A Night with my Friend [Furry | M/M]

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The alarm-melody rang and woke me up. I simply swiped my phone like every morning, stretched and yawned. Saturday, 8:55am – perfect. “But not so Furfect.” I note to myself as I pushed the sheets off, seeing again a white stain on them. I rolled my eyes at myself, took one of the tissues from my nightstand and wiped myself clean. The recent increase of wet dreams really did not help the fact that I am single for over 2 years now.

Finally I got up, with the clump of tissues with my own semen in my paw and walked over to the bedroom, throwing it in the toilet before sitting down to go on with my business. I took my phone along and checked what was on the agenda. “Oh yeah, Luke wants to come by later. So what’s going on in the world?” I browsed through my news-feed with nothing too interesting going on except the usual political feuds, rising and falling trends in various stocks – only reading for curiosity and being on top of things for small talk at work, without any greater purpose.

I flushed the toilet, grabbed my brush, got my fur straight, put on some clothes and got to my usual Saturday. Checking the hamper I noticed that Laundry day was next week, yes! I get to relax some more. My routine as freelance Web Designer included to make sure every morning that my clients’ stuff still worked. Armed with a bottle of lemon-lime soda and laptop on my lap-desk I went on with my work.

As always I got totally lost in my work and did more as I had to, luckily that is why I have my phone programmed with all sort of alarms and when it went off I glanced at it. “Ah yes! Luke is coming by soon, better clean up a bit.” Again, I was talking to myself. I really need a roommate. I put everything aside and jumped out of my chair.

The ‘Luke Preparation Protocol’, as I nicknamed it in my head, included quite a bit, because he was a good kid, kid… Three years younger than me. Quick swipes with towel paper across the table and some room fragrance – ocean breeze – to cover various scents, which may or may not come from myself or external sources such as food. Now that I think about it… I don’t really do that for anyone else. Perhaps it was just because of how nice he was, always going with a smile through his life and reminding me what it means to be young, with less responsibilities and go with life instead of grabbing it by the neck. And I would find myself smile whenever I saw a text of his.

It is very rewarding to help someone else, I think he moved here like a few months ago, we met at midnight release of one of our favorite games. The newest and most exciting tactical shooter came out and we ended up right next to each other in the line. We chit-chatted about it, and eventually it went from just the game to general life situations. We spent the entire weekend over at his place, playing the entire co-op story from start to finish. I had not felt as happy as that weekend in a looong time. So in return I gave him the ins and outs of the city, helped him get a job and overall we became best friends.

I was just putting the dishes away when a knock at the door sent illegal bahis my mind back into reality. “Coming!” I yelled over, closing the dishwasher and make it over to the door. As I opened it, there he was and my heart stopped a beat. Those sky blue eyes shining with innocence, curiosity, life and energy. I couldn’t help but smirk as I stared deep down in Luke’s eyes. “Oh, hey Luke. Glad you could make it.” I stepped to the side, holding the door open to let him inside. I found myself look at his tail and bottom, as he walked past me I could smell he just washed himself, it was an intoxicating scent. I closed the door as he spoke.

“Hey Nate… and you know me, I wouldn’t dare miss some time to hang out with you.” He told me, wagging that tail of his gently as if he was teasing me. Did he know? I forced myself to act normal around him, as much as I could. “Yeah, I know. It’s still nice to see you. Go ahead and pick a game, alright?” I laughed, remembering that night we met. I move back to the kitchen, I forgot to grab the drinks. Opening the fridge, I had a variety of choice. And luckily I had his favorite brand of Root beer still left from last time. I grabbed a can of that for him, while I took myself another lemon-lime soda. That sweet-sour taste, nothing could beat that.

Hearing the start-up sound of the console as well as the opening track of our fateful game, I chuckled, because he read my mind apparently. “Ah, that one? Want to see if we can beat Trainyard on the hardest stuff, huh?” I grinned, the only level we had yet to beat in the survival mode. I offered him the can he gladly too. His cute shy persona let him only nod, so I encouraged him. “Then let’s get to it!”

I planted my deep lavender furred butt next to him on the couch and got my feet up on the table in front of us. The day passed really quickly and while we did fail the Trainyard mission 5-times in a row, we just started to warm-up with other maps. He was so deep in the game, I think Luke didn’t even notice my occasional glances over to him. That concentrated look of his, the tongue on his upper lip when the game got really intense, it looked adorable.

Eventually I noticed it got late, he had to leave in like 30 minutes. So it was now or never, at the peak of our gaming capabilities and having unlocked new equipment to do the Trainyard. It was so serious, I did sit up with my feet on the ground instead of laying back. In the first run we did crush the AI, we struggled so much with it over the last days and weeks it was insane. But finally we did beat it. I couldn’t help but let a victorious roar out along with a “Fuck yeah!” I grinned wide at Luke.

“That one was actually kinda tough, wasn’t it? Especially at the end… If you hadn’t been there, I bet I would have lost-” He said, having turned his head towards me, still in his gaming position. I put my right paw on top of his, my other one pushing my controller, then his on the table. Those sky blue eyes, the vigorous and intense moment of a long awaited victory, our first game to have achieved 100% in – together. I couldn’t help myself as illegal bahis siteleri I leaned into him. “I told you long ago, didn’t I?” I reminded him about the night of our long-weekend, before I left. “I’m always going to be there for you. Always.” And with my own words, all barricades broke at last. I pressed my lips onto his, it was now or never, it was time to tell Luke how I felt – how I truly felt!

He blushed, turning his russet brown fur more into an orange-red on his cheeks, similar to a red fox. And it was a huge relief when he closed his eyes and replied with passion of his own. My paw grabbed him behind the back of his head, pushing him stronger against me as I pushed my tongue into his mouth, twirling it and letting it gently rub against his razor-sharp teeth. Eventually I withdrew to take a breath. “Nate?” He asked me, his glowing eyes staring into mine.

“Shhh, Luke.” I quieted him, putting my paw on his cheek. “Just trust me.” I instructed him, kissing him again and this time he was far more willing, moaning softly into my mouth. I stopped for a moment to straddle me, putting his leg around me as I was on top of him now. “I love you, Luke.” I confessed, a feeling I now knew that has lingered long in my heart. I licked his neck, tickling another moan out of him. “I have loved you for a while now, and I want you.” I further confessed, as if my actions were not clear enough by now.

He gasped my name which only enthralled me so much more! “N-Nate…” His sweet voice rang in my ears, but there was more to come so I stared him deep into his eyes with my silver, shining eyes, waiting for what he had to say, unknowing it would send me over the edge. “I love you too… I’ve loved you I think since we met-“ I stroke over his thigh and abdomen, causing him to yelp slightly. “And… If you want me… Please have me.” He moaned.

My paws went beneath his shirt, for his nipples. I wanted to devour him! But … Our first time would be more than that. I would not just have sex with him, no… I would show him true love making. My claws teased his hardening nipples. It did not take much and he moaned. I licked him over the neck, to his lips, interlocking into another passionate kiss. My paws withdrew from his shirt and went for first his, then my pants.

“I’m gonna make you mine, Luke. I love you, and I’ not gonna let anyone else have you.” I whispered to his neck, before licking from his neck to his ear, nibbling on it playfully. His pants at last were gone, and soon afterwards my own were gone, too. Wolves were known for their ability to smell, and I was certain he could smell my aroused cock as much as I could smell his. But it seemed while I wanted to make this a slow and long night of passion, Luke had something else in mind. “Nate… Please… Please… I want you…” He demanded, and I would not let my mate… My partner, no my love, suffer.

I knew it was going to be painful to take the size of my cock in, so I muffled him with another kiss of blazing passion, pushing the tip gently into him. His head cocked back and his back arched up, moaning towards the ceiling. canlı bahis siteleri Quickly he looked into my eyes, and mine glowed with pure lust, causing him to shiver. He was right… He needed me, but I also needed him! And I just now realized that he must had been an Omega-type Wolf. A genetic evolution which allowed certain males to breed almost like women. His ass was miraculously wet, and I just realized that I popped his cherry.

“Of course… You’re mine. You have been for a while.” I growled, knowing it would send him above and beyond, as I pushed my cock in and out of his ass. I had to be slow, his walls tightened as if attempting to choke my genitalia. “Fuck Luke… You’re so tight…” I groaned, semi-frustrated as I couldn’t unleash my true wilderness out on him. “I’m so glad… I got to take such a cute male as my lover before anyone else got you.” I added, distracting him from my pace and admitting my love for him further.

He started to relax his anus and with great relief I finally could pick up the pace. I put my paws on his shoulders and pushed my head into his warm, furry neck – even biting him playfully into his neck. My cock with every thrust would push further into Luke. “Nate… Nate…!” He moaned in delight, closing his eyes as I held still back to not hurt him, but moved steady so he can get used to it. At one point I rotated with him, my cock still inside of him. I allowed him to be on top, riding me as I laid on the couch. One of my paws was wrapped around his cock, jerking him off while my other was on his thigh. In unison we moved and I moaned with an every thrust. “Luke! Luuuke!” I moaned in delight, just then my cock knotted up within his hole and filled him up. At the same time, his sperm shot out of his own cock, spraying it over my chest, even up to my lower lip.

I just laid there, breathing as I came down from the high our love making had sent us to, I know it would take a while for my cock to release the knot, so I carried him while still being inside of him. “Let’s go to our bed, my love…” I whispered to him, before he drifted to sleep on me.

And that was a few months ago. I just had thought about how we got here, to today. I had my eyes closed, faking to be asleep as I felt his warm tongue around my cock from under the sheets. It was not even 8 am yet and he already pleased me with his mouth… He really knew what I liked ever since our first night. We were meant for each other, I know that now. I couldn’t help but finally put a paw on the back of his head, thrusting my penis into his mouth, moaning in delight from his skills. I thrusted my entire cock into him as my sperm sprayed into his throat, and he gladly drank it, even giving it a cleaning-suck to make sure I don’t stain the sheets, like I used to when I lived alone.

“Good morning, my kinky mate.” I tease him, kissing him deeply on his lips. I did not care in the slightest to taste myself, because luckily he tasted quite the same. I ruffled his head and started to get up. “C’mon, let’s go downstairs.” And so I went, naked, to get to make breakfast for us. As I was just about to leave the room, standing in the door I looked back, smiling bright as he looked down on his abdomen, his paws resting on where I could see the bulge of our child growing in his womb.

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