A Night of Error Ch. 02

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Usha came back to reality from her reminiscence. She proceeded towards the corridor, and stopped near the bed room of her elder brother Aditya. She rapped the door with hard knocking, and said in a loud voice, “Bhabhi (Sister in- law)…Wake up…wake up…it is morning…papa is waiting for tea in the Terrace. Mom has already prepared the tea, and kept it in kitchen room. Now, she is in Puja Room, and I am going to take bath. Please serve the tea to papa immediately.”

Then she left for Bathroom.

— — — –

Adity was 26 years old, very fair and tall like his father Viswanath Mishra. He had a masculine figure, and athlete body. He was a C.A.(Charted Accountant) in a big Corporate House in New Delhi. He was married to Debashree, a Bengali girl by origin from Calcutta (now Kolkata), aged 22 years old, a stunningly beautiful white complexioned slim girl. She had sharp features with modern look, and she was slim. She was 34/24/36 in size. They had been married for 1 year and were the best couple made for each other. Debashree was also working as IT Expert for a MNC (Multi National Company) based in Japan. She was the Head of its Branch in New Delhi. Aditya’s parents were living at Dhanbad, and Debashree’s parents were living in Kolkata. Since both of them were based on New Delhi, after marriage, they moved in to Aditya’s Apartment which was provided by the Company. It was very big for them. It was a well furnished Apartment having 3 nos of Bed Rooms with full amenities. Being newly married couple, and without intervenes by anybody, they would make love all the time except office hours. Debashree would move inside the Apartment only with panties and Bra. Aditya would wear only Boxer with bare upper body. Whenever they will have mood, they will fuck randomly.


In the night, at the time of going to bed, they will be stark naked like Adam & Eve. Now, it had been a week, both of them had come to Dhanbad for the marriage ceremony of Usha. The freedom of their love & Romance is restricted now at home, because of the presence of Aditya’s parents, and other Relatives congregated for marriage ceremony, and it was difficult for them to come closer each other in front of others.

Aditya was very cautious to make a safe distance from Debashree in front of family members. Debashree, being the Daughter in law of the family was very careful, because of the presence of lot of Relatives, who were closely watching her always. Being the eldest son, Aditya had the responsibilities to help his father for making arrangements as it was a very big event in their household.

Vijay, the neighbor boy was like a younger brother to him, and he was assisting him in all affairs. Vijay was also his discreet and confident. Aditya would not take wine in front of his father, but in Delhi, every evening Debashree would prepare a peg for him. Usually, Debashree would not take drinks but with much insistence from Aditya, she would take small pegs occasionally.

Last night, his father called him along with Vijay, and they discussed till midnight about the details of arrangement of catering, music arrangement, and Decoration of flowers in pendal (Stage where marriage ceremony will take place). After meeting is over, his father left for bed. Then, Aditya requested Vijay to wait for a moment. He went to his bed room, and found his wife Debashree in deep slumber. He glanced towards her, a sleeping Beauty. Silently, he opened up his Travelling Bag, picked out the Bottle of Scotch, and entered in to the Room where Vijay was waiting for him.

“Vijay, prepare pegs for you and me, I am dead tired and exhausted,” he said to Vijay.

Vijay was very much hesitant as he admired Aditya as his elder brother. Further, this was suddenly an unexpected surprise to him. He used to take drinks, but only with his close friends.

After seeing his hesitation, Aditya said, “Don’t be shy! Vijay, you may be like my younger brother, but you are no longer a kid and we all are grown up…let us enjoy in the name of Usha.”

Their drinking rounds went up to 2 ‘O’ Clock night, consuming almost 4 nos of pegs each. Then, Vijay left. Being intoxicated, Vijay preferred to sleep on Sofa. Around 4.30 AM in early morning, suddenly, he woke up, and entered in to his bed room. It was still dark and every one in his house hold was in deep sleep.

He found Debashree in deep sleep, in the similar condition, when he had seen her in the early night. She had only changed her sleeping position. She was in blue colored loose Capri (Lower dress covered from waist to knees) and sleeveless Tops in contrast to white hands, and legs coming out from the dress. With her breathing, her Boobs were also moving up and down rhythmically. He was very horny by seeing this. He bent over the couch, near lower portion of Debashree.


She was sleeping in the side position, placing her right hand below the right side of the head, and her wide rounded butt was bulged to invite him. He touched illegal bahis her butt above the Capri. Then, he silently moved down her Capri up to knees. She was not wearing any panty inside. He was very cautious while trying to pull down the Capri not to wake her up.

A white flash of something brazened his eyes. The pair of white widened fleshy ass cheeks was popped off. He parted the ass cheeks, and could see the ass hole, and slight parts of her pussy. He parted the pussy lips which had a velvet red color inside. He slowly put his index finger, and touched the clitoris, which was hidden below within the folded pussy lips. He went down and started licking the clitoris. There was a slight movement of Debashree, and she changed her sleeping position, turned on her back, thus turned towards him. He was holding his dick which was getting out of control.

She was extremely beautiful and sleeping very sexily. Her loose tops had slipped upwards from her long stomach, and a partial lower portion of white Boobs were protruding from the tops. The Boobs were still standing straight, erect, and gazing at the ceiling of the room. The solid and beautiful rounded juicy mangoes were inviting him for a bite. She was not wearing any Bra inside her tops. The Bed lights coming from the above was enough to show her beautiful body, and curves. He sat down beside her on the bed and watched her beauty from close by.

He was getting out of control, and his erection had become straight and was stiff. He slowly crawled on to the bed, and slept beside her. He turned towards her, and slowly kept his hands on her soft long tummy. His hands now were slowly moving over her tummy. He had to be careful not to wake her up. He was feeling her stomach, its softness, and started to press it gently. His erection was very tight. He reached the navel, and put his one finger inside her plump fleshy navel. He lay there motionless enjoying it for few moments. After some times, he moved his hands a little below her navel, cupped the protruding belly, and started rubbing it silently. He was doing all this very slowly step by step, and he was very careful not to disturb the sleep of Usha. It was a heavenly feeling for him.

Then, he moved his hands a little below on her pussy, and just felt the silky pubic hairs around it. The two huge fleshy boobs were under his hands. They were very tight as well as soft. His erection had also become very tight as if it would explode now with all it contained. He started gripping one of her breasts with his palm. He could feel its softness in his hand. He began to gently squeeze her breasts.

She moved slightly, let out a feeble moan, and again went in to deep sleep. He located her nipples and started to draw circles around it, along the areola. He noticed that this action sent shivers through out her body. He took a nipple between his thumb and index fingers, and started pressing it gently at first. The Boobs were huge with big areola and puffy nipples. He exchanged with her other boob for his fondling. Her boobs were really very big of 34C.

He closed the Room lights, switched on the dim bed light, and laid himself close to her. She was looking very sexy, and at that moment, he closely watched her every parts.


He placed his legs over her thighs, near her pussy. She never reacted to his moves. Under the cover of darkness, he touched her pussy. Then she opened her eyes. She was awaked.

“You look very sexy in this dress,” he said.

“Really!” She said. She was staring at his hard cock.

She spread her legs apart as he started fingering her pussy. He got up and made the lights on. There on the bed, lay his beautiful sexy wife. He bent down, and started sucking her pussy. As he sucked her pussy, she reached her orgasm in his mouth. She then started sucking his Dick, taking it deep down her throat.

She turned downward and slept on stomach position.

Aditya bent the both knees of legs of Debashree upward, and started parting the two thighs by holding the two calves. He immediately knelt down to keep the balance, so that the legs would not fall down. He quickly grabbed her ass, and inserted his erected cock in her pussy from back by giving a hard push. He pushed his hard cock in her wet flowing pussy.

“Pucchhhhhhhhhhhh,” a sound came, and his cock was now inside her pussy. He jerked her deep, and she responded by moving her ass up and down with the rhythm of his fucking. She was moaning. Aditya never wanted an early pregnancy of Debashree as they had to enjoy for more years in future. He felt the urge of coming, so he withdrew his dick from the pussy hole, and Usha started sucking it.

“I am coming…coming,” saying this, Aditya cummed inside her mouth holding her head tightly.

He removed the cock, and noticed that a stream of his cum was oozing out from the side of her mouth. She wiped out it with her left hand. The rest of cum, she gulped inside her stomach. Then they both embraced each other with kissing, illegal bahis siteleri and were unknown when the slept has overcome them. They fell asleep for few hours

— — –There was a sharp knocking at the door. Both of them awoke at the same time with sleepy eyes. Aditya heard the voice of Usha,”Bhabhi, (Sister in- law)…wake up…wake up..It is morning…papa is waiting for tea in the Terrace. Mom has already prepared the tea and kept it in kitchen room. She is in Puja Room, and I am going to take bath. Please serve the tea to papa immediately.”

Debashree pushed herself up from the couch. Aditya was awaken by Debashree easing herself out of bed. He pretended to still be asleep, assumed she was looking for her cloths, and would be leaving. She hurriedly woke up, put on her Capri, and opened the door. She went to kitchen room, poured the tea in to cup, placed the cup in Tray, and proceeded towards Terrace where her Father in law was waiting for her.


Since, she was the newlywed Daughter in law of the house, she made it a point during her brief staying there to take care of every small needs of her In laws, creating an impression of her being a dutiful Daughter in law. After her departure, Aditya also got up and put on his Boxer and T Shirt.

– — — — —

“Papa,” a sweet voice was heard from nearby. Viswanath was so merged in news paper that he heard no footstep of his Daughter in law Debashree, who was waiting with a cup of tea in Tray, and standing beside him.

“Oh! Yes,” he said. He kept the news paper aside, and glanced towards his Bahu (Daughter in law).

“Good morning, Papa,” said Debashree, parting her very sexy natural rosy lips with a captivating smile showing her small chin. Her narrow jaw opened with prominent glistening pearls of white teeth.

“Good morning, Beta,” Viswanath also wished.

Viswanath looked at his Bahu. She was looking stunningly beautiful like fresh morning rose. Debashree was wearing a blue colored loose Capri and sleeveless tops, made of slack materials. Her very smooth white hands and legs visible below knees were protruding from the dress. She was a Bengali origin, and the skin of all Bengali girls happened to be very smooth which was inheritance of geographical location of West Bengal.

She appeared to be in disheveled stage, silky hairs falling on her high forehead with thin line of vermilion,(used by only Indian married women)almost wiped out in the parting hair line of middle head, may be due to sleeping. Her two wrists embellished with pairs of two gold Bangles, and 6 nos of green colored glass bangles in between in each of the wrists. She was tall with the height of 5’5″, a very pretty, attractive, and beautiful woman. It was wrong to say her a woman, who was just married for only a year, rather she was a girl of 22 years old having a white oval face, with high cheek bones, wide set of black eyes, with thin eye brows, and sharp nose. The radiant sun ray was falling on her face, and she looked like Goddesses of Venus

She bent down to place the cup of tea on the wooden table in front of him. Viswanath Mishra noticed her slender white right hand from the sleeveless tops she wore, which had wider arm opening on the side. He noticed the bulging white flash, a part of the boob, and he could see the arm pit with very thin black patch of sprout of hairs, which must have been shaved off before few days.

He took up the cup of tea and said, “Thanks Beta.”

She was standing before him. He noticed the bulging Boobs and visible nipples from the Tops. The shape of perky boobs were about to burst out from the tops and was juggling before him. He was sure; she was not wearing any Bra inside. The puffy with pointed nipples were already visible, which were erected upwards. Further carefully, he glanced towards her below waist line.


He also noticed the outline of very wide hips from the Capri. The Capri was sticked to the body from a very narrow waist, and a clear triangle shape had been formed with two fleshy thighs in both sides. She was not wearing a panty. He understood that his Bahu had not worn anything beneath the dress. It was morning, and usually at home in Metro cities, the girls prefer to wear nothing beneath the dress. Ohhh! What a shame but what was to be done, this was the trend of present generation.

Suddenly, he noticed some dried patches below the Triangle shape, half of it was in drying process, turned hard, and rest of it were in wet condition. Viswanath Mishra wondered what was it? He stared her silently for some moment without noticing of Debashree.

She was so close to him, and the fragrance of Body spray from Victoria Secret mixed with her body sweat pervaded in the air. The aroma was so intoxicating that his all senses became paralyzed for a moment. He regained his consciousness.

Oh! God what evil things he was thinking about his Daughter in law, after all, she was his Daughter in law. It would be sin; canlı bahis siteleri he diverted his mind, and started sipping the tea.

“Beta, tell me at what time yours parents are reaching here? you know! They are the key persons on this occasion,” he asked.

“Papa, their Train reaches at 12.30, Noon,”she replied.

“Then, tell Aditya (his son) to reach before time to pick up them,” he said to Debashree.

“Yes, Papa, I will tell him,” replied Debashree and left.

She turned away, and paved her way to inside of the House. He noticed the Rounded Butt cheeks, moving together up and down in a synchronized manner. The back portion of Capri clung so tightly in ass crack that he visualized her naked. Immediately, he felt a heat in his loins. Oh! God… what he was thinking? After all she was his Daughter in law. His eyes fixed on her for a moment, and then he turned his face away.

Debashree was proceeding towards the inner corridor to enter the Hall. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Aditya appeared and embraced her tightly.

“Hey! What are you doing? Leave me, Mom or Usha may see us,” said Debashree with anxiety.

“Sorry, did not mean to startle you, don’t worry! Papa is sitting in Terrace. Mom is in Puja Room. Usha is in Bath Room,” said Aditya.

“You are looking very sexy in this dress,” said Aditya. He squeezed her boobs and kissed on her cheeks.

“Please, leave me Aditya, you naughty boy, Are you not exhausted and satisfied? just few hours before, you have fucked me,” replied Debashree.


“What is this?” Aditya pointed out the dried patch, which was clearly visible in V shape of Capri worn by Debashree.

“Oh, God! My pussy juice has dried up there. Papa must have noticed this. Shame to me,” Said Debashree shyly.

“Hihihihihi,” Aditya smiled naughtily, “Papa must be thinking that his son had a nice fucking with his Bahu (Daughter in-law).”

Then, Aditya disappeared through the corridor, and she heard him fumble around Hallway looking for the Bath Room and Puja Room. He was sure that his Mom was in Puja Room, and his sister Usha was in Bath Room.

Debashree standing there was waiting for him. Her Body still tingling with arousal, and she found herself sliding a couple of fingers in to her sodden pussy, as her mind drifted to what happened in early hours of the morning.

Aditya came back to her, and said, ” I think you need warming up!”

He kissed her, she immediately responded softly at first, but it quickly became heated, and passionate. His hands glided over her body, and she realized their thirst for sex was not over. She reached down to grasp her cock, finding it already hard.

“You want to fuck again, eh?” Aditya laughed, pulling her with him so tightly that her Boobs were pressed in his chest.

“Yes,” She said,” “I want your cock in me again!”

All of a sudden, Aditya pushed her in to the Store Room which was situated in the right side of the corridor. It was a dark Room, and the inside was slightly visible only due to dim sunlight coming through the Ventilator above.

Aditya moved, pulled down the Capri and Tops of Debashree. He guided the tip of his cock to her pussy as she sank down on it. He placed his hands on her hips as he filled her again, and soon he was buried inside down to the hilt. They moved together, finding a steady rhythm they both liked. Aditya’s upward thrust met her downward movements, they both groaned, and gasped their pleasure.

Debashree’s groin was on fire, and bolts of electricity shot up her spine with every thrust. Aditya sat up, pulled her in to a kiss, and groping her Boobs as they hurtled towards a climax.

Debashree whispered, “Today is my last safe period. From tomorrow I may not allow your cum inside me. I don’t want to be pregnant now.”


Her insides danced wildly, and she cried out just as the heat of his cum flooded in to her womb, “Fuck me! Fuck me!” she cried riding that sexy cock as it thrust in to her again and again.

Then, Aditya withdrew his cock from her wet pussy. His cock was bathed with his own semen as well as pussy juice of Debashree.

“I need more because I may not get a chance to fuck you in the midst of these relatives till the marriage ceremony of Usha is over,” he said. He pointed his soft cock to Debashree and said, “Suck my cock till it erects hard again.”

Debashree took hold of the cock, and started to suck continuously. Within a second, it raised its head once again turning in to a hot iron rod bathed with saliva of Debashree.

“Turn around,” Aditya demanded.

She did as he asked, and he was behind her immediately, kissing her neck, shoulder, and cupping her Boobs with his hands. She could feel his cock pressed against the crack of her ass. She wondered, where thing was heading. He caressed her body, moving his hands to her hips, and then to her arse cheeks. His kisses moved too, kissing down her spine, and licking a trail down towards the crack between the cheeks. The realization of what he was doing hit her just as she felt his tongue push in to her hole.

Debashree gasped at this unexpected turn. Her head was spinning. His tongue probed deep in to the hole and then he slid a finger in.

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