A New Yorker in Paradise

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The Caribbean sun, sand and sea can change the life of a girl from New York. Well, it changed mine. After what felt like forever, our flight from New York landed in the Caribbean. The last leg of the trip to the island was almost over. As we approached the landing strip from the sea, we flew over a coral reef, small boats and the pure, crystal clear blue water lapping the virgin white sand of the beach. Our small ten-seater twin-engine aircraft touched down smoothly on the tarmac. I looked at the smiling faces of my fellow passengers; they were young, beautiful, rich and eager to spend a lot of money to satisfy their pleasure lust.

Throughout the hour flight, the blond couple from the Netherlands sitting opposite me didn’t care about the scenery. The man had his hand under her short dress and I could see his fingers pleasuring her clit. The two lesbians from Spain were holding hands and planting soft kisses on each other. The pale British couple showed a lot of class when they passed a champagne bottle around when we saw the island. She had her hand in his trousers pumping his very British prick. The American husband sitting in the back was moaning as his wife gave him what sounded like a very satisfying blowjob. The man sitting next to me was the handsome Thomas, a 27-year old lawyer taking a break before he starts his own practice. I liked his shyness and his lack of a spoiled rich kid’s attitude.

I was getting hot with all the sex around me and I fidgeted with my long blond hair to prevent my hand from seeking my own love button. I am on this working holiday to relax after a very successful year in writing for the best travel magazine in New York. I covered American cities, hotels and business retreats. This would be my first assignment to what turned out to be a sex holiday resort and judging by my fellow passengers’ attire and actions, I definitely did not pack the right clothes or the right attitude. I am here to write about how these rich people relax and enjoy themselves. But what about me?

The airport was a small building surrounded by tropical trees and undergrowth. We were quickly whisked away to a waiting bus and after a thirty-minute drive arrived at the resort. This beautiful 17th century style mansion catered for the ultra rich in every way. The foyer was tastefully decorated with artifacts from the past, with rare vases, gold trinkets, and carpets from the Middle East, satin from the Far East, cutlasses and even a ship’s bell. Many claim that the sailors looted it after the earthquake that destroyed the town of Port Royal on June 7th, 1792 and brought it to this island. This was supposed to be headquarters of the legendary pirate Captain Henry Morgan.

The best decorations were the blond hunk and a sex goddess next to him behind the counter, welcoming all the guests. The girl with raven black hair and a tiny white string bikini introduced herself as Giselle and the hunk as Steve, who was wearing a skimpy Speedo. Giselle took the grinning Thomas by the hand and led him to his room while Steve escorted me to mine. The Speedo didn’t hide the huge bulge and I felt a wetness between my legs and shame on my face. My body was reacting to the romantic surroundings, not to mention Steve’s naked biceps in my hand.

He carried my luggage with ease up the stairs, unlocked the door and smiled when I saw the room. It was decorated like a 17th century pirate hideaway. The large poster bed dominated the room, with a Jacuzzi and bathroom to the left, a lounge and study area to the right that opened onto a terrace. Okay, maybe not the Jacuzzi. I imagined the lover of Captain Henry Morgan with her heaving bosoms in the arms of the handsome villain. I could see him ripping the flimsy blouse from her milky white breasts and plunging his hand and then his manhood in her wet love canal. The cry of a seagull brought me back from the romance novel dream. The view across the white beach towards the sea weakened my knees weak even more.

“I can force myself to live here for two weeks,” I thought to myself. I wanted to tip Steve generously but he declined.

“You are our guest and we are here to serve you. Please feel free to ask whatever you want and it will be provided.”

I thank him with a kiss. He pulled me closer to him and I felt his bulge getting bigger. At the door he turned around.

“One more thing, ma’am. Clothes are required only in the foyer and dining area but for the rest it’s optional.”

“Do you mean…?”

“Yes. You can go anywhere without your clothes.”

“Naked?” Well, I didn’t expect this. Don’t the rich want to flaunt their illegal bahis wealth when they’re having fun?

I quickly unpacked and returned to the foyer, still dressed in my New York business suit. Giselle was behind the counter. Her bikini bottom wasn’t more than a piece of cloth that covered her mound. The string disappeared between her lovely tanned cheeks, giving the appearance from behind that she’s not wearing anything. My juices dampened my panties even more. I had difficulty talking to her.

“Is there a shop where I can buy casual clothes? I came unprepared.”

“The shops are closed today for a national holiday. But you don’t have to wear anything.”

“I’m not comfortable walking around in the nude. I still have some New York modesty left, you know,” I said.

“You’ll get over it,” she said. “Maybe I can help you.” Giselle moved into the office behind the counter, spoke to someone and came out with a large towel and a small bag,

Taking me by the hand she said: “Let me show you where you can have some privacy.”

Giselle took me through the large doors leading to the pool area. The Spanish lesbians were frolicking naked in the pool. Their beautiful breasts bobbed up and down and their dark nipples pointed seductively at the mouths of their partners. The one girl had her hand between the other’s legs, stimulating her. The pale British couple now stripped of their posh clothes, were looking in amazement at the two. The man sported a huge white erection while his wife had a silly grin on her face. I was shocked at the scene, but my panties were soaked with my juices. Something was happening to me that I couldn’t control.

Giselle ignored them and led me further down the path to the beach. We walked over the lush green lawn were the American couple fucked and moaned like they enjoyed it. I felt my jaw drop as the woman moved on top to ride him like they’re in the Kentucky Derby.

I had to remove my cheap $300 shoes when we came to the beach. Walking behind her, I had the perfect view of her long slender legs, her rolling ass cheeks and her covered sex between her legs. I wanted to jump on her, rip off the three pieces of obstruction and fuck her with everything I got. She suddenly stopped and I bumped into her. To prevent me from falling I grabbed her breasts and came close to achieve my fantasy. That was so unlike me.

“I’m sorry. I tripped.”

She just laughed. Before us was a secluded small cove with soft waves touching the white sand. Giselle spread the huge towel, came up to me and started to unbutton my suit. Before I could say anything I was already reduced to my soaked white panties and lacy bra. I tried to stop her unclipping my bra but she was to quick for me. My panties were the next to go. I stood naked before this sex goddess. She laid me face down on the towel and started to apply the lotion she fished from the small bag on my back and legs. Giselle was careful not to touch my pussy till she was done with the rest of my back.

She slipped her finger between my wet lips and stimulated my clitoris. I was groaning with pleasure when she inserted two fingers into my wet cunt. All the pent-up sexual frustration of 14 months exploded in that one moment of total surrender. I gripped her fingers with my pussy muscles and then my sexual release flooded over me. I came and came and came. I forgot all about my divorce, about saying no to would-be lovers and just let it go. I couldn’t stop shaking. I fell in love with this lust goddess.

Recovering from my orgasm I turned around to face this strange lover. She kneeled naked above my head facing my feet, with her shaved pussy inches from my face. She lowered herself onto my face but I stopped her for a moment. I wanted to see her sex before I devoured it. I didn’t care if it was my first time with a woman in three years – I wanted her more than anything else in the world.

Beneath her clean-shaven mount a small knob stuck out like a guard at the gate of her deepest pleasure. Her lips were already puffy and wet. It was the metal ring behind her clitoris that took my breath away. I gave it a tentative flick with my tongue before I touched her sensitive sex.

My tongue slipped into her wet grove and I tasted this woman’s sex for the first time. I don’t know what came over me but I knew that if I didn’t continue I would regret it for the rest of my life. I used my thumb and forefinger to masturbate her clit using the ring as a further stimulus while I licked her pussy lips. I rolled my tongue into a short cock and fucked her with it. My nose pushed against her pucker illegal bahis siteleri hole. I pushed a wet finger into her backdoor while I used my chin on her clit. I could hear her moans coming from deep within her. Her shaky knees gave way with pleasure and she fell on me, burying her face between my legs.

We lay in the 69 position for a while before Giselle began to stir. She got off me, put on her bikini and just walked away. I was dumbfounded. How could she leave me like that after that orgasmic explosion? I put my clothes back on and headed for the resort.

I walked straight into Thomas who was dressed in an oversized swimming trunks and a large floppy hat. He was well built for a lawyer. I must have been in a sorry state because he looked at me with a shocked expression on his face.

“Oh, hi. I’m sorry I must look terrible. I tried to walk on the beach but these shoes and clothes are not very comfortable.”

“Oh no. You look fine. I am just surprised to see you. I never expected to see so many naked people doing things to each other, in public,” he said. I could see his face redden as he looked at the lesbians now lying naked on the sundeck, kissing. Then I saw his camera hanging from his neck.

“Do you like photography?”

His face lit up.

“Yes, its my passion.” He explained the new digital camera with a zoom lens and all the features amateur and professional photographers can use.

“I want to take a tour to the old pirate section of the island as part of the article I’m writing. It would be great if you could take the pictures.” He agreed. We made a date for the next day.

We arrived at the old fort/castle where the governor of the British Empire kept his prisoners and where Mary Carleton kept her brothel. I was dressed in khaki shorts and a white halter-top I bought that morning. We talked, he took photos of the different places, I interviewed the rich and famous, Thomas took their photos, we joked and laughed together.

Later that day we arrived at the resort exhausted and happy. Thomas invited me to his room to look at the photos. He took out his expensive laptop and inserted the computer disk into the drive. The photos were amazing, award winning stuff.

“You take quality pictures like this and you’re a lawyer. Something’s wrong with this set-up.”

“You are right,” he said. “I always wanted to be an artist and when I bought my first camera, I knew that this is what I wanted to do. My parents thought it best for me to study law so I can follow in my father’s footsteps and take over his practice.” I could see the pain on his face of the all the bad memories.

“Well, lets get you into the Jacuzzi. It might make you forget,” I said while I switched on the pumping machine. I undressed him and made him relax in the bubbles. I glimpsed at his manhood and it looked beautiful. Well, I haven’t seen one in over a year but it was still impressive.

“Come and join me. You also need to relax,” he said.

I removed my top, exposing my breasts to his watchful eyes. My breasts are well rounded without any sag. My nipples are hard and pointing straight at Thomas. As I removed my shorts, I felt my juices running between my thighs. I hurried to get into the tub; I didn’t want him to see my clitoris in such an aroused state. My pussy hair is trimmed to a small heart shaped patch above the clit. My long blond hair cascaded down, hiding my red face. He took my face in his caring hands and kissed me softly on the lips. I opened my mouth to let his tongue in. I moved around to straddle his lap, feeling his penis growing between my spread legs. His right hand slid between us to stroke my clitoris with his fingers and then inserted it into my wet vagina. I drifted off to sex heaven and had wonderful orgasm.

He pushed me off and sat on the edge of the tub for me to get to his cock. I fondled his shaft with both my hands, softly stroking his glands. I bent down and kissed the head, then licked like it was my favorite lollipop. I swallowed him and moved up and down his beautiful prick. I pumped and stroked and sucked till I could feel his orgasm coming in waves. He spurted into my mouth and I swallowed as much as I could. Thomas silently slipped back into the tub, satisfied. I haven’t totally lost my magic touch.

Recovering quickly, Thomas sat me on the edge of the tub and started to eat me out. I thought of Giselle and wished she were there, licking his cum from my mouth and kneading my breasts. Before I could come he inserted his hard cock into my sex. My cunt lips opened up to welcome him and I used my pussy muscles canlı bahis siteleri to make his journey to my warm depths more memorable. The sensual friction caused by his movement in my hot love canal pushed me into a shattering climax. He joined me when he unloaded in my pussy. We fell back into the warm bubbling water, holding onto each other for dear life.

I wondered what came over me. Was it the romantic atmosphere of the Caribbean or the company that made me so horny? I had more sex in the last two days than the previous 400. I have been holding back for too long and now I wanted it all.

A day later Giselle invited me to accompany her on her dive at the coral reef. She brought me a colorful wrap-around as the only garment I would need for the trip. At a small private jetty we climbed into a small, motorized rubber dinghy and set off to the reef. She couldn’t stop talking about her work as a marine biologist and wanted to show me the world she was passionate about.

We dropped anchor in the middle of nowhere and Giselle started to shed all her clothes. She also urged me to do the same. She was more beautiful than the day I met her. She was as radiant as a sea goddess when she slipped on her flippers, snorkel and mask. She showed me how to put on mine and we slowly dropped into the water.

At first we floated in the water, looking down and breathing through the snorkels. She pointed out areas of the reef and waved at me to follow her down. We swam into this silent fairytale wonderland of bright moving colors, each trying to outdo the other. I glanced down at Giselle and saw her naked legs opening her cunt as she kicked her legs, inviting me to explore the depths of this water nymph. We were coming up for air, floating hand in hand, going down again, for what seemed like hours.

Exhausted we returned to the boat. I was elated with what I saw. Giselle made a few notes on a pad and returned it in a waterproof bag. She leaned over and kissed me. My first reaction was to kiss her back, but I had to make sure.

“Hang on a moment. I had a great time today but is this also part of the service arranged by my boss?”

“What are you talking about?”

“The other day on the beach, you left me on my own, like I you did your duty and were needed elsewhere.”

She hung her head, took a deep breath and looked me straight in the eyes.

“I was scared. I never felt like that towards another woman. I basically fell in love with you the day you arrived. I had the hots for you and had to see you without that New York costume.” She started to cover up but I stopped her.

“Do you mean it? Because I can’t stop thinking about you. I think I love you too.” I took her in my arms and showed her how much I cared for her. The funny thing was that while I was nibbling on her pussy, I couldn’t get Thomas out of my mind. I wanted to feel him pumping my pussy from behind with his cock while I pleasured Giselle.

That image troubled me deeply when we got back to the hotel. I kissed Giselle softly and retired to my room. I made the lame excuse that I must finish the article and would be working all day tomorrow.

That night I couldn’t sleep and the next morning I had trouble getting the right angle and the correct words to put the article to bed. After a few wasted hours, I called Giselle and Thomas but they were both out. I left messages that they must meet me at 7pm for dinner.

I dressed in my best New York revealing black miniskirt with no underwear. I walked into the dining area where Thomas and Giselle were already seated. They looked lovely and so… I sat down.

“Hi. Thank you being here. I have something to confess.” They made strange sounds and gestures that I couldn’t follow. I had to come clean.

“I cheated on you both, but I really love both of you.”

They looked at each other, shocked.

“Who’s the bastard?” they asked simultaneously.

“You! I made love to the two of you. Can you forgive?”

When they didn’t respond immediately, I got up and walked out. It was a total disaster. I was loosing them both. I cried and ran for the beach. Before I could get far strong hands grabbed me from behind. Thomas and Giselle stood facing me.

“We also have a confession to make. We both love you and each other. We also cheated on you.”

It took me awhile to absorb the news. I stared at my two pleading lovers and saw the other guests standing around, waiting for my response. I slipped out of my black dress and stood there naked in high heals. Thomas and Giselle quickly undressed and we hugged and kissed. The guests applauded and went back to dinner. We were too excited and aroused to think about food. We had ten days to reorganize our lives and a lifetime together as a threesome.

I told you the Caribbean sun, sand and sea can change a girl’s life.

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