A Night And A Morning

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The first thing I noticed about Julie was her smile. It was warm and comfortable. It wasn’t a big toothy Julia Roberts smile. It was closed lipped and spread across her face into relaxed cheeks and was highlighted by eyes that radiated a warmth that made you feel at ease. My wife Jenny had brought her home. Jenny had been in and out of Community Theater over the years and had been working for the past few months on a new play. Julie was a fellow cast member. Whereas she had also had some past theater experience she was fairly new to the area and this was her first production in our town. Jenny had talked about Julie many times but this was the first that I was to meet her.

Jenny seemed unusually playful this evening. Most of the time I’m the one that is more physical. I find it hard to walk through a room and not grab a leg; give a small push to an arm or shoulder. Which is not to say that Jenny isn’t much for physical contact. But whereas I’ll do it just about anywhere, to anyone, Jenny’s not one to include others as much. Perhaps this should have been a hint of things to come, too bad I’m terrible at taking hints.

“How about some of the wine you picked up the other day?” Jenny asked. Perhaps another hint gone astray.

I’ve always enjoyed my beer, but Jenny seldom drank alcohol. Earlier in the week she had asked me to stop by the state store and pick up a few bottles of wine. I thought of the upcoming holidays and readily agreed. I nodded and looked at Julie “We have white and red, would you like a glass and if so which?” before Julie could say a word Jenny piped up, “Let’s start off with the white, just bring two glasses, unless you want some too.”

When I returned with the wine the two girls were laughing and giving each other playful shoves. “What are you a couple of knucklheads?” I said, grinning at the pair. I popped the cork and poured the wine. “knuckleheads.” Said Julie. And the laughter continued.

They were starting their third glass of wine when I started to play with our camera. We have one of those all in one, video, still photo digital cameras. I was thinking of breaking out some films of past events to show Julie when Jenny said “take a picture of us.” She wrapped her arm around Julie and Julie in turn tossed a leg over Jenny’s leg.

“Yeah,” said Julie, “take a picture of us” the two of them laughed and collapsed into each other before sitting up straight to “pose”. I put a new memory stick in and turned on the cameras light. “Say please ladies” I said as I pointed the camera at them.

“Please your ladies” they said in unison, laughing. I snapped one, two, three, pictures and they began pushing and laughing and making faces at each other. I set the camera down and headed for the bathroom. Having consumed about four beers to their two glasses of wine I now had to go. It was funny, it wasn’t until I had the physical contact with my cock while peeing that I heard their come back of “Please your ladies” a smile went over my face and a bit more blood flowed into it… “Hmmm” I grinned to myself. If I only knew what was happening in the next room it wouldn’t have been hmmm, it would have been YES!!! With a pumping fist…

The first thing that caught my attention wasn’t a sight but a sound. It was a low guttural moan, and it was coming from my wife. That sound is usually only heard during lovemaking. Its timber tells me all systems are going, and just keep it up, whatever I’m doing is doing it, but it wasn’t me that was bringing this out of her. I stood about twenty feet away from the pair and watched as hands held heads and lips meet lips.

They weren’t lying on the couch. But Julie was above Jenny pushing her towards the cushions. One hand was behind her head while the other was wrapped around her back. She had almost a manly embrace and yet it was much more tender. It was easy to see the open mouths moving ever so slightly back and forth. Occasionally they would part, long enough for a tongue to encircle a lip or a mouth to suck on the tip of a tongue.

The first to notice me was Julie. For a split second there was panic in her eyes and I noticed he body startle. But she must have recognized the smile on my face, and in my eyes, not to mention the slight rise in my Levis. That I was not only not angered, but enjoying myself. Our eye contact last perhaps seven or eight seconds when she turned her attention back to Jenny. Who at this point was gone. I could tell by the all too familiar look on her face that wave after wave of sensation where still echoing in her body and that her mind would not be back any time soon. Her jaw was relaxed enough that it left her mouth more than slightly open.

With one last darting glance in my direction, an impish grin that conveyed, “watch this” Julie stuck out a stiffened tongue and proceeded to stuff it into Jennys waiting mouth, like a cock into illegal bahis a needing puss. And Jenny returned the advance by tightening her grip against the wet, fleshy member. Letting herself become impaled, again and again

The scent of sex is intoxicating to me. And the room was slowly becoming filled with it. That heady, earthy, muskiness. It reminds me of spring and fall. The fresh and the dying. Like a walk through a field of ferns. It is so overwhelming that ones whole body reels. And mine was beginning to.

Julie had stopped her penetrating movements and just let her face melt into Jennys.

The two of them relaxed and let their bodies stretch out to the full length of the couch. Arms over arms, legs over legs. I loosened the top button of my pants and let the zipper down and inch of so to give myself a little freedom. I picked up the camera again, and knowing that I had a little used cassette in, turned it on to record.

At first I just sat and took in the whole picture. Letting the camera see what I did. But soon I found myself wanting to explore the pair. I slowly walked above them. Taking in first feet rubbing against feet, calf against calf. Moving up slowly I found myself stopping to take in the almost indiscernible movement of Jenny’s pelvis grinding against Julies hip. It was delicious to watch need take over reason. And the wetness growing between Jenny’s legs only amplified the picture. I continued up until I saw chest mingled with chest and then face with face. These two new lovers totally melded into one. Whether it was my motion, or the light from the camera I don’t know, but all at once Jenny jumped and said, “Did you get all that?” She pushed Julie back just far enough so that she could sit up. Then she lifted her body off the couch and proclaimed, “I’ve got to pee, bad.” She headed off to the bathroom.

I must have mistakenly turned off the camera, because when I lifted it again to look at Julie it was off. I pressed record and Julie must have noticed the red light on the front. “Looking for more?” she asked.

“Are you having fun?” I replied with another question.

“I love being with Jenny” she said.

I slowly let the camera become filled with her face. “And I’m finding you very interesting company too”

“Well then perhaps you could give the camera a little more to see.” I was pushing for more without being too personal. “How about I give you something to look at now, and latter” she retorted with her now known grin.

“Only if you please.” I said “ I was noticing your blouse was already becoming undone, perhaps you’d take it further.” Shy was not in Julies vocabulary. The first four buttons where already undone, and she had no problem undoing the rest and letting her blouse fall to the side. The black bra only accentuated her light olive skin. And with the undoing of the two clasps in the front, it was off. Her medium sized breast needed little support. They stood firm from her chest and her smallish nipples seemed to only complete the perfect picture.

Jenny came out of the bathroom wearing only my robe. I again stopped the camera, feeling I was caught. Though Julie only smiled upon seeing Jenny again. “Why don’t we take this into the bedroom?” Jenny said. “We might all be a little more comfortable.” “Craig, could you get the bottle of Zinfandel, and a couple of clean glasses, please?”

I set down the camera and as I walked toward the kitchen, my mind was racing. Here I was with two beautiful women, were my dreams actually coming true. Pinch myself nothing, how about a comedic two by four against my head.

I had bottle and glasses in hand when I entered the bedroom. Having taking the time to already remove the cork, and gather my senses, must have also given both ladies enough time to totally disrobe. I entered to the sight of jenny on the far side, my side and Julie in the middle. Both women were naked, not only naked, but wet. For the muskiness that was slowly filling the living room had now in a matter of minutes filled this one. Raising both arms, I breathed in, “I’m sorry,” I said. I lowered my arms and breathed in again, “ I’m in love.”

Both of the girls laughed then Julie piped up, “who wouldn’t be, you have two of the hottest babes at your disposal.”

To think that I had ANYONE at my disposal seemed far-fetched, I mean, Jenny and I had some really good times but I never thought of myself as being in command. But then what’s the saying, “some men are born leaders and others have it thrust upon them”…. Hmmm, I thought, “thrust upon them.”

With my shoes and socks removed earlier, all that was left were my shirt and pants. As I removed my shirt Jenny let out a slight moan. Being semi-hard, I put one hand in my pants to straighten my cock while the other pulled the front of my pants down. The ladies lay spooned, Julies back to illegal bahis siteleri Jennies front. Both facing me. As my pants fell to the floor I noticed Jennies hand cup Julies breast and Julie in turn reached behind Jenny and pulled her closer. I climbed up on the bed and starting at Julies knee, ran my tongue the length of her body, until it meet Jennie’s hand cupping her breast. Jenny removed her hand and put it behind my head as I started to slowly circle Julie’s nipple. I opened my mouth wide and took as much of her breast in my mouth as I could. My tongue slowly moved over all that was in my mouth. I continued this circling while pulling my mouth back until only the nipple was in between my lips. Jenny’s hand had left my head and was replaced by Julies. With her other hand she pushed my face away from her chest, lifting it enough so that our lips could meet. She kissed me deeply, pushing her tongue all the way in my mouth. I pushed it out with mine and let mine enter hers. While we continued playing, pushing tongues back and forth, Jenny moved from behind Julie to behind me. I became the filling in this beautiful sandwich. Jennies tongue was now sliding down the between the cheeks of my ass. I felt her hands pry them apart. And her tongue begin to dart into my asshole, making it wetter and wetter until she had at least an inch or so inside. I pushed my ass against her face and she in turn put one hand on my cock and the other on my hip to pull me even closer. Her hand that holding my cock now slid down and a finger replaced her tongue in my asshole. The other hand pulled me, asking me to roll on my back. As I did she rolled her head until it was above my cock. She rubbed her face against it and began to moan.

“Oh baby, your body is so hot” Julie had straddled my head, facing my feet. I stiffened my tongue and she lowered her now sopping puss onto it. I did nothing as she slowly gyrated above me. Jenny began licking my cock from root to tip. Ever once in a while letting the head slide into her warm and wet mouth.

Julies gyrations became faster and faster. And then all at once her body stiffened. I could actually feel her lips quiver as she came. And though I had experienced women becoming wetter once they cum, I had never had such a copious amount juice fill my mouth. The taste was sweet. It was thick and warm. I moved my tongue over my lips to take it all in and having made contact with Julies freshly cummed puss set her off. When she actually came there was only the stiffening of her body and tiny whimpers to indicate that she had done so. Now she practically lept off of my face crashing on the bed next to me.

“ Fuck” she screamed. Her body became a rigid board. Her hips ground her pussy shut. Her fists were so tightly closed that her knuckles were white and her feet where flexed with her toes pointing straight down. She cried out like she had been smacked. “Oh fuck.” She screamed again. Jenny was so moved that within seconds of seeing Julie cum began doing so too. I watched as she pulled away from me and her hand slid down to the small patch of brown hair on her puss. She pressed her legs together and with the smallest of movements rubbed herself into a powerful orgasm. Her free hand held her breast and she let out a trembling sigh.

The two women rested for perhaps four or five minutes before moving. They rolled together and gave each other a kiss before sitting up and turning their attention to me. I was they lucky recipient of two of the most lustful looks I had ever seen.

“My god man.” Was all that Julie said.

“Your turn baby.” Added jenny. “He loves to stick his cock in a tight asshole.” Jenny said to Julie “and his cock is perfect for it.” “Want to try or want to watch?” “Your company.” Jenny laughed “your choice”

Julie’s answer was to move up toward the head of the bed and get on her knees. She rested on her elbows and laid her head on her crossed forearms. She slowly began to tilt her pelvis forward and back. Jenny reached over to the end table and squirted a small amount of lubricating jelly into her hand. From lying on her back after her powerful orgasm, it was clear to see that a line of cum had dripped all the way to the small of Julies back. I didn’t think a lot of lube would be needed. Jenny gently applied the lube to Julie’s asshole, covering a finger with it and sliding it all the way in. “mmmm.” Julie moan.

Jenny pulled out and turned toward me. I positioned myself behind Julie, my hands on her hips. I spread her cheeks apart from top to bottom, and then let my hands slide down the outside of her thighs to her knees. On the return trip up I let the back my fingernails gently scrape the inside of her thighs until I reached her puss. I slid to three fingers inside and pulled them out again. I turned to Jenny and placed them in her mouth. Jenny seductively licked them canlı bahis siteleri clean and grabbed my cock. She applied some lube and them guided it to Julies waiting asshole. She pushed the tip in, and pulled it out again. Relubed it and did it again. When she pushed it in a third time she let go of my cock and softly said, “love you.”

Assholes are tighter then cunts. And Julies was no exception. The difference I found was in the desire to have one filled with a cock. Most women I had been with before either wanted to try or put up with trying this kind of act. And even some of the ones that wanted to try, wanted to more for control reasons rather than the pure animalistic pleasure involved. Jenny loved being fucked up the ass. She asked for it, no, begged for it. One of my biggest turn ons is hearing her scream “fuck my asshole, cum in ass baby, cum in my ass”

I was easily sliding in and out of Julie’s asshole. Holding her hips, I could pull her until my cock was totally buried. She started letting out low guttural moans, mixed with deep heavy sighs. “Oh jenny” she sighed “ this is so intense, please let me eat you.”

Jenny had taught me how to eat pussy. That is, eat it, as a woman wants it to be. Guys get in there and lap, lap lap, hey we’re dogs. Women, well….their subtler. So just the thought of having her puss licked by another women sent Jenny scrambling. She positioned herself in front of Julie’s hungry mouth and waited. The wait wasn’t long. Nor was it as subtle as expected. It must have turned Julies feline knob up a notch or two having her ass filled with cock. Because once she sensed Jenny’s presence she grabbed her hips and pulled her into her face. Julie’s fingernails were imbedded in Jennie’s ass cheeks, and like a cat she began to relax and reimbed them again and again.

Her asshole now burned from the friction and the intense heat of my swollen cock. She was sucking on Jenny, pulling now one, now the other, swollen lip into her mouth. While also shoving her tongue into in and out of her relaxed hole. Covering it with juice and pulling it back into her mouth, as if for nourishment. For energy to keep going. I was getting closer to cumming. “Oh Jesus” I said. “Your asshole feels so good. I’m going to fill you ”

Julie lifted her head long enough to add, “yes, oh yes, cum inside me baby. Cum in my ass, oh my god, cum now please.” Her words were all that were needed to push me over the edge. Just the sound of her pleading pushed more blood into cock, I felt as if I was about to burst, and I did. Seven, eight, nine, strong spurts of cum went inside her followed by three more semi-conscious trailers. I fell back, resting on my heals and pulled Julie with me until she fell to her side. She was trebling, legs together. Jenny reached over and kissed her. The two of them once again sharing mutual climaxes.

Spent, the two girls straightened themselves and pulled the covers up around them. I headed off to the bathroom to clean up. I grabbed a smoke, reflected on the events and I then I too crawled in next to them for a well-earned rest.

If that night was heaven, then our morning was pure bliss. The clock goes off, the phone rings, the dog barks. All these can wake you. Having two pairs of hands and two sets of lips on your cock. That can shake you. I remember once, when I was younger, being awakened by a girl sucking my cock. I thought that was good, real good. What’s the old gum commercial line? “Double your pleasure, double your fun.” This was better than great. I had one mouth exploring my cock and the other between my balls and asshole. And hands were everywhere. Cumming at night is like the result of a job well down. You’ve done your duty, you got your reward. Cumming before you even get going is like winning the lotto. And right now the payoff was huge.

It was Julies mouth on my cock, she was alternating sucking it in and stroking it with her hand. Jenny was lower, licking that tender area, where my cunt would be if I were a girl. She would occasionally let her tongue slide down, teasing my asshole. But for the most part just she staid higher, nibbling on my flesh and stroking, scratching, the inside of my thighs. It wasn’t long before I started to feel myself tense up. I’d be cumming soon. I could feel the rippling, the quivering, from my head to my toes. No words on this morning, just heavy breathing and sighs. The girls sensed my state and both gathered at the head of my cock. Julie continued to stroke me while the pair of them flicked their tongues over the length of my shaft.

“Ohhhh” I let out as I started to cum. I opened my eyes just long enough to see both of them raise their heads and open their mouths. Spurt after spurt of cum left my cock and this hungry pair did their best to catch it all. The excitement I saw in their eyes made me push my hips up further, trying to force every last drop out.

I fell back against the bed, spent, and they just lapped at my cock until finally Jenny said. “Good morning babe.”

I looked up at these two beauties, cum on their smiling faces. “Yes it is.” I replied, “Yes it is.”

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