A New Life For Charlotte

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Charlotte Staff, sitting on her sofa in her living room reading a book when a knock on her door moves her to see who is there. She is surprised to see Tony, a childhood friend of her sons. Charlotte quickly lets him in and they began chatting about what’s new, how’s the family and so forth. Tony tells her that her is getting married soon and she hugs him and congratulates him.

They move to the kitchen and she makes tea. When the tea is ready Charlotte asks Tony to sit in the living room and talk. As they converse, Charlotte gets up to get a photo album of her sons wedding and hands it to Tony to view. Charlotte is leaning over the side of the sofa as Tony is sitting on the sofa looking through the album. Tony asks to use the bathroom and hurries upstairs. When he returns he sees Charlotte still in her position bent over the sofa and his cock perks up. Charlotte is looking through the album and remembering all the good times of that day. She looks at her late husband and gets a little sad.

Tony walks up behind Charlotte and grabs her at the hips. She turns and sees a look on Tony’s face that she does not recognize. Tony grinds his cock into Charlotte’s black cotton mid-thigh length sheath. Charlotte feels his hard cock against the crack of her ass and tries to free herself from the predicament.

Charlotte blasts, “Tony what are doing?”

Tony retorts, “Ms. Staff after seeing you bent over the sofa like that and just looking through the photo album of Jimmy’s wedding my cock got hard and it found your ass.”

Tony is holding her tighter now and Charlotte trying to get away by using her hands is caught by the young mans grip. He captures both of hands with his one and she’s trap in that position. Tony spreads her legs apart with his legs and pulls up her sheath to get a look at that panty covered ass.

Charlotte feeling helpless pleads, “Please don’t do this Tony, you will regret it later. You are to be married soon, don’t mess that up with a one time mishap.”

Tony looks down at Charlottes’ phat ass and his actions kick into a higher gear.

Charlotte is wearing a pair of white French cut panties, Victoria’s secret brand, with small flowers. Her big ass fits perfectly on her size 10 body. Tony reaches down between her legs and touches her moist crotch.

Charlotte begs, “No please don’t touch me there. You must stop this Tony this has gone on long enough. Let me up.”

Her pleading only seems to entice the young man more and he slides his athletic shorts down to his ankles. Tony pulls out his cock and rubs it on Charlotte’s panty protected slit.

Charlotte asks, “Please Tony, if you stop now there will be no mention of this incident to anyone. Please just let me go now.”

Tony moves Charlotte’s panties to the side and swiftly enters her tight 45 year old pussy. He pumps several times as her still pleading argument to be released is heard.

Tony voices his enjoyment, “OOOOOHHHH Ms. Staff, your pussy is very tight. It’s been a while since you had a cock in there hasn’t it? Well, I will make up for lost time and give you a good hard fucking.”

As Tony enters her, Charlotte feels his cock swell up inside her. She cannot speak as the young twenty-five year old pounds her pussy from the rear. He has let go of her hands but grabs her hips for maximum thrusting power. Charlotte has to use her hands to keep herself from going headfirst into the sofa. Charlotte feels her body start to develop a wave of arousal.

Tony’s cock is pulling almost all the way out from her cunt and then driving back in at a breakneck pace. Charlotte’s head is in the cushions, covered by her brown slowly changing to gray hair, to silence her screams. Tony incredibly increases his fucking pace and is moving so fast in and out of Charlotte she feels a potent cum approaching.

Tony senses the stimulation in her body and says, “Yea that’s right Ms. Staff you’re going to cum, I knew I could make you cum. Now when you cum I cuming right with you.”

Charlotte with her head buried in the cushions, and her hands supporting herself feels Tony slap her on her phat ass and just like a trigger it releases casino oyna her five year built up cum. She lets loose and her juices start flowing like an busted dam. Tony then lets go some seven to eight blasts of cum deep into his friends mothers cunt.

Charlotte, trying to control herself screams, “I’mmmmmm cummminnnngggg, you bastard, I’mmmmmm cummminnnngggg.

Both their juices are flowing out from Charlotte’s cunt and down her legs. Charlotte gets a feeling she hasn’t had in years in her body. It’s as if she has had a weight lifted off of her.

Tony gets a sudden feeling of guilt realizing what he just did and pulls his saturated cock from Ms. Staff’s mature pussy. He quickly pulls up his shorts and heads for the door.

Once at the door and opening it he looks back at Charlotte and says, “Sorry Ms. Staff, I don’t know what got into me, I lost control.”

As he turns to leave he hears Charlotte say in a stern tone, “Wait right there young man, you’re not getting off that easy.”

Charlotte walks over to a very nervous Tony, standing in the open doorway, and drops down to her knees in front of him. She pushes his shorts down and takes out his cock.

“I have to see the culprit that did this to me,” she says.

Charlotte frees his cock and takes it in one swift move into her mouth. She looks up at Tony and winks. Tony looking down on Charlotte notices how attractive this older woman really is. Her big brown eyes are beautiful and her skin tone is nice tanned shade. He can see down her sheath and the view is wonderful. Charlotte’s big 40d tits look huge, and Tony cannot wait to touch them. As he reaches for them, he is stopped by Charlotte, now taking his cock from her mouth.

She says, “No young man, you do not got to play with all the goodies yet. You will have to wait before you get to play with the twins.”

Charlotte then stands up and gives Tony and deep nasty kiss, one in which her right leg comes up and wraps around his ass. Tony grabs her ass as they embrace only to be pushed away by Charlotte.

Charlotte replies,” Leave now Tony, I need to get my thoughts together. I don’t know what just happened here but I need to assess the situation.”

Tony leaves and as Charlotte looks out the door watching him leave she sees her neighbor from across the street looking at her. Charlotte wonders if Betty Class has seen her giving young Tony that blowjob. She and Betty never did get along quite well and she may tell the neighbors. More problems.

Confused, Charlotte calls her best friend Peg for advice. She has known Peg Rivers for years, both of their husbands worked together before Charlotte’s husband passed, and Peg and her husband divorced several years back. Charlotte tells Peg what has happened with her and Tony and Peg tells her to give her the step by step details so she can help her through the dilemma.

Charlotte gives her a detailed account of the incident not leaving out a single article. Peg hears this and tells Charlotte to calm down and she will call her back very shortly.

What Charlotte didn’t know was Peg was not alone when she called. Peg was there with her latest stud, a 30yr. old big black guy named Tyrone. Peg met him at the shop where her car’s repaired. Peg had been fucking Tyrone for over a month and had gotten hooked on his big black cock, over 10 in. in length and as thick as her wrist. Peg had Tyrone listen to all the details of Charlottes’ event and had gotten excited.

Peg also knew there was something hidden in her friend and she wanted to get out.

After she hung up the phone, Peg immediately went down on Tyrone and took his dick in her mouth. They had just finished fucking both lying there naked, but the story got her wet again.

Tyrone grabbed the back of Pegs’ head and forced his cock deep in her throat.

“Yea bitch, suck my dick, you know you like it. I just love to see your red mature lips wrapped around my hard cock,” uttered Tyrone.

Tyrone tried to hold off from cuming but it was futile, Peg was too good. Her blowjob skills had greatly improved since the divorce, with all the practice she slot oyna was getting. He managed to get a few more pumps of his cock in her throat before he felt himself release deep in her mouth. Peg took it all in and acted as if she swallowed. She jumped up in Tyrone’s lap and rubbed her mature snatch against his softening cock. Peg seized his face with her hands and planted a deep kiss in his mouth. As her tongue danced with his, Tyrone was shocked when Peg released some of his cum into his mouth. She hadn’t swallowed it all and the taste startled him. He pushed her away, and she laughed.

Tyrone said, “You nasty bitch, you know I don’t go like that.”

Peg voiced, “It won’t kill you, if it’s good for me it won’t hurt you.”

Peg was lying on the floor in front of the sofa where Tyrone had pushed her off his lap. Tyrone raised his foot toward her face to simulate he was going to kick her, Peg quickly took his foot and started sucking on his black toes.

Tyrone said, “You are one nasty old bitch, just like your friend Charlotte. I would sure like to get a piece of that ass.”

Peg stopped sucking and said, “That sounds like a good idea, I have a plan on how you can get some of her pussy. Go home and get yourself together and I’ll call you with the details.”

Peg called Charlotte back and said she would be over in an hour and they could sort things out. Charlotte was relieved and went up to take a shower and get herself back together.

Peg showered and got dressed and looked at herself in the mirror. She was very pleased at what she saw. Peg was wearing a white flowery sundress with a halter-top to it and a flared mid-thigh length bottom. She had put on her white thong panties knowing that this was one of Tyrone’s favorite outfits of hers. Her blond to strawberry blond hair was cut in a short bobbed style and her make-up made her look well younger than her mid-forties age. She slipped into her white double-strapped mules with a respectable size heel. Her 36c size chest was barely being contained inside the halter top of the dress but wearing a bra would ruin the effect of the dress. Peg’s body was a nice size 12 with curves in all the right places. She had gained weight during the marriage, but since the divorce she was down to this shapely size. Peg often joked that all the fucking she was getting from Tyrone was keeping her thin. She was partly right, it wasn’t only Tyrone who was dicking her she had many more.

She had called Tyrone and told him the plan and headed out the door to her car. On the way to the car she saw the Connolly boy from a few houses down. Skip Connolly was a senior in high school, the same as her own daughter, and a real looker. Peg had her eye on him ever since he was young and was waiting for her shot. Peg called him over to the car and gave him a hug. He hugged her back and ran his hands down her body to her ample ass. Peg moaned in his ear and broke the embrace and entered the car. As she got in her dress rode up and Skip got a good eye full. Skip smiled and Peg drove off.

Peg arrived at Charlotte’s house in twenty minutes. Charlotte was in her blue terrycloth robe with frilly slippers sitting on the couch doing nothing but thinking.

When Charlotte saw Peg she asked why was dressed so?

Peg replied, “I thought we would go out and talk about what happened to you.”

Charlotte answered, “I’m in no mood to go out, I would rather stay here.”

Peg agreed and as the two were talking there was a knock at the door. Charlotte said she was not expecting anyone so Peg got up and opened it to see who was there. Tyrone was on the other side pretending to be a stranger who needed to use the phone for an auto emergency. As Peg let him in he presented a gun and told both girls to sit on the sofa. Peg acting scared, did just that sitting right next to Charlotte. Charlotte was terrified and told the man he could have whatever he wanted just don’t hurt either of them.

Tyrone said in his meanest voice, “I see what I want, and I will take it.”

He walked toward Charlotte and told her to obey or be hurt. He moved to Peg and slapped her hard across her face. canlı casino siteleri Peg fell over and feigned crying. Peg liked to be treated rough during sex so this was the norm for her and part of the plan. Tyrone then went back to Charlotte and holding the gun on her took out his huge black cock and told her to suck it.

Charlotte took hold of the massive tool with both hands and moved toward it. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and let her first black cock enter her through her lips.

Tyrone was moaning, “Yea you white slut, take this black cock deep in throat feel my dick get hard in your mouth.”

Peg was looking at her friend through her covered eyes and smiling to herself.

As Ty’s dick grew larger in her mouth, Charlotte was beginning to enjoy the feeling, she was moaning around his cock and looking directly in his eyes. Ty then abruptly pulled his huge cock from Charlotte’s mouth and told her to stand. He then asked Peg to remove Charlotte’s robe. Peg ran her hands down the front of Charlotte’s robe and over her large breast before untying it and taking it off of her.

Tyrone gasped at the size of Charlotte’s tits. Peg did too. Her aureolas were large and her nipples were long and very hard. Tyrone pushed her back down on the sofa and pulled her to the edge. He got down on his knees and lined his cock up with her pussy for invasion.

Charlotte quipped, “No I can’t take that much cock in me, I’ll suck you off, you’ll like that.”

“Shut up bitch,” Tyrone said, “You’ll take it all and you’ll like it too.”

He pushed his enormous cock deep into Charlotte’s tight pussy. She let out a loud wail and closed her eyes from the all the pain. Tyrone was fucking her agonizingly slow and with each stroke would go in her deeper. Tyrone forgetting his role put down the gun and grabbed hold of Charlotte’s hips and pulled her into him as he fucked her. Charlotte forgetting her position, wrapped her arms around Tyrone’s neck and went along for the ride.

As Peg looked over at them she could see they were picking up a rhythm and juices were starting to form on Tyrone’s cock. Charlotte’s eyes were shut tight and she was making sweet sounds.

“Mmmmmmmm yea baby, give me all that dick. I can take it now. Ram that black monster into my tight cunt,” was coming from Charlotte’s lips.

“You’re gonna make me cum,” Tyrone yelled.

“Do it, do it, cum in me, shoot your hot cum deep in my womb. Fuck meeeeeeeeee,” Charlotte retorted.

Tyrone shoved his cock hard into Charlotte and she let go.

“I’m cummminnnngggg, you black bastard, you’re making me cum,” Charlotte screamed.

Tyrone shot back, “I’m cuming too,” and discharged some of the most powerful cum blasts ever into Charlotte’s tight mature cunt.

Charlotte passed out from all the tension being released. Tyrone took this as his oppotunity to leave and pulled out from Charlotte, with cum going everywhere, pulled up his pants and hurried to the door. Peg came up and gave him a hug and kiss and said she would call him later. Peg cracked open her eyes and saw this exchange and pretended to be out again.

After Tyrone left and Peg was walking back toward the sofa, Charlotte jumped up and attacked her. As the two women tussled, Charlotte was saying she knew Peg had set her up and wanted to get her back. Peg quickly got the upper hand on Charlotte and pinned her to the floor by sitting on her chest.

Peg then said, “Now you will take care of me too. Since you like sucking on things suck this.”

Peg lifted her dress over Charlotte’s head, moved her thong to the side and slammed her wet cunt down on Charlotte’s mouth. Peg was grinding her pussy on Charlotte’s face and moaning to the feeling.

Charlotte began to get into eating her friends cunt and stuck her tongue in to the spot.

Peg voiced, “Yea Charlotte baby suck this pussy, you like pussy don’t you?

Charlotte answered with a loud moan and grabbed Peg’s ass under her dress and ground her pussy harder against her face.

Peg yelled, “I’m cummmminnnngggg, Charlotte baby, you made me cum.”

Charlotte drank all of Peg’s cum and just laid there exhausted.

Peg got up and left, turning to blow a kiss to Charlotte and to tell her to call her very soon.

Please give me feedback on this and any other of my stories, I would love to hear your comments…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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