A Quickie

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This is not going to be erotic. We promised and I will keep repeating until the moment passes. Bareness does not need to be erotic. Just like talking about your favorite bird does not have to be erotic, but usually mention of it means some level of sexuality. It’s only a bird. It’s only nudity.

We tried one more time to insist on the lack of erotica as you described how good it would feel if your cock was maneuvered between my breasts. When you asked if I’d take the chance on you and swallow, my answer was stifled by your head filling the circle formed by my lips. I figured you’d get the jist if I simply moaned my answer. The moan sent chills straight through your cock, up to your belly and somehow your hands were the thing to respond. You reached down. I anticipated you pulling or stroking my hair, but instead, you pulled your pants aside further, reached into them and pulled your balls out more for me to play with. That is when you stroked my hair. In return, you got another long, drawn out moan. We were both completely turned on by now.

Again, you asked about that darn bird. My hand gripped casino oyna at your balls, closing my fist a bit tighter. You pushed your hips upwards, forcing your cock into my mouth far enough to tickle my throat. With a bit of guidance from your hand on my head, we pumped and bobbed in sync with one another. This was becoming quite the blowjob as best as you could have expected under the circumstances.

Your hand left my head for me to regain control of my own delivery of this act.

Your voice took on a sultry most sexy tone as you pushed your pants off your ass. It was tough, considering you were sitting down, semi-reclined – but you spoke “ggooodd giiirrlllll” in a stifled voice that resembled a whisper. It was lack of air keeping your voice low. It was that choking low voice that made me squirm. The feel of your hand on my ass kept the squirming alive. You thrust your cock up into my mouth to keep it at the depth you needed to feel. A little tightness around your cock head with the closing of my throat. Your actions, your movement, your bare ass and bare legs provided an enticing sexual slot oyna comfort never felt before. You took liberties with pushing and pulling and forcing me to suck harder or longer or different, yet I could not feel any more comfortable than I already was.

Slight moans from you got bigger moans from me. I practiced different ways to get your balls into my mouth while your cock already filled it. Teasing with a flip of my tongue…rolling your hard cock around my stiffened wet tongue…curling my tongue around your shaft and gliding up and down…whatever trick I tried, nothing would let all of your hard cock plus your tasty balls fit in there together. (My hesitation was not long enough for you to recognize, but I stopped all sucking action to see whether your cock would deflate immediately. when you stayed hard, I resumed. Had you been able to resume a flaccid state, my wet pussy would have been dripping – and cock WITH balls could have their moment together behind my hot, wet, waiting lips…)

I felt your legs as those toned muscles flexed in my grip. Stimulating every ounce of me, canlı casino siteleri you could feel the passion through my mouth. Your passion rivaled mine with the tension created by the way your feet were trapped in the ankles of your pants. My shoulders kept you from shifting, so we maintained speeds over 60…almost home, you were forced into thinking about a longer route. This drive had to last more than the 45 minutes it should take.

Every time you felt like you would cum, you’d pull my hair, yank my mouth off your cock and concentrate on holding out. After the fourth time, you could not hold back. The groan from the back of your throat brought on the hardest longest suck and bob session since we started the journey more than half an hour ago.

I lightened up on the sucking as the pumps through your fat cock became less frequent. The pace was perfect. Taste sensational. I found it hard to resist. You’d pump and spray, I’d swallow. When it was over, a few playful licks of the tip sent us both into a giggle. As I sat up into my own seat, you petted my head and through about saying thanks, but your voice was muted after the intensity of the blow…I leaned across and sucked at the inside of your bare thigh and you petted my head one last time. Erotic. It was erotic. Bare legs, wet pussy, cock hard and ready – it was all erotic.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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