle in park. Brandon reached a strong hand forward and gripped Kira’s shoulder, pulling her down harder and faster.

Glancing down, Brandon saw the nanny’s smooth white ass bouncing on his cock. Looking up, he could see his wife in the front seat, getting all of her crap together.

He kept watching his wife as he pounded in and out of that sweet 18-year-old pussy. Fuck you, Holly. He thought vindictively as he fucked harder. If only you knew how good the nanny’s hot cunt feels on my thick rod. So fucking tight!

Brandon grasped one velvety asscheek with all fingertips and squeezed, opening Kira even further. Brandon thrust harder and groaned aloud just as Holly opened her car door.


Fuck! That was so loud! Kira thought. What if Holly hears us?! Their bodies slapping together made soft, abrupt sounds in the night.

Brandon’s hands on her body seemed electrified. She sizzled where he touched her.

Brandon had faced them in his wife’s direction. The shadows were enough to hide them from sight. What exactly would she see? Kira thought to herself?

Kira was bent over the smooth wood of the swing, her breasts popping out of the top of her loose dress. Her face was aflame with passion. Wave after wave of emotion washed over her. Lust, fear, shame, and finally, victory.

Can you see me, Holly? Can you see me fucking your husband? What would you think if you knew he was inside me right now? What would your face look like if you caught us?

Kira liked the idea; liked the idea of being watched; liked the idea of Brandon fucking her in front of his wife. She thrust back even harder, the sounds of their fucking got even louder.

Catch us, Holly. Look now!


Holly paused on the way to the front door but Brandon did not. The lights of the house illuminated her in a circle of artificial light.

Even though his wife was clearly straining to understand the sounds she was hearing, Brandon didn’t let up. I am going to fuck this girl right in front of your face!

Even as he thought this, Holly took a couple of steps toward the lake, pizza in one hand, a plastic bag in the other. She looked out over the water, studying the lights and the trees. Her eyes tracked back to the shore and seemed to rest on the shadow at the base of the tree.

Her scrutiny was like a bolt of lightning. Watch this! Brandon thought as his orgasm gripped his balls


She can see us! Kira worried as Holly’s gaze searched the depths of the shadows.

For a moment, it felt like they locked eyes. Are you watching me fuck your husband? Does it make you angry? Does it turn you on to watch him fuck me?

The fantasy was enough to push Kira over the edge along with Brandon. She screamed silently, stifling her cries so they didn’t get caught.

Your husband is cuming inside of me! Thought Kira as Brandon pumped himself dry.

As the waves of pleasure subsided for Kira and Brandon, Holly gave up and went inside, completely unaware of what was happening 100 yards from where she was standing.


As the screen door slammed shut behind his wife, Brandon pulled his dick out of Kira’s puffy pussy—watching his cum drool from her lips.

He tucked his now sticky, softened junk into his pants. Before he left, he reached out and smacked her ass hard enough for the ring to echo out over the water.

“Later,” he instructed and walked up the hill, leaving her hanging over the swing.

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