A Pack of Tales Ch. 13

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Diolch yn fawr to BrambleThorn!

This series has two kinds of chapters: story chapters, called ‘(story)’ in the blurb and sex scenes, called ‘(scene)’ in the blurb. The sex scenes will be diverse. You can choose to read them all or, if e.g. hetero sex isn’t your thing, to skip some and only read the story chapters and e.g. lesbian sex scenes. (You can identify which scenes are what kind of sex from the tags, the category the chapter is uploaded into and description at the start of the scene.)

All characters in this story are fictional. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

This chapter is a lesbian sex scene, followed by a short section of story.

A Pack of Tales Ch. 13 – Red

Of collars and clothes (scene and story)

“Let’s keep them on,” Diana said, putting her hand up to catch Red’s fingers on the buckle of her collar.

Red lifted her head from where she was licking under Diana’s ear. “Oh … alright,” she said.

“It’s good to think,” Diana suggested, patting Red’s strawberry blonde hair back. “I like to think about how pretty you are.” Her lip lifted from her teeth in her smile.

“Oh … yeah,” Red said. She made a pleased quiver and managed to stop herself from asking: ‘Do you really think I’m pretty?’ Eagerly she returned to the soft downy skin by Diana’s ear. She licked at it delicately. She flicked the earlobe with her tongue.

Before she could begin running her tongue around the whorls of Diana’s ear, Diana had turned in her arms. They kissed. Diana stroked her hair. Red snuffled in laughing fun. She loved it with the collar off, when you only responded to the rising impulses and feelings coursing through your body. This was fun too though. It was different, being aware mentally of Diana’s slender long limbs, the leg laid around her hips. Red slid a hand down and began fingering Diana’s knickers.

Should she start pulling them off? If it was collars off, she wouldn’t be wondering. She would know from Diana’s panting and growling if her cunt was hot and wet and her bottom going up for it. The noises would drive her mad with desire, she would press her body to Diana’s without a thought.

She wanted it but her anxious mind held her back. Diana was lying, just kissing her and stroking her hair. Red gave a questing nudge with her hips between Diana’s legs. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri

Diana made a moan. She tightened her thighs around Red’s hips. Red held her legs together and pushed into Diana’s body. Diana put a hand down and gripped it on Red’s buttock.

Fuck me! Red suddenly really wanted to feel a finger in her cunt. She parted her legs hopefully but Diana rolled onto her back, tightening the grip of her own legs around Red’s hips.

Red began growling. Feeling was bristling in the back of her neck in spite of the collar. Not bothering with her own or Diana’s knickers, she shoved at Diana’s sex pressed to her. She felt the sheer cloth of Diana’s silky briefs slide on her own cotton knickers. Diana was panting and holding her tight and close. Their human breasts were pressing, tingling with arousal. Red pressed her mouth to Diana’s but Diana’s head jerked away, she began grunting and clutching Red, tilting her crotch up so that Red pressed down through their knickers on her hot wet sex. The cotton gusset of Diana’s sheer briefs must be soaking, Red’s tongue flicked in her own mouth at the thought of that salty cream.

Diana gave a sudden drawn-out moan through tightly clenched jaw. She pressed hard up, quivered and then lay still.

Red lay, still throbbing with lust, pressed to the wet crotch of Diana’s silky briefs. She longed for Diana’s fingers in her cunt, craved the shove of penetration and the sensation of loved digits in her clutching muscles.

At the same time, flickering dimly in the back of her mind, were shadowy figures who had violently entered her against her will. Give it time, Christa had said. Don’t be frightened if at first it’s hard to enjoy yourself. Don’t push things. Have a little fun and slowly you’ll get over it.

Red wished that at least Diana would put a hand into her wet cotton knickers and rub on her clit. She didn’t like to ask and Diana was breathing deep – satisfied, quiescent. Red felt that even if she pressed down on that slender thigh and jerked herself off on Diana’s leg, Diana would be disturbed. Eventually she rolled to Diana’s side and put her own hand to her warm throbbing pussy. She fingered and played with her erect nub of a clitoris. One of Diana’s arms was still loosely about her, she lay in that languid embrace until she had finished her own snuffling and eager orgasm.

Eventually she said: “We better get up and shower. You still want to come to the pub, don’t güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri you?”

“Oh yes,” Diana’s clipped English voice was softened by sex. She lifted her pale blue gaze from under half-closed eyelids to Red. “We don’t have to shower, though.”

“Uh … mmm,” Red said. She thought of going down the pub with the pack, smelling of cunt juice. They were her own pack and not one of them ever treated her other than as a pack sister. Still. “Um, I think I’ll take a shower,” she mumbled, moving slowly from Diana’s side.

Diana watched her when she came back in from the shower. She sat up suddenly in a rush of slender limbs, her small breasts jiggled. Red was taking some jeans off the shelf the boys had put up for her.

Red was still living in the little room by Christa and Rex, although it was getting to be a squeeze fitting in the clothes Max made her buy to wear to work.

“Why don’t you wear something nice?” Diana’s tone was coaxing. Red turned her head in surprise. “Wear that blue suit,” Diana suggested.

“It’s the weekend,” Red said blankly.

“You look so good in that suit,” Diana said.

“It’s a bit tight,” Red said. “I’m getting fat,” she added with a laugh, looking under her lashes at Diana. Diana just sat in a sprawl of pale slender limbs, with a glint of teeth in her smile. “I should go out with the others for a run. Wouldn’t you like to come too?” Red asked. “Collars off,” she said.

Diana’s smile disappeared and her eyes became suddenly cold. “You want me to run collar off with the pack?”

“They’re not like that,” Red urged. “It’s such fun! To run with the pack.”

Diana looked narrowly at her then smiled again. “Why don’t we go down the gym together some time?” she suggested.

“Um … yeah,” Red said, slowly putting her jeans back on the shelf. “I guess.”

“I’ll go and shower,” Diana said.


Red came down the stairs and into the living room.

“You look smart,” Christa said in a surprised voice.

“Oh … thank you,” Red said shyly.

Max’s and Diana’s heads turned from the sofa where they were sitting. Diana made a satisfied smile, seeing her girlfriend’s soft prettiness enhanced by the smart blue trouser suit she wore. Max turned his head back to his iPad.

Red hesitated whether to sit with them but Diana had put her long legs up on the sofa, there wasn’t much room. She went to the armchair by the door, pausing güvenilir bahis şirketleri to try and brush some of the hairs off it so as to save her work suit.

Diana had leaned over to look at what Max was reading. “What language is that?” she asked. “Rumanian or something?” Her mouth opened in the silent laugh.

Max’s head lifted with his piercing blue eyes narrowed. “It’s Welsh,” he said.

“Oh yah,” Diana said languidly. “Is that right, that everything here has to be translated into Welsh?” She was still leaning in close to Max and looking through her lashes up at him.

“No,” Max said. “Things written by native Welsh speakers have to be translated into English.”

“Wow, what a lot of money must go on that,” Diana said. “Why don’t you just speak English? There, I just solved your budget problem for you.”

Max’s eyes were always cold but at this they seemed to acquire a chill so Arctic it could freeze your breath.

“Goodness me, sweetheart, is that the time?” Christa cut in. “Where’s Col, now? Go and look for him, Max. Oh here he is! Let’s be going then.”

Col came momentarily into the living-room, casting a sullen assessing glance around at them all. His eyes lighted on Red in the smart blue suit and narrowed. He tilted his head at her and his gaze slid to Diana on the sofa next to Max.

“Where’s Rikki?” he asked in the truculent tone of suffering which was always in his voice these days.

“He’s started going to the Holly Bush,” Rob answered.

“What the Foock for?!” Col said angrily.

“Come on, now, let’s be going,” Christa said. She bustled forward to start shepherding them out, adroitly managing to get Rob and Gavin separated. Rob looked pleadingly at Gavin but Gavin only shook his head with a grin.

“I’ll have a chat with her,” he murmured as they all jostled through the narrow hallway. He managed to get in a grope of Rob’s backside while his mam’s sharp eye was on Max’s still bristling back. Rob climbed contentedly into the back of Nye’s and Jenks’s van. Gavin opened his car doors for Christa, Rex and Max.

Diana had hooked her arm in Red’s and was standing close behind Col, waiting to get into the van. She made a move forwards, as if she expected him to help the two of them in.

“I’ll go and look for the foocking cub,” Col said abruptly, swinging away towards the Alfa Romeo Spider which remained defiantly gleaming in the yard. It provided a job for the cubs when work was slow. They had waxed and polished it so many times recently that Col was surprised there was any paint left on it.

“Shall we come with you?” Diana suggested solicitously.

Col pretended he had not heard her, pulling open the car door with a barely suppressed violence he did not usually show to cars or women.

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